Bonnie Bruise Teases Her Sexy Little Body

Bonnie Bruise Teases Her Sexy Little Body
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After my second encounter with Jessica I was itching for more. Just thinking about our two encounters, combined with the violet G-string she left behind had me jerking off like a horny 15 year old again. They were lacy, but soft, and they were absolutely tiny. Extra small, which made them entirely more hot and sexy to me. The contrast between her tiny frame (aside from her chest) and tiny little ass with my 6'4" large frame was highly erotic to me.

Jessica summed it up best while we were chatting one day, "I feel like you can wrap your arms around me and crush me if you felt like it.

It's hot." We went back to our routine of chit chatting at work. I found myself always wondering what she was wearing underneath and subsequently visualize her shaved tight pussy. I'd get a hint of a thong or a glimpse of a silky bra, but mostly Jessica would talk to me about normal stuff like TV shows and pissed off clients. Either way I had to concentrate very hard on losing my erection when lunch was over or I'd have been in for a very embarrassing walk down the hall. It had been about two weeks since our last encounter because Jessica, "had been busy." But, one weeknight I was out watering some plants in the early evening when my cell phone rang.

I answered, "Hiiii." Jessica responded simply, "I just got my hair and nails done and I bought some new pretties for you. I'll be over." She hung up. I didn't know for sure yet that "pretties" was her word for lingerie, but I was hopeful. My cock sprung up in my shorts immediately and I shook with delight. I cleaned up outside, jumped in the shower and threw on a fresh pair of shorts and a blue t-shirt. I tried to sit calmly watching TV waiting for Jessica to arrive, but I was nearly shaking with delight.

My cock was rock hard, fully extended 7 inches long, 6 around and ready for Jessica's warmth and wetness. Finally, the doorbell rang.


When I opened the door, Jessica was in something I thought I would only see in movies; a trench coat. My eyes lit up. She smiled, eye balled me and said, "Hey baby. that shirt brings out your pretty blue eyes, and judging from that bulge in your shorts you're DTF." I showed my age a bit by not knowing that abbreviation, "DTF?" I asked her. "Down To Fuck sweetie.

Down. To. Fuck." Her words made my heart race. She stepped inside.

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I looked at her freshly styled hair and pretty red fingernails and said, "You look fantastic sweetie. Sexy as hell." She smiled back at me, seeing that the complement was genuine in my eyes.

"Wanna see what's under here?" Jessica asked. I nodded and said, "Yes, definitely." She rubbed her right hand over my pants, "Can he handle it?" I kissed her deeply, tonguing her mouth gently. "He's ready, baby. I promise." She untied the belt of the coat and dropped it to the floor. She stepped back away from me so that I could see her. She was wearing a sexy, tiny, red v-string with a black bow on the waist of it. My eyes gazed upward over her soft, flat tummy and to her fully exposed breasts.

I wondered if she could tell that I felt like my whole body was vibrating from the rush of adrenaline I was getting.

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Her big, beautiful chest was ripe for the touching and her nipples were perfectly rock hard and chocolaty thanks to the house's air conditioning. I guess I didn't react immediately because I was so awed and turned on by the sight. Jessica, for the first time, actually blushed and was shy for a moment. "Do you like it?" she asked.

"Oh my God, yes Jessica." I pulled off my t-shirt and dropped to my knees. In one quick motion I had her naked back against my front door, both of her thin legs over my shoulders and my breath on her sexy panties.

She squealed and giggled, "B!!!!" She placed her hands on my head, holding my hair to help balance while I supported her little ass with one of my hands. My left hand rested on her right hip. I used my teeth to slide her little v-string to the side while my tongue ran over her outer lips. Jessica gently moaned and curled her toes.

"Fuuuck B!" She started to get wet. She tasted sweet to me, I loved every glistening drop of it. She took one hand off of my head and spread her pussy more for my mouth. I darted my tongue inside of her sweet pussy a few times, teasing out her wetness. I could feel it on my lips and chin and it drove me wild. My cock throbbed in my pants, pressed against my right leg. I could feel some precum lubricating the head of my cock.

Jessica moaned a million different things, while my tongue ran in circles around her clit. She tapped me on the head vigorously, "Rip them off.

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fuuuck. rippp them offfff." I pulled with my left hand and easily broke the waist of her v-string on her right side. They slid open for better access to her juicy slit, draping down on her left thigh, but still held on by my shoulder.

