I want to see a guy jerk off for the first time JOI

I want to see a guy jerk off for the first time JOI
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This is my story. Feel as you will Think as you may. This is my story. Judge me not for writing Judge yourself for reading. This is MY story. This story is written by me. This story is written as I remember my life. I am a woman.

This is my story. What you will find if not in this segment, in some segment of this story: Older men, young girl(s) Beastiality - First time Pregnancy Exhibitionism Voyeurism Public Places - Group ======================================================================== Earliest Memories: I lay awake in my crib, silent, listening to the darkness. Something is missing. Something isn't right. I snuggle into my teddy bear feeling a little better, but still missing something very important.

I simply don't know what it is I'm missing. I roll to the side, and try to see through the darkness. I know there is a bed against the wall. Is my sister in the bed? I can't tell. I strain to listen for her breathing. I don't know. I close my eyes, snuggle my teddy bear, pull the blanket up and try to go back to sleep.

======================================================================== ======================================================================== Morning noises wake me. Sister is getting ready for school now. I remember waking in the night feeling like something was missing.

This isn't the first time I've felt this way. I wake every night feeling like something important is missing. I start to climb out of the crib letting everyone know I'm awake, but try to be quiet so no one gets angry at me. Sister pours me breakfast then heads out the door.

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She doesn't say a word. We both know what happens when people get angry at us. This is almost every night and every morning for as long as I could remember which apparently couldn't have been all that long if I'm still in a crib.

Not much happens during the day when sister isn't home. Television is on with adult boring stuff. Adults do boring adult stuff. Sometimes I go out to play and sometimes I don't. Same thing every day really. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The crib goes away and they give me a small bed. They bring the crib back, and there's a new little girl in the crib.

This is my new little sister I'm told. She's a very tiny baby and sleeps alot. I can't wait for her to get older so we can play together. I don't get to see much of big sister or little sister. The adults make me play in the yard, or in the basement toy room, or sit and watch tv. Little sister is too little to play the adults say. Go find something else to do the adults say. Big sister isn't around much during the day anymore. When she comes home at night, she's too tired to talk and usually takes a bath and goes to bed.

I see big sister getting fat again. She hates being fat. Every time she gets fat she eats very little and does more exercising. It doesn't seem to help. She just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Little sister goes in a play pen, or in a walker, or in her own special play room. The adults don't let me play with her. Night time again, I wake up in the middle of the night feeling lonely, and lost, and empty.

I don't understand why. I have baby sister in the middle of the room. I have big sister at the far end of the room. I shouldn't feel lonely. I crawl out of bed and go to sister's bed.

The adult man is in bed with her. "Sister feeling lonely too?" I whisper trying not to wake up the baby. "Yes, now go back to bed," big sister says sounding angry. "Now, is that any way to treat her? She's having a bad night. We can snuggle her too," says the man lifting the blanket for me to climb in. "You shoulda gone back to bed, stupid girl," big sister mumbles and rolls over to face the wall.

"Now, now, be nice," says the man laying between us. "Why don't you snuggle up to her back, and I'll snuggle up to your back," he says helping me climb over him. I lay facing sister and put my arm around her. He presses up against me, lifts my leg a bit, presses something between my legs up against my slit, then puts his arm around both of us squeezing us close.

Sisters leg opens wrapping over both of us. They gently rock back and forth making me feel sleepy. I feel contentedly snuggled and drift off to sleep again listening to the breathing of sister, and him and rocking gently with them. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Time goes by, sister gets really really fat, then goes away for a little while, and comes back skinny again.

I get a bigger bed. Little sister gets my little bed. The crib goes away. I still never get a chance to play with big sister or little sister. The adults don't let us play together. We don't go to bed at the same time so when it's time for me to go to bed, little sister is already sleeping. I really wish I could play with her. Another night, I wake up. I feel like there's a part of me missing. I feel like there's something important missing. I'm really starting to hate night times. I get up and go over to sisters bed.

"Go back to bed, brat!" she hisses. I don't know why she's so angry all the time. I don't know why she hates me now. He comes in as I'm going back to bed. "Aww, another bad night?" he whispers picking me up. His hands go under my night gown and rub my bum and back.

"Yes," I nod but it's dark so he probably can't see me nod. "She being mean to you again?" he asks. "No," I lie. I don't want to get her into trouble. Trouble would be very very bad. "Would you like to snuggle up like we did a long time ago?" he asks carrying me over to my bed. "She can snuggle me," sister whispers. "That's a good girl," he says and lays me down with sister. She rolls over to face the wall, I roll over to face her. He lifts my leg, snuggles close to me, presses something up against me again, closes my leg, wraps his arm around me and sister and squeezes us close.

She opens her leg like last time wrapping us both up with it and they both start to rock. The rocking, and gentle breathing soon has me drifting off to sleep again. I wake up hearing a bird singing outside. It's still dark out. I'm near the wall now and sister is behind me. I roll over to face sister.

