Follando con mi hermana menor

Follando con mi hermana menor
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This is the longest erotic story I've written thus far, and so I'm really excited to post it. I'm sorry about any spelling/grammatical errors, though I did give it a quick edit. I love writing stories about humiliation and bdsm, so if you all like this, I'll be sure to write up some more. Be sure to leave a comment if you liked it or have any suggestions.

Enjoy! ________________ Little Humiliation Fucktoy He'd told me he'd call me whenever, so I expected him even when I went out.

Today was one such day, I was out with my family, shopping at a mall when I got the call. I picked it up, lagging behind a bit. 'Hello?' 'Hey fuck toy, meet me in the largest stall in the men's bathroom in 2 minutes, pronto.

I've left a bag in there, put all your clothes into it and be on all fours when I get there.' With that, he hung up, leaving me with butterflies in my stomach at what was to happen. We'd only just entered the mall, so I had plenty of time with him.

I quickly made up an excuse of wanting to check out something in some store to my mom before rushing to the men's room. After looking around furtively to make sure no one was looking, I snuck in, checking under the stalls to see if it was clear. I ran into the biggest stall at the end and bolted the door. In the corner was a plastic bag for me to put my clothes into. Off came my jeans, panties, top, bra, and shoes.


Already feeling so humiliated being called while out with family to serve as a fuck toy, I tied the top of the bag and put it back into the corner, placing my cell phone next to it.

I unbolted the door then I got onto all fours, facing the door, ass in the air. I waited for what seemed like ages, but I knew better than to move. Finally, he arrived, stepping in and bolting the door, another bag in hand. 'Mmmmm, my little fuck toy came, eh?' He loved humiliating me verbally.

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I nodded with a smile. 'Bet your mummy and daddy don't know what their little princess is doing, eh? Opening her slutty little holes for masters cock?' He grinned lewdly, already unbuttoning his pants and pulling them off.

His boxers came off next, his 9 inch, 3 inches around cock springing free. I'd never gotten use to it, and it filled me with desire every time I saw it. 'So how much time does my fuck toy have to pleasure me?' '30 minutes sir,' I said, my knees starting to ache from the cold floor. 'Hmmm, I'm sure we can have a great time with you in that much time.' He stepped around me then, his cock bobbing. An expected swat hit my right ass cheek, making me cry out. 'Mmmm, fuck toy is so naughty, fuck toy deserves to be punished, wouldn't you agree?' 'Yes sir, fuck toy has been a naughty slut, she needs to be punished by master!' 'You're in luck fuck toy, I have some fun planned for you.

You won't be able to walk straight for days!' He came back around and dug through his bag. I watched as he pulled out a large, leather paddle and a corn on the cob. My eyes widen as he chuckled. 'You know where this is going fuck toy?' 'No sir.' 'Right in that tight hole of yours.' A thumb pushed into my asshole, so tight despite all the poundings it had gotten.

'Let's get this corn lubed up first.' With that, I felt the corn being pushed into my wet pussy, stretching my lips wide as it pressed in. Master pumped it in and out a few times before taking it out.

Then, I felt it at the entrance of my asshole. I knew better than to tense up as he pushed it against my ass till it gave way.

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A few tears fell from the pain, but soon half of the corn was in, sticking obscenely out of my asshole. Then the first THWACK! I cried out and clenched my asshole as the paddle crashed down on the corn, driving it in a bit more. Again and again it came down, making me cry out as it forced the large vegetable in deeper. He didn't stop till only a bit poked out, like a turd I was trying to push out.

My ass was sore from the paddle and I had tears and snot running down my face from the large, painful intrusion. My ass felt so full and my sphincter tore painfully around the large end.

'Mmmm, good girl, your hot little ass is perfectly stuffed now. You'll have a hard time walking around with that thing shoved up your ass, and hopefully it'll hurt for a week when I let you take it out.' He comes back to the front of me, grinning at my tear streaked face, his cock bobbing inches from my face. 'Open wide slut.' Without a second to prepare, he shoves his cock straight into my mouth and down my throat, using the back of my head to hold me close.

I gag and splutter, trying to hold my breath as his fat smelly cock fucks my mouth deeply. He pulls out a bit and shoves it back in, giving me a second to breathe. In and out he pulls his cock, my mouth and throat getting sore from the constant penetration. He finally pulls out fully, leaving me drooling onto the floor, gasping for breath. 'I have a little treat for you fucktoy, keep your mouth open.' I open my mouth wide again, watching as he aims his hard cock at me.

