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Asian bondage teenagers boys gay full length A Red Rosy Arse To Fuck
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Who Fucked Angie McGee By Jefferson Peter Morrow rubbed his eyes with his fingers, trying desperately to get the sleep dust out and make them stop itching. He glanced over at his traveling companion. He had to admit, she was a beautiful young woman. Peter knew he had been away from home for way too long when he started noticing other women. His wife was the love of his life, his soul mate, his best friend, and the most beautiful woman he had ever met.

Only when he was away from home for too long did he consider cheating on her. " I would never do that to Dorothy," he told himself and turned back towards the window. Angie McGee sat on the other side of the torn bench seat of the cab. Peter was, technically, her supervisor and was significantly older than her. She guessed he was in his early to mid fifties while she was still in her early twenties but she did find him very attractive. He was charming, witty, handsome and still in pretty good shape for a man his age.

The two had been traveling from city to city.

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Most of their time was taken scouting locations for distribution nodes, warehouses and delivery services which would be vital to the new on-line sales company they would be opening soon. It meant a lot of time on airplanes, in cabs, in hotel rooms, and in board meetings, or bored meetings, as she and Peter had jokingly started calling them.

The two traveling companions, supervisor and assistant, had arrived in Dallas only twenty minutes earlier. They were supposed to catch a connecting flight back to Dulles National in Northern Virginia.

From there they would get in their own cars and go home. But that wasn't going to happen. Severe winter weather had snarled pretty much everything from Winston-Salem up to Maine and from Knoxville to the Atlantic Ocean. Landing at Dulles was not only dangerous, but, from what the radio had said, next to impossible.

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So instead of going home after almost a full month on the road, or was that in the air, the two companions were in a cab leaving the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport and heading for a small hotel near the airport where they would stay for the night. Every hotel for miles was booked up with passengers who were stranded. Peter and Angie both considered themselves lucky to have gotten a room at all.

They had seen lots of people, even some families with young children, who either didn't have the luck or the money to leave the airport and get a hotel room. Peter and Angie had both slept in an airport in the last month and neither would wish it on their worst enemy.

It was going to be awkward. They both knew that. They only had one room. Lucky for both, it was a room with two double beds so while they might have to share a room, they wouldn't be sharing a bed. While Peter had been happily married for twenty plus years and Angie was in a long-term loving relationship, both of them were homesick, lonely, and, if the truth were to be told, just a little horny and attracted to the other.

Still, neither of them wanted to make that mistake now, only a day or so before going home. The cab pulled up in front of the Longhorn Motel and Restaurant and came to a stop.


Angie already had a fifty dollar bill from her purse. She leaned forward and paid the driver. "Keep the change," she told the young man in Spanish. The two got out of the cab. They had left their suitcases at the airport, locked in lockers. Instead each had packed their necessities into a single small overnight bag so they wouldn't need to drag around the heavy suitcases.

They could simply pull the suitcases from the locker, check them and be on their way. The two stepped out of the car, slung their overnight bags over their shoulders, and closed the car doors. "I'll pay my half of the cab, Angie." Angie smiled as Peter circled around the back of the cab and came to stand beside her. Her eyes were burning and itching. She really needed to get her contacts out and go to sleep. "Don't worry about it, Peter," Angie said.

When the trip had started a month ago, the two were very formal.

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She would never have thought of using his first name. Now, after a month of constant togetherness, she had stopped thinking of Peter as a boss and instead thought of him as a friend who had been there for her during some very rough times. Like that night they had spent in a small airport in Iowa.

Both agreed that was the single worst night of the whole trip. Even not getting home tonight didn't top that one. "You bought me breakfast this morning. This is my way of repaying you." Peter smiled at the younger woman and then led the way into the office to check in and get their room key. As they had told him on the phone, they had only one room left.

Peter used his company credit card to pay for the room and the two trudged across the rain soaked parking lot, up the metal steps, down the metal walkway and stopped in front of room 217.

"This is it," Peter said, checking the room number on the door against the room number on the key. He slipped the key into the lock, twisted, and the door popped open.