She's sleeping. He's sleeping too. His arm is wrapped tight around her. I hear little sister rolling over. Big sister starts to rock back and forth in her sleep. I roll back over and press my back up against her hoping her rocking will put me back to sleep. His hand slides down her belly and tickles my bum while the rocking and sleepy breathing helps me go back to sleep.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Days pass, nights, happen. Sometimes I try to snuggle sister, sometimes I just lay alone.

Sometimes he's there snuggling us, sometimes he's not. Sometimes when he snuggles us, he makes me take my panties off, sometimes he doesn't. Sister gets fat and gets skinny and gets fat and gets skinny. Two new babies come into the home, but they don't sleep in our room. They sleep in the adults room.

We don't have any more room in here for more beds. Sister has a big bed. I have a middle bed. Little sister has a middle bed. He comes into our room a lot more now. Sometimes, he sits on the edge of my bed. His hand caresses my face.

Sometimes, he takes the blanket off me and slides my night gown up. I like feeling his hands touching my bare skin so I sleepily move to help take my nightgown off. Sometimes, his hands just rub my belly, chest, sides and arms.

Sometimes, he takes my panties off too and rubs my legs just lightly touching my slit and up my belly again. Sometimes he kisses my belly and my chest. Sometimes I'm laying on my belly when I feel him start to take off the blanket and then my nightgown. Sometimes, he sits on my bed almost laying down, and cradles me into his lap after he takes off my clothes.

When he cradles me in his lap, I feel something soft and big between my legs and open my legs a little. He slides a hand down my chest, then down my belly to between my legs and presses the big thing against me.

Sometimes, he lays down with me after taking off all my clothes and I feel his fingers between my legs. I can't stop my legs from opening for his fingers to touch me. I like how it feels. I look forward to him coming in the night to touch me. Sometimes, if I'm laying on my back when he undresses me, he opens my legs wide, lays down between them, and kisses my slit.


When he does that, he opens my slit up and kisses a special place that makes me feel very good. I like when he kisses me there. Sometimes he licks it and makes me feel even better. He stops just before I feel like I have to pee though. Sometimes, if I'm laying on my belly, he tucks my legs up far under me so my bare bum is up in the air. He kisses my bum and my slit like that, and then sometimes I feel the soft big warm thing sliding up and down my slit.

It makes me start to sweat down there, but it feels so nice. Sister seems to hate me more and more with every day. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Morning comes and there are visitors in the dining room. Two tall men are sitting at the table with the other adults. Their voices are soft and gentle. Their eyes are kind. I eat my breakfast silently then go off to the other room.

I do not listen to what the adults talk about. It's never been interesting to me to listen to what adults say. "Come, little one, time to get dressed for today. It's going to be a special day for you," the adult woman says to me taking me by the hand. She is elderly, and walks a bit funny, humped over and slow. Her hair is long and white and hangs down over her shoulders flowing almost to her knees.

I take her hand and follow her to the back room. I have never been in this room. I look around at the racks and racks of clothes I have never seen before. Some are sparkly and some are see-through. Some are long and some are very very small. "We'll pick out a few different outfits, have a bath, then try them on to see how they look," the woman said. "Ok," I said still in awe looking at all the pretty clothes around me.

We go to the bathroom and the water is already run for a bubble bath. She has me look in the long mirror on the wall as she takes off my pajamas. "Do you have to use the toilet before you get in the bath?" She asks.

"Yes," I say knowing if I didn't I would only have to get back out of the tub and go, and that always made her angry. I don't like making her angry. It leads to bad things. "Ok, go ahead," She said and turns around so I can use the toilet. I finish, wipe myself, flush, and turn to wash my hands. She turns around and nods in approval at me. "Ready for bath now?" She asked.

I nodded and she lifted me into the tub which was just a bit warmer than I'm used to. I don't complain. I don't dare every complain.

We don't talk while she washes my hair, shoulders, arms, back, chest and belly. I watch in the long wall mirror as her soapy hands wash me. "Ok, it's stand up time," she says and helps me stand up. "Open up so we can wash you clean," she says, and I know she means put one foot on the side of the tub to open my legs wide so she can wash between my legs from front to back. I'm sure I'm big enough to wash myself, but I like how it feels when she does it.

She opens up my lips down there and washes everything. I especially like when she pinches and presses my magic button when she washes me. Today she is washing me especially slowly. Her fingers feel like they are tickling me inside my belly as she spends extra time washing between my legs. "That's a very good girl," She praises as she continues to rub there.

"Time to turn around and grab your ankles so I can wash your bottom." She instructs and I do as she says. She opens my bum cheeks wide and runs her soapy fingers up and down my crack putting some pressure on my bum hole with each pass. I know enough to relax as much as possible so she can wash me thoroughly. I know she's going to press a finger inside me soon and make sure I'm all clean inside there too.

She presses her finger inside me and rolls it around. I feel my body relax to let her in then tighten as always around her finger. I like how it feels when she does this and it makes my magic button tingle even more. Today she surprises me and starts to press a second finger up inside me.

I'm not used to this, and I try to relax but it hurts a little as she starts to stretch that hole wider to fit inside. I try not to whimper and bite my lip instead. I try harder to relax my bum so she can fit the second one inside. She presses insistently against my tight bottom and with a pop a second finger slides inside.

