Lana Rhoades anal fingering snapchat premium

Lana Rhoades anal fingering snapchat premium
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It was the start of summer break and Zuri Ross was being taken to Africa by her parent for two weeks. This left Emma LukeRavi at home with Jessie their nanny. Even Bertram the family butler/cook would be gone visiting family for two weeks. So Jessie asked what are you three up to for the next two weeks as she cooked them breakfast.


Nothing much Luke said mostly TV and video games. Emma said I plan on relaxing and being pamperedRavi chimed in with reading. Luke said what are your plans JessieI was thinking since it's the start of the summer I would sunbathing on the balcony most of the time of course it would depend on how much trouble you three cause. Luke looking around at his two siblings saying we will try to not cause any trouble for you.

That will be good but I expect it won't happen.

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The next day Jessie woke up and prepared breakfast then she changed into a red tiny bikini top and a matching tiny thong bikini bottom. She went out onto the balcony and lay down on the lounger there. Later Luke came out onto the balconyJessie can you help he started to say but when he saw Jessie he stopped speaking mid sentence as he took in her beautiful almost naked form laying before him.

Wow was all Luke could say. Looking up at him Jessie asked him what it was he needed. Uhm I need help with the new drugs the doctor prescribed for me could you prepare the syringe and inject it for me.

Of course honey and she stood up and followed him into the bathroom. Luke had the vial set out next to a syringe on the countertop. Jessie picked up the bottle and wiped to top with an alcohol pad then inserted the syringe into the vial pulling out the appropriate amount of medication. Setting the vial down she turned to Luke and started walking towards him saying okay Luke turn around and bend over I'll inject this in your upper right butt.

Luke did as she said so missed it when she tripped over the rugstumbling into him they both went down. When they separated Jessie had injected the medicine in the needle into her abdomen. Oh Luke said that is not good how do you feel Jessie. I feel fine Jessie started to say when the drug hit her and she started acting drunk. Luke seeing this said Jessie let me help you back to the living room.

Okay honey as she moved close to him and put her arm around his shoulder. Luke could feel her boob press into his side and her soft warm plentiful skin sliding against him as they moved to the living room. Getting turned on as they moved to the living roomhe helped her lay down on the large flat couch. Stepping back he took in her well tanned and toned body her long silky brunette hairher large firm rounded breasts barely covered by the thin strip of cloth of her so called bikini top.

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His eyes traveled down over her flattoned abs then down to her not really covered pussy seeing the thin thong had pulled up into her cunt separating the lips of her pussy. Luke's cock started to engorged as he looked at her and he started considering that maybe his dream was about to come true.

With Jessie awake but out of it Luke sat down next to Jessie and reached out and untied her bikini tops string at the center of her top and pulled the two cups off of her breasts.

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The beautiful globes of her now fully exposed tits caused Luke to start salivating. He leaned over and took first one nipple into his mouth and as it stiffened he moved to the other to do the same.

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Sitting back he massaged her breasts as he considered what to do next. She moaned as he continued to pay attention to her breasts then he moved his hands to both of her hips and untied her thong bottom and pulled it away.

Now naked to his sight he looked at her body with a dark tan over most of it and thin areas of pure white skin formally covered by her bikini showing that she didn't suntan in the nude. Spreading her legs apart he prepared to take what he had dreamed of since Jessie had started working for the Ross family.

As he went to enter her cunt he heard someone come into the room and a gasp as Ravi spoke to himbrother what are you doing to Jessie. I'm about to have a dream come true if you would shut up and either leave or quietly watch. What did you do to Jessie. Nothing it was an accident she injected my medicine into herself and now she is basically high. If you do this I will tell our parentsIs there anything that I can do to keep you quiet. Quickly thinking Ravi said yes I have always had a thing for our sister Emma you could inject her with your drugs so she would be available for me to also fuck.

Smiling since he also had had thoughts about Emma and seeing the potential in this situation said okay go get Emma and I will prepare the syringe.

Ravi left to bring Emma back to the room and Luke filled the syringe and moved to the side of the doorway he expected Emma to come through and waited. Soon he heard Emma returning with Ravi as she asked Ravi what it was Luke wanted with herI don't know Ravi replied he just asked me to get you and bring you here. Emma and Ravi entered the living room and luckily Emma's entered with Luke next to herEmma saw Jessie spread eagled naked on the couch and started to ask what was happening when Luke stepped close to her and pushed the needle into her neck depressing the plunger injecting the drug into her.

