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Just a note about last chapter: ChiChi Jima was bombed many times during world war II but was never taken from the Japanese. One of the reasons there was no ground assault was no area for a landing field. It Was still a very strategic due to the large radio towers on the inland Mountains. They had a large anti aircraft battalion with gun emplacements all along the coast. They shot down a lot of American planes. There are at least three pilots still unaccounted for, and the Japanese Commandant was known to be cannibalistic.

Our Ex President George H.W. Bush the youngest person to receive his wings as an air force pilot, was shot down during one of those raids. Luckily he was rescued by a Submarine. I have been to ChiChi Jima twice while I was in the Navy it is a very interesting place. After the war it was ceded to USA and later it was given back to the Japanese who still retain possession.

The 2nd occupied Island in this group is HaHa Jima altogether there are over thirty Islands in the Chain. The Way Of The War part 8 The pilot let us know jump off was in 10 minutes. There had been a lot of communications going back and forth on a secure channel. General MacArthur had gotten wind of my impending drop and wanted it canceled. It seems he wanted me on his staff in Australia. I told the pilot I am not a staff man and to turn the radio to another channel.

May be that will give us enough time to deplane. The red light came on we stood up and moved to the door. The green light came on and we began our jump and the cargo master began shoving out supplies. We were able to identify the lighted Triangle, there was not much wind so the guidance was relatively easy to land in the triangle. We gathered our chutes together and by that time we were surrounded by grinning brown faces. It was July 19 1943 and we had landed in Zambales North of Subic Bay on the Island of Luzon.

We were met by Capt.Ramon Magsaysay.


Magsaysay had joined the motor pool of the 31st Infantry Division of the Philippine Army. When Bataan fell in early 1942, Magsaysay took to the hills evading arrest by the Japanese 4 times. He organized the Western Luzon Guerrillas. And in April of '42 he was Commissioned Capt, only 5 civilians were given this rank Col, Gyles Merrill was the highest ranking Officer that escaped being imprisoned after the fall of the Philippines.

He along with other officers that were free made their way to Sawang where he met with Guerrilla units. Magsaysay began as a Capt. In Intelligence and supply codenamed Choweventually he commanded a force of 10,000.

The reason we had been sent to this area was due to the lack of communication. Radios was the main item we were bringing in our supplies. Also we brought some more modern weapons to replace the outdated arms they were using. We were not able to bring in a lot due to capacity but we did have a couple of crates of M-1 Garands to replace a few of the Springfields & Enfields. Dotty contacted me and let me know that one of the girls at "PNTS" had turned out to be a very strong Empath.

Her name is Rachel and she is in Australia and I was to try and contact her direct. She is also sighted so you both should be able to see each other.

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I remember you like big tits, If this works you and Rachel should get along fine. She has a pair of 44s. Then she signed off. Oh well it is worth a try [ RACHEL ] I heard a scream and in my mind I could see a very well endowed naked lady in the shower. [ W O W THEY ARE BIG ] She turned off the water an grabbed a towel and put it in front of her.

{ You must be Chad, I wasn't expecting you quite yet.} [I CAN TELL, I laughed, I COULD STRIP IF IT WOULD MAKE YOU FEEL BETTER ] She laughed and said no thanks. We talked for awhile and told her to standby at 0800 & 1800 I will contact you at that time if I have not contacted you by 15 minutes after stand by at noon. [NOW I WILL LET YOU FINISH WASHING YOUR TITS. I MEAN FINISH YOUR SHOWER] She laughed and disappeared from my mind. For a few minutes I felt a bit woozy Rachel's big tits were all I could think about.

It was difficult to remember that large patch of red hair at the junction of her legs. That was it that was all I could stand I went to the next tent and called out to Erica. She told me to come in, She was just getting ready for bed. And that was exactly where I wanted her. I took her by the arm and spun her around to face me and her lips met mine. We played tongue tag for a few minutes until I reached down and popped her titties out of her bra.

I put my face in her cleavage and a hand on either side of her boobs and pushed them tighter on my face as I wallowed my face back and forth, I began kissing and slobbering all over her magnificent titties ooh how I loved them.

