Le encanta que le den por el culo

Le encanta que le den por el culo
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Authors Note: Welcome to part 3. This continues from part 1 and part 2 of this series "I Don't Want The World, I Want You!" so if you haven't read those parts yet, I recommend that you do before reading this.

You can read them, and all of my stories by clicking on my name above. Enjoy. *** It was a quarter past three in the afternoon and Harry and Adam were now in town, shopping for groceries. They had finally finished fooling around with each other after sharing a very pleasurable shower together.

They were at the supermarket and as usual, Adam was going way over the top buying things which they didn't need just because they were on special offer. "Baby are you sure we really need a pack of assorted multicoloured pencil decorations?" Harry questioned in a monotone voice. "No, but they're cute don't you think? They're cheap too." "Well, whatever but try not to over-do it ok?" Adam replied with a smile. That way he didn't have to say yes or no, he didn't have to commit or promise anything but it would be enough to shut Harry up.

It was a technique which he had used many times before and it usually worked. "Anyway, is there anywhere else you want to go after we're done here or are we done shopping after this?" Adam asked. "Uh, I think we're pretty much done aren't we? Besides, it's a Sunday so everything will be closing soon. What are we going to eat tonight? Have we bought anything for dinner?" "Yeah I guess it is near closing time isn't it." Adam answered glancing at his watch.

"No we haven't thought about dinner yet have we?". He looked up at the freezer unit in front of him, "How about pizza?" "Sounds good to me" Harry responded happily. Adam grabbed a pizza from the freezer, tossed it in the basket and they made their way to the checkout. After paying and bagging up that week's groceries, they left the supermarket and headed to the car park.

They were just about to get into Harry's red ford focus when Harry stopped suddenly. "FUCK!" Harry shouted. "What have you forgotten this time?" Adam questioned. "It's James's birthday on Tuesday and we haven't got him a present yet!" Harry groaned, pissed off and stressed out. "Well, don't panic, we'll just go back into town and get him something!" Adam replied calmly, trying to relax his boyfriend. "Yeah we'll have to because we both have work tomorrow.

We need to hurry though before all the shops shut!" So the boys put the groceries in the car and ran back into town, frantically trying to think about what to buy James as they ran. James was Harry's best friend.

They had known each other since high school and were very close.

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They had always joked with each other saying that if James wasn't straight, they would definitely be an item. Harry knew that it wouldn't bother James at all if he didn't buy him anything for his birthday, but it was important to Harry that he got a present for him, whatever it was. He and James had been the best of friends for as long as he could remember and neither of them had ever forgotten the other's birthday. Harry was determined that this wasn't going to be the first time he didn't get something.

"What's the time?" Harry asked, his voice changing volume as his body jerked up and down while he ran.

"Twenty to four" Adam replied in a simple, straight to the point way. They kept on running until they got back to where the shops were. Harry had no idea what he was going to end up buying; he just knew that he needed to decide on something fast.


He was stuck. He didn't just want to buy some random junk because then it wouldn't mean anything. No chocolates or wine or all that boring stuff which people always buy for people's birthday.

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It had to be thought out, it had to be appropriate, it had to be perfect. But he didn't have enough time to think. He was panicking, worrying, desperately trying to come up with an idea. No matter how hard he tried to think, he just couldn't come up with anything. After a while, he figured that a good place to start would probably be the gift shop on the corner of the street he and Adam were now on. It was a pokey little shop which he very rarely visited but he thought that it might at least give him some ideas, even if he didn't actually buy anything there.

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"Harry wait up!" Adam panted, out of breath from running. "Where are we going?". "The gift shop" Harry replied coldly. "What for, it's just full of cheap crap?" Adam asked, speaking his mind.

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"Well do you have a better idea?!" came the slightly heated response. "Hey, don't you get angry with me! It's not my fault you forgot your best friend's birthday!" "Oh shut up Adam, you don't know what you're talking about!" Harry answered feeling that Adam's comment was uncalled for.

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"And don't tell me to shut up either!" Adam protested, raising his voice. "Then don't say stupid things!" Harry responded. "Now, hold on a minute!" Adam complained as he grabbed his boyfriend's shoulder and turned him around to face him. "There's no need to speak to me like that! All I asked was where you were going and you spoke to me like I was nobody.


I hate it when you're like this! I'm not putting up with it, I should matter more to you than James's birthday present. He won't even care if you don't get him anything. There's no point in rushing around, and there's even less point in me arguing with you because my feelings obviously don't mean that much to you! I'll see you at home!". Adam turned and walked away before Harry got a chance to reply. Harry had the car keys so Adam would have to walk all the way home.

That was a long way from town and Harry really didn't want him walking that far on his own. He also didn't want him to be upset with him. He didn't mean to hurt him and he really didn't want to fall out with him after such a great morning with him.

"Adam wait!" Harry shouted, calling him back.

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Adam didn't answer and just kept on walking. He wasn't interested in whatever it was that Harry had to say.

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He was clearly upset by how he had been treated. As much as he wanted to stop him, Harry knew that once Adam had made up his mind, there was nothing he could do to change it. He decided to just let him go and he would try to sort things out between them later when he got home.

Now Harry was really worked up. Not only did he have the pressure of trying to find a suitable gift for James's birthday before the shops closed, but now there was tension between him and Adam which would also play on his mind. This wasn't what he had in mind when he and Adam left home earlier that day. The day which had started so well and was rapidly going off the rails. For now though, he needed to concentrate on what he was doing, so as difficult as it was to do, he tried to forget about his relationship troubles and think purely about gift shopping.

He turned away from watching Adam walking off into the distance, turned towards the gift shop with his head bowed down, and began to walk. His mood had turned quickly from good to bad. He felt really bad about what had happened and knew that usually, it took a long time for him and Adam to recover from these little fights, even when they didn't really mean anything and to him, seemed completely insignificant in the grand scheme of things.

He knew one thing though. He really wasn't looking forward to the rest of the day. What was he going to say when he got home?

He didn't know but he knew he had to make things right somehow. TO BE CONTINUED. *** Thank you for reading! :) Please let me know what you think of the story so far by leaving a comment for me and by rating this story.

I check the comments/reviews page as often as I can and your comments genuinely mean a lot! I will try and post the next part soon, thanks very much.

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