Drunk sleeping teen night invasion

Drunk sleeping teen night invasion
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Let's start from the beginning. My name's Brandon, and I'm a 23-year-old male from the US. For the past five years or so, I've run one of the biggest fan websites for the British actress Maisie Williams. Ever since I first saw the adorable starlet on Game of Thrones, I knew I had what could only be described as an obsession. Since I had the early start, my site quickly grew, and it wasn't long before it was the biggest source of all things Maisie on the internet.

Sometimes I felt weird about it, sure, but as she grew up, that feeling went away. Eventually, the site grew popular enough that I could profit from the ad revenue, and I could maintain it as my fulltime job. It was just after Maisie's 18th birthday that She contacted me.

I was shocked, I was elated, and I couldn't believe it was happening to me. The relationship started out purely professional.

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She gave me some exclusive photos and even an interview, and endorsed the site as the official source. I was on cloud nine, things were truly looking up. There's another side to this story, one that you may have been able to imply. My obsession with Maisie extended to a sexual level as well, and there wasn't a day that passed without me stroking myself off to pictures of Her online.

I worshipped Her, and every fantasy I had was based on Her. So, one day, we were emailing, and She brought it up.

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Asked if I ever thought of Her, like that. I typed out a nervous yes, unsure what Her response would be. To my surprise, She told me she liked hearing that. That it aroused Her. This, again, elated me. Not only did I have constant contact with my idol, but She also liked hearing that I masturbated to Her? Heaven. It escalated from there. She had me send her pictures of my cock. Being honest, I'm not too big: I barely scratch 5 inches on a good day. This, I think, is where our relationship took a turn.

See, I learned that Maisie has an extremely dominant side, one that she started showing to me. She demanded all manner of things from me: that I wear certain outfits, do certain things. I couldn't say no to Her if I wanted, so my life started to change.

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It started with small things. Eating less meat and more veggies, running more, but one thing never changed: jerking off to Her.

She required that I do it at least once a day, on a video chat with Her, if possible, or just sending pictures if She was busy. Then, She dropped a big one on me. She wanted me to meet her.

She said She had something fun planned for me, and gave me a time and a place.

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I of course agreed instantly, and purchased my plane ticket. The day came, and I couldn't have been more nervous. When I exited my flight, there She was. My Goddess.

You see, as our relationship continued, She exerted more and more influence over my life. Most of my money went to Her, and I was always to refer to Her as Goddess.

She often made me do humiliating things on webcam, such as wearing women's clothing or cumming on my face and eating it. I hated that I couldn't say no to Her, but it was so arousing, for both of us. Her, for knowing she had such power over my life, and me, for pleasing Her. So, there She was. Before me, in person. She looked more beautiful and radiant than I could ever imagine. I walked up, and bowed my head submissively.

"Hello, Goddess Maisie.

It is an honor to finally meet you." She only laughed, reveling in my humiliation. She said nothing, and gestured for me to follow. I was lead out of the airport and into the back of a car, next to her. I smiled over at her, and she snapped at me. "Did I say you could look at me, you worthless piece of shit?

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Fuck no." I blushed a deep red and looked away, all the while my cock twitched and grew in my pants. After a few minutes, we were dropped off outside an apartment building.

She lead me upstairs, into her home. It was modest, yet tasteful. There, she ordered me naked, before handing me only a lacy pink thong and some lipstick. I eagerly put on the thong, feeling my cock stretch against the girly material. I applied the lipstick, feeling more girly and submissive than ever.

She then led me to the living room, and ordered me to kneel on the floor. She sat nearby on the couch. "Today, my little pet, you are going to prove your devotion to me.

By sucking cock." I let out a gasp, face blushing a deep red. I was straight, of course, and never imagined I'd be in such a scenario. As if on cue, he walked in, from the bathroom. He was a muscular hunk of a man, and already naked.

His chiseled frame glistened in the light, and I couldn't help but notice his massive cock. It swung freely as he strolled to the room, and it must have been at least 8 inches long. "This is my boyfriend, Tom." She said, gesturing at the man now standing before me.


"If you love me as much as you say you do, you'll take him into your mouth." She stood from the couch and stripped herself, her perky tits and young pussy finally on display for me. She knelt next to me and took his cock in Her tiny hand, stroking it in front of my face.

"Look at it. The cock of a real man. I know you want to taste it.

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How could you not… it's so big, and so powerful!" My eyes flicked back and forth between the hard cock and her naked teen body, and I had to admit, it was having an effect on me. My mouth was watering, and soon, my eyes were glued to the cock. She moved behind me, her breasts pressed against my back, her voice a whisper in my ear. "Just give it a taste. You'll love it." Unable to deny her any more, I leaned forward, mouth open, and slipped the head of his cock into my mouth.

It was so hard, but so smooth and so hot on my tongue. My own erection was pushing at the lacy fabric of my thong, and Maisie let out a gasp as I slid more of the cock into my mouth. It tasted much better than I expected, and I was lost in a cloud of lust and submission as I began to bob back and forth on the thick cock before me, moaning and whimpering as I did so.

I could tell Maisie had started touching Herself behind me, and her voice never stopped whispering into my ear. "You're a faggot now, addicted to his cock… you'll serve him forever, just like you do to me." I moaned, the idea of worshipping this magnificent cock forever infecting my suggestive mind.

I knew I was theirs now, and his cock was my new God. I doubled down, gagging and choking as I slid the hard slab of cock down my throat. I wanted to prove myself, show that I was worthy of being this man's cocksucker. Soon enough, I had him groaning and gripping my hair, fucking my face with new abandon. I closed my eyes and let him, tears flowing freely down my face. Eventually his heavy balls were resting on my chin, his entire cock lodged down my throat.

Maisie continued to squirm and moan behind me, Her tits rubbing on my back as She furiously fingered herself. "Once he cums in your mouth, your fate is sealed forever… you'll always be our faggot slave." As if he was waiting for a sign, I felt his cock begin to twitch and pulse in my mouth, and I knew he was close.

The idea of being this man's cocksleeve for life drove me over the edge myself, and I begin squirting cum into the panties, having my first ever hands-free orgasm. Tom gripped my head firmly in his hands and begin slamming his cock in and out of my throat in long, hard, strokes, and the sight brought Maisie over the cliff, moaning into my ear as she orgasmed around her fingers.

Soon, Tom couldn't last any longer. He drove his cock one last time into my throat, before letting out a roar as cum began to erupt into my throat. I gagged and choked as it flooded into my stomach, and it felt like it must have been a gallon, but his cock sealed it in, forcing me to swallow every last drop.

After what felt like hours, he finally pulled out, his cock a mess of spit and cum, stained red from the slutty lipstick I wore. "Faggot," was the only word he ever spoke to me, before slapping his still hard cock against my face. I collapsed onto the hard floor, breathing heavily and coughing up the thick cum.


Maisie stood and just laughed, before turning and planting a kiss on her boyfriend. "That was so fucking hot, baby.


I hope you still have time for me." With that, the two of them turned and walked into her bedroom, leaving me naked and alone on the hard living room floor.