Instructor got group fucking with horny teens

Instructor got group fucking with horny teens
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Fbailey story number 273 A Trampoline And Teenage Girls I have two beautiful teenage daughters. Bethany is fourteen years old and Chloe is thirteen years old.

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My lovely wife is thirty-five years old while I am thirty-eight. We live in a development where almost everyone is our age with children about the age of our children.

Our daughters are very pretty and very popular so we have an abundance of teenage girls around the house constantly. Then I bought the best trampoline that money could buy. It was huge and it took me almost all day to put it together. Finally after dinner I told the girls that they could try it out. Both Bethany and Chloe were wearing miniskirts as they normally did and said that they would have to go and change into some shorts first.

I told them that it wasn't necessary. They looked at me and then they looked at their mother. Bethany said, "But Daddy will be able to see our panties then." My wife smiled and replied, "I think that is exactly what your father wants to see." Chloe said, "But Mommy you always told us to keep our knees together so that the boys couldn't see our panties." My wife smiled at me again and then said, "Okay!

New rule! One, you need to wear miniskirts on the trampoline and you no longer have to keep your knees together in the house. However you still need to keep your knees together in school, church, and whenever we are out someplace. Two, you can only be on the trampoline if your father or I are here to supervise. After all you could get seriously hurt if you fall on your head. Understood?" Both Bethany and Chloe nodded in agreement. They smiled at one another and then they got up on the trampoline.

My wife stood close, holding me around my waist, and then she pressed one of her breasts into my ribs. I had my hand around her shoulders pulling her in tighter. I was just staring at my daughter's panty clad pussies and I was thoroughly enjoying it. Then my wife whispered, "I hope you know what you just started." I whispered back, "What?" She smiled, kissed me, and whispered, "Oh, you foolish man, you." I whispered, "What are you talking about?" She kissed me, snuggled both of her breasts into my chest, and then she thrust her crotch hard against my erection before saying, "That!" I had not even realized that I was hard.

She kissed me slipping her sweet tongue into my mouth before whispering, "You know that rule I just made about wearing miniskirts on the trampoline?

You know that they are going to tell all of their girlfriends and then every teenage little hottie in the neighborhood will be showing you their panties and turning you on. In a week either your cock is going to fall off or my pussy will be worn out. Want to place a bet as to which happens first?" I just smiled at her, kissed her deeply and with passion as I whispered to her, "What a way to go and I though that I would be shot by a jealous husband." She whispered back, "You may be shot by a jealous father if you don't watch out." I looked up to heaven and whispered, "Oh God help me." I kissed her again and whispered, "Please don't leave me alone out here." For the next hour we watched Bethany and Chloe jump, bounce, and try to do some fancy stuff.

My wife and I found ourselves standing right at the metal ring around the trampoline and catching them as they flew at us. I certainly got more than a few handfuls of breast, butt, and pussy that's for sure. I didn't do it on purpose and the girls never said a word. My wife smiled at me a couple of times while I was holding onto Bethany's damp crotch.

When it became too dark to be safe my wife called it a night and sent them indoors. As we watched a movie on the television the girls were on their couch and we adults were on our couch as was our custom. The two couches were in a V-shape facing the television. Bethany was at the far end with her back into the corner as usual and Chloe was in her corner. Me wife had her back towards Chloe and I was in my far corner.

I kept glancing over at Bethany but her knees were together as usual. Soon my wife realized that I was not paying full attention to the movie and traced my eyes to Bethany. She turned around and said, "Bethany. Knees apart. You know the new rule." Bethany smiled at me and spread her knees as wide as the couch would allow her to do.

Chloe spread her knees too but I was not in a position to see her panties. As I watched Bethany the material of her panties was quite damp, even wet and it clung to her fourteen-year-old pussy like the skin on a grape.

It took the form of her pussy lips, it camel toed, and it drove me up the fucking wall. It didn't help that my wife had stretched out her foot and was playing with my cock with her toes. It was still in my pants and held by my underwear but it didn't stop it for growing uncomfortably none the less. After the movie my wife said, "Okay girls. Go put your nighties on, brush your teeth, and come back down to kiss us goodnight." The girls scrambled off and then my wife attacked me saying that I wasn't the only one that liked seeing the girl's panties.

She had my cock out and was sucking it feverishly. I had her blouse off and was working at her bra when the girls ran down the stairs.

