Naughty exotic femboy swirls her body and tickles hairy dick

Naughty exotic femboy swirls her body and tickles hairy dick
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This is NOT a free standing story. In each succeeding part you will find new characters introduced, but only embellishments on existing characters. Just click on author name to find earlier parts/chapters.) Unfortunately, Carolyn would not get an uninterrupted night's sleep. About an hour after Carolyn fell asleep her other three roommates were whispering very quietly since it was way beyond "lights out". They were chatting about the day's events and prospective boyfriends.

Jennifer, the youngest of the roommates at 19, mentioned the public spanking given at work today to one of the newest clerks by her handsome boss. Now, it was just a typical bare hand to bare bottom and a squawking teenager promising to be more careful with the files. Jennifer embellished it of course, with descriptions of Michael's (her boss) flexing muscles and hair flying as he brought his hand down from .

it seemed like the clouds. Angie whispered, "Wow! Sounds like somebody got a good spanking!" Jennifer quickly answered, "She sure did! Just wish he'd give me one . in PRIVATE! Sigh ." At that Maureen, the oldest roommate at 39, could not help herself and burst out, "HA HA HA HAAA .!" Unfortunately, their Dorm Monitor, Maude Grubber, just happened to be passing by their room and heard Maureen laugh.

She immediately burst in and switched on the lights.


"OK, I just heard someone laughing! Who was it?" barked Maude. "That was me, Mom," answered Maureen immediately. "OK, Maureen and just who got you laughing?" queried the DM. "Well, nobody actually. You see, I just happen to remember what Janet said during lunch today about her ex-boyfriend who is now going out with that loudmouth Gretchen. You see Jim, that's her ex ." "Enough!!! I don't want to hear this nonsense!" yelled Maude and she continued, "Remove your pajama pants and go get a chair from the Commons.

Jennifer and Angie get into Report Position! Carolyn, your bottom is already bare so you can continue lying on your bed. I'm going for my brush and will be back momentarily." With that both Maude and Maureen hurriedly left the room. Maureen, however, left wearing just her short pajama top in search of a strong chair. Jennifer and Angie were so happy that Maureen covered for them that they jumped out of bed and immediately lowered their cotton, olive dyed pants to their knees and stood at attention.

Soon, Maureen returned with a straight-back chair and placed it in the center of the room. Angie whispered a sincere, "Thanks ever so much, Maureen!" and Jennifer followed, "That goes double for me! We owe you, Maureen!" Then in walked Maude carrying her heavy bath brush and she asked, "When was the last time I had to discipline you, Maureen?" "I think it was about six months ago, when I left my wet towel in the shower?" "Ah, yes!

I remember!

You got a simple dorm spanking just like you are getting now." Maureen commented, "Maybe only a simple spanking to you, Mom, but it hurt like holy hell!" At that observation, Maude Grubber smiled with pride as once again, a resident inadvertently praised the effectiveness of her discipline system.

In a good mood now, Maude sat in the chair and ordered, "OK, Maureen, let's get this over with quickly. You know the proper way to take a simple dorm spanking, so get into position." Maureen was a 'veteran' of 1000's of spankings and knew that total obedience was just one consideration in limiting damage to her rather firm, round globes.

Even more important was to position herself and to take the spanking in the way that her 'punisher' appreciated most. In the case of her current DM, Maude Grubber, that meant hands stretched out flat on the floor, and toes firmly on the ground, but pushing upwards forcing her bottom high and 'offered'.

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Notice that this slightly 'extended position' meant her thighs were also 'offered' and in a state of tension. Maureen knew that Maude expected her charges to take their spankings like "adults" and that meant with a minimum of fuss, noise and movement.

After all, to Maude this was just a 'simple spanking'. That is, nothing even close to a strong man applying the prison strap full force to their bare hind ends, which was the typical punishment Maude herself would get. Nevertheless, it was a spanking meant to teach a lesson. Maude knew that her charges needed their sleep as every one of them had to get up early the next morning and head to work. If she were to allow "blabber mouths" to keep them awake, she'd experience an increase in "tardies".

Now, that would NOT be healthy for either her charges or herself! With this in mind and Maureen over her knees in the correct position, Maude raised the brush high over her head and brought it down HARD on the pale, bare right hind cheek.