"Oh, thank God," Angie whispered.


Peter smiled and chuckled at her. Angie was a pessimist. He found it hard to believe that someone so young and so pretty could be so jaded this early in life. At first he didn't understand it but he had stopped worrying about it and now just found it amusing. He reached in and turned on the lights. It was a standard hotel room - two double beds with a nightstand between them, a phone, an alarm clock and a Gideon Bible atop the nightstand.

There was a small table just inside the door with a black, plastic ashtray and some menus from local restaurants that delivered spread out over the tabletop. One side of the table pressed against the wall beneath the window with two uncomfortable looking, straight-backed cushioned chairs on either side of it. There was a six drawer side-by-side dresser against the wall at the foot of the beds with a television set on it, the remote control for the television sitting atop the TV.

There was another cushioned chair, this one looking somewhat more comfortable, beside the far end of the dresser.


Beyond that was a stand to hang clothes and a counter with a sink in it with a large mirror hung over it. Just to the left of the sink, was the small bathroom with a toilet and a bathtub shower in it. Peter held open the door and allowed Angie to go in first, and then followed her in and closed the door.

"Your decision. Which bed do you want?" he asked. "I'll take this one," Angie said, setting her bag down on the bed closest to the door. Peter nodded and set his bag down on the other bed.

"You hungry?" "Starving," Angie said as she opened her bag. "One of us should run down to the restaurant and get us some food while the other goes and gets a shower. You wanna shower or deliver?" "Peter, would you please go and get the food? My eyes are killing me. If I don't get these contacts out soon, I think my eyeballs are going to come out with them." Peter laughed. "Alright, I'll go food shopping. Can't let those pretty green eyes be wasted on a place like this." Angie laughed.

"So, what do you want to eat?" "Anything but roast beef." Both laughed. The last three planes they had been on had served a meal. All three had served the exact same roast beef dinner. The other meal that had been available was some sort of fish that didn't smell very good.

"Alright, no roast beef. Any other restrictions?" Angie flopped down on the bed beside her bag. "I want chicken. I don't care how it's cooked. Even if you have to get me chicken nuggets, I want chicken." She closed her eyes and let her imagination run. "A baked potato, fully loaded, butter, sour cream, cheese and bacon bits." "Oh, sounds good," Peter said, now standing at the door. "And some peas.

No, string beans. Oh, my God, I think I'm about to have an orgasm from thinking of food." Angie opened her eyes and they both laughed. "Okay, so chicken, a baked potato, fully loaded and string beans. Anything else?" "Yeah," Angie said, nodding.

"Get me the biggest thing of sweet tea you can find. If they sell a gallon jug of it, I'll take it. It'll be worth wetting the bed." "Got it. You get your contacts out and get in the shower. I'll knock and holler when I get back so you know who's coming in. I'll lock the door behind me." "Thank you, Peter.

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You're a godsend." "My wife sure thinks so." He gave her a smile and a wink and then was out the door. Angie went through her bag, getting out the necessities for her shower. Within minutes, she breathed a sigh of relief as she got her contacts out.

She rinsed them off and put them into the cleaning solution. She picked up her clothes and made her way into the bathroom. Angie had to fiddle with the controls on the tub for a few minutes. Without her contacts she couldn't read which way to push the lever for hot and cold water and the red and blue markings had faded long ago.

She eventually got a good temperature, pulled the tab to send the water to the shower head, and stood up to undress. Angie was a beautiful woman of twenty-two years. She had short brown hair, that shined when it was freshly washed, beautiful green eyes, which even Angie admitted were probably her best feature, shoulders that were broad for a woman and large breasts that sagged only a little with large areolas and pink nipples that stuck almost straight up when she got cold or sexually excited.

She had a flat stomach, thanks to lots of working out in the company gym, a heart shaped ass, and long, shapely legs. Her lover called her buxom. She thought of herself as curvaceous. Angie stripped off the suit jacket and blouse and then the bra. She stepped out of her shoes, allowed the skirt to fall, and then pushed her pantyhose and boy-shorts panties down her legs.