Despite myself a small sound escapes from my lips, but not a sound of pain. It feels quite good to have two of her fingers inside me, pressing in and pulling back out.

"Very very good, little one, I believe you're all clean now," She said approvingly pulling her fingers out of me. I feel a sense of loss and regret when she pulled her fingers away, but I don't understand why. She picks up a pair of under pants that only have a string in the back and a tiny piece of cloth in the front and helps me put them on. The string goes between my bum cheeks and feels weird but I like it.

She slides a very strange top over my head that has lots of strings on the back. She tightens the strings quickly and turns me around to face the mirror.

My body has a new shape now. I slide my hands down my sides surprised at the way my waist is curved in. I like this look. The material is shiny red to match the little patch of cloth between my legs. I can't help but smile and appreciate how I look. I am starting to look like one of the adults in the tv shows that is always on and it makes me feel very pretty. She picks up a pair of shiny black pants that aren't pants.

When she puts them on me, they look like I'm wearing pants, but they don't cover between my legs or my bum. She fastens them around my hips and slides her fingers over my bare bum cheeks. She picks up a skirt and slides that over my head. It's a very very short skirt. I don't think it covers my bum all the way. It's also made of the same shiny red material as the top.

I feel very grown up and very pretty. I also feel very strange between my legs and resist the urge to rub my magic button. My belly has butterflies inside because I've never worn clothes like this before. I want to show them off to people.

"Now something for your arms I think so you don't catch a chill," she said as she picked up a black semi see through jacket and put it on me. "What a very pretty girl you are! Now for special shoes to match your very special clothes," She says and picks up a pair of red sandals with open toes and straps around my ankles. They have a small heel, but I pretend to wear high heels all the time so these are easy. "Now for your hair.

We need to do something special to your hair to match your special clothes today," She says as she picks up the hair brush, and hair dryer. She styles my hair to look like a movie star and then puts a little make up on my face.

When she's finished, she looks at me in the mirror and smiles. "Very nice, wouldn't you say? Now you look like one of those movie stars on tv you're always pretending to be," she says. "Yes, I do," I nod and smile back. She takes me by the hand again and we go back to the dining room.

The two men are sitting there talking to another adult. The three of them smile at me when the woman leads me in. "Perfect!" The two strange men say softly. "Excellent," the woman says as she turns to me. "These men came here special to see you, and spend some time with you. You will go with them wherever they say, and you will do whatever they want, understand?" Her eyes held the silent warning I know all too well.

I swallow and feel my mouth go dry but I don't want to make her angry. "Yes, I will be good," I promise and mean it with all my heart. One of the men lifted me up and set me on his hip.

One of his hands rubbed my thigh while the other rubbed my calf. They both smiled at me then at the other two adults. "I'm sure she'll be good. She seems to be a sweetheart," the one holding me said.

The adult man of the house stopped us as we were leaving, leans in to give me a kiss near my ear, and whispers almost angrily "You WILL be good and let them do ANYTHING they want, or you WILL be punished." I nod and start to tremble.

They never hurt me, but they scare me when they talk like that. The men bring me out to a van with lots of windows tinted dark. Inside the back is a long sofa, a strange looking chair that has a cut out in the seat, a large tv between the back and the front of the van so big the front of the van is blocked. "Here we go, Princess," the man carrying me said as he set me inside the van."Now we're going to go for a ride and maybe to an amusement park. Does that sound like fun?" He asks as he climbs in the van with me.

An amusement park? What is an amusement park? I've never heard of such a thing. I don't dare make these men angry because things could go very bad when they brought me back home.

I nod and pretend I know what they are talking about.


I'm suddenly feeling a little shy but these two seem very nice. "Ok then, how about we sit back here and watch some tv. Does that sound like a good idea?" the man asked softly as he leads me to the sofa in back. The other man closes us in and soon after the a door in front opens.

The van starts up and we start to pull out of the driveway. "You are a very pretty little girl, do you know that?" he asks as he lays down across the sofa. He motions for me to climb up in front of him.

I climb up and sit on the sofa facing the tv. He reaches for a remote, presses a button and the tv wakes up.

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"You can lay down here with me if you like," he says as he guides me to laying down on my side with my back facing him so I could watch the tv. He pulls a small pillow from somewhere and tucks it under my head making me feel more comfortable. The van moves through the streets at a soothing speed.

I've always loved riding in a car. It's always made me feel sleepy and relaxed. I can feel my eyes getting heavy so I let them close. The tv is making noise, but it's more adult stuff. I think as I start to drift off to sleep 'why does everyone watch boring tv?' "She's almost asleep," said the man laying with me to someone.

"The old couple said she may do that shortly after heading off. That's a good thing. She's so sweet," said a voice from somewhere near my head. I knew I was sleeping, but I could hear everything going on around me. I can feel the moving of the van and when we turn corners and when we stop and start again.

"She's soft and tender laying next to me. I wonder just how soundly she'll sleep? I thought to wait until after the park to have some fun, but with her sleeping so angelically, I don't think I can help myself," said the man laying with me. I smiled to myself suddenly realizing what I was missing. I like laying here next to this man. I like feeling his body next to mine.