CCCRRAAACKKKK! Reverberated around the sparse room and Maureen's right cheek and right leg bucked in response to the hard swat. ~00O00~ From her bed, Carolyn could see two bare bottoms wincing in sympathy and FEAR to that first sound swat. "Fear" because Angie and Jennifer knew they could still take a turn over the DM's knees. They knew that while Maude was in their room, no bottom was safe. Thus as the spanking progressed, Carolyn saw the two guilt-ridden bottoms quiver and tremble in both sympathy and fear.

Carolyn had also experienced Maude's bath brush and clearly remembered how badly it hurt on her bare bottom. While Maude was delivering a series of hard spanks that reverberated around the room, Carolyn's bare, welted cheeks also winced in sympathy. ~00O00~ Maureen swallowed her cry and resisted, in spite of the awful sting, the urge to squirm and wiggle her bottom at that first spank. Naturally, the cheek receiving that hard spank was set to wobbling and eventually returned to its original shape, but no longer pale white.

A red area exactly the size of the brush was imprinted on the wounded cheek. Maude wasted little time and landed a second hard CCCRRAAACKKKK! on its twin. Again Maureen withheld her scream as her left cheek bucked, twitched and was set ablaze.

Maureen kept movement and vocalization to a minimum in the hope of limiting pain and soreness. A complete failure on her part such as moving out of position would only cause Maude to schedule a "repeat" spanking for the following night. In short, Maude would give her charges one more chance to take their spankings like "adults".

A failure at this "repeat" and Maude would put the miscreant on report. This, of course, meant a sound strapping in front of the entire dorm at bedtime . clearly an outcome no delinquent desired! And thus Maureen was determined to avoid a "repeat" at all costs.

Further, after having observed and RECEIVED numerous spankings from Maude, Maureen knew that Maude followed a pattern. A typical 'simple spanking' would consist of 15 to 20 hard swats, but the "key" was the first six.

These first six swats were full force and designed to accomplish two things. First, impress those watching that even a simply dorm spanking was something to avoid.

Second, they allowed Maude to determine how the delinquent was going to take her punishment. Covering up or moving out of position earned the miscreant a hard spanking tonight followed by a "repeat" tomorrow night. This "repeat" was really a "do over" to give the delinquent a chance to demonstrate that she could take her spanking with some decorum.

Now, excessive squirming or noise would NOT earn a repeat, but meant the remaining swats would also be full force with several full force swats directed to tender thighs. The "best" outcome from the delinquent's perspective was to take her discipline as an "adult" (i.e.

no fuss, squirming, excessive noise and bottom offered up to the brush). Doing so meant her padded hind cheeks would be the only target for the somewhat moderate remaining (after 1st 6) brush swats . and very importantly, leaving her tender thighs untouched by the brush. Maureen counted to herself the first six murderous spanks and worked very hard to please Maude Grubber.

It was truly "hard work" for the DM delivered spanks of legendary force. Fortunately, Maureen succeeded! She had taken her punishment like an "adult" as far as Maude Grubber was concerned and thus the rest of her spanking, while it stung, was fairly easy for a veteran like Maureen to endure.

This rather typical dorm correction reinforced the desire in Carolyn to get out of the dorm as soon as Robert would take her. Carolyn knew that Maureen was probably one of six to ten girls getting a well deserved spanking at that most popular time of the evening.

Many DM's used the nightly REPORT only for serious infractions committed in the dorm. They'd dispense the required "augmentation" spankings and minor dorm punishments right in the delinquent's room in front of her roommates.

That is how Carolyn knew that others were getting a similar treatment as Maureen at this very moment. In short, it was a common everyday occurrence. The spankings were sentenced, dispensed and were over and forgotten. Forgotten, that is, by all except the poor recipient who had sore, tender, and welted hindquarters for the next few days. After Maude landed the fifteenth and final swat, she had Angie return the chair and Maude then continued on her patrol.

Jennifer saturated a towel with cold water and applied to Maureen's red, throbbing hind cheeks. As she comforted Maureen, Jennifer once again thanked her for taking all of the "heat". Maureen replied with, "You and Angie owe me .

big time!" While the wet towel certainly helped, her bottom checks were nevertheless throbbing in serious pain. Maureen was quite pleased that she got the minimum from Maude even though the "minimum" hurt dreadfully and left her backside welted and trembling.