I hungrily sucked her clit, while I moved my left hand to her slit and slid in my middle finger. Her walls tightened on it immediately as I tapped on her g-spot with my finger. Her hands pulled my hair hard, "Ohhhh fuckkkk!" She clenched her thighs around my head and her pussy dripped heavily as she moaned out my name in orgasm. She held my head tightly to keep me from touching her because she was so over sensitive.

She panted, "B. you gotta put me down." I gently let her down, making sure she could stand ok. She did, but her legs were shaking. She giggled and looked at me, "Holy shit, nobody's ever done THAT to me before." I licked her juices from my lips.

She pulled what was left of her v-string off and blotted my chin with it before tongue kissing me hard. She said to me, "I taste pretty good in your mouth. Mmm. Now it's your turn. Stand up." I stood up, and she pulled down my shorts exposing my cock. She stroked it with her right hand. Her nails were shiny and dark red.

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Normally I didn't care one way or another, but for some reason it was all the more hot that night. "B, baby, I want you to get off wherever you want, ok?" she told me. I nodded, hoping that she knew that there's be a lot of cum at this point.

My balls had been boiling all night. I placed my hands in her hair as she starting to suck the tip of my cock. "Mmm." she looked up, "I love how your dick tastes baby.

It's so hot." Jessica took hold of my shaft firmly and placed her left hand on my right thigh. She flicked the underside of my head with her tongue ring, coaxing my cock. I ran my fingers through her hair, guiding her to start taking more of my cock into her mouth. She removed her hand from my shaft and placed both gently on my ass. My hands firmly on her hair, she relaxed her throat and laid her tongue out as she started to deep throat me.

I closed my eyes.


Her mouth was tight and her tongue was super soft. Her lips stretched around the thickness of me. She pushed down until her nose touched me. She held it there. and held it there. and held it there, making my shaft shutter. She pulled off and gasped for air. She looked up and smiled at me. She placed her hand back on my cock stroking me and ran her tongue ring all over again, worshiping my cock.

I looked down and noticed that she was rubbing her pussy with her left hand now while she blew me. I got so turned on I felt the cum begin tingle inside of me heading for my shaft.

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I warned her, "Jessica baby, I'm gonna cum." She let go, "How do you want to finish B?" "In your mouth," I replied. "I can swallow if you want" she said. I replied, "I'll leave that up to you." She wrapped her lips around the head of my cock, tongue ringing the underside while stroking my shaft fast. I didn't last long. A violent pressure built up inside and released into Jessica's mouth.

She wrapped her lips tighter, to not let any escape. I felt my cock pump cum into her mouth 11 different times, each with slightly less jizz but ever more pleasure. My knees were weak when I stopped. Jessica held my thighs, lips still tightly wrapped.

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The head of my cock was swimming in my cum and her saliva. She tilted her head back and pulled away from me. "Let me see it," I said. She held up a finger to tell me to wait a second. She took a breath through her nose and leaned her head all the way back, opening her mouth in the process. There was so much jizz in her mouth that some of it streamed out of the left side of her mouth, down her chin and dripped on to her left breast. "Ooooh fuck baby, that's hot" came out of my mouth. She winked, tilted her head forward and dribbled more out of her mouth, covering her entire chin, where it slid down her neck and between her breasts.

She gulped what was left in her mouth and grinned like she was proud. "You like that?" she questioned. Before I could answer she said, "You must, you're fucking hard again." I started jerking my cock with my left hand and quickly let out three small shots of jizz on to her right breast, covering her breast and nipple. "Damn, B!" she laughed and smiled while using her hands to rub the semen into her chest.

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She ran her fingers to scoop off her chin and then cleaned her fingers in her mouth. "B, you are fucking hot baby and I love how you taste" she told me. I panted back, "So are you baby, so are you." I sat down next to her on the floor. Her trench coat vibrated. After she wiped her chest and face with my shirt, she dug into a pocket and pulled out her phone. "Hey Kel.

what? Hahaha, I just got done blowing B. no I'm not kidding. Hahahhaa yeah. Hahhaa, you gotta see his dick someday. Oh my Godddd he goes down good." Jessica got up and put her trench coat back on, still talking to Kelli. She opened the front door, leaned over and kissed me on the forehead.

She whispered, "I gotta go again, sorry. I'll see you tomorrow at work?" And yet again she was gone, leaving me sweaty, drained and still wanting more. Part 4 Soon

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