I wiggle slightly settling against him more completely. I was rewarded by a small kiss on the head and his hand gliding down over my shoulder and arm lightly. "I do believe this tiny innocent is trying to seduce me," the man next to me said.

"Go with it, Bro, she's all ours for the week. If she works out, maybe we'll keep her," came the other voice. A week. He said I'm their's for a week.

Did that mean I didn't have to go back to those adults again for a week? Would I ever see sister again? I still sleep, but I still hear everything around me.

I want to wake up and ask them, but the moving van has me lulled and I like feeling the man against me. If I wake up, he may not stay so close. His hand moves over my belly and up my chest. He leans over and kisses my ear sending shivers down my spine. I sigh happily in my sleepy state. His hand turns my head slightly and his lips touch mine.

I can feel my lips kiss him back. He lifts me slightly and slides his arm under me so his hand rests firmly on my belly. His other hand slides down my shiny cloth covered leg and back up to slip under my short skirt. My belly jumps and tingles as his fingers lightly brush over the small bit of fabric between my legs.

I like the shivers racing through my body as his hand explores me, and his lips kiss me. I want to feel more. I don't know what more, but I know I want to feel more. His hand slides back down my leg to my knee and gently lifts my leg to rest over his. My belly feels tingly and full of butterflies hoping he'll touch me where She touches me.

"She looks delish, Bro. I really can't wait to get her home. Do we have to go to the park first?" came the voice from the front. "Yes, I want to take her to the park. I want her to have fun. I want to show her off. I want others to want her like we do. I want others to see her like this. I want to see just how good she is," said the man laying with me between kissing my lips and my ear.

I want to make them happy for how he's making me feel right now. His hand slides back up my legs to the bare skin between and I jump in surprise.

He holds his fingers still, caressing my belly and whispers in my ear, "Are you ok, Princess?" I murmer sleepily, "mmhmm" "Do you like this?" he asks. "Mmhmm," I answer still mostly sleeping. "Can I touch you more, here?" he asks sliding his finger between the lips between my legs.

I answer with my body as my hips move towards his hand to sleepy to answer with voice. He fidgets behind me. I feel something hard and smooth and warm between my legs pressing up against me.

"Damn, Bro, I'm about to mess my pants up here. We're almost there. You want me to cruise around a bit more, or you want to just pull in with the sleeping princess there?" came the voice from somewhere else again. "Cruise around a bit. This sweet little princess is still too sleepy to enjoy the park just yet," said the man next to me.

I am happy we're not going to the park yet. I like how this feels. I still want to feel more. I want him to touch my magic button like he does. He moves the tiny fabric of my panties aside, slides a finger between my lips and slowly starts rubbing back and forth, up and down. I like this a lot.

My hips start to move with his fingers. He moves his hand from my belly down between my legs and opens my slit gently. His fingers are soft and warm. His movements are slow and tender. I sigh happily as his fingers explore me. He finds my magic button and slowly rolls his finger over and around it. My hips move a bit more under his hand. I feel a wetness between my legs and then a bit of cool air, like someone opened a window a little bit.

"She's so wet already, the sweet little princess. I didn't think she would be old enough for that. I wonder, can she cum?" I hear the man ask in a whisper.

"Oh man, Bro, you have to find out. Make her cum." came the voice from somewhere else. "Hell, she's not far off from making me cum," said the man next to me. 'Come where? Make me come? I'll go anywhere if only this feeling never ends, just ask me to. I'll be a good girl and go.' I think to myself. I feel the big smooth but hard thing against my open hole. It's bigger than the one I feel back home.

It slides up and down against my entire slit. Each time it touches my magic button I try to press against it to make it stay there longer. I feel so disappointed when it moves away. I like things touching my button. It feels tickly and tingly and good inside like when I'm going really high on a swing. "Do you like that, sweet princess?" he asks. "Do you like feeling my penis touching your clitoris and your vagina?" 'Penis?

Clitoris? Vagina? What are those?' I think confused. I don't know the right answer. I try to open my legs wider and wiggle my hips trying to feel the big thing against my magic button again. I hope that's the right answer. "I'll take that as a yes," the man chuckles. He slides a finger inside my front hole and that feels very good. Slowly he slides it in and out and wiggles it all around. Another finger finds my magic button and rubs that slowly.

I don't know why but my hips move faster. His fingers start to move faster moving in and out of me, and over my button. My hips move even faster. He presses a second finger inside me and opens them wiggling them all around, stretching me. I'm starting to feel full inside my hole, and starting to feel like I have to pee. I want to tell him to stop or I might pee, but I don't want him to stop what he's doing because it feels so good.

He squeezes a third finger inside me stretching them, wiggling them, moving them in and out. My body is bouncing against him now not wanting him to stop but really feeling like I'll pee now. "Please, stop, I'm gonna pee," I whimper. I really don't want him to stop. It feels so good. I don't want to pee all over him, or the sofa, or my new clothes. "You won't pee, princess, it's ok. Relax and let your body do whatever it feels it wants to do. It's ok, princess," he whispered kissing and licking my ear.