Angie stepped into the shower and breathed a sigh of relief as the hot water washed over her. "Oh, fuck me, that feels good," Angie sighed. Twenty minutes later, Angie stepped out of the shower, clean, wet and feeling exhilarated.

She felt like she could get back on another airplane right then if she had to, though she was glad that she didn't have to. Angie dried herself off, singing a Kenny Rogers song as she slipped on a pair of panties and a knee-length, plaid flannel nightgown.

Angie stepped out of the bathroom, followed by a cloud of hot steam that had built up. "Peter, are you back yet?" she called. Not getting a response and not seeing him in the room, she shrugged. She figured there must be a long line or he had to wait for the food.

Angie moved to the counterpicked up her hairbrush, and began brushing out her short brown hair. Ten minutes later, Angie was laying on her bed in her nightgown and socks when there was a knock at the door. "Angie, it's Peter," Peter called from outside. "Is it safe to come in?" Angie smiled at his thoughtfulness. "Come on in, Peter." She heard him slip the key into the lock, twist the knob, and push the door open.

Peter carried two plastic bags. Angie could smell food even before he managed to kick the door closed. She scrambled off of the bed, took one of the bags from Peter, and locked the door behind him. "Thank you," Peter said with a nod of his head. He peeked into the bag he still held. "Let's see. This one is yours." "How can you tell?" "There's a two liter bottle of Pepsi in mine." Angie opened the bag in her hand and saw a two liter bottle of soda. "Unfortunately, they do not sell sweet tea by the gallon.

They do, however, sell it by the barrel. But I have no idea how I would explain that to the suits when it came time to justify the expense." Angie laughed at him as they switched bags. "I did however get you the biggest cup of sweet tea they sold." He handed her a sixty-two ounce cup full of iced sweet tea.

Angie brought it to her lips and took a sip. She smiled and sighed loudly. "You are a lifesaver." "I'm a candy? Thanks a lot," Peter said, feigning insult. He gave her a smile, which Angie saw, and a wink, which she couldn't see without her contacts.

The two traveling companions carried their bag of food back to their chosen beds and began taking out the cartons of food. "I need to get my glasses. I hate eating what I can't see," Angie said.

She moved over to the table where she had set her bag, dug a hand in, and came out with a pink, flower covered case. She popped it open and pulled out wire-rim glasses. "All this time we've been traveling together and this is the first time I've seen you wearing glasses. I didn't even know you had any." "I always carry a pair in case the contacts irritate my eyes." They started eating.

The two stopped talking and turned their attention to the TV. They ate right through Wheel of Fortune and half of Jeopardy. Peter surprised Angie with two pieces of pie, one Dutch Apple and the other a Boston Cream. He let her pick the one she wanted. "I like both so it really doesn't matter to me," he told her as he held them out. Angie decided to screw her diet for one night and chose the slice of Boston Cream pie.

The piece of pie had gotten pretty well torn up between being cut, shoved into the foam carton, and Peter's long walk back to the motel room, but it tasted fantastic. "I think this is the first cream pie I've had in.five years," Angie said after a moment of thought. "The last time was my first year in college. I ate my stress away back then.

Came out of my freshman year weighing nearly two hundred pounds. Spent the next five years trying to get back to one-thirty-five." "Don't take this as sexual harassment but you look pretty good to me." Angie gave Peter a pretty smile.

"Thank you, Peter. That's very sweet. I still need to lose another couple pounds but I'm pretty satisfied with the way I look for now." "What does that mean," Peter asked. "For now?" Angie smiled. "I plan to have breast reduction at some point. But the company medical insurance won't cover cosmetic surgery so I'm saving up." "Why wait?" Peter asked. "You know Elizabeth Light?" Angie thought for a second but couldn't place the name. "No, I don't think so." "Doesn't matter. Elizabeth works over in properties management.

I've known her for probably ten years. When I first met her, she had a.well, she was bigger in the chest than you are." Angie smiled when Peter blushed. He had embarrassed himself. "Anyway, she wanted to go smaller also and had the same problem. She got around it, though, by going to her regular doctor and complaining of a sore lower back.

