Rica enfermera del arbol de la vida sara noemi sanchez torres

Rica enfermera del arbol de la vida sara noemi sanchez torres
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Breaking Cain. Chapter 1: The Break In The house was dark, the only sounds around, was the soft repetitive click of the clock quietly ticking away. The house was still and everyone was obviously sleeping. It was a winters day and it was 4 in the morning, no one is gonna be out of third bed unless they need to ore or go to work.

Mark watched as his breath filled the frigid air, he looked around nervously, he had never broken into a house before, but he was enjoying the buzz of it. Expensive furniture filled the room. He was glad this household was obsessed with thick Persian carpeting. Marks partners in crime, looked around the house. Chad, Johnson and Harold were tip toeing around, too absorbed in being nosey and touching things to remember that they weren't here to investigate the great treasure of Cain's house.

With a quiet snap of fingers, Mark gets the others attention, through the balaclava they all had on it was hard to see but they understood Mark's jerkie movements as a signal to shut up or get beaten up! All four guys had decided that they were going to go through with a new brand of Initiation for their fraternity and three out of the four guys had bags full of equipment and all four of them had to film the evidence of the initiations ceremony.

Cain was to be the first person to be initiated this way, but they all agreed that every new initiate would get the same experience, of they wanted to be part of Alpha Prime! Cain Bakerfield was the epitome of the perfect American guy next door. Tall, well built, muscled and intelligent. He had cat like eyes and a serious amount of sex appeal, his hair was a light brown with his sun kissed blonde highlights!

He was tall, athletic and always looked immaculate. He was on every major sport team the university offered and was studying law. Straight A student with easy access to all the most exclusive parties, launches, companies and not to mention girls! He would make a fine addition to Alpha Prime!

The guys swiftly and quietly moved up the stairs, making sure not to make any noise. Mark counted the rooms once he approached the landing mentally mapping the layout of the house as he went, third room on the left. With little to no effort Mark pushed open Cain's door and with the rest of his team he slipped inside Cain's room. Mark ever the cautious one, dead bolted the room as soon as they all went in. Cain was asleep, lying on his stomach with both his hands lifted either side of his head as he softly sleeps!

His naked form partly covered by the thick duvet that was seductively draped across half his back and one out stretched leg. The other leg lifted up as of he was trying to climb. Mark looked at him and immediately started to get hard, the others stealthily taking out their equipment. Harold would serve as cameraman, he had a supernatural height and could use this to his advantage when getting shits angles and POV's.

Harold stood at an impressive 6"9 always had something Gold on and was a rough houser even though he had a deceiving calm about him. His impressive build and calm non aggressive demeanour always put him in the best of groups for added security and an all around fun time. His nickname Goldie, had come from his childhood as he was obsessed with Gold things as an infant, it was the only thing he could watch for hours and stay still.

Chad would be the presenter and would multi task as one to hold Cain down or still whenever was required as well as the person who would speak should things not go according to plan. Chad could sell anything to anyone and he never could not talk his way out of a situation.

Hence his nickname Silver tongue. Johnson would take the HD quality pictures and was the internet whiz kid, who happened to be the identical twin brother to Chad! The guys managed to silently set up the equipment thanks to an obsessive Mike who made them do drills for hours in the last week running up to the break in. As agreed Mark would break Cain in and the others would take turns if they wished, but the main concern for the other guys was to keep guard on the door, as well as to make sure that no eventualities happened.

The first order of business, was to move the bed that Cain was sleeping on away from the wall, but if they moved the bed he would be guaranteed to wake up. So they decided to tie Cain and gag him so they could move the bed as and when they needed without any issue. Everyone except Mark moved to a corner of the bed and bent down at the base of the bed ready to lift the bed and move it. Mark stealthily climbed on to Cain's bed, as he straddled Cain he took out his knife and as planned and with savage force grabbed a handful of Cain's hair in his hand Mark put the knife at his throat, whispering into his ear, to show he meant business.

Cain complied as expected. The group had found out that Cain had a strong aversion to knifes from a childhood accident of one of his friends who had died as a result of knife play!

Mark then took the duck tape from his pocket and duck taped Cain's hands behind his head and then duck taped Cain's mouth lightly. Once this was done Mark gave the signal for the guys to get ready to move the bed.

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Mark moved off the bed and took his corner and they all lifted the bed which was rather heavy to a safe distance of the wall. With that only hindrance dealt with, everyone took their places and started to record. Mark was already rock hard From straddling Cain fat ass, but he didn't let himself really enjoy anything as he wanted to wait till this moment. Mark had a thing for waiting till the last minute to cum or enjoy anything. Mark pulled his track suit bottoms to his knees, never fully taking them off should he need to get away.

picking up a bottle of baby oil that was on the Cain's drawer Mark started lubricating his shaft. Mark was packing 10 inches of rock hard steel!! Mark was desperate to sink his dick into some ass, he whispered to Cain and positioned Cain so that his feet were nearly touching the broad Mahogany headboard and his face was at the foot of the bed. Mark squeezed a copious amount of baby oil onto Cain's Body and started rubbing it all over. Mark felt every ripple and every curve of hard muscle under his finger tips.