My wife just started laughing and tried to cover my stiff saliva coated cock with her hand. I grabbed a pillow and hid it better from their prying eyes.

Chloe asked, "Mommy, why is your blouse off?" Bethany slapped her shoulder and said, "They were going to have sex and we interrupted them silly." Chloe asked, "Can we watch." Bethany added, "We were the ones that got him hard." My wife smiled and said, "Some other time.

Now kiss us good night and run off to bed like good little girls." We got our kisses and the girls left us. My wife removed the pillow and smiled at my still hard erection.

She went back to sucking it for another minute before rolling onto the floor, tossing her panties at the television, and beckoning me to her. I dropped my pants and underwear to my ankles and crawled between her open legs. There was no need for foreplay since we were both too turned on to stop. I rammed into her hard and she grunted. She wrapped her legs tightly around me, she wrapped her arms tightly around me, and then she whispered, "The girls are watching us from the top of the stairs.

Give them a show that they won't soon forget." With that thought in my head I gave her several hard thrusts, then I gave her several long strokes, and I managed to get my clothes off in the process. It wasn't easy getting my shoes, pants, and underwear off but I eventually did with my wife's foot helping me.

Then I rolled us both over without missing a stroke. With my wife on top I got to catch a glimpse of the girls out of the corner of my eye. I removed my wife's bra and I savagely sucked her breasts into my mouth one at a time pulling hard on the nipple before letting it pop out of my mouth. We couldn't get her skirt off so she just bunched it up at her waist like a thick belt.

My wife bounced on my cock for several minutes telling me how great my cock felt up in her cunt. I knew it was for the girl's benefit but I loved it anyway.


She turned around to face my feet, leaned down against me, and asked me to finger fuck her asshole. She hadn't asked me to do that in a long time even though she loved it. She made no bones about loving it either as she spoke letting our daughters know just how much their mother loved her butt finger fucked.

Then just before I could take it any more my wife got off from me, got on all fours, and begged me for anal sex doggy style. She said, "Come on honey stick that big cock of yours up my butt hole and fuck me dirty. Treat me like a two-dollar whore. Cum in me big boy. Oh yeah that's it. Deeper! Harder! Oh God! I'm cumming, I'm cumming, I'm cumming." Then she slumped to the floor exhausted. Her ass was still in the air and my cock was still in her but her breasts were smashed into the carpet.

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She said, "That was great honey. I wish that I hadn't made the girls go to bed, they would have loved to watch us in action." Then in a slightly louder voice she said, "Isn't that right girls?" Then she spun around forcing my cock from her and bolted up the stairs to catch them and wrestle around on the floor in the hallway up there. I gathered up our discarded clothing and casually walked up the stairs, past the three of them, and into my bedroom.

I tossed the clothes and started a shower hoping that my wife would join me. I was not disappointed either. However I did not expect a tag team. She washed off my cock and got out. Bethany came in totally naked. She washed my cock too and got out. Then Chloe got in naked, washed my cock, and then she got out too.

Next my wife got back in so that I could wash her tits, then Bethany, and then Chloe. Finally my wife got back in so that I could wash her pussy and her asshole. Of course she was followed by Bethany and then by Chloe.

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I very much enjoyed fingering my girl's pussies, rubbing their clits, and probing a finger into their assholes. They seemed to enjoy it too. As we all dried off Bethany asked if we could do that again more often. Chloe said that it was the most fun that she had taking a shower ever. Bethany slapped her and said, "What do you mean the most fun? I know that you masturbate in the shower all the time." Chloe shouted back, "So do you.

So there." I had to step in and put a stop to it even though I wanted to learn more. But I would save that for another day…like tomorrow.

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We had a great sleep and I awoke that Saturday morning so refreshed that I couldn't believe it. As I stumbled down to breakfast I was greeted to blueberry pancakes, my favorite.


The girls were dying to ask me something and my wife gave them the go ahead. They asked, "Is it alright if some our girlfriends come over to play on the trampoline?" Sure! "We will need someone to watch us so that we don't fall." Okay! "Can we have a sleepover tonight too?" I looked at my smiling wife and replied, "Sure why no!" I had no idea what I was in for. Phone calls were made and girls arrived. Every one of them was in a miniskirt. There were over a dozen girls from thirteen to about sixteen in our backyard.