Veterans like 39 year old Maureen knew there was no point getting upset. She got the spanking she had "earned" . nothing more - nothing less. Further, she had gotten far, far worse wallopings and was destined to get worse .

at least as long as she lived in the government dorms. So the important thing is to avoid a repeat of this mistake. Maude often sentenced "repeat" offenders to the more formal REPORT strappings, a punishment that no resident could take without screeching out in terrible pain. ~00O00~ After a long grueling day at the office, Robert finally arrived home.

As he entered the side door, Margaret greeted him with a kiss on the cheek and a cheerful, "Hi, Sweetie! How was . Wow, you look tired! I'm guessing you had a bad day . right?" "Well, today was "settle-up" day for the salesgirls and many of them won't be sitting for supper tonight.

Further, most will be getting an 'augmentation discipline' from their man prior to bedtime," answered Robert and then with a big smile, "I did get some positive feedback today on the effectiveness of my Disciplinary Process and .

I'm very, very pleased about that!" "'Disciplinary Process' that's a pretty fancy way of saying that you whip those poor girls' bare fannies with a prison strap! And no wonder it works!

No girl would want a 'repeat' of that!" "Careful, Margaret!


Maybe I should try my "Disciplinary Process" in curbing your insolent tongue! Further, it's NOT a prison strap, but the 'company strap'. Same strap I use here as a matter of fact, when poor behavior dictates its use." Margaret knew she was on thin ice and had better switch subjects fast or risk a session with that dreaded strap.

"Darling, you know that won't be necessary as I am the most obedient of wives, but you do have a family member who deserves to experience your "Disciplinary Process". Suzy got a spanking at school today from Mrs. Cooke. Here is the note and I sent Suzy to her room to wait for you. Normally, I would handle it, but Suzy has had too many of these. Why just last week ." "OK, OK, Margaret, if you think I need to get involved, then I will!

You don't have to justify. I trust your judgment. Suzy will get a sound strapping before bed tonight, but I want you to be present to observe and hold her, if necessary.

There is a more important matter that came up today, and I'd like your opinion. You know my new secretary, Carolyn?" "Yes, Dear, of course. She seems like a nice girl. What did she do?" "Well, I gave her a very minor spanking, but that's NOT the issue. After the spanking, she asked whether I'd consider taking her as a "girlfriend". Margaret, we talked about this a few weeks back, but we came to no decision.

I told Carolyn I would consult with you and let her know. Margaret, what do you think?" "Well, Robert, as you know, we can have unlimited sex, but there will be NO further children.

After the hard time I had with Suzy, it's not possible for me to have children again. All my friends say we are not doing our part to "re-populate" the world after the Great War and "Re-population" is so very important to the people in power.

Robert, we risk everything if we are perceived as not contributing. So, like I said a few weeks ago, you do need to get a girlfriend and . SOON! Why my friend Barbara's husband has 4 girlfriends and three of them are expecting!

Now, we can easily fit two to three girlfriends in this house. The only issue is "compatibility"! Tomorrow I'll talk to Carolyn to determine whether we have a fit." "Margaret, I have no idea what you are talking about.

'Compatibility'? So you'll talk to Carolyn about . about what exactly?" In a somewhat condescending tone Margaret replied, "Sweetie, would you REALLY want a house full of women constantly fighting and arguing? And then, do you like Carolyn and would you want her to give you children?

If your answer to both is "yes", then just leave it to me." "Margaret, I've just about had it with your attitude and the answer is YES to both questions about Carolyn and NO to a house full of troublesome women. I know one "troublesome" woman who is going to feel the strap on her behind tonight .

right after I've finished with Suzy." "Oh, Noooo! I'm so sorry, Sir. I didn't mean that the way it came out. I just want to make sure Carolyn will be the perfect girlfriend for you." "Well, OK, you can do your thing with Carolyn, but you are still getting the strap. By the way, when was the last time I spanked you, Margaret?" "Thank you, Sir. My only concern is for your happiness and rest assured, I'll check out Carolyn thoroughly.