Mark made sure he massaged every area of muscle on Cain's back and legs. Mark was ready to start fucking him some ass, so he grabbed at four large pillow and manoeuvred them under Cain's waist to lift his hips in order to fuck him properly. Mark took another generous handful of baby oil and let it slip between Cain's ass crack and Mark grabbed under Cain's waist and took Cain's cock from out under him and by doing so made sure that cock was generously lubed up.

Mark motioned for some more duck tape and got Chad to duck tape Cain's mouth securely. Which served as a duck tape Egyptian mummy look over the lower portion of Cain face. Once finished Mark let his dick slide between Cain's asscheeks repeatedly so he positioned his dick between Cain's ass cheeks letting him know his intentions toward him. "This is going to hurt like you have never believed." With that Mark put a pillow at the edge of the bed intent on muffling as much sound as possible.

Mark saw Cain's asshole in the dark and with the experience of a pro Mark slipped his dick into Cain's ass inch by agonising inch. Cain stiffened and tensed in shock and pain, an agonised growl vibrated through the duck tape and pillow Mark knew Cain had felt every inch sleek past his sphincter and go deep inside his asshole.

Cain's own dick shrivelled in response to the agonising pain. "Cain your pussy is so tight I have to go balls deep. I'm gonna ride you like a fucking horse, till all your ass is tender and swollen." With that Mark started to earnestly push into Cain's ass till his cock disappeared and all that was left was his balls. Mark whispered.

"Ahhhhhhhh.this pussy. Where have you been all my life!" Mark spread Cain's ass cheeks wide so he could see his handy work.

His dick was literally being strangled by Cain's ass. It was an intense feeling, Harold was there getting the POV shot, Mark grabbed Cain's ass cheeks pulling him closer whilst himself and inching forward even more.

Chad ever the salesman, opened up a laptop and placed it before Mark and Cain, the laptop was already playing a movie, hardcore gay tranny Porn was on, with the surprise of two sets of headphones had been attached to it. Chad placed a set of headphones onto both men and stepped back to watch his vision take place. Mark had prepared for this initiation by cumming 3 times earlier so he wasn't cumming anytime soon a fact that Cain would have shrunken back at hearing.

Rather than the slow easy routine that Mark had prepared. He started pumping Cain's tight ass fully deep. The steady but quiet sound of the bed violently shaking with each pump and every one of Cain's muffled wheezes the only sounds of distress.

"Fucking whore." "Bitch" "Slut" "slag" "pussy" "Fag" Mark whispered to into the air Like a chant! Mark was pumping Cain's ass so hard that Cain asscheeks had parted at the intrusion and Cain's asshole had began to swell around Marks Cock. Mark loved this and started fucking like a woman and due to the the moans heard from the porn flick he was non to gentle, the moans spurring him on. Every time a character would ask for more Mark obliged in real life. Mark grabbed the bottle of oil and added more to Cain's ass.

The feel off that warm ass gripping his dick like a lifeline made Marks eyes roll in his head. He stopped to savour the feel and to listen to the moans of sex coming from the laptop. He moved slowly rotating his hips, stretching, testing and mastering the walls of Cain's ass. Mark pushed down on Cain's lower waist causing him to arch up into Marks dick and Mark felt Cain's prostate.


Mark started to make love to Cain's ass, slowly and carefully making sure his dick massaged Cain's G Spot, over and over again! Cain's ass responded with a strong sucking feeling as his ass came alive.

Mark with the help of chad, moved Cain to a sitting position and pounded Cain's ass with lethal precision. Careful to make sure Cain's G spot was always being worked on. " Work my boipussy sir, oh, oh, you got me screaming like a bitch, oooooh, please sir I want your cum. I'm gonna cum sir, your fucking the cum out of my ass, I can't hold it sir." " did I say you could cum?" The video showed the tranny getting a savage ass fuck and as the gentlemen got faster and faster the tranny's dick stood up higher and higher.

Four of the longest cum arches were created and the tranny's dick continued to leak cum as his prostrate was milked dry. The man sped up his ass pounding attack of the tranny's ass then simultaneously started jerking him off and teasingly berating him for cunning. The tranny only being allowed to cum when his master allowed it, started to twist and turn as his master jerked his over sensitive dick, working the head without stopping.

" you know what not to do." No cumming at all." The man squeezes the tranny's dick temporarily preventing the man from cumming. A sudden and em passionate roar and the master pumps the tranny's ass fast until he dumps load after load into the tranny's ass. "Cum hard" The tranny was nearly lifted off his feet with the impact and speed of the ass pound he received as he seemed to stand on the tops of his toes like a ballerina for the length of the clip, he finally squirted another 2 fat ropes of cum into the air, before drooping like a flower being impaled and held up by his masters dick still inside him.

