Gay movie Jacques goes down on Trent packing his steamy gullet with

Gay movie Jacques goes down on Trent  packing his steamy gullet with
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Kayla was as posh as you could be. All her life she had been privately educated until now. She had been expelled from each private school her parents had ever sent her to. They were at their wits ends with her and decided to send her to public school. Kayla protested and cryed but nothing could change her mind. When Kayla got to her first day of school she made the awkward discovery that she was the only white girl in a school of black students.

She felt different, like an outcast. Nobody wanted to befriend this posh white girl. Months passed and still Kayla had no friends in the school. She had accepted this by now. She would facetime her old white friends at break instead of talking to other students.

One day she was doing just that. Instead of integrating with the other students she was talking to her boyfriend on facetime.

Little did she know the students had something planned for her. "HEY WHITE BITCH" a student named Marcus called.

Kayla looked stunned. Why was he talking to her like this. Marcus walked up to Kayla and pushed her of her seat. She slammed against the ground. Marcus stood on her to keep her down. "Why do you think you can come to our school bitch. White sluts like you arn't welcome here." Marcus hissed. Kayla squirmed under his foot trying to escape. She was starting to panic as she saw a crowd forming around her.

"What do you want" she cried. Marcus laughed and picked her up, bending her over a table. He pushed her school skirt up reveling her ass. Years of exercise had given Kayla a perfect ass. Marcus slapped it.

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The crowd cheered. He grabbed Kayla's panties and ripped them of her.


Her as and pussy were completely exposed. Marcus reached between Kayla's legs and began stroking her pussy. She was wet almost immediately.

Years of being loved by posh boys had left her craving a rougher touch. "That didn't take much, you dirty slut. White girls like you shouldn't come round here. You're not welcome." Marcus pushed his fingers deep inside Kayla.

Every fiber of her being wanted to moan like a bitch in heat. She fought these urges with all her might. The last thing she wanted was to humiliate herself further, in front of these students. Marcus pulled his cock out and slipped it between Kayla's thighs. She began to panic as she felt the cock slide between her legs.

Marcus was slowly humping her until he addressed the class. "WHERE IS THIS SKANK GONNA TAKE IT." He called out. The class went wild shouting back at him. "ASS" They chanted. Kayla began freaking out. She was desperately trying to push Marcus of her. Marcus slapped her ass causing her to shriek. "Believe me bitch. This is the easy way " Kayla stopped struggling.

Marcus lined his cock up with her ass. "Please don't hurt me. Don't take my anal virginity. " Kayla whimpered. "Please, I'll pay anything, ah Ahh AAAAHHOHHH NOOOO" She screamed as Marcus pushed his cock inside her ass hole.

Kayla had only ever dated white people. She had not been expecting the large size of this cock. As it penetrated her Kayla realised it was at least twice as big as any cock she had received before.

Tears streamed down her beautiful face. The class laughed at how easily broken this white girl was. Kayla cried to herself but none the less received the cock.

Marcus continued to push into her. "Please. It won't fit" Kayla begged. Marcus just laughed and rammed the rest of his cock up Kayla's ass hole. "AHHHHAA" Kayla shrieked as the cock disappeared up her bum.

Marcus's ball slapped against her ass cheeks. Kayla's crying didn't deter Marcus he began thrusting in and out of Kayla's un-lubed ass hole.

She was tighter than any girl he'd ever been inside. His hip thrust forward as his cock slammed in and out of Kayla. She shrieked and cried as she felt the cock slide up and down her ass hole. She had never received a dick up there before. Marcus was unlovingly fucking her infront of dozens of students, who all hated her for her skin. Kayla wondered what her parents would say if they could see her now. "OOOH PLEASE TAKE IT OUT. It's too big. AH AH AAAAAAAAAHH" Kayla howled.

She had never been in so much pain. The cock in her ass felt 10 times bigger than it really was. Marcus's brutal pace made it that much worse. Suddenly he ripped his cock from her. Kayla was spun round and forced to her knees. "Please let me go I'll do anything I'll UMMMFGHG" Kayla's pleas were silenced by Marcus jamming his cock down her throat. He picked up a brutal pace face fucking the posh girl in front of everyone. The tears from Kayla's eyes caused her makeup to run down her face. Marcus continued to push into her mouth.

Her lips and nose were buried in his ball sack. His cock was stuck fully down Kayla's throat. She couldn't breath. She gagged helplessly begging for air but Marcus didn't care. He held her head pushed into his balls. In fact he even managed to push a bit further into Kayla's throat. Marcus let out a groan and came in Kayla's mouth. Cum shot down her throat causing her to choke even harder. Lack of oxygen was getting to the girl.