I whispered I don't trust the cot. We grabbed a blanket and threw it on the floor. After we both undressed I let her down on to the blanket but for some reason I found it hard to turn loose of her boobs.

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She lay on her back with her knees slightly raised but touching each other. She smiled and slowly moved her legs side to side then she gradually began to spread them wide apart. I leaned forward and she placed her hands behind my head and guided my face into her gates of heaven. I tentatively flicked out my tongue to caress her glistening jewel.

I gently entered her slit with the tip of my tongue and laved it the length of her vagina. The nectar she released was so sweet and I lapped it all up not wasting a drop. As much as I loved to take my time and show my adoration for her wondrous pussy. It had just been to long since we had a chance to make love.

I needed to be in her now. I gave her one last swirl with my tongue in her pussy then moved up to grasp a nipple and work the head of my dick into her fiery furnace. I slid in slowly becoming acclimatized to the heat she was generating. It was extremely difficult not to release on entrance. Finally I was all the way inside of her. I lay there the feeling was so sublime. I felt her gently undulating. I moved to match her. We had began the dance that two lovers do to express their love.

I looked into Erica's face and the tiny droplets of sweat that had formed on her upper lip glistened like the stars at night. I licked her lip then slid my tongue into her mouth for a very sinuous kiss. I felt her spasm once then twice. I could feel the frantic beat of her heart as she raced to her ultimate orgasm.

I began to stroke faster trying to catch up to her. She orgasmed and bounced around so much I was afraid she was going to injure her self. I was still holding the kiss but had withdrawn my tongue. She pushed her tongue into my mouth and flipped the switch that was holding me back. I slammed as far into her as I could I felt her wince as I loosed the rain of cum inside her.


It seemed to be more of a flood than just a rain. We lay there for a few minutes. Erica, remembering our indoctrination began to worry about snakes. Knowing there are a number of poisonous snakes including the Philippine Cobra and a Krait that was said to like clothes and shoes left on the ground. We stood up and shook out our clothes and shoes. I got dressed and headed back to my tent to get some rest. The next morning Capt. Magsaysay ask if we slept well.

I could not help but notice the smile on his face, Nor the blush on Erica's. We went over all his material from the time he headed into the hills and leading up to today. It took a week to cover everything.

Erica took copious shorthand notes while I sent all of the information direct to Dotty via Louise and Carol. As time passed we made friends. Donald found some young Filipinos who like him liked to play with knives. He really seemed to be attracted to the butterfly knives and the bola.

Johan was more attracted to the orphans he turned in to a gentle giant. Erica and the women became quite close. My daily meetings with Rachel kept us informed of the Invasion plans and scheduled supply drops. Donald had been training a few radiomen and while doing so he intercepted a Japanese transmission. The Japanese were landing supplies for Maj, General Tsukada to resupply post near Clark field.

We had dates and times and could get there with time to spare. Contact was made with USAFFE (US Army Force Far East) command in Australia. They gave us the go ahead. We departed the next morning with 2,000 men. The guerillas moved thru the jungle like the wind a cross the Texas prairie. We arrive a day early and blended in with the jungle. The Japanese trucks continued to arrive till well after dark.

The guards were changed every 4 hours. By the last change we were aware of their routines. At about 1000 hours the first landing barge arrived and the unloading began. Our attack time was set for after the last landing barge headed back to the supply ship. By the time the first barge was offloaded we had our estimate for time of attack.

Which we estimated to be 1530 Hours. By 1300 Hours almost all of the outlying guards had been replaced by Filipinos in Japanese uniforms. We watched and Capt Magsaysay kept a string of messengers passing the word with new orders. I was just an observer until Capt Magsaysay pulled out a rifle with a scope. He looked at me and asked, "Can you use this? " I answered"Yes I tested Marksman and Sharpshooter." " What do you want me to shoot?" "See that Japanese Colonel." I looked thru the scope, "Just say when." He Chuckled, ''1529 hours.'' At 1445 hours the last landing barge left the dock and headed out to sea.