They did tests looking for the problem. There, of course, was nothing wrong with her back. Eventually the doctor came to the conclusion that Elizabeth was.front heavy. Elizabeth, innocently, asked what could be done. The doctor said he'd recommend breast reduction." "I don't understand how that gets around the insurance issue," Angie said, shaking her head.

"Oh, simple. If your doctor recommends the surgery to relieve back pain, it's no longer cosmetic and the insurance will pay for it." Angie's jaw dropped open.

"That'll work?" Peter nodded and smiled. Angie considered this for a moment. "My doctor is one of my best friends." "Have you ever mentioned this problem to him before?" "Her, and no.

I've never mentioned I was even thinking of breast reduction to her. Thanks Peter. I'll talk to Carolyn. Maybe I can get that breast reduction a little sooner than I thought." "No problem. Just don't tell the insurance it was me who put you onto the idea if they catch on." "Don't worry. I'm just like a reporter. I always protect my sources." "Good girl," Peter said with a smile. After that, things were pretty quiet. They cleaned up their dinner mess and then each sat on their respective bed watching TV, compromising on what to watch.

By ten o'clock, Angie was having trouble keeping her eyes open. "I think I'm gonna go to sleep." "Do you need me to turn off the lights and TV?" "No," Angie said, getting up out of bed. "The TV won't bother me at all." She reached into her overnight bag and drew out a light blue night mask that would cover her eyes. "And the lights, that's what this is for. You go ahead and stay up. Keep the lights on whatever, as long as you want.

Won't bother me a bit." "You're sure?" "Peter, we've been together much too long for me to lie to you about something this silly," she told him as she pulled down the blankets and slipped into the bed.

"Well, I'm going to turn off the TV. There's nothing I want to watch and I need to finish reading that report." Peter picked up the remote from the nightstand and turned off the TV. He picked up the thirty-two page report that had been faxed to him from the corporate headquarters in Annandale, Virginia at their last stop in San Francisco, California. Angie removed her glasses and set them carefully on the nightstand.

She pulled the night mask down over her eyes and squirmed her way down until the covers covered her all the way to her shoulders leaving only her head visible. "Good night, Peter." "Good night, Angie. Sweet dreams. I'll call the front desk, leave a wake up call for nine tomorrow." With that, Angie was lost in the land of nod.

Her head filled with dreams of being a young girl again, playing with her older sister and her friends at the elementary school playground across the street from the house where she had grown up. Angie had no idea what time it was or what it was that woke her up. She just knew she was awake. She heard someone breathing and moving around. She raised up in the bed, pulled her arm out from beneath the blankets and raised the sleep mask off one eye.

"Peter, is that you?" she asked. She couldn't see anything. There was only a small strip of light coming in through a crack in the heavy curtains and without her glasses or contacts she was very nearly blind anyway. She was able to make out the shape of a person over near the TV, and, from the size of it, she guessed it was a man but couldn't make out any details.

Peter seemed surprised at the sound of her voice and turned and came over to her. "Shhh," Peter said and sat down beside her. He took hold of her wrist and pushed the night mask back down over her eyes. A second later, his mouth was on hers and his tongue pushed between her lips. His fingers traced lines on the side of her neck exactly as Sam did and got the same reaction from Angie, a moan and shivers shooting down her spine.

Those shivers seemed to be attracted right to the nipples of her breasts and to her pussy. Her nipples hardened and her pussy began to get warm and wet. When he broke the kiss, Peter stood up and pulled the blankets down.

"Peter, we shouldn't," Angie argued. Peter didn't speak and Angie was so lonesome, so homesick, and, with only one touch and a kiss, her body was so aroused that she didn't move to resist him when he climbed into her bed and slipped under the covers. He put an arm under her head, pulled her lips to his, and covered her mouth with his own again. He was one hell of a kisser. She felt his feet and bare legs against hers. Bare legs, Angie thought. He had sweat pants on earlier.

