Foreplay loving bi trio enjoys kinky sex

Foreplay loving bi trio enjoys kinky sex
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It's not easy being the brother of the most famous teen sensation in the world. She's more important to your parents than you are, she has more money than she knows what to do with, and she has an overflowing amount of young guys waiting to devirginize her.

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I would be lying if I said that I had never thought about taking the innocence away from my sister. It's about time she loses her virginity anyway, she dresses like a whore, and acts like one around town all day too, she might as well be a whore in practice as well.

In fact it's all I have been able to think about for the last year, she has really grown into a beautiful young woman. I guess it all started late one night when on our parents' anniversary. They had gone out for the evening and had booked a hotel for the night so it was only me in Miley at the house alone.

"Goodbye you two, don't get into any trouble while we're gone, no house parties," Billy Ray, our father said as he and my mother were exiting our home. "We won't, don't worry," Miley said sarcastically. With one last wave our parents had left the house and my incestuous adventures with Miley would soon begin. Me and Miley were sitting in the living room watching TV when I heard my stomach start to growl. "Hungry?", I asked Miley, "I can put a pizza into the oven.

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"That sounds good to me, you do that while I jump into the shower, I haven't bathed since I went for a run earlier." As she walked away, off the couch, I caught the top of her blue G-String winking at me from the top of her sexy cotton shorts. I felt myself get an instant hard-on. I quickly became embarrassed at my own impure thoughts. She was my sister, it would be inappropriate, and disgusting to think of her that way.

But I couldn't help myself; her firm behind and smooth porcelain skin was too much for me.

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I rushed to the freezer to grab the pizza and threw it into the oven, set the temperature and time, and ran to the bathroom door just in time to here the water start rushing from the shower head, and the soothing sound of her sweet voice singing one of her hit songs.

I started thinking about what she would look like naked, how she would come onto me, and offer up her virginity. Without thinking I pulled my pants down and begin masturbating violently. I began to feel my climax approaching when all of the sudden the shower turned off, but I was in too much pleasure to notice.

I was mere strokes from cumming when Miley opened the bathroom door to see my state. Opening her mouth in shock at the sight she was seeing, I sprayed my warm load all over her without opening my eyes to see what was standing before me. "What the fuck?!?" Miley yelled at me. Startled I replied, "I had no idea you were right there, so sorry, this is embarrassing." "You can't jack off in the privacy of your own room? You have to sit in front of the bathroom door while I'm taking a shower.

Look what you did it's all over my face!" I had just noticed the white glistening jizz sparking on her face. I was amazed at the sight, I had never seen her look more beautiful. "I'm sorry Miley, It's're so fucking hot I can't help but to jerk myself every time I think about your smokin' body. I.get jealous of the other guys you hang around with, and I think about how much I care about you, and how much I want to be the one to deflower you.

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You need someone who loves you and who won't hurt you to give you your first time." To my surprise she wasn't disgusted by the proposition, she only stood there for a few seconds before taking her finger and sliding it across her chin where my spunk was hanging. Now with a finger covered in my seed she plunged it deep into her mouth coating her tongue in it. It was so hot I nearly came a second time all over her again.

"I have been thinking the same thing hot stuff." Miley said seductively. She then let the white towel covering her fall to the ground revealing her amazingly beautiful body from head to toe. She had luscious yet petite breasts with cute pink nipples, a blue flower belly button ring, smooth shaved cunt, and hot french pedicured toes.

It was this moment that I seized her and carried her naked body into my room. I started by examining her every inch. I grabbed her breasts while I kissed her lips ever so graciously, and wiped the rest of her still cum covered cheeks onto my finger and fed her her dinner.

I moved my tongue slowly down her body, licking her nipples, then her belly. When I got to her pussy I made sure to tease her without giving it all to her. I licked the outer labia making her moan for me to shove my tongue deep into her vagina, but I abstained. Instead I moved lower down her thighs to he legs, kissing and licking them as I went along.


Then I got to her feet and her incredibly cute toes. I made haste to lick every toe on her body before shoving her big toe into my mouth while I finger banged the shit out of her. I felt her G-Spot on the roof of her canal and rubbed it rapidly.

She soon began to moan and shake violently. In a matter of seconds she squirted all over me and my bed. Amazed I moved my tongue to her soaking wet cunt to lick her clit and the rest of her pussy clean of her cum.

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I used my free fingers to wipe portions of her jizz and feed her own cum to her. After her second orgasm she sat up and grabbed me by the cock and pushed me back on the bed. "Now it's your turn," she said incredibly sexy. She began by stroking my shaft slowly and teasingly followed by her tongue making circle around my head.

I pleaded for her to shove my cock down her throat.


After a few more seconds she complied and shoved my 8 inches deep into her throat. She was amazing at giving head, completely submerging my cock into her open mouth. Still not completely satisfied I grabbed the back of her head and facefucked her until she gagged.

I pulled her head back to see a long string of saliva hanging from her mouth to my cock and teary eyes. "I'm ready for you to enter me," she said. Finally my fantasy was coming true. I laid her back against my pillow and made circles around her cunt with my cock until she screamed for me to penetrate her.

Without hesitation I entered her with such force that I popped her cherry with one push. She let out a scream, but soon the pain turned to euphoria and she began to moan.

I started humping her faster and with greater force while her pleasure was increasing exponentially. With a kick like a donkey she pushed off and squirted like a super soaker all over my abdomen. Without missing a beat she rised up and drank it all up without forgetting to stop at my cock and give it a good sucking.

Satisfied with her first time it was my turn to climax. I rolled her over to a cowgirl position where I could see every inch of her sexy wet body. She moved her body up and down on my dick so fast and powerful that I knew that it was only matter of minutes before I came. Quickly I rolled her back over to missionary for a few more pumps into her pussy.

I felt my orgasm rising up my shaft and with a great release I unleashed hot fury into her deflowered cunt. After two squirts of semen I pulled out and came all over her pretty feet and toes covering them well despite unloading a healthy amount into her. She pulled her feet up to her mouth and sucked the jizz clean off her toes and licked the rest of it from her feet. She then dug deeply into her pussy reaching for a cup beside my bed. Finally grasping it she moved the cup down south to fill it with my warm cum.

She licked her fingers clean and eyed the warm liquid in the cup.

With only a moments hesitation she poared the cup back into her mouth and gargled my seed before swallowing the load. It was the sort of thing I had only seen in porn videos before and made me think about the kinds of things she was looking at on her computer too.

I could not believe the event that had just been conceived. While she cleaned up I went to the kitchen to take the now burnt pizza out of the oven. Though Miley would probably not be very hungry due to the unruly amount of spunk she currently had in her belly.

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Out of the corner of my eye I saw her standing naked in the doorway wearing the sexiest pair of heels. "I noticed you love me feet. I take good care of them. I put these on for you. Ready for round two?" My limp dick instantly became hard and we walked back into the bedroom and began our foreplay. After 30 minutes we had both came again. We held each other as we shut our eyes when suddenly Billy Ray, our father burst in in shock.