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Doggy training wmv
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Chapter One The Cowboy Arrives Note to readers: This is a true story, and my first post. I have no problem accepting constructive criticism; however, you will note the operative word here is, "constructive". I hope you enjoy reading it, as it brought back quite a few memories. Names, dates, locations, and other potentially identifiable information has been changed to protect the guilty.

Any time you are awakened by a phone call at 2 a.m., you generally expect the worst. "What's wrong?", I asked when I heard my brother's voice on the phone. "Are you okay?" Even as I asked, I could tell by the sound of his voice that he wasn't.

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"Okay. Where will I meet you?" I had scarcely put down the phone, when I heard my young wife's voice ask, "What's the matter? Is it Rick?" Problems kind of went with Rick.

He was my older brother; four years older, but definitely a kid at heart. His lack of maturity seemed to exacerbate the difficulties he ran into. But what he lacked in good judgment and common sense, he made up for with brawny good looks, and a charm that made any female he came into contact with question whether or not she would remain faithful to her, "significant other".

"Yeah, it's Rick. I have to run up to Canyon and pick him up." Two o'clock in the morning, and an unsolicited call would now have me driving two hours in the desert night to pick him up.

This would be followed by another two-hour drive back, a quick bite to eat, and then off to classes. But he was my brother, stranded, and now I was obligated to go take care of him. It was with a touch of irony that I thought about the fact that, as children, we were anything but close. In fact, he seemed to thrive on each and every opportunity he found to torment me. "He and Kathy have split, and he wants to try and get a fresh start down here." I stopped by the truck stop, before leaving town.

I topped off the gas tank, and got some snacks to munch on so I could stay awake till I picked him up. Amazingly enough, it was a pretty easy drive up; and on the way back, his easy-going conversation made the drive actually enjoyable. We had been apart for several years, and he was quick to bring me up to date on all the news events during our absence from one another.

When I pulled up into the drive, I saw Michelle's car was still there. She hadn't left for school. In her case, she was a teacher, now in her second year at the elementary school. I opened the door, and could smell breakfast. She had prepared it in anticipation of our arrival, and I admit, I was more than happy it was there.

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I was supposed to be in class at the college in an hour and a half, and after staying awake driving all night, I thought breakfast would be just what I needed to keep me going. She had prepared two plates, but Rick declined, and said he really just wanted to take a long hot bath, and get some rest. I just shook my head, and laughed silently. Yeah, that figures. He's the one who came in unannounced, and I'm the one who will be tired all day. Michelle asked if I was okay, and I told her I could fend for myself.

As I filled my plate, I heard her talking to Rick, and showing him where the bathroom was, and starting to draw his bath. She was like a mother hen, scurrying back and forth, getting him a new bar of soap, and a fresh towel. I finished my quick breakfast, and went in to change clothes.

I knew I wouldn't be taking a shower, because Rick was still in our only bathroom. I just put on some deodorant, and grabbed some fresh clothes from the drawer.

"Too bad we don't have time to take care of this." Michelle's voice was from directly behind me, and she reached around to playfully grope my erect penis. At eighteen, I was still getting raging hard-ons each morning; even on days like this, without sleep.

I told her, "maybe later", though I had my doubts. My schedule seemed like there was hardly any time for us anymore. It was school, work, part-time jobs; one event moving directly into another, with no time in between for us to enjoy each other. "Tell you what, why don't you take Kylie on over to the sitter, and I'll be sure Rick is situated here before I head on to school?

That way, I can go direct from here." Her logic was without question, and I just had time to take the baby to the sitter, and still arrive at school in time for my first class. "Sure. Why not? I don't need any time for a break anyway. All I would do is waste it, and maybe… I don't know… sleep." I didn't get sympathy, just a pretend scowl, and then she stuck out her tongue at me. Without another word spoken, she had gone on and brought Kylie back in her baby chair, still sleeping.

Her diaper bag was by its side. "Love you. See you after work. I'll wake you up when I get home." Michelle wasn't a night person, so I knew my comments were just for the sake of talking. She would get home from teaching, and it would be another seven or eight hours before I would be heading home from the Air Force base; my destination after Mon, Wed, Fri, college classes.