Without conscious thought, her right hand slid up his arm to his shoulder. Angie realized he had also removed his shirt. Oh God! Angie thought as his fingers tickled the side of her neck again, then slid down and cupped one of her large breasts. I can't stop him. I'm so sorry, Sam. When Peter went to break the kiss, Angie grabbed the back of his head and pulled his lips back to hers and pushed her tongue back into his mouth.

Peter kissed her lips, then her cheek, then nibbled on her ear lobe, then kissed a trail down her neck. Oh, God, he knows just what to do to me, Angie thought. Angie felt the first button of her plaid, flannel nightgown come undone beneath his confident, agile fingers.

By the time he was kissing where her neck and chest joined, three buttons were undone and his hand slipped in and found one of her large breasts. "We shouldn't do this, Peter," she groaned but even Angie knew there was no real conviction in her statement. It was nothing but token resistance. His fingers found her hard nipple. He rubbed it, pinched it, twisted it slightly, making Angie moan in pleasure. Then his hand slid off her breast and he began undoing more buttons of her nightgown.

"Here, let me do it," Angie said and pushed Peter's hand away. She sat up, used her legs to lift her hips up off the bed, pulled the nightshirt from beneath her and stripped it off over her head and tossed it away without even touching the night mask that still covered her pretty green eyes.

She laid back down, her arms wrapped around Peter's neck and she pulled his lips back down to hers. Peter's left hand immediately returned to her large breasts.

He gave her left breast the same attention he had given her right one a few moments earlier as he soundly kissed her once more. He then kissed his way down her chin and back down her throat.

"Oh, Peter." Peter slid on top of her, on his knees straddling her waist, freeing up his right hand which had been supporting his weight as he lay on his side, facing her.

Both hands landed on her belly and slid up. Each took a breast. Each thumb and forefinger rubbed, pinched and twisted a nipple as Peter kissed his way down the valley between her breasts. Angie was sure he left a hickey there between her breasts. Then his lips moved to her left breast. His hand moved away and he licked the already rock hard nipple, nipped it lightly with his teeth, and sucked it between his lips.

Angie was lost in passion as her hands ran through his hair while holding his lips to her sensitive nipple. "Oh, yes," she moaned when he pulled away from her right breast and moved to her left.

Peter licked over the nipple, then did circles around it, nipped it lightly with his teeth, and then sucked that nipple between his lips.

His hands returned to cup and fondle her breasts as he moved lower on the bed. Angie willingly spread her legs so he could kneel between them as he rained kisses down her belly as his fingers continued to tease and arouse her large tits. His tongue swirled around the edge of her belly button, then dove in, making Angie moan in pleasure once more. God, he knows all my buttons. His hands slid down off her breasts, down her belly, tickling her sides lightly as he did, making her giggle and sending more shivers to her already wet pussy.

Then his fingers closed around the elastic waist band of her boy shorts. With the slightest of pulls from Peter, Angie understood what he wanted. She raised both legs straight up in the air.

Peter used the boy shorts to pull her hips up off the bed and down over her round buttocks. Then he pulled them straight up her legs and off over her feet. She thought he must have tossed her panties to the floor. A second later his hands were on her ankles. He kept her legs up and kissed the instep of first her left foot, then her right.

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Then he sucked the big toe of her right foot into his mouth. "Oh, I like! No one's ever sucked my toes before," Angie confessed.

After a few seconds, Peter released her big toe and took the remaining four toes on her right foot into his mouth. She felt the tip of his tongue slide along the curve of her toes. It tickled and felt incredibly erotic all at the same time.

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A moment later, he moved to the other foot. This time he started with the four smaller toes, sucking them into his mouth, running his tongue along the valley created by her toe's natural curve, slipping between the littlest toe and the rest before moving onto the big toe.

"Don't suck too hard," she told him with a giggle. "Don't want to suck the toe nail polish off." Peter kissed the instep of each foot again, then spread her legs once more and laid them down on either side of him. He ran his fingertips up and down the insides of her thighs, pulling another low moan from her as he laid himself down between her legs. "Oh, God, Peter, don't!" she begged but he didn't listen.