"More, please more," I beg as my whole body feels hot and between my legs feels sore, but full and finally not missing anything. He pushes his fingers inside me a little further and my back arches my legs shoot straight out, my hands reach for something to grab. I feel like something deep inside my belly pops and lots of hot liquid comes out. It really feels like I'm peeing myself.

"That's it princess, cum for me! That's such a good hot little girl!" he whispers in my ear as his fingers press in and out of me so fast. My body starts to shake and my belly tightens so I'm starting to fold over my belly.

My legs start to close. His fingers stop moving inside of me and slowly pull out. He lays me onto my back and looks down at me smiling. I open my eyes not sleepy anymore and wonder what just happened. It felt so good, but, did I pee, or didn't I pee? "You're awake now, little princess?" he asks caressing my face. "Yes," I answer timidly. He leans over me to kiss me on the lips.

I kiss him back, and let my hand come up around his neck. I hear him groan in his throat and worry I did something wrong. "Did you like that, little princess?" he asks sliding his fingers between my legs again to play with my magic button. "Yes, but." I start, but stop because I remember what THEY said. "But, what princess," he asks as his fingers roll slowly over my button again.

"I'm sorry I pee'd" I say trying not to cry. I must be a big girl. I must be a good girl. I must not let anyone down. I must not get in trouble. "Oh princess!" he says pulling me close to him. "You didn't pee. See? Smell my fingers. Does that smell like pee to you?" He brings his fingers up to my nose, and I smell them, afraid. They don't smell like pee. I am confused.

I look up at him again very confused. "Princess, you had an orgasm. I'll bet by your confusion, it's your first. That happens when your body really likes what's happening. You really liked my fingers playing here," he slid his fingers between my legs again to touch my button.

"You really really liked my fingers inside here," he said pressing two fingers inside me again. "Your body was telling you and me just how much it really likes that and wants more of that." He explains as he lifts my leg over his opening my legs wide again. I feel the big smooth hard thing press between my legs.

"My penis really likes everything we did too, and wants to show you how much." he says shifting me lower. "Is that your penis between my legs?" I ask curiously. "Yes, it is. Do you want to see it?" he asks. I wiggle lower and reach down between my legs to try to press it against my magic button. "Let's try this, princess," he says rolling onto his back. "You climb onto me, and you put my penis wherever you want it. Ok?" he asks helping me onto him.

I wiggle trying to find a good way to press it against my button. I open my lips wide and press down on it like a cowboy sitting on a saddle. I slide back and forth enjoying how it feels between my legs. He puts his hands on my hips and starts to slide me faster and press me down harder squeezing his penis between us.

"I'm almost gonna cum, princess," he says rolling me over. He opens my legs wide and kneels between them. He leans way down sliding his penis all over my slit especially over my magic button. My hips start to move again under him faster and faster.

He's moving his penis faster and faster against me. Suddenly he pokes his penis into me, his fingers rub my button hard and fast making my body feel just like it did before. My hips buck and bounce off the sofa and I feel him trying to go inside me, but he's much bigger than his three fingers.

I want to feel his penis inside me. My body wants to feel it inside me. The balloon in my belly is filling up again. I'm feeling like I have to pee really bad again. "More! Please More!" I beg as I open my legs as far apart as I can with my hands. "Oh God Princess!" He says squeezing my hips with both hands, holds me firmly and forces himself inside me. I scream in great pain and he holds me close to him trying to comfort me and hold me still.

I feel his penis spitting inside me and pulsing and stretching me. It hurts so bad I just want him to get out of me now but I remember I was told if I wasn't a good girl I would be in very very deep trouble later. I start to cry in pain, and in fear. He stays inside me and rolls us over so I'm laying on his belly. My legs are on either side of his. "Shhhh princess, there there" he says trying to soothe me. "Hurts," I cry. "I know princess. But it won't always.

If we lay still for awhile, it won't hurt and it will start to feel good again." he tries to explain. He slides a hand between us and looks for my magic button. He finds it and starts to roll his finger over it. I feel like I'm being ripped apart from between my legs. I try to be a good girl and hide the pain. I try to remember how good it felt just a little while ago when I really wanted his penis inside me.

I start to throb inside where his penis is. His finger over my button is making me start to feel good, but his penis still inside me still hurts. His penis seems to be getting bigger inside me instead of smaller.

My button is starting to send tingles through my belly but doesn't feel the tickly feeling. I try to relax and hope that helps make the pain go away, just like the first few times She put her finger in my bum. "That's a good little princess," he whispers softly letting one hand dance over my back and bum cheeks while his other fingers tickle my button. "Is that starting to feel better?" I don't want to be a bad girl. I don't want to get into trouble.

I really want to make him happy. I look up at him trying to smile and be brave. "Oh, Princess," he whispers stroking my hair and face. "You are such a sweet and delicious little princess. I promise it won't always hurt like this." I don't really hurt like I did a little while ago, but I feel very full and very sore. I don't feel like I'm being ripped in half, but his penis inside me still feels too big.

His fingers on my button are starting to make me feel good in my belly again though. My hips start to slowly move again but I don't want them to. I want to lay still until all the pain goes away. "See, Princess? Your body is already telling mine it feels better and it wants more.