I took my place in my chair under the umbrella drinking a beer. I knew it was early for a beer but my wife thought that it might help calm me down just a little.

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Hell! One by one the girls climbed up on the trampoline making sure to face me at all times. I got to see each of their panties as they bounced, I got to see their titties bounce, and I got hard.

I got rock hard. Soon Bethany was whispering to the other girls and they were starting to stare at my crotch. I needed another beer. As I started to get up my wife came out with a nice cold one and sat it on my crotch. I was thankful to say the least because it shocked me soft again. Well at least semi-soft!

While one girl was on the trampoline, several others became guards around her making sure not to block my view. The rest would sit around me, in their miniskirts, with their knees open asking me questions about life, growing up, and sex.

Oh my God!

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As I soon realized, these girls didn't have a clue. They literally did not know anything about the facts of life. I found myself doing the job that their parents wouldn't. I answered truthfully. My wife was by my side for support. They wanted to know how babies were made, how to stop themselves from getting pregnant, and what to do if they did become pregnant.

They wanted to know how far to let the boys go, when to stop them, and even how to stop them. They asked about giving boys blowjobs, eating girl's pussies, and various sexual positions.

They asked which positions felt better. They discussed missionary, doggy, and girl on top. Somehow sex with animals came into the discussion too. Finally my wife told them all to go home for lunch and come back in an hour. That cleared the place out and we went in the house.

My wife took my hand and led me up to our bedroom. Bethany asked, "Can we watch?" My wife replied, "I don't see why not. Come on." So once again we were all naked in my bedroom. I was told to get on my back on our queen-size waterbed. My wife got on my hard cock and then she had our daughters sit on my hands. I was instructed to finger their pussies, thumb their clits, and to pleasure my three women all at the same time.

Oh my God, I was definitely going to hell for that. For the next fifteen minutes I finger fucked my daughters to a couple of orgasms while my wife milked my cock dry.

We took another 'family shower' and got dressed again. We hardly had time to eat our sandwiches before the other girls returned. Four of them placed their overnight bags on the kitchen floor and went back outside. I was reminded of the sleepover. The next three hours went by quickly as I saw nothing but panties on that trampoline. I saw cotton and nylon, I saw little girl panties and thongs, and I saw lots of panties molded to those young pussies. I saw the older girls with the thongs right up the crack of their ass, the crank of their pussies, and dividing their moist pussy lips.

I could not believe that four of the girls had that much pubic hair on their pussies. One of the girls asked me if her older sister could come over later after everyone else had left to practice her flips for cheerleading. Sure why not! A couple of hours after dinner the older sister rang our doorbell and I answered it. Jacquelyn introduced herself. She was sixteen years old and quite mature for her age.

She needed to work on her back flips for cheerleading. She even had on her outfit. I walked her through the house and out to the backyard.

Along the way her little sister said hi to her.

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She was one of the girls spending the night. Jacquelyn started to get up on the trampoline when she stopped and pulled down her 'panty cover-ups' for lack of a better word. She explained that all of the cheerleaders had to wear them so that no one could see their panties.

I completely understood. Then Jacquelyn climbed up onto the trampoline. She gave it a couple of minor jump that hardly ruffled her skirt. Then without warning she sprang up into the air, flipped over backwards, and landed perfectly on her feet.

I was very impressed and I was very hard. Jacquelyn was not wearing any panties at all. She apparently saw the shocked look on my face as she told me that she never wears any panties and that she hated wearing those cover-ups that her coaches insisted on.

Well! So for the next hour I watched closely as Jacquelyn practiced all kinds of flips on my trampoline and exposed her pussy to me constantly. It was beautiful and probably the most beautiful pussy that I had ever seen. It had just the right amount of hair on it, trimmed short, and the same color as the hair on her head.

Jacquelyn was a true redhead. When she was done with her practice she walked out into the grass and practiced there too. She was exceptional. She could have been in the Olympics in China. She was that good. Finally she picked up her panty covers and slipped them back on saying that she couldn't very well carry them home.

However, she said that she wouldn't be wearing them the next night when she came over to practice. I just smiled. When I went inside my wife kissed me tenderly and whispered, "Did you enjoy Jacquelyn's naked pussy?" She knew! I just smiled. It was getting late so my wife sent the girls up to put on their nighties and come back down for snacks and games. She told me to just sit in my place on the couch and watch.