"Shit that got me hot again." Mark said pumping his dick hard and fast! "Johnson come show Cain a good time!" Johnson moved away from the snapping photos and pulled his trousers down in one fluid motion.

His dick sprang up high and stiff and the head was already glistening with pre cum. He sat in front of Cain on the bed, removing the laptop and the headphones from their heads and slowly unwrapped the duck tape around his face.

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He lifts the knife playfully to Cain's eye and let's it trail to his neck, Once finished Johnson declares: "Mouth, throat suck it." Never a man of many words, he's always being straight to the point! Cain lifted his head so that his face was now directly being between Johnson's raised legs and having no option opened his mouth. Cain wrapped his lips around Johnson's shaft and sucked hard, Johnson liked that and pushed both his hands on Cain's head till Cain's jaws were forced take 11 inches of his raw cock.

Cain's jaws had opened grotesquely and his lips were glued to Johnson's pubic area.

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Johnson started deep fucking his throat. The deeper Johnson would push the louder Cain's gag reflex sounded.


Which would cause tightening throughout his body which Mark thoroughly enjoyed! Johnson started silently snapping shots from as many angles as possible. Cain was terrified he thought they would kill him as he couldn't breathe properly and his ass was on fire.

Cain hoped he could settle this and somehow stop the photos and videos going live, he'd worked too hard to be disgraced like this! Johnson pulled out of Cain's throat only long enough to give him time to cough into the bed then he stuffed his mouth straight back into his dick.

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"Swallow my cock Cain, your mouth feels so good I'm gonna call you sugarcane from now on." They all chucked at that except Cain. "I'm sending you pics Chad upload the best and throw the rest!" Chad nodded and wirelessly uploaded the photos and started photoshopping the best for the design the website.

Johnson held Cain's hair in a vice like grip and started skull fucking him, Cain was choking on dick and his body was clearly hating it!

Mark slapped Cain's ass hard telling him not move away. All you could hear was the strangled sounds mixed with powerful Retches and The vibrating slap of Johnson's balls hitting Cain's chin. Cain's face was drowned in sweat spit and tears! Johnson was fucking Cain skull so hard that Cain's body no longer could retch. Johnson started to perspire as he used his stomach muscles and legs to keep pumping Cain's mouth whilst Johnson hands kept Cain's head raised high enough to fuck intensely!

The squeaky rubber sound lightly emerging from Cain's throat to you his throat was getting a good deep fucking. Johnson hissed. " I'm gonna come deep in your throat, if you take my cum without spitting any out I won't cut you." He pulled out to let Cain take a few deep breaths and to clear his throat into the bed, but rammed his cock deep into Cain's mouth it caused his whole body to bend at the force and Mark nearly came at the effect!

"Let's seed him Johnson" Both started fucking Cain's holes with wild abandon and Cain endured being nearly ripped on two. Johnson came first shooting a full mouthful of cum down Cain's throat and then Mark deliberately paused in order to push Cain's mouth forward into Johnson body as she worked Cain's G Spot!

Cain gulped as best he could in order to move the cum down his throat, yet Johnson didn't pull out. Mark reached for Cain's dick which was hard like steel and dripping pre cum. Mark took his index finger and started to tease the head of Cain's cock. Cain shivered in response through desire and fear!

"Look guys this bitch is hard as fuck" Harold moved the camera to get the shot and the shame in Cain's face was plain and raw. Mark had done this on purpose to shame him and never stopped riding his ass till he felt Cain's ass twitch multiple times and heard Cain moan onto Johnson's dick! Mark fucked Cain's ass lovingly till he held his breath and came deep inside Cain's ass. Cain felt Mark cum in his Ass and then felt himself cum like he had never cum before.

"His body is vibrating, this cum pig is loving it." Cain's dick squirted load after load onto is bed and he still kept coming.


Cain's throat was still locked on Johnson's dick and Johnson had only just stopped cumming. Harold got it all on tape. Only after Cain stopped cumming did Johnson take his dick out his throat! Cain slumped to the bed and Mark unceremoniously pulled his dock out Cain's ass, a gaping hole the evidence of Marks handy work! Mark moving in front of Cain, ordered Cain to clean up the mess he'd made on Mark dick.

Cain complied, disgust and exhaustion written clearly on his face, he licked Marks dick with as much humility as possible. Mark grabbed his head impaling him on his cock, then made him suck him clean till his dick was hyper sensitive then he dropped Cain like hot bricks back onto the bed!

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"Cain you better make sure my cum doesn't seep out your ass. Or I'm straight fucking you in public, you hear me?" "Cain's all warmed up for you guys, you better get it while it hot!" You didn't need to tell the guys more than once! Mark took the camera from Harold, Chad swapped with Johnson. From the bulge in their pants Cain's problem had only just begun. Watch out for part 2 of this trilogy!