A second passes before a stream of piss comes squirting out, splashing into my mouth and tongue. I try to keep up, swallowing as fast as he pisses. It tastes disgusting on my tongue, but I know the punishment for not drinking his piss will be much worse than this. I keep drinking his piss, only a few drops falling out the corners of my mouth before it finally ends and I swallow, ridding my tongue of the taste. 'Th.thank you master,' I say quickly, feeling my stomach filled with his piss.

He pets my head like I'm a dog and returns to my ass and pussy. I feel his fat fingers enter my pussy, stretching and filling my hole. He adds another one, then another, preparing me for his cock. 'Fuck yourself with my fingers,' he commands and I oblige. I press back into his fingers, fucking my tight hole till I'm soaking wet. His fingers slip out and then I feel the tip of his cock at the entrance to my pussy. My pussy lips stretch obscenely as he slowly pushes his cock in, inch by inch, my pussy slowly accommodating him.

I press my ass back towards him till he's in balls deep. 'I'm feeling a little tired today fuck toy, so you're going to have to make me cum yourself.' So I start fucking myself with his cock, my pussy squeezing his cock as I pull away and back again, going faster and faster as he holds my ass cheeks.

The corn on the cob is painfully shoved in deeper with each thrust back as it hits his stomach, but I keep going, knowing that I only have so much time. After what feels like hours I feel him tense up and hold my ass close to him as he starts to cum.

I feel his thick, hot, sticky cum fill my tight warm hole, right at the entrance to my womb. He leaves his cock in for a few moments after cumming, letting my pussy milk him before pulling out and letting my mouth clean him off.

'Mmmm good job fucktoy,' he pets my head again as I finish licking his cock clean. 'Now what can we use to plug up your pussy hole and keep my cream in you for safe keeping?' I blush as he rummages through his bag, knowing that he'll force me to keep both holes stuffed for a while.

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He knows that I feel so humiliated when I'm also made to keep his cum in me for long periods of time, but he loves marking me. I watch as he comes back to me, holding what looks like a humongous cucumber. It's half an inch thicker than his already huge cock and an inch longer. I moan quietly, knowing that it will hurt trying to shove it in fully. But instead of going behind me and shoving it in, he hands it to me.

'I want you to stuff this cucumber up your hole while I watch. Squat and shove it in,' he sits down on the toilet and I get off my knees, spreading my legs and squatting in front of him. I take the cucumber and start pushing it in one inch, watching as it stretches my pussy so wide. Even though I'm already wet, it hurts as I'm stretched further. I keep going, pushing it in inch by inch. I get it in about 7 inches before it gets really difficult and I'm not able to push it in more without crying out.

Master watches with an evil smirk as I try so hard to push it in, but it's useless, and I look a him with tear filled eyes. 'Can't get it in, eh? I know one way that'll get it in for sure. Put your hands behind your back and squat down till that cucumber touches the floor.

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Then I want you to push down until it's shoved all the way in.' I know that it will hurt even more with his method, but seeing as I couldn't get it in before, I have to do it. I put my hands behind my back and squat till the cucumber is pressed against the floor.

I look up at him as I start pressing down, tears falling as it painfully rams into me. I get it in one more inch before I stop, sobbing quietly, looking down at the protrusion. 'Now now, we can't have fuck toy crying like a little bitch,' with that, he places his hands on my shoulders and presses me down hard, forcing the last inch of the cucumber in deep. I scream out loud from the pain and almost fall backwards, but he holds onto me. He holds me down as I get use to the cucumber deep inside of me.

Then he finally lets go and I fall onto all fours, tears still streaming from my face from the pain. 'See, I knew you could do it slut! Where there's a will, there's a way. Now stand up.' I get up painfully and stand awkwardly, feeling both my holes clogged and filled up is so humiliating and I'm all red and hot from the feelings. I watch as he comes back to me holding a pair of decorative nipple clamps.

He rolls each of my nipples before forcing my puffy nipples each through the tight wire hole. A chain with bells attached hangs with each, adding to the humiliation. 'Perfect! You can go now fuck toy, I want you to keep all this on till I call you again with instructions.' I nod, 'Thank you Master,' before awkwardly pulling on my panties, bra, jeans and top, along with my shoes. The nipple decorations appear a bit bumpy through my shirt, but not too visible. My tight jeans force the corn and cucumber deeper into me, making it very painful as I walk out the door, waddling awkwardly.