It quickly took effect and the two boys had to catch her and moved her to the large table in front of the couch. Working together they had her stripped and spread eagled on the table next to Jessie. Luke looking over his sister Emma's naked form he took in her exposed beauty. Noting the differences between the two naked women he saw where Jessie had areas of pale skin Emma obviously sun bathed nude as every inch of the blonde was darkly tanned sliding his eyes down her body he looked at her fine silky hair cut into a short doorway that framed her facethe ruby red lipsher petite thin muscular formsmall breasts compared to Jessie's large melons but where Jessie had small aureoles Emma's were the size of half dollars with big puffy nipples topping them off.

Well there you go Ravi just remember when your done I want sloppy secondscan I have a chance with Jessie when your done Ravi quietly asked. Yes Ravi you can enjoy her charms when I'm done. The two moved to their respective bitches and finished disproving.

Luke gasped as he looked over at Ravi when he exposed his fourteen inch two inch thick monster of a cock. Glad I'm getting Jessie first that thing will destroy anything it enters. Yes Ravi proudly said I have been blessed by the goddess. Moving back Luke watched as Ravi prepared to fuck Emma. Pulling a bottle of lubricant from his pocket started spreading it liberally on and into Emma's pussy then doing the same to her anus then he finally applied it to his large cock. He moved up between Emma's legs spreading and lifting her legs to open her pussy as far as he could he than pulled out a device from his ever present shoulder bag and slid one end into Emma's cunt and cranked it so it spread her open.

What is that Luke asked. Think of it as a shoe horn Ravi replied as he stepped upplacing the head of his cock at Emma's entrance in the center of the device and tried to slid his monster into Emma's cunt. He finally breached her entrance and continued to slowly move his cock deeper into her vagina. Pushing in he met a barrier and realized Emma was a virgin he smiled and pulling his cock out a bit he shoved it forcefully deep into her womb.

At which Emma's eyes flew open as the pain from this crashed through the fog of the drugs clouding her brain. Ravi drew his now blood slicked cock out and plunged it back in to Emma as she started yelling from the pain and begging him to stop but instead sped up his actions applied more force as he felt his ejaculation approached.

Emma's also feeling this begged him to pull out let her suck him to completion just don't come in her she wasn't on the pill. Good Ravi crowed I'm a good Indian and you should carry my child and came filling her with his sperm. Oh she sobbed laying there stunned by what had just happened.


We are not done you blonde bitch as he pulled the shoe horn dive from her now gaping cunt and pushed it into her asshole and before she could say or do anything shoved his still stiff an hard penis into her well lubricated anus at which she again screamed but lost consciousness this time. This did not stop Ravi as he continued to pump into Emma's asshole practically destroying it as he dumped another load deep into her guts. Finally finished he moved to a chair and sat down to observe Luke.

Luke stunned by what he had just witnessed slowly gathered his waits and moved into place between Jessie's thighs he entered her vagina and moving slowly slid deeper and deeper into her and smiled as he heard Jessie start to moan with each stroke he made into her.

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Slowly he felt the pressure build within himself but never increased his pace it continued like this for twenty minutes when he heard Jessie whimper please harderfaster I need to cum. Luke smiled and told her no this is mine just lay there and take it as I give it to you.

Please Luke make me cumoh bitch I will but in my own time not yours. Jessie continued to moan as he watched her hands start to claw at the couch. Luke please if you let me come I swear from now on I will be yours to have when ever you want meI will do any sick and perverted thing you want me to do. Thinking this offer over as he continued to slowly fuck her he finally said okay but this has been recorded so don't think you can not comply.

Luke speed up as said by the way when I'm done with you you will enthusiastically allow Ravi to fuck you any way he wants with his anaconda sized member. What Jessie started to say when Luke stopped her and said I'm not finished then you will lick and suck Emma clean as Ravi and I watch.

Oh God no as she looked over at Ravi and paled as she saw the size of is cock then saw Emma's used body and her still gaping holes. Please Lukeno Jessie you're the one who made the agreement and you will live up to ityou belong to me now heartmindbodyand soul laughed as without anyone noticing a red glow briefly filled Luke's eyes.

Jessie shut her eyes and lay there waiting for Luke to finish with her and her torture by Ravis large member began but she kind of looked forward to what she was going to get to do to Emma. Thankfully these thought got her body well lubricated. Unbeknownst to any of them the entire apartment was covered by tiny spy cameras which were top of the line in equipment. They were being observed by the Ross family parents as they had sex being turned on by what they had watched their kids doing.

You ready to make another million or two from the porn movies we will release from these activities. Oh yes Mr.

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Ross replied as he fucked his wife but thinking of their nannyJessie Prescott but of course Christine was thinking of her adopted sons Luke and Ravi double teaming her as she ate out her daughter Emma. That is a story for another time.