Mom and daughter show of their hotbods

Mom and daughter show of their hotbods
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As Keco walked down the hall towards the kitchen to confront her father she was panicking. She had just been caught by her father dry humping her best friend. Or was he her boyfriend now? She was confused, scared, and a little worn out.

She raised her hand and brushed her cheek and looked at her cum covered fingers. She stopped in her tracks sniffed it and gave it a tentative little lick. It tasted slightly salty but other wise it was tasteless. She decided to leave the mess on her face and walked right into kitchen.

Her father was leaning over the counter drinking a coffee like nothing happened. She started shaking and decided to get it over with. "Daddy." Keco took a little step forward towards her dad.

Luke shoulders dropped and he turned around and stared at his cum coved daughter. "You know white looks good on your face sweetie", his words sounded like they had a sharp edge to them and Keco could tell he was pissed.

"Daddy. I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have done any of that stuff!" Keco eyes were filled with tears. That was the first time her dad had ever sounded angry at her. Her dad took a sip of his tea and look over his daughter. He seen her in a whole new light.

She had a round tight little ass and a good set of 34Ds on her chest. He felt a slight twitch in his dick and he knew he was getting turned on. " know u can kiss that summer job plan and that new car in the garage good bye". He watched as her face completely dropped and she turned bright red.


"Please don't take away Silver Fox away from me!" That's the silver Chrysler 300 we bought her for her 16th birthday and she had completely fell in love with it. She dropped to her knees in front of my and looked up at me with her hands pressed together begging me. "Please don't take it away daddy I will do anything. Please!!" Something inside me broke. I knew I had to fuck her one way or another.

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I'm not sure what it was, but maybe it was the fact that her face was already covered in my cum and she was on her knees in front of my hard dick. "Fine.on one condition.tell your friend to go home for today and you and I are gonna go for a little drive." She nods her head and ran off.Luke repositioned himself in his pants and down his coffee.

He was determined to get a peice of that firm little ass. About a hour later around 10:00- "Yea so we are going to be a little late sweet heart," Keco listened to her father speaking to her mother on the phone. I wonder where he is taking me?

She had cleaned herself up and was riding down the highway with her dad. He looked and was acting normal so it was hard to figure out what he was thinking.

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She started thinking worse case scenarios in her head. Maybe he is going to drop me off somewhere and leave me! She shook her head at that one and thought she was being ridiculous, she knew Luke would never do anything to put her in harms way so she relaxed and decided to take a quick cat nap.

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Besides she was still tired from that sexual encounter with Marcus. She felt someone shaking her shoulders and she opened her eyes and seen Luke. She yawned and stretched,"Oh daddy where are w." She didn't even finish her sentence. She looked out the window and it looked like they were parked in an alley behind a store.

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It was trashed and lit with only one light post which made the place look green. She thought her nightmare was becoming true and began balling large tears like a spoiled 10 year begging for a toy in Walmart. "Daddy!! I will never do it again!! Please don't abandon me in this place! I will do anything!" She gripped his shirt tightly and looked at his face pleading hard. Luke laughed and rubbed her head,"It's okay sweetie!

I just need you to do something for daddy. Go ahead and get out the car." She watched as he got out then car and went and leaned on the wall up under the lamp post and she followed suite and did the same thing. She gazed at him looking puzzled,"what now d.".

Luke had grabbed her and pushed her against the wall and trapped her with his arms and was kissing her neck. Keco was shocked speechless and just focused on him kissing her neck. She felt like time had completely stopped.

She came back to here senses when she heard a ripping sound and realized it was her dressed she slipped on after she cleaned herself up. She pushed on his shoulders,"daddy quit playing around your scaring me!!" She felt her daddy stop and she thought it was over until she felt him kiss his way up her neck and instead of kissing her he sucked her lips and licked them.

Luke wrapped his fingers around the waste line of her panties and snatched them off in one quick motion . Keco started to cry in fear. She had never seen her daddy act like this. Luke dropped to his knees and spread her pussy lips apart and put a full attack on his daughters clit. He was loving every single part of this and was smacking on her pussy like a fat kid licks his fingers after he finishes eating. Keco stopped her struggle and took a deep breath and looked down at her father.