As for my last punishment . it was a dozen with the heavy cane and it was about 5 months back." Robert shook his head, "Five months ago! YES, you are clearly due! I'm thinking a dozen with the strap. I'll offer you the same deal I did with the cane. That is, you take the first six "quietly" and I'll remit the remaining six." "Thank you, Sir. I remember that "deal".

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That heavy cane hurts way too much for anyone to take quietly, so . I got the full twelve and it hurt like hell!


Sir, since I'm going to be holding Suzy in place while she's getting the strap, would you please allow Suzy to hold me?" "Now, I'm really confused. You want Suzy to watch her mother getting a good spanking?" asked Robert. "Why not? She's old enough to know she will be spanked by "hopefully" her husband and for certain by her boyfriend.

Boyfriend, that is, if we can't find a husband for her." "OK, I guess it's alright with me. I sense you are attempting by this scheme to limit your spanking to just six swats." As Robert was saying this, Molly the maid came in sniffling with red eyes and said dinner would be served in fifteen minutes.

Robert turned back to Margaret and queried, "What's up with her?" "Just before you came home, lazy Molly was over my knee getting the hairbrush applied soundly to her bare hind cheeks. She's further been promised an "augmentation" with the strap before bedtime tonight." "Well, looks like I'm not the only one with a hard day today.

Seriously, Margaret, I sincerely appreciate the fact that you handle the domestic disciplinary matters.


We might as well add Molly to the session we've planned for you and Suzy. Well, enough of that . let's round up everyone for dinner, shall we." ~00O00~ While all of this was going on Suzy had been listening.

She had been hoping that her father would plead he was "tired" and leave the "augmentation" to her mother. Unfortunately, that's NOT the way things worked out and she would get a hard strapping from father. The even bigger news, however, is she would watch while her father spanked her mother! Of course she knew that her father was the boss and would spank mom whenever he thought she needed it.

This was exactly the same with all of her friends. Rarely though were the mom's punished in front of their daughters, but . it did happen. Usually though it happened when daughters and moms were guilty of the same "crime" and a group punishment was sentenced.

Most fathers believed in the efficiency of group punishments for a very good reason .

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THEY WORKED! Rarely would the "group" repeat the offense. If the moms felt embarrassed about being spanked in front of their daughters, there was a simple answer . BEHAVE! Suzy was a little concerned about Molly though. Specifically, would Molly get to watch her and mom getting spanked? This would be extremely embarrassing! Naturally, Suzy had seen Molly getting spanked on numerous occasions.

She had even seen the sound hairbrush spanking mom had given her today, but Suzy had never been spanked in front of a maid and . she never wanted to be! Now she had to think of a way out of this. Perhaps she'd take the strap to dad's study right after dinner and see whether she could convince him to punish her then .

without Molly or mom present. Or maybe she could offer to take double the swats, but IN PRIVATE. Even if father agreed with this, double the swats with that dreaded strap would cause her to scream and leave position which would only . cost her more punishment! Suzy was racking her brain trying to figure out a way to avoid getting punished in front of their maid Molly.

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~00O00~ Meanwhile, Margaret was also worried about exactly the same thing. Of course Molly knew that Robert would punish anyone in the household whenever he deemed necessary . including Margaret! Molly, however, had never seen Robert discipline anyone other than herself and other staff.

Naturally, Margaret, like Suzy, had NO desire for Molly to view her strapping. Margaret desperately needed to figure a way out of this. Next, she needed some time to think about how she would approach Carolyn. To Margaret the huge issue is would Carolyn accept Margaret as second in command next to Robert. That is, Margaret ruled the house and punished "offenders".

She also had the authority to sentence repeat offenders to a severe spanking from Robert, a punishment that no one wanted. In fact when threatened, the offenders would usually beg Margaret to "settle matters" herself and to show sincerity would usually begin stripping while they were begging. Sometimes this worked, sometimes it didn't, and sometimes Margaret would relent a tad.

That is, she would grant a hard spanking NOW with the promise to seek only the minimum, six hard swats with the house paddle, from Robert. This would be in place of the threatened dozen or two with the strap. All offenders would gladly accept this "offer" and would thank Margaret profusely for being so understanding. Margaret just had to make sure Carolyn acknowledged where she would stand in this household and she had little time to get this resolved.

On top of this, she, Suzy and Molly would be getting the strap before bed tonight. It's just so hard to plan/scheme when you have such a bleak future in front of you.