Do you want me to stop?" he asks as his fingers roll and press just the right way on my button. My hips start moving more. Inside hurts alot, but my belly is starting to feel tingly again. I don't want his fingers to stop, but I want his penis out of me. I don't want to be a bad girl though. "No, your penis hurts, but your fingers feel good," I say hoping that won't get me in trouble. "Your vagina is very very small, but it will stretch, I promise.

My penis loves being inside you. It's still very very hard and very big." he says. "I have an idea. Bruce, let Charlie come here." "You sure, Bill?" came a voice from through the wall of the van. "I'm sure." says Bill. The side of the van opens, and the other man comes in with a big black dog.

I've never seen a big dog like this before. He's wagging his tail, and his tongue is hanging out. He seems very happy. He comes over to us on the sofa and his cold nose touches my bum. I giggle because it's cold and it sends shivers through me. I wonder when the van stopped moving. "Charlie likes you," says Bill. "Damn, bro, I could almost cum just looking at you stuck inside her like that.

It's so hot!" says the second man. He closes the door to the van and sits on the floor near it. "She feels incredible. My penis feels like it's in a vice, but a soft hot delicious vice. I could stay like this all day, but first, we have to help her get past the initial pain. We have to help her relax so it feels good again. I think Charlie has just the right tool for that job." Bill says. Charlie pokes his nose against my bum again and I can't help but giggle.

It feels funny and tickly even with me feeling sore inside. Bill slides both hands down to my bum and pulls my bum cheeks apart.


Charlie licks right between my cheeks a little bit at first. He noses right where Bill's penis is inside me, then starts licking lots and licking faster. His tongue goes under so it touches my magic button, it goes up so it licks my bum hole, it goes down so it licks Bill's penis. Bill opens his legs and lifts his bum up and my legs open wider too. I whimper both in pain and in delight as the dogs tongue tickles me all over.

My hips start moving more and I want to feel the dogs tongue on my button more. "Wow, maybe I should let Robbie in too with the way you both like Charlie," says the man by the door.

"No, Bruce, not yet. Remember, we still want to go to the park. We let another boy in here and we may never go. She'll get to meet the other boys later. Right now, I just want her to relax and start to have fun again." Bill says. "This is so f'ing hot!" Bruce says. I look over and it looks like he has his penis in his hand and is choking it.

I look confused and look into his eyes. He smiles seeing me watching him. "You're a very hot little princess, and watching Charlie lick you and Bill is making me very very hot. Seeing Bill's penis inside you makes my penis want to know what it feels like inside there." he explains.

"How does it feel for you, Princess?" Bill asks. "Are you feeling better now?" he asks as his hands open and close my bum cheeks pressing down on me a little. It feels like his penis is trying to go inside me more but it doesn't hurt more than it was.

I wiggle because I want to feel more of Charlie's tongue. I want my button played with more.

"A little better," I answer. My legs are starting to hurt being open so far. I try to move them so they don't hurt so much. "How about we roll you over so you're laying on me on your back. Maybe that will help you get comfortable again?" Bill says lowering his legs and helping me change position. He doesn't let his penis come out of me. I lay back down on him and he lifts my legs so they are up and open.

"Oh christ this feels good," he whispers. Charlie starts licking right where I want and my hips start to wiggle more. I can feel my insides squeezing and letting go of Bill's penis stuck in me. I can feel the balloon starting to fill up in my belly again. My hips start moving up and down faster. My body ignores the pain inside me.

I know it hurts but I can't stop my body from moving and wanting more. Charlie starts to lick faster as my body moves faster. Bill's body starts to move under me pressing his penis up into me more. I cry because it hurts, but my body wants more.

I feel his penis pushing into me further. His hands move from my legs down to my belly pressing me down holding me tight against him.

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My legs open as wide as they can. I feel Bill's penis start to get bigger and feel my insides stretching and squeezing him. "Oh God, I'm cumming again! Cum for me Princess, let your body go, let your body do what it's telling you it wants to do." Bill urges me. His fingers search for my button while Charlie's tongue continues to lick me as fast as he can.

I feel like I'm going to pee really really bad again. The balloon inside me gets bigger and bigger until suddenly it pops. I feel something hot splashing up inside me at the same time as the balloon pops in my belly. My legs shoot out straight again, my toes curl tightly, my back arches against his belly, my body tries to press down onto his penis more, my arms fling out to the sides and my hands grab tightly to the first things they feel.

I cry out because it feels so good and hurts so bad at the same time. I want it to stop, but I don't want it to stop either. My body jumps and jerks each time Bill's penis gets bigger and spits inside me. My legs jump each time my button gets touched either by Charlie's tongue or by Bill's fingers.

All of these things seem to make Charlie happier because he licks me harder pressing his nose rougher against me. It seems he is trying to get his tongue inside me too. I can feel hot liquid sliding between my bum cheeks but Charlie's tongue feels so good I don't care if I pee'd or orgasmed. My legs are so tired of staying open and stiff for so long but my body doesn't want Charlie to stop.