She went into the kitchen. When girls came back down was I ever in for a treat. They all had on short cotton nighties and not one of then had panties on either. I knew this fact because they all sat opposite me with their knees up and wide open.

There were six little pussies for me to enjoy. Chloe's two friends were thirteen like her and Bethany's two friends were fourteen like her. Eventually my wife called me out to the kitchen to help her bring the stuff in. I knew that if I stood up the girls would all see just how excited I was. What to hell, I stood up and walked too the kitchen. I got right behind my wife and pressed my erection into her butt crack. My wife giggled, pressed back into me harder, and asked, "Are any of them wearing panties?" I replied, "No!" She said, "So now what?

Do you want to fuck me again on the living room rug in front of them?" I surprised her by saying, "Yes!" Then I quickly said, "But I won't." She giggled and told me to help her serve the girls and that then we could go upstairs for a quickie. I was all for that. The girls were pleased to see a layout of cookies, chips, and dips along with sodas.

I followed my wife up the stairs and made sure that our bedroom door was locked. I was so horny that all I did was bend her over, lower her panties, and fish my cock out of my pants before shoving it into her moist pussy. I fucked her hard and furious for all of about three or four minutes before cumming deep inside her.

I could hardly believe that she just kicked her panties off, unlocked the door, and walked downstairs. I quickly tucked my cock away and followed her. She stood right in front of the girls and then squatted down Indian style like they were and exposed her freshly used dripping pussy to them all. They were also sitting Indian style and allowing her to look at their pussies. Then all of a sudden Bethany pointed and said, "Look Daddy just fucked Mommy again." Everyone took a close look and then Chloe asked, "Can we taste his cum Mommy?" She replied, "Okay but it's best if you lick it right from my pussy where he left it." She leaned back on her elbows, lifted her knees, and then opened them up for the girls.

Bethany was the first to lick her mother's pussy and then Chloe, followed by the other four girls. I could tell that my wife had enjoyed it and then she told them all to take another turn and to use their fingers to open up her outer lips first before licking at her dripping hole.

She really loved that then she said that she should lick all of them to pay them back. I watched as my wife squatted over each girl and ate their pussy for at least two minutes each until every one of them had an orgasm from her mouth.

I sat on the couch and watched the whole thing. My wife told them that they should taste each other's pussies too. After they were all done my wife told them that I was the best pussy licker that she had ever had.

Needless to say I got to eat the six teenager's pussies all that I wanted to that night. About midnight my wife told the girls that it was time for bed. Then in unison they all said, "We want to watch your husband fuck you first." It had been rehearsed, it had been choreographed, and it was perfectly presented.

All six girls removed their nighties so that I could see their titties. My wife stood me up and stripped me in front of the girls. I was placed on my back and then my wife gave them instructions on how to suck a cock before letting each girl slip her mouth over the head of my cock.

When the last girl finished my wife climbed on my cock and both of my daughters sat on my hands. I was in heaven.

After a couple of minutes my daughters were replaced by two of their friends and then Bethany sat down on my rigid cock. Oh my God was she ever tight. She was a virgin but her hymen had been broken by her mother's dildo. A couple of minute later two more girls sat on my hands to let me feel them up while Chloe sat down on my cock.

If I thought that Bethany was tight I was in for some really tight pussy. Chloe's virgin pussy was the tightest thing that I had ever had my cock in.

I could not take it a moment longer and I flooded her tight little pussy with my cum. Right after that my wife and the other girls sucked cum out of Chloe's pussy and off from my cock. Bethany complained about Chloe getting my cum in her first. My wife told her that there would be plenty of time for that in the years to 'cum,' I kissed each girl goodnight on her lips and fondled a breast as I headed up to bed.

When my wife joined me all I did was cuddle up to her, close my eyes, and fall asleep. Sunday was a little different in that the girls wanted to play around with sex all morning and then the trampoline in the afternoon before they had to go home. That was fine with my wife so I had nothing to say about it. I did however get to spend thirty minutes with each girl alone in my bed.

They were just as naked as I was and they wanted me to fuck them. I kissed them and felt them up first. Then I ate them out, gave them orgasms with my finger, and then I took their virginities. I knew better than to try to cum in all of them but I couldn't help myself.