Master follows me, taunting. 'How does it feel fuck toy to have your pussy filled with my sticky cum and a giant cucumber? What about the corn?

Can you feel it touching your shit? I bet you feel like a turd is popping out of your hole, right?' He gives my ass a sharp spank as we leave the dressing rooms. He follows me as we walk side by side out of the store, 'I bet you are so turned around right now, aren't you slut? Being humiliated by an old man in a changing room,' he chuckles before slipping away. I'm so red as I waddle away to find my family. I find them and soon we go home where at least I can find some privacy in my room.

I get a message from Master telling me to strip completely. I take off my clothes, looking at my soaked panties as I throw everything to the side.

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I look at my ass and pussy in the mirror, stretched lewdly by the vegetables. Each pokes out a bit and I squeeze some more, looking at them popping out. It turns me on even more and I start rubbing my clit, before remembering that I can't cum without permission. I take a seat at my computer desk and go online as I await for more instructions. I get a call then on Skype from my master.

I answer it immediately and am greeted by my master sitting on his bed, naked, cock in hand. 'How are you feeling slut?' He asks, stroking slowly.

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'I feel stuffed and really horny Master.' He smiles at me, enjoying my torment. 'Well, it's time to shit those veggies out. Get into a good position so your ass and pussy are facing me, spread those ass cheeks and shit both of them out for me.' I nod and get up, getting onto the edge of my bed parallel to my computer, so he has a good view. I squat on my bed, spreading my ass cheeks wide as I strain, trying to push the corn on the cob out first.

It hurts as I squeeze it out inch by inch, finally falling onto the floor with a thud. But I'm not done yet. I spread my pussy lips and strain as I try to push the cucumber out.

It's stuffed in far and takes more time to come out than the corn, but finally it too falls out, dripping with my juices. Panting, I turn around and return to my computer, my Master still watching. 'Very good fucktoy, now how do your holes feel?' 'Empty, and sore Master.' He grins at that, he loves it when I'm in pain. 'Well, we have some time for fun. So tell me, who's home and where are they?' 'My parents are downstairs watching TV, my sister is out for the evening and my brother will be home soon.' 'Tonight fucktoy, you'll be having some fun with your brothers dirty boxers.' My eyes widen as Master's words sink in, the all familiar rush of warmth spreading down towards my pussy.

But I listen on, eager to hear his commands. 'You'll want to be very quick, don't want your brother to walk in on his naked sister stealing his dirty boxers!' He laughs, not quite pleasantly. 'But anyways, for added humiliation you will take that doggie tail butt plug I gave you and stuff it up your asshole.

You will also take a hairbrush and stick the handle up your pussy. On all fours you will crawl into your brothers room, dig through his hamper with only your face and then take his dirtiest pair of boxers into your mouth and come back. I'd monitor you, but I think you'll make sure you're humiliated enough.

Well, time is a-ticking, so go little doggie!' I've been getting wetter and wetter as he gives me his commands, but quickly jump up to get what I need when he's done. There's only five minutes till 8 o'clock, and my brother usually gets home around this time, so I have to be extremely fast. My heart is beating fast as I get my doggie tail and stuff it up my still gaping asshole, then grab my hair brush and unceremoniously shove it up my wet pussy.

I have to clench a bit as I waddle crawl out into the hallway. I look around towards the staircase quickly before crawling quickly into my brothers room, nudging the door open. I get inside, the musty smell quite familiar to me.

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I locate his hamper and stick my head inside, searching around in the dark. I can't tell what's what, so I start sniffing, trying to find the familiar scent of cum. My nose hits a wet patch, still gooey from my brothers last cum.

Without hesitating I grab it with my mouth, tasting some of his jizz as I carry it back to my room. I crawl back inside my room, shutting the door shut with my foot before approaching my computer again.

Master sees me and smiles. 'Very nice fucktoy, you can take out the plugs. Show me how dirty his boxers are.' I pull out the butt plug and hairbrush before sitting on my chair again, spreading the boxers crotch in front of me. Indeed there is a big wet patch, smeared with my brothers old cum from the morning. Just then I hear footsteps outside of my door and a door closing, I made it back just in time! My pussy is so moist from the humiliation and taboo. 'Rub that spot into your dirty wet pussy, you little slut.

I bet you're getting so horny from this, aren't you? Rubbing your own brothers cum into your hole?' I blush even as my pussy throbs. I scoot my chair back so Master can watch and bring my legs up to the seat so my pussy is spread. Then I take the wet crotch of the boxers and rub them all over my pussy, moaning as the cool cream touches my wetness. I look as Master keeps rubbing himself, clearly enjoying my humiliation. I keep rubbing myself with the boxers, one hand going up to play with my nipples.