Bill's penis is still hard inside me. I'm still very sore but my belly is feeling all tingly and happy. I slide my fingers down to my magic button and press hard on it rolling my fingers all over it making myself feel really good really fast. I want to feel the balloon fill up again.

I want to feel it pop. I want to feel Bill's penis get bigger and spit inside me. I want to feel more, more, more! "More Charlie! More Bill! Please more!" I beg as my fingers move so fast over my button. I'm almost sitting up my belly is so tight and feels so very good inside. I ignore the pain to make the balloon inside me fill up.

Bill's hands grip my hips tightly and he starts to move his hips down pulling his penis out of me a little, then back up into me again slowly. This is a very new feeling.

My insides are being rubbed by his very big penis. He moves very slowly. Each time he starts to slide out my stretched muscles relax, but feel empty and sad. Each time he presses back in, my insides stretch, and hurt, but feel happy. I like this feeling. I would like it more if there were no pain, but I like it. "Oh, god Princess! You're driving me insane!" Bill breathes moving his hips under me. I want more. I think if I sit up maybe I can push down further and get more of him inside me.

I try to sit up. Bill holds my hips. Charlie presses his nose in just the right places as his tongue laps at Bill's penis and my button. I try pressing myself down harder onto Bill's penis. "You want more of me inside you, Princess?" Bill asks pressing into me. "Yes, yes, yes, yes. I want more of you inside me. I want to feel more of Charlie licking me. I want more!

I want to feel the balloon in my belly getting bigger and popping!" I cry out trying to push down further on Bill. "Bruce, maybe we can let Robbie in after all," Bill says and Bruce opens the door. Another dog bounds in and sniffs the air looking around. He's another big black dog with a big long tongue. I start to tingle even more. "Princess, lean forward and put your hands on my knees," Bill says lifting his knees up. My legs are outside his legs spread wide as they can be. Charlie is licking both Bill and me all over.

Bill's hands are still on my hips as he calls the other dog over. He moves his hands to open my bum cheeks and the other dog immediately starts to lick my bum clean. "Ooo," I cry out feeling both dog tongues on me, Bill's penis sliding in and out of me making me feel empty, then full, then empty then full, then empty, then full. It's too much! I scream out as my whole body seems to explode. I see stars floating everywhere.

I hear the birds outside singing and they sound like they're right inside with us. I feel wind blowing across the skin that's bare.

I feel the dogs hot breath as they lick me. My legs are shaking, my arms are shaking. I feel Bill's penis stretching and filling me and squirting inside me. I feel the clothes clinging to my skin.

The balloon inside me is filling up again so fast this time. My button tickles and hurts but it feels so good. I open my eyes when someone touches my face. 'When did my eyes close?' I see a penis right in front of my mouth. I stretch out my tongue and lick the tip. It's smooth and soft. I lick it some more, faster and see clear liquid start to come out of it's eye.

I lick the liquid. It's salty and sweet at the same time. I think I like it. I press my lips to the tip and flick my tongue over the hole and inside the hole trying to get more. Hands are on the side of my head pulling me closer. I open my mouth as far as I can and the penis slides in only a little bit. My tongue can't lick the tip anymore because my mouth is so full. The dogs are still licking, Bill's penis is still moving up and down never pulling out all the way but trying to press in farther each time, my mouth stretches to fit more of the penis inside, hands pull my head and push my head back.

Everything moves faster and faster. The balloon inside me pops again. I scream against the penis in my mouth. My hands dig into the skin in front of them. Bill's penis moves very very fast up and down bouncing me very fast. The dogs lick and nose and nose and lick. The penis in my mouth starts to get bigger and bigger and spits in my mouth. I start to choke because I'm surprised but the liquid goes down my throat.

I start to swallow as fast as I can.

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Everything is getting dark and I feel so strange. My whole body feels like it's floating now. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I wake up shivering and confused. I'm in a very big bed. There are two dogs laying with me. I look around for sister and remember I'm not home for a week. I realize I'm naked and feel sad I wasn't able to show off my new clothes to many people. Both dogs lift their head as soon as they realize I'm awake.

I feel very very sore between my legs. I also feel something else. I don't feel like I'm missing something anymore. I sit up and one of the dogs starts nosing between my legs. I discover I'm naked. I giggle, and push the dogs nose away.

It feels good, but I'm very sore. The dog is insistent and I'm too tired to argue. Besides, I really liked how it felt before.

I open my legs, and the dog presses his nose right between them pressing his tongue inside me. I shiver and squirm but it feels so good. I open my legs wider and the other dog tries to get his nose and tongue inside me too.

I lay back and lift my bum. One of the dogs starts to climb over me. I see under him a very long thick strange thing and reach out to touch it. The dogs starts to pump his back legs and I realize this must be his penis.

I wonder what it would feel to have his penis touch my button. It looks so very different than the one I was licking earlier. I lift up my legs around the dog lifting up my bum off the bed. I point his penis against my button and start to move it up and down. The other dog is licking my open front hole, and my back hole and sometimes sliding his tongue inside me licking me very deep inside. I feel the balloon start to fill up in my belly again.

The dogs penis starts to get very very fat in my hand.