Such is the life of someone trying to get ahead. As I pulled out of the drive, she went back to the bathroom, and gently knocked on the door.

"Are you okay in there?", she asked. Without waiting for an answer, she quietly opened the door. Rick was standing by the sink, his hands clasping each side, staring into the mirror. Her sound distracted him from his contemplative thought. He looked toward the door, and he could see her standing there in her soft full-length cotton granny dress.

It was the type a lot of the hippie girls wore in the late 60s and early 70s. The style was simple, comfortable, and somewhat revealing. With the light source behind her, it was as though the dress disappeared. He could clearly see she was not wearing a bra, the full shape of her large breasts in view. He could see the impression of her nipples making little bumps on the outside of the dress. The good view however, was that of her legs and panties. Ah, the joy of a cotton dress, and a back-light source.

He even gave a slight smile, as he stared at her tiny bikini panties. He could see them in perfect detail. Standing with her legs positioned slightly apart only accentuated the view, and made it somehow even more sexy. "Rick?" He looked her direction, but did not answer. His only sound was that of him slowly exhaling.

After a moment of silence, he finally responded. "Oh, yeah… sorry. Just kinda thinking about stuff." She walked over and turned him to face her.


"It's okay. Don't worry. Things will all work out." Her soft touch and equally soft smile gave him a momentary glimmer of hope. "Come here big brother." She pulled him close, and gave him a soft gentle, "sisterly", kiss on the lips.

For a brief moment, she thought he was going to respond, to say something. But instead, his pensive mood returned. He slowly lifted his head, and looked over her shoulder.

It was as though he just was just focusing ahead, on some imaginary point on the wall. After a brief sigh escaped from his lips, he began, "I just don't even know where to start". His voice was soft, and his eyes were vacant. Sensing the need to do, something, she just walked past him to the bathtub. As she put her hand down into the water, she said, "Well, the first thing we need to do, is get you some more hot water in here." Without asking, she pulled out the old-fashioned plug by its chain.

"We'll let out a bit of this cold water, and then add some more hot. I think maybe you need a little help for right now. You don't want all the hot water to get cold again. As the water continued to flow, she walked back the few steps to Rick. "Let's get you out of these dirty clothes, and after a good bath, and some rest, I know you will feel much better." Without asking she pulled apart the snaps on his cowboy shirt.

In her mind, she was thinking that she had always wanted to do that. Here she had a real cowboy in front of her, and she was pulling his shirt apart; he offered no resistance as the snaps popped one at a time, from the top one down to the bottom.

She moved behind him, and slipped the sleeves off his powerful arms. She could only imagine the strength, as she felt the firm muscles of his upper arms. At this point, I really don't believe she had any ulterior motives. She was just playing the role of the good host, and the consoling sister-in-law. As she opened the shirt, she viewed his solid body. He was not only cut, but he had that rugged Marlboro-Cowboy look.

She knew he was the cowboy of the family; not just in the symbolic, but in the literal sense. He had even had moderate success in the rodeo circuit, riding bulls and wild stallions, before being sidelined by a knee injury. After she got the shirt off, she moved back in front of him, and opened his big belt buckle. She had seen that buckle before; she knew he won it in a rodeo in Amarillo, when he rode a steer that had never been successfully ridden, before or since. But Rick was never a braggart; he would always downplay any of his accomplishments.

He even had said how lucky he was, because as soon as he got his eight count, the bull made a hard move to one side, and bucked him off, straight into a fence. Three broken bones, but all that had to wait till he got that buckle; his last trophy. Six months later, the knee injury would end his rodeo riding days, but injury just slowed him down, it didn't stop him.

She knew he was hard-core cowboy. She found it hard to imagine his past glory now; he looked like a broken man.

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She personally thought his ex was insane; that woman would never find another man as honest, loving, or caring as her brother-in-law Rick. Once the buckle was undone, she reached over and undid the button of his jeans. She half-hesitated, to see if he would try to take over, but after a second's delay, she continued.

Previous conversations with David had informed her that he was the least well hung of the brothers, so she was a little excited to see how much bigger, big brother really was.

