Petite teen Kiley Jay gives a blows and fucks horny pawn owner

Petite teen Kiley Jay gives a blows and fucks horny pawn owner
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I Had My First Sexual Experience At Age 11 With A Boy At first I would like to inform that this is a 100% true story. When I was 11 years old, me and my best friend hung out a lot after school together.

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My friend was 11 years old, blonde, athletic and very attractive. All of the girls in our class chased after him and wanted to be his girlfriend. Still, he had never been in a relationship. I was also 11 years old.


Both of us are boys. One day, when we was at his house, we found out that we should try to watch a porn. So we found a video that we wanted do watch and we sat down and started to watch it. Something worth mentioning is that we were in their basement living room, with his mother and little sister in the floor above and his brother in the room next to us.

After sitting there for a while, just watching the video and discussing it, we found out that we should compare our dicks, to see wich one of us who had the largest one. Both of us undressed to the knees and we put our dicks next to eachother so they touched.

This was the very first time I had seen anyone's genitals, and then obviously the first time I made contact with someone others dick.

I started to feel some levels of excitement go through me, as I stood there with my dick next to my best friends dick. After some discussion about which one of us who had the largest one, we came to the agreement of that we had similar size. Because we were 11 years old, our dicks were not extremely large, but around the size of a middle finger.

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After our comparison of size, we sat down in their couch to continue to watch the video, still with our pants at our knees. We would occasionally look at each other's dick or touch it to feel what it was like touching someone else's dick. At this point both of us was wery horny and after a while, he asked me if we should suck each other. At first, I said no, thinking that it was a bit disgusting having someone else's dick inside my mouth. He wouldn't stop asking about it and after a while, when he offered to atleast suck me, and said that I did not need to return the favor, I said OK.

We then walked to the middle of the room, and he told me to undress. I took of my pants, but he said that I had to take of everything, including my shirt.

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I thought it was a bit weird, but I did so. He then took all of my clothes, went out of the room and across the hallway, hoping that no one would see him with my clothes in his hands, to his room.

He then locked all of my clothes in there, so I had no chance of getting it. At this point, I started to get annoyed, because I had no "escape" if anyone saw us there.

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When he came into the room again, my dick was soft and just hanging there. I asked why he would take my clothes into his room when he could have just left them in here. He answered that it would add some excitement. When I was about to ask another question, He just sat down on his knees and inserted my soft dick into his mouth. I could feel a strong feeling go through my body. My pulse rises up and I could feel my now wet dick grow inside his mouth. I felt that my dick filled more and more of his mouth.

It became wet and warm. He then took a picture of himself sucking my dick. I didn't know what he was going to do with the pic, but at that moment, I did not care.

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Since he had never done this before, he experimented with different stuff, including deepthroat, which was a bit hard to do, since we were so young.

He also took both my dick and my balls into his mouth at the same time, and I could feel that this would fill his entire mouth.

I struggled to keep my moaning quiet. After a while of this intense pleasure, I finally reached the best orgasm I have ever had and I shot my load of cum inside his mouth. Suddenly, he stopped with the sucking and just sat there for a couple of minutes with my dick in his mouth full of my cum. My dick started to get soft again and I felt like it was just hanging there inside his mouth.

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After a couple of minutes of this, he took some of my cum and rubbed it all over his dick and balls, and he let me watch him swallow the rest of it. I thought it was extremely sexy seeing the cum from my dick going down his throat.

He then licked the rest of the cum that was on my dick and swallowed that too. He then gave me a little kiss, that was weird because I had never thought about myself as a bit, only a straight guy, and it was also wierd because he just had my dick inside his mouth that he kissed me with. He then whispered in my ear "now it's your turn". I asked him what he meant by that. He then said that because he just sucked me, I had to do the same with him.

Since I still was a bit horny after what just happened, I said OK. I then told him to undress. He took his clothes off and sat them on the floor next to us. I told him that he had to lock his clothes too into his room.

The only difference this time is that he has to cross the hallway nude with his little brother in the room next to us. At first, he refused, but when we both just stood there naked in front of each other, he agreed to do it, or else I would not suck him.

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When he crossed the hallway to his room, he managed to drop the key to his room in the hallway. Since their hallway was laid with carpet, he struggled to find the key. He just stood there with his butt in the air looking for the key.

I thought it was extremely sexy seeing his buttcheeks spread and his dick hanging there.


I could see that he was extremely stressed and I knew that it didn't help that there came noises from his brothers room. He found the key, threw the clothes into his room and locked the door again. Then he ran into the room we were playing in. He stood up and I got down on my knees, ready to suck him. His cock was coated with my dried cum and I was now about to put it into my mouth. His dick and balls were already a bit sweaty, since he had recently exercised and couldn't take a shower before I came over.

I took his sweaty dick with my cum around it and inserted it into my mouth.

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It tasted salty and a bit like the smell of urine. I made it wet and tried to force it as long as I could into my throat. After a while, I could taste the precum from his dick.

Since he took a pic of him sucking me, I found out that I should do the same. So now I got a pic of me with his dick in my mouth. His cock started to get slimy of all the dried cum and my spit. I thought it was really hot having another guy's cock in my mouth.

My dick was hard to, and some of the cum from when he sucked me were still dripping on the carpet. Suddenly his brother started to open the door.

My friend just ran over to the door with his cock hard and shut it close. I found it extremely sexy seeing my spit just dripping from his wet and slimy dick.

His brother, who was 10 years old, then asked through the door what we were doing. He said that he heard som strange noises from the room which I thought was probably my friend's moaning.

He just explained that we were exercising and that the sounds was our tired noises. I am absolutely certain that his little brother must have seen what was going on when he opened the door, but my friend believes that he closed the door in time. I also noticed that his brother were still watching through the keyhole, but I have never told my friend that.

I didn't care about it and thought it was sexy with a spectator. My friend then walked up to me, took a firm grip around my head, and inserted his dick inside my mouth again. I could feel that he was nervous and had a high pulse of what just happened. I felt wierd with a Penis inside my mouth, but also close to him. After a while, I felt that he ejaculated from his dick inside my mouth, and he started to moan. I got a warm and slimy liquid inside my mouth, which tasted wery salty.

Since he spitted some of mine cum onto his dick, I thought I should do the same. So I rubbed some of his cum on my hard cock. The rest of the cum, wich still was a lot, did I do as they did in the porn vid we saw earlier, and started to smear the cum onto our bodies. I started with smearing it over his breast and stomach, then I did mine.

When he ran over to his room again to go and get our clothes, I just waited behind him nude in his hallway. When I got my clothes back, I got everything except my underwear. I still haven't asked him to this very day what he have done to it. I can also say that his brother have been involved sometimes when me and my friend "played", but that is a story I will tell later. I would also like to say that this was my first encounter with sex, and every thing else I had done was just watching porn.

It is possible that I had learned a lot of what i did from porn i had watched earlier. This story is 100% true.