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My legs get tired of staying up like this. I let go and relax on the bed and roll over. I get on my knees and push my bum up against the big dog.

I reach down between my legs and look for his penis. I poke my hole with the tip of his penis wondering how it would feel. His front legs squeeze me, and his hips press himself into me very fast. I'm scared because I know how Bill's penis hurt, but I want to feel this dog inside me too. I want to know what it feels like.

The other dog starts to whimper and pace. I see his penis hanging low too. My mouth starts to drool and my tongue starts to tingle. I wonder if it feels and tastes like the one I was licking earlier?

The dog behind me is squeezing me tight, and his hips are moving very very fast as his penis pokes into me and slides out of me. I reach with one hand for the other dog's penis and he lays down on the bed rolling onto his back. They must want to know what it feels like as much as I do. I try to move forward so I can reach it with my tongue. The dog holding me moves with me squeezing my sides tighter. The balloon inside me is filling up quickly and I try to open my legs farther.

The dog inside me feels like he's having trouble getting inside, almost like something is blocking him. I stretch out my tongue and taste the penis of the other dog.

It's very salty. I don't think I like the taste of it at all. It feels strange in my hand. I slide my hand up and down and his hips start moving. I try to match my hand with the speed of his hips. The balloon inside me gets bigger and feels like it's about to pop when I feel the dog's penis inside me start to get bigger. It starts to spit inside me and the balloon inside my belly pops. It doesn't feel the same as earlier.

I don't think I like a dog inside me as much as I liked Bill's penis inside me. The dog on the bed is really moving his hips faster and faster and his penis is getting very very fat. He starts to whimper a little then a big glob of goo spurts out of his penis, then another, then another. It's kinda gross. The dog inside me stops and gets off me and starts to try to lick me. I want to get up and find a bath. I feel sticky and dirty and gross.

I push the dog away forcefully and look around for clothes or a robe or something to cover myself while I try to find a bathroom. Opening doors around the room, I find a bathroom attached to the room I'm in. I go in, use the toilet, and start to run water for a bath. I wonder where I am, and where the men are and why they left the dogs with me. "So, THERE'S the sleepy princess," says Bill laughing as I come out of the bathroom.

He has my new pretty clothes. "You had quite the nap!" says Bruce. "I don't remember falling asleep," I say walking over to Bill still naked. "Are we still going to the amusement park?" I look up at him wonderingly.

"You betchya we are, princess. Here, I'll help you get into your clothes," Bill says reaching out with my top. He dresses me in exactly the same way the adult woman did back home. I wonder if he was watching, but I don't say anything out loud. "I see the boys had some fun while we were away," Bruce says pointing to the messes on the bed. I cringe and tremble. "Aww, you didn't have fun, princess?" Bill asks tipping my face up. I crinkle my nose and shake my head. "Aww, it's a shame because I'm sure they had lots of fun, and I'm sure it would have been very sexy to see the dogs licking you and sticking their penises inside your vagina," Bruce says.

"It's ok, princess. We are still planning on going to the park unless you aren't up for it?" Bill says tipping my face up. "I'm up for it," I nod smiling up at him. His eyes are so kind and so soft. "Right, then, shall we go?" Bill asks lifting me up.

The dogs start wagging their tails and heading for the door. "Silly boys think they're going too," Bruce chuckles and winks at me. We get back in the van and Bill and I climb up onto the sofa. Bill stretches out and I climb right up on his lap pressing my barely covered slit onto his crotch. "You do much wiggling there, princess, and we'll not make it to the park," Bill laughs, pulling my chin forward, kisses me on the lips and I kiss back.

He lifts my skirt and starts to massage my bum opening and closing my bum cheeks. I arch my back lifting my bum higher for him to touch. "You raise that sexy little bum much higher, and people passing us, or people we pass may see it," he says pointing to all the windows laughing. I laugh, stand up, lift up my skirt, bend over and point my bum at the windows turning all the way around so all the windows could see it. One van passing by beeps his horn, and when we look, he gave a thumbs up.

He pulls up behind us and I laugh wiggling my bottom at him more. "Looks like you already have an audience," Bill says teasingly and rubs my bottom. "Guess the windows weren't as dark as we hoped they were, huh bro?" came Bruce's voice through the wall.

"Guess not," says Bill opening my bum cheeks and closing them for the man behind us. "Should I lose him?" Bruce asks. "Nah, let him follow us to the park if he wants," Bill says as he slides a finger between my legs.

"Bend over really far, princess, let him get a very good look what's hiding under here," Bill says parting my lips as I bend way over and grab my ankles.

His fingers lightly touch my magic button and I can feel sweat starting between my legs again. "Ok, princess, I think that's a good enough show for now. How about you just snuggle down here with me for the rest of the ride?" Bill asks pulling my skirt down and settling me into his lap. He has a very very big bulge and I wiggle myself down onto it so my magic button can feel it.

I look over the back of the sofa at the man in the van behind us and he blows me a kiss. I blow one back, then wrap my arms tightly around Bill's neck and give him a very big kiss. I wonder who else he wants to show me off to. I wonder what other things we'll do together.

I think it's going to be a very fun week.