I close my eyes and lose myself in pleasure when suddenly I'm snapped back to reality when Master speaks again. 'Fucktoy, what are you doing? Enjoying yourself a little too much it that isn't good at all,' he looks a bit disappointed, but I know that look too well for it to be it.

'I want you to stuff the crotch of those boxers deep into your slutty pussy.' He gives me a moment to stuff it in, the rest hanging out between my legs. 'Where's your brother now?' I listen and hear the shower going, 'He's in the shower.' 'Good, stick the doggie tail back into your asshole and crawl back into his room.

Then take the boxers out of your pussy hole and put them back in the hamper, then crawl back to your room.' I don't waste a second as I know my brother won't be in the shower for long. I fall to my hands and knees, painfully shove the doggie tail in and crawl out to the hallway and enter my brothers room. I yank the dirty boxers out of my pussy hole, throw them back into the hamper, and crawl back into the hallway. That's when I hear the shower turn off and my brother stepping out, ready to open the door in any second.

I'm able to get into my room half a second before he comes out, probably only seeing the tip of my doggie tail.

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I slam the door shut, panting loudly as I crawl back to my chair, yanking the tail out and sitting down. 'So how was it fucktoy?' As I pant I tell him how my brother almost saw me, Master grins widely. 'You would love that, wouldn't you? For him to see you? You'd love it even more if you became your brothers little fucktoy, ready to please him on demand.' This makes me blush redder than ever and I simply stare down into my extremely wet pussy.

'Well, let's leave that for some other time, shall we?' I nod as he says goodnight and I log off. ------------------------------------------------- I'm home alone the next day, a fact Master is aware of. He messages me early in the morning, telling me to be naked and ready in front of the door by the time he comes around. I take a quick shower, dry myself off, and take my place in front of the door. I sit squatting on my haunches, my pussy fully exposed and my hands behind my back.

As I wait in anticipation my pussy gets wetter and I start to blush. As instructed, the door is unlocked and the windows framing the front door are open so that anyone could see me. About half an hour later I hear footsteps approaching and my heart starts beating faster. The door knob turns and in steps my Master, as imposing as ever. 'Good morning fucktoy,' he greets me, taking a moment to pat my head before walking past me into the kitchen. 'Good morning Master,' I watch as he walks away before following on all fours.

I await patiently next to him by the table as he rummages through his bag before pulling out two doggy bowl's and placing them on the floor in front of me. He then unzips his pants, pulling out his flaccid cock, aiming into one of the bowls. 'Stick your head close to that bowl right there doggie bitch,' despite feeling utterly humiliated and degraded being treated this way in my own home, I follow along to what he says.

My head lowers to the bowl, almost on top of it, my ass sticking into the air. A steady stream of piss hits the top of my head, streaming down my face and into the bowl. I keep my mouth open slightly, tongue hanging out, as Master likes it. The piss hits my tongue before dripping into the bowl. The Master continues to piss at me for a while, getting my face soaking wet and the bowl completely full.

'Aaah, much better.' He shakes the last few drops onto my head before pulling his pants and boxers off completely. I stay in my position, head bowed, ass in the air, piss dripping off my face and into the bowl. 'Now let's see what we can have for breakfast.' I watch as he opens the fridge, searching for something to eat. He ends up pulling out some eggs, bread, bacon, and oatmeal. I watch as he cooks everything and sets it on two plates.

I look on hungrily as he sits down, two plates before him. 'Here you go doggie slut,' I look up as he's about to give me the plate, but then.'Oh wait, you're a doggie.doggie's can't eat people food!' My stomach sinks as he takes the plate back and starts eating my breakfast, but instead of swallowing it, he picks up my other doggie bowl and spits the chewed up food into it.

My stomach recoils slightly as he finishes the rest of my breakfast like that, chewing up all the toast, bacon, eggs and oatmeal before spitting it into my bowl. It's a disgusting mess that he mixes together some more before placing it next to my piss filled bowl.


'Much better, now eat up!' So we finish breakfast this way, me with my ass in the air, lapping up piss and eat the chewed up food on the floor, and he enjoying his breakfast on the table. I lick my bowls clean as he wipes his plate clean and await.

'On your hands and knees fuck toy,' I watch as he takes a large black collar out with a chain attached. It's placed on my neck and he uses the leash to pull me along out of the kitchen.