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The world turned black for Kayla and she passed out with the black cock stuck in her throat. Marcus slid his cock out of her mouth and Kayla flopped on the floor. She was completely unconscious. Students got to work stripping the helpless teenager. They removed her uniform and underwear leaving her completely naked.

Marcus picked the white girl up and carried her out of the class room. The students followed cheering for Marcus. They brought her to the bathroom and threw her on the floor. Kayla stirred awake.

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She looked around at all the faces watching her. She then realised she was naked.


She desperately tried to cover herself up. Marcus grabbed her by her hair and dragged her over to a toilet cubicle. Kayla was bent over a toilet and Marcus lined his cock up with her pussy. The white girl's head was forced into the toilet. The smell was vile. "Please help me. Anyone" She whimpered with her head stuck in the toilet bowl. Marcus jammed his full length into her pussy.

Kayla screamed. He wasted no time in picking a rough pace. His massive cock violated Kayla viciously. He pushed it in and out of her. He grabbed her hips and began fucking the helpless white girl like a ragdoll.

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Kayla screamed into the bowl as she was violated. Her hands on the sides of the bowl were pushing as hard as they could to prevent her head from dropping into the toilet. Marcus pulled out last second and came all over Kayla's body. He decorated her back and ass with cum. Marcus was satisfied, but Kayla wasn't out of the woods yet. He stroked her ass rubbing his cum into her. "We've got a little surprise for you." He whispered.

He stepped out of the cubicle and quickly returned with something. Kayla was too scared to turn around to see what was there. The panting was the biggest clue.

Deep down she knew what it was but she didn't want to accept it. Suddenly she felt a wet nose press against her pussy. She couldn't deny it any longer, they had brought a dog and would most definitely expect it to mate with her. Kayla lifted her head but was pushed back in by Marcus. "You can't leave before our friends had a try of your white pussy" he laughed.

Kayla stopped struggling and accepted her faith. The dog mounted her. "Please let me go. I don't want to be fucked by a dog. Please I'll do anything. My daddy knows people. If you don't let me go he'll do something. Please" she whimpered.

The students whooped and cheered encouraging the dog. Marcus helped the dog line it's cock up with Kayla's pussy. "You basted" Kayla whimpered. Marcus chuckled.


He was just going to let the dog try her pussy but now this white trash had really pissed him off. He readjusted the dog's cock and lined it up with Kayla's ass. The dog wasted no time. He jammed the full length of his cock up Kayla's ass. "OHHAAAAHH" The dog began fucking her ass at an ungodly pace.

His cock penetrated Kayla's ass like a knife. She screamed into the bowl. Her hands scrambled trying to find a way to escape.

Unfortunately her right arm drifted to high. Kayla accidently flushed the toilet with her head in it. The water swirled around engulfing her beautiful face. This seemed to only encourage the dog as he fuck her ass harder than ever. The students laughed at Kayla as she screamed and gargled in the toilet. She couldn't breath. "YES FUCK HER" "DIRTY SLUT" "WHITE WHORE " "STUPID CUNT" The students hurled insults at her.

The water finally calmed down, but the dog continued his assault. Kayla could feel the anal intruder move inside her. To her horror her body started to respond to it. "UUUUHHH" She moaned. The class was shocked. The dog was brutally fucking Kayla infront of dozens of students, and she seemed to be enjoying it. Kayla was humiliated.

She didn't want to enjoy this but she couldn't fight her body. The dog thrust deep into her again and she couldn't help but moan. "ohhOOOOHH YEAH" Kayla moaned.

She arched her back in pleasure making it easier for the dog to violate her. "Yeah" "AHH" "UUUUHHH" "OH MY " "FUCK" "OH NO" Kayla could feel herself drifting over the edge. Climax was approaching. She went weak at the knees and began passionately moaning. The dog cock slammed in and out of her backdoor. Kayla's eyes rolled and she began climaxing. "uuhhaaAAAAHHH" Kayla screamed as she violently orgasmed.

Her hand reached out in pleasure and she accidentally flushed the toilet again. As the water engulfed her face Kayla's body shook from the earth shattering orgasm. The dog continued to fuck her. Finally Kayla calmed down.she could hear all the students laughing at what they had just witnessed. The dog let out a howl and Kayla felt an even larger object enter her ass. "OHH OOOOHH NOOO" She howled into the bowl. She didn't know it but the dog had just knotted inside her. They would be stuck like this for a while.

Marcus shut the cubicle door and locked it. Kayla was stuck in the toilet bowl with a dog in her ass. She began to cry to herself. She knew no one else cared. "I had heard white girls like fucking dogs but I didn't know it was true" Marcus laughed. "Since you enjoyed that so much you won't mind keeping him company for the weekend." Marcus laughed.

The class moved out of the toilets and he locked the door. Kayla felt the dog empty gallons of cum into her ass.

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She knew this would be the first of many. All she could do was cry.