His fingers slid up the inside of her thighs again but this time they didn't stop. He touched her pussy lips and she groaned and physically shivered as she had a small orgasm. He spread her pussy lips, his tongue slid between them and easily found her clit. Angie's body arched up off the bed at the first touch. He slid his hands to the sides of her hips and pulled her back down and held her there.

Angie, out of habit, bent her knees and relaxed her legs off to the side, just as she did when Sam did cunnilingus on her.

Angie had no idea how long Peter continued to lick her clit and tongue fuck her tight little love channel but he drove her to two screaming orgasms before he stopped. When he finished, he crawled up over her, kissing his way back up her belly, stopping to give each nipple a little attention before he worked his way up her neck once more and his lips found hers. Angie didn't hesitate to drive her tongue into his mouth when he kissed her. This seemed to surprise Peter a little but Peter surprised her a moment later when she felt him slide his cock head up and down her slit and then split her pussy lips and push his cock head between them.

Angie knew she should stop him. Intercourse was too far. She was sure Sam would understand everything else but not that. Sam would never forgive her for being with a man but Angie knew she couldn't stop him. She was putty, worse than putty. She was water. She had no strength, no resistance at all. She didn't even try to get him to stop. She just kept her lips glued to his as he pushed his cock into her. She moaned into his mouth. My first cock in four years, Angie thought as he pushed four inches of his cock into her nearly virginal hole.

When it became too tight, he stopped, held still for a second before pulling out all but an inch, then thrust back in. This time, his cock sunk another two inches. Oh god, how big is he? Angie wondered silently as Peter seemingly tried to jam his tongue down her throat while he tried to jam his rock hard cock into her pussy.

He held himself inside her again for a few second, pulled out again, and then thrust forward once more. She felt his balls smack her ass as he sank his full nine inch cock deep inside her. Angie screamed into Peter's mouth as she had a massive orgasm.

Peter held his cock completely inside her for a long moment, allowing her body to get used to it, then began humping up and down on top of her. His wife must be a very happy woman, Angie thought as the pleasure began to overwhelm her. He supported himself over her on his elbows, keeping himself low enough so he could constantly kiss her. Angie wrapped her arms around his back and dug her nails into his ribs and back as he fucked her, driving her to two more wonderful orgasms before he finally dumped a huge load of semen deep inside her, setting off yet one more orgasm.

By the time she came down from that last orgasm, she was done for. She wasn't sure she could move even if the hotel caught fire right then. Her arms flopped down at her side. Peter kissed her lips once more. She could hear him breathing hard.

Then he lifted himself up, slowly slipped his cock out of her, then got onto his knees and climbed off the bed. "Stay with me," Angie pleaded, her eyes already closed and her brain beginning to shut down, needing rest. "Shhh," Peter said, putting a finger to her lips. He then bent down over her and kissed her once more. Angie was awake just long enough to feel Peter pull the covers back up over her.

Angie dreamed of Barry Nunn, the only other boy she had ever been with, her first lover and her last male lover until that night. Angie next woke up to the sound of the phone ringing. The curtains were still drawn, putting the entire room in shadow. Angie opened her eyes and pulled up the night mask. By instinct, she pulled the covers up to her neck to hide her nudity. She turned her head and watched as Peter, still bare above the waist, rolled over in bed, gave her a smile and picked up the handset of the phone.

He put it to his ear, listened for a moment and then said "Thank you," and hung up. "Time to get up," Peter said. Then he threw off his covers. Angie almost closed her eyes, expecting him to still be naked but she didn't. She wanted to see the cock that had fucked her so well the night before. She was disappointed. Peter had put his sweat pants back on. "Come on, lazy bones," Peter told her as he climbed out of bed and rose to his full five foot ten height, only an inch or two taller than Angie.

"You want the bathroom or should I go first?" "You go ahead. I need a shower so I'll probably take a little longer." "Another shower? Didn't you take one last night?" Angie nodded. "I feel." She considered her words for a second. "Sticky." Peter nodded, pulled open the drawer of the night stand and pulled out a small brown medicine bottle. "From now on, anytime I travel, these go with me." "What are they?" Angie asked, expecting him to say Viagra or some such.