The zipper came down with no resistance, and she quickly tugged on the legs of his tight fitting jeans, to get them down. She didn't want to appear too anxious, so as soon as she got his jeans down, she said, "just a second", and went back and checked the water level in the tub. As she swished the water with her hand to check the temperature, she accidently made a big splash, and it got on the top of her dress, soaking both breasts.

Well, maybe not soaked, but definitely enough that the material clung to her breasts like a contestant in a wet t-shirt contest. She moved back to Rick, and saw that he had not taken the initiative to take down his briefs.

Without asking, she deftly put a thumb inside each side of the elastic of his briefs, and slowly pulled them to the floor. As she bent over, his semi-erect member bounced playfully in front of her face.

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She was, in a word, impressed. Smiling, and with a slight blush in her cheeks, she stood back up, and took his hand. She guided him over to the tub, and helped him in. Again, she left him to his own devices, but for naught. She even briefly headed for the door but, looking back, observed his almost catatonic state.

Rick was still in the bath, but he was just sitting, without making any effort to bathe. She walked back over to the tub, and knelt down beside him. "Are you sure you're okay?" Her rhetorical question went unanswered as she continued, "Tell you what, I think you need a little bit of help." She briefly turned on the hot water again, and put the washcloth under the water flow, and began lathering it up with soap. Again, without asking, she began to bathe him, like she would a baby or an invalid.

He adjusted his position as she washed his back and chest, and he opened his legs and lifted them one by one as she scrubbed. As she provided this well-needed service, she was taken by the condition of his body. David was lean and fit, his abdomen well cut, and she had seen other girls take notice when they were at the pool at the base. But Rick was different. He was the kind of guy always shown in the, "after", part of the before and after photos.

His right leg slipped from her grasp, and it fell the foot or so back to the water. The accompanying splash managed to finish soaking her already-wet top. "Oh great… I'm getting myself all wet here", then realizing the potential connotation of her words, she quickly changed to, "I mean, I'm getting my dress all wet here.

Anyway, I hope you don't mind, but I think I need to take this off." She watched his eyes, his lips. Was that a smile? It was a smile, and his eyes raised so he could watch her.

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His gaze was no longer on a meaningless point on the wall, he was focused on her wet top. "I'll just leave my panties on… that should be okay", she tried to convince herself. But she made it a point to fold the dress, and then hang it on the towel rack, watching Rick's reactions through the mirror. She smiled. It is a nice feeling to have someone appreciate you and find you sexy. She had turned away from Rick as she pulled the dress over her head, but her partially-obscured 36-D breasts could easily be admired from the side angle.

It was that kind of view where you really can't see anything, but it works on your mind. Your eyes try desperately to focus, in hopes of seeing something forbidden. He was watching her, and his cock could not hide its obvious delight in seeing the fleeting glimpses of her bare breasts.

As she turned toward him, he devoured her breasts with his eyes, as he happily realized her tits were double the size of those of his ex. He was equally pleased that her panties, though not transparent, were translucent enough to easily make out her pussy hair at the top of her slit. Michelle had begun helping for all the right reasons. Rick was our guest, and she knew he was pretty much overwhelmed by everything going on in his life.

But now, as she looked down upon his naked body, her motives were a bit more questionable. As she bathed him, she was thinking of another kind of ride by a wild stallion.

She could see his cock was significantly bigger than David's, but she wanted to see more. But she needed to be discreet; at least, she figured, initially. That old saying states, "discretion is the better part of valor", but she wasn't interested in valor. She was feeling a need inside her that she had no desire to rein in. "Tell you what. I need you to sit up here on the edge of the tub." He complied with her every request.

As he stood, the water and soapy residue drained down his body, she watched one clump of bubbles move down his tummy, then down and around his massive ball sack, and finally on down his leg. Once he was on the edge of the tub, with his feet on the inside, she lathered up the washcloth and proceeded to clean around his groin and his bottom.

She then liberally added soap, and washed his balls and cock. "Wow", her soft-whispered words barely escaped her mouth. That same mouth found itself licking its lips, as she gazed at his manhood; now scarcely inches away. She let out an exhale in a long slow controlled blowing motion. If he heard her, or had some recognition of her hidden meaning, he did not show it. Another part of him was showing though; it was made for show.