I did cum in the four other girls but then I had nothing left for Bethany or Chloe. Chloe was okay with that but Bethany wasn't until her mother said that she could sleep with me that night and take her place as my wife. Bethany liked that idea. The afternoon went well and no one got hurt on the trampoline. The girls went home and we settled down to eat.

Later Jacquelyn showed up again in her cheerleader skirt and a tiny tank top. She did not have any panties or cover-up on either. Bethany told Jacquelyn, "I would appreciate it if you could get my Daddy hard so that he can fuck me." Jacquelyn smiled at her, "Hey squirt, if I get him hard he gets to fuck me." My wife just giggled and said, "She does have a point." Bethany turned to her mother and said, "So that's how you want to play the game.

Who ever gets him hard gets to use it. Consider the game on." My wife looked at me with her mouth open as if she couldn't believe the words that Bethany had just said. I just smiled and shrugged my shoulders. When I turned around Jacquelyn took my hand and led me into the house.

She let me lead the way up to my bedroom where she locked the door and removed her tank top and skirt. She did a handstand right in front of me and opened her legs up into a 'Y' so that I was looking right down into the tunnel of love. She stood back up and asked me if I had ever had a standing fuck before and not just humping my wife up against the kitchen counter either. I replied that I hadn't.

Jacquelyn helped me undress and found me hard again. I couldn't understand how she did it after cumming in four virgins just that morning.

Jacquelyn jumped up with her legs around me holding onto my neck with one hand while inserting my cock into her with the other hand. She started to slow fuck me and was it ever good. As we fucked she told me that all of the older men loved her in that position. She said that she likes older men a lot better than the boys her own age. Then she told me that I was even better than her father was.

Her father! George was fucking his own daughter. Well I was now fucking mine wasn't I and I was fucking his too, both of them. After I cum in Jacquelyn's pussy she got off from me leaving me standing in the middle of my bedroom, she opened the door, and shouted out, "Come and get it." She turned to get on my bed and said, "My little sister said that your daughters like licking your cum no matter what hole that it comes out of. Next time I'll let you fuck me up the ass.

I would love to watch those cute daughters of yours lick that out of me. By the way my sister told me that you were better than our Daddy too." I smiled, said thank you, and watched my three women enter the bedroom and go right to Jacquelyn's pussy and start licking her.

My wife went right to her breasts and started to enjoy them while Bethany and Chloe worked on her pussy. Jacquelyn loved all of the attention. When it came my wife's turn, she got in a sixty-nine with Jacquelyn and they had a great time. Bethany and Chloe imitated them on the floor. When they finished Jacquelyn said to my wife, "You would love my mother.

She can lick her eyebrows." I started laughing and then let Jacquelyn explain it to my daughters that her mother had a very long tongue and that she could give her a lot of pleasure with it. She also explained to them that I was a much better lover than her father was and that they were lucky.

They said that her little sister had already told them that but it was nice to hear it again. Jacquelyn then wanted to use my trampoline for a while. I got dressed and went out with her. She said that the sex had relaxed her and that she should have sex before very game.

It made flipping so much easier to accomplish. I remembered back to my days on the high school basketball team and thinking the same thing. Lucky for me my girlfriend at the time was very cooperative. She was a cheerleader too. That sure brought back some more memories. That week, every day that I came home from work was just more of the same. My wife and daughters fought to see who could get me hard and fuck me.

Several girls showed me their panties on the trampoline. Then every evening Jacquelyn came by. She never wore panties and she always managed to get me hard and fuck me. She got very good at doing her back flips too. Then on Thursday I was bombarded by requests.

Bethany wanted to invite six of her girlfriends to a sleepover, Chloe wanted to invite six of her girlfriends to a sleepover, and then Jacquelyn asked if her whole cheerleading team could use my trampoline that weekend to prepare for a new routine.

Jacquelyn said that her two coaches wanted to be there for their training. Then to clinch it, she said that none of them would be wearing panties or bras. Before I could give Jacquelyn an answer my wife told Bethany and Chloe that they would have to find a place to go over the weekend because we already had plans.

I looked at my wife and smiled, my wife looked at Jacquelyn and smiled, Jacquelyn looked at me and smiled. I knew that my wife wanted to get back into a sixty-nine with her again and maybe as many of the cheerleaders as she could.

My wife then told Jacquelyn to invite them all to a two-night sleepover. Then the three of us went up to our bedroom for a great threesome. The End A Trampoline And Teenage Girls 273