Hot sexy gf rides cock in backseat during the day

Hot sexy gf rides cock in backseat during the day
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This is my first time writing and loosely based on a true story, so feedback would be appreciated :) Let me describe myself. I am 5'4, 110lbs. Very slim/slender but i Have fairly large tits, 32C.

I have long brown hair, brown eyes, and pale skin. Many men find me attractive, and I let out a natural air of sexuality that I find hard to control. On this particular night, I was bored and went out to a club. I was dancing by myself on the dance floor when a few guys came up and asked if they could join me. "sure" i said. I was sandwiched between them, and the one in the front started to grab my ass while the one in the back was grabbing my tits.

I was a little bit tipsy and had done a few lines so I was in no mood or position to protest.

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I just enjoyed the moment. After a while, One of the guys said "lets go, we're gettin out of here, are you coming?" Well, I was alone anyway, and figured free booze and drugs, why not! So i followed them out.

We got in their car and they drove to a house.


I didnt know where I was because i was pretty high at that point. When we got to the house they parked and brought me into the house to a room down in the basement. Down there, there were several other guys, some smoking pot, some blowing lines, and some just drinking. I was confused, I thought it was just going to be us.

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"Hey, Jake, is this the entertainment?" one of the guys sitting down shouted. "Yea dillon, found her out all by herself!" said my driver, whose name was apparently jake. I started to get nervous and turned to leave, and jake grabbed me around the waste, causing me to almost fall over.

"woah there hunny, where ya goin? the party's just starting!" i struggled, but in the state i was in i couldnt overcome his hold. "We had strippers for the bachelor over here, but they bored him.

so you're gonna keep him happy now, little girl!" He shoved me away from him and turned some music on. Well, i can dance, i thought. This isnt as bad as they made it to be. I started to dance, shaking my ass and rubbing my tits in the bachelor's face. The bachelor, named andrew, all of a sudden ripped my shirt open and latched his teeth on my nipple.

I screamed and tried to pull away, but his teeth came down harder and when i tried to pull back i bumped into someone else. The man behind me pulled my ass back to grind against his pelvis. I could feel his massive cock through his pants. He was pulling me back as andrew was biting harder. I felt like my nipple was going to be ripped right off my tit. Finally, Andrew let go. the guy behind me whirled me around and threw me on the floor.

TIME FOR BODY SHOTS! he shouted. I tried to get up, but he just grabbed my arm, his whole hand wrapped around my tiny bicep, and ripped the rest of my clothes off. he threw me back down on the floor, hitting my back and my head on the cement and pulled my hands up over my head, slapping some handcuffs on them. Jake went to the fridge and got a bottle of champagne out, aimed it at me and popped the cork. the cork hit my tit hard and champagne started to splash all over me.

All of a sudden, like lions to a carcass, there were men all around me.


They were licking and biting my nipples, slurping the champagne off my pussy, and one even slapped my face. Jake took the champagne bottle and said "lets see what this girl can take!" Without warning, he shoved the neck of the bottle into my pussy. Champagne started to splash into my cunt as he fucked me mercilessly with the bottle. It fizzed around the bottle, dripping down my cunt to my ass.

I started to cry, the assault with the bottle was painful and i just wanted to go home. the drugs and booze were starting to wear off And the pain was searing. Again i started to fight, but the guy holding my arms down with the handcuffs was just too strong. All of a sudden the champagne bottle popped out of my tight pussy and i relaxed with relief. Unfortunately, That wasnt the end. I should have known. Jake took the bottle and shoved it all the way into my ass, pounding it in as far as it would go.

As if that wasnt enough, he shoved 3 fingers into my pussy and started finger fucking me just as hard and fast as he was with the bottle in my ass. I started to scream saying "stop stop please!", but nobody seemed to care.

They were all drugged up and boozed up and didnt care what i wanted, as long as they got what they wanted. I was crying, tears running down my face and my nose running so i had to breathe through my mouth.

I opened me mouth but my sob was stifled by a massive cock. I started to choke but held back the vomit. The mystery man began to ravage my mouth with his cock.


It must have been at least 7 inches and very thick. The assault didnt last long before he shot his steamy cum down my throat. I choked on it and spit it up on his cock.

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This made him angry, and he grabbed my hair, pulling my head up. my hands were still handcuffed above me, and the guy that had cuffed me was standing on the chain, so my hands couldnt go anywhere. When my head was pulled up my arms were wrenched behind me, sticking my tits out, and the assault on them started, several of the guys sucking, biting, and slapping them. "Clean my cock, bitch!" the guy said, and shoved it back in my face.

I licked it clean, not wanting to anger him. I could have bit him, but I was outnumbered and knew i would never survive. I felt the champagne bottle pulled out of my ass, and started to relax again, thinking that maybe THIS time, it was over. But then the champagne bottle was shoved in my mouth, and the hole it vacated was filled with a cock. Fortunately my ass was stretched at that point, but the cock was still big and hurt a little bit.

My ass was lifted off the floor, and the cock started to pound in my as hard as he could. It didnt take long for him to cum either, as my ass is usually off limits and pretty tight.

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But he wanted his cock cleaned too. He came over to me and slapped me on the face with his limp cock, then shoved it in my mouth and made me lick it clean.

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I licked the mixture of cum, ass juices, and champagne off his cock, choking on its size and almost vomiting again. As i finished fleaning his cock, i felt a hot stream of cum on my face.

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i looked up to see the man holding the handcuffs with his dick in his hand letting his cum fall over my face and hair. He finished getting off, then took his foot off the handcuffs.

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"ok kids, show's over." he said. I heard complaints and groans from the rest of the guys, and hoped that he wouldnt listen to them. I just wanted to get out of there. "I mean it" he said. "i'm done, you're done. get out of my house." one by one the guys reluctantly left. The Bachelor, andrew, kissed me gently on the lips and said "thanks for my last great night" with a sweet smile.

It seemed as if they thought the rape was all an act, that they didnt even know they had been actually taking me against my will. Once everyone was gone, the big guy pulled me up by the handcuffs, dragged me up the stairs, and threw me out the front door.

I fell face first off the porch and landed face down on the sidewalk. "Have fun gettin home" the guy said. I looked up to see if he was joking, but he obviously wasnt, especially when he said "i hate sluts like you" just before he slammed the door and i heard the bolt turn.

My clothes were still inside and i was still handcuffed with no keys. The sun was jus starting to come up. I had a long walk home.