She soon realized she was enjoying this more than anything else and put her hands in her fathers hair and pushed her tiny cunt towards his face and leaned on the wall. He was glad she started warming up to him because he knew he was going to need his strength later on if he was planning to bang his daughter. By this time Keco was panting and wrapped her leg over his shoulder.

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"Oh daddy don't you dare stop make me cum! Make me cum you daughter fucker!" Luke's heavy breath on her heated pussy was making her go crazy and she let out a little moan and all of a sudden Luke shoved his tongue far up into her pussy and she lost it.

She let out a long grunt and pulled his face deeper into her pussy and cummed all over his face. Luke stood up and kiss his daughter making her taste her own juices.


"Oh daddy. why. are you doing this?!" Keco says as she tries to catch her breath. He turns her around and smacks her ass hard then pulls her head back by her hair and whispers in his husky voice,"jealousy can make a man go mad." Keco face went white when she realized he meant when he caught her with Marcus and she instantly blushed.

Luke quickly unbuckled his pants and left them pulled up around his ass then he reached down pulled out his 10 inch hard dick and slapped it a couple times on her ass.


He slid his dick back and forth between her cunt lips making his dick nice and slick. "Stick that ass out baby girl," when she did he asked her,"Are you ready baby girl?" Keco replied in a quiet slutty voice and replied,"yes daddy dry hump me hard and make me scream!" Luke smirked and positioned himself at her opening and grabbed her boobs from behind and said,"sorry baby girl!" Before Keco could ask him what he meant she felt something force it's way up her love tunnel and rip through her hymen.

Luke had thrusted his way into her pussy up to the hilt and had stolen her virginity. Keco screamed and tried to move forward to remove his long hard dick but the every time she moved he would thrust into her smashing her ass against him.

Keco started crying from the pain and just stood there impaled on his wood. Luke was in heaven. He really didn't mean to hurt his daughter but soon as his dick felt the heat from her pussy it was like a force had sucked him in.

He moved his hips in circles trying to get his daughter use to it and the girl pressed back into it. Keco whimpered,"Go ahead daddy it doesn't hurt as bad anymore," Keco spread her legs and bit her lip waiting for him to move and that's all Luke had to hear before he withdrew himself completely and slowly pushed back in.

Keco winced only once and drew in her breath l as Luke repeated that for several times. Luke had took Phara's virginity too but it felt nothing like Keco's. It felt like it was trying to suck him in and squeeze him to death.

He lost it and began ramming himself into her pussy and pulling her back to meet his thrust. "Do you feel my big dick in you baby girl? Huh? Do you feel me mixing up your insides baby?!" He started beating into her harder and picked up his pace. Keco eyes rolled back into her head and focused on his dick plowing through her.

"Oh YESS daddy I fill it oh daddy fuck me daddy fuck ME!!" Luke kept fucking her and picked her up and turned her around without removing his dick and pressed her back against the wall. He held her by her ass and she wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck and kissed him HARD!

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"Oh daddy NEVER stop fucking my tight wet pus." Keco words were caught in her mouth as she felt a power and wonderful bomb go off in her pussy. She began thrashing around repeating the word fuck over and over again. She was having a big orgasm and cum came squirting out her pussy around Luke big dick.

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Luke began to grunt and stared deep in Keco's face," I'm about to fucking cum!! Oh shit I can't stop! I'm gonna fucking cum inside you baby girl!! Mmmm I'm gonna get your ass pregnant and your gonna raise my baby inside you!!" He stopped thrusting himself into her and just pressed her down on his ejaculating dick and they both started screaming at one time. They both fell silent and leaned against the wall breathing hard.

Keco silently gets down and touches her pussy and looks at her fingers covered in cum and smiles at her dad. After a little while they are back on the road to home and they both hold hands as Luke drives.

Keco moves her legs slightly and trembled as she feels her daddy warm cum in her pussy and moans a little. She looks up at her daddy."Are we going to fuck all the time now?" Keco says looking at her dad. He smiles and when they reach the nearby red light he leans over and kisses her. "Every damn chance I can get my dick inside you I will." Keco loved liked the sound of that.