"Sleeping pills," Peter said as he went to his bag. "I've been having trouble sleeping so I called my family doctor and asked for something to help me sleep. He called a prescription in for these. I picked them up before we left San Francisco.

I took one last night about ten-thirty, by eleven I was out like a light." Peter pulled out some clean clothes from his bag. "I don't doubt you feel sticky, being tucked under all those covers all night." Peter shook his head and disappeared into the bathroom to dress. Once Peter was in the bathroom, Angie threw off the covers, pulled on her glasses and jumped out of bed. She found her nightgown and panties laying near the table beside the door, she scooped them up and quickly put them back on.

She then went into her bag and dug around looking for clean clothes to put on as her mind whirled. What am I gonna do? Sam's gonna kill me when she finds out. I wonder if she'll kick me out of the apartment? Oh, God, I can't believe I cheated on her. With a man, no less. She stopped dead in her tracks for a moment. Did he use a condom last night? She suddenly wondered. She stood there stock still and tried to remember if she ever felt a condom. Of course he didn't use a condom, you twit, she said to herself.

If he had used a condom, your cunt wouldn't be full of his baby-making fluids. Suddenly, Angie started laughing. "Well," she said aloud. "Sam has talked about one of us having a baby. This might be the perfect chance" She stopped laughing and thought for a moment. When was my last period? Let's see, we were in Seattle when I started. I remember having to go out to get pads. That was. Angie reached back into her bag and pulled out her day planner and checked what date they had arrived in Seattle.

Shit! That was thirteen days ago. Lucky number thirteen. Maybe I'm destined to have Peter Morrow's baby. The bathroom door opened and Peter came out.

"I'm done in the bathroom," he shouted as he stopped at the sink and turned on the water. "Shower's all yours." "Okay, I'll be right there," Angie shouted back. She shoved her day planner back into her bag, picked up her clothes and rushed into the bathroom, too embarrassed about what had happened to even look Peter in the face. Angie didn't know what to think. Peter had said he took a sleeping pill and slept through the night but how was that possible?

Could he have been sleepwalking? I heard about a case of a guy who claimed he was sleepwalking when he raped a woman? Could Peter be another one of those? Could the sleeping pills be his way of having to take no responsibility for what happened last night? Maybe that's what he's going to tell his wife? Is that what he'll say if I'm pregnant? "Pregnant," Angie said it out loud. Her and Sam had seriously considered finding a donor to get one of them pregnant but Angie was sure that Sam would not appreciate her just picking someone, someone she knew even, someone she worked with, hell, her immediate supervisor to be that donor.

She was sure Sam was talking about an anonymous donor. Going to a sperm bank and getting a frozen test tube. Not doing it the old fashioned way. Angie rubbed her face, trying to push away all the cobwebs and think straight. She hoped a nice hot shower would do the trick. A half hour later, Angie and Peter once again had their bags slung over their shoulders as they left the hotel room. Angie had done as little talking as possible, wanting to get things straight in her head before talking to Peter.

They went down the steps, across the parking lot to the office and Peter turned in the room key and checked them out. The two then crossed the parking lot again and went into the small diner where Peter had gotten them dinner the night before. The diner didn't serve a traditional breakfast. Instead they had a huge breakfast buffet. From the look of the crowd in the diner when they entered, Angie guessed that the food and the price attracted not only guests of the hotel but locals as well.

It was one price for all-you-could-eat. Peter stepped up to the cashier to pay and pulled out his wallet. He stood there for a second staring down at his wallet. "Is there a problem, sir?" the cashier asked. "Angie, did you take some money out of my wallet?" Peter asked. "Of course not, Peter.

I would never do that." "Check your purse." Angie pulled her purse around in front of her and started opening it. "What am I looking for?" "There's no money in my wallet, Angie. My credit cards are gone too. Even my company credit card. I think we may have been robbed last night." Angie McGee suddenly went pale, her eyes rolled into her head, her knees went weak, and only Peter's quick reflexes stopped her from falling face first onto the hard tile floor of the diner.