It was made for a woman's touch. She soaped him up, and rinsed him off. Three times total. Her hands no longer held the washcloth; she was now gently rinsing him off with her bare hand, over and over.

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It could have been from the effect of waking up and having morning erection, or possibly from her soft gently touch, in an area where his ex-wife had not touched recently. No matter what the cause, his erection grew till he was fully erect, and as hard as humanly possible.

She had him stand up, and took the shower sprayer to rinse him off.


Now he was clean, but his erection had not subsided at all. "I need to rinse you off better, but I don't want to get these wet either. Let me put them over here." Her words were trying to give justification, or at least an excuse for what she was about to do. He watched her as she stepped back from the tub, three full steps; almost as though she wanted to be sure she gave him a good view.

She paused for a moment, and looked into his eyes. He smiled. He was standing there naked in the tub, sporting an incredible erection. Here he was, looking at his brother's wife, wearing nothing but thin white panties. Then after another moment's pause, and following a smile from her back to him; she hooked her thumbs, one on each side of her panties, and slowly pulled them down.

There was no guilt, and little thought to any consequences of her actions, but she knew this was what she wanted. She even made it a bit of a show, moving one side down a little, and then the other. His eyes followed each move, pausing each time she changed sides, and his lips let out a little whistle as the soft cotton barrier gave way to a full unobstructed view of her pussy.

After the baby, she had kept the lower portion of her pussy hair trimmed, and the slit of her opening was now in full view, and he was displaying his full appreciation. The head of his cock gently throbbed, its motion was visible to her, some six feet away. As though on a covert mission, she silently climbed back into the tub with him. She didn't say a word, but knelt down in front of him, and took his penis into her mouth. With her hand gripping him at the root, she slowly started sucking him.

Up and down. After about a dozen stokes she stopped. She pulled herself back from his cock an inch or two, with a string of saliva mixed with pre-cum, still joining him to her mouth. As she did, she raised her right hand and gave him a thumb's up. He just gently nodded his head, smiled, and returned the thumb's up. She sucked him till he erupted, and she easily swallowed a load of cum which had been building inside of him for a couple of months.

When he finally stopped twitching, and as she was licking the last drops of cum from his still-engorged member, he finally spoke, or more descriptively, whispered, "thank you".

He scarcely mouthed the words. In what was a matter of seconds, but felt like a near eternity, he got back his voice. "I wasn't planning on that you know." She smiled. "I know. Neither was I. I just sort of felt like, well… like you needed it. And I wanted to do it for you. I wanted to do it for me. I hope you don't get the wrong idea, but it just seemed like that was what I should do." "Well, I guess I should be asking you, what should we do now?" His smile was back, the twinkle in his eyes, and his erection was starting to grow again.

"That's not exactly what I had in mind. I mean, I'm supposed to go to school." She looked at the wall clock, and then back at his massive tool. "But if I call in the next ten minutes, they could still get a substitute for me. That way, I could stay here all day, and make sure you have everything you need." He first pulled her close to him, and gave her a hug. Then he put her back out at arms length.

"What if this is what I need?", he took his hand, and softly rubbed it down the length of her pussy.

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As he pulled his hand back up, he maneuvered his finger into her soft, very wet, and very anticipatory slit. She just smiled, and reached out to hold his erect member. She leaned down and kissed it, and said, "If that's the case, then I think this is what I need." Wasting no time, she went over to call the school.

As she reached the administration office, he got down on the floor and started licking her pussy. "Yessss… ah, I mean yes… I will be out for the rest of today. Just feeling a little… ooohhhhh… sorry, yeah, kinda have some cramps.

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Anyway, I'll let you know later about tomorrow." As she hung up the phone, she playfully pulled on his lip. "You're going to pay for that mister. Geez. I was talking to the vice principal." She hung up the phone, and without shame she took him in to her and David's bedroom, and laid herself back down on the bed. He watched her, as though in a trance, as she slowly opened her legs. It was a moment or two after, before his eyes took note that the finger of her right hand was beckoning him to come join her in some naked revelry.

She knew she was going to have one of the most memorable days in her life. She would have to confess to David; they kept no secrets, but that would be later. For now, her anticipation focused on what she was expecting to be hours of pleasure.