At 1515 hours they were almost finished loading the trucks. I had been keeping track of the Colonel he was getting in to a jeep like vehicle. It was 1522 hours. ''I said Capt.'' He had seen the colonel, "Take him now." I took careful aim, took a breath and squeezed the trigger the back of the Colonels head blew out. My shot was the signal shots rang out and Japanese soldiers began to fall. They were ducking behind anything they could.

The drivers were targeted first so the trucks didn't move. The battle lasted for just under 2 hours. We had them out numbered 10 to 1. We lost 3 men and had 12 wounded. When the last Soldier fell, Caraboa (Asian Water Buffaloes ) pulled wagons and 2 wheeled carts entered the beach head.

Swiftly the trucks were unloaded and the loaded carts began to leave. We set charges in the trucks and the loading docks. When the last cart left the beach the Capt. Lit the fuses and we got out of there by a hundred different paths finally meeting back up at the camp. This was October 10 1943. Johan and Donald approached me one morning in my tent.

"Colonel when are you going to leave this time?". "I really don't know there has been no orders and as yet no plans for an invasion." "Why, What's the problem?" " We have found ladies of our own and wish to stay." " Wonderful when do I get to meet them?" " They are right out side." Donald opened the flap and two Filipino ladies entered. The first slipped her arm around Donald. She was the same height as Donald but a little plump. The light in their eyes as they looked at each other told the story.

Donald said, " Colonel this is Mina. " Johan pulled the tiniest girl in front of him. She couldn't have been over 4'11'' and weigh over 80 lbs.

She was a little doll. Johan said, " Colonel this is Maria. " I smiled and said," Congratulations boys. " " I think we can arrange for you to stay." I was glad they had found someone.

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They were putting their lives on the line every day. Now they had someone to greet them when they returned from the raids. We had the Japanese searching for us all over Luzon Island but we were usually aware when they were trying to attack. We set up ambushes and always managed to take out more of them than they got of ours.I met a few of the Guerrillas called the Huks, They were crazy and not afraid of anything they lost more men than any other force but they always got the job done.

This was the way it went for the rest of 1943 and into 1944. By mid '44 we received word from Australia that plans were being made for the invasion.

We were to step up our hit and run activities all to the south. We would hit them hard and fast and leave them with sabotage for later. The idea was to convince General Yamashita, the leader of the Imperial Japanese Army in the Philippines, that the invasion was going to be in the south. It didn't work very well Yamashita had built emplacements in the hills and Mountains around Lingayen Gulf in Northern Luzon. In December '44 the Philippine invasion began 1st Leyte which was finished by the end of December next was Mindoro By the time Mindoro fell the Allies had two airfields which meant air support for the invasion of Luzon.

The big day came on 9 January 1945 early that morning over 70 Allied ships entered Lingayen Gulf and at 0700 hours and began the bombardment of the Japanese emplacements. I will not tell about this since we were not there. The Guerrilla Force of the Island Of Luzon were coming together.

We had our on itinerary, no more hiding we were preparing our own attack On 23 January we began our onslaught of the Sam Marcelino Airfield in Zambales. All together there was 5 Divisions, the 3rd ,31st ,32nd33rd & the 36th of the Philippine Commonwealth Army under the Command of Ramon Magsaysay. It was hard fought but by the 26th of January the Airfield was secure.

On the morning of the 29th of January 35,000 U.S. Troops of the 38th Division landed Northwest of San Marcelino and rushed in to take the Airfield Only to find it Under the Command Of American And Filipino Forces.

And had been for three Days. I sat in on a few interrogations but learned very little. I asked if I could try. I contacted Dotty and I convinced the senior Officer, a Major, that had been captured.

That I was a Japanese spy, he sang like a canary. But we learned nothing and that was all he knew.

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On February 1st 1945 I received orders I was going home. I had spoken to Dotty, who had passed the discussion on to Maj. General Whitcomb. The gist was Johan and Donald had a choice, Come home with me, stay in the Philippines or they could bring the girls with them.


After much discussion the girls decided they wanted to come to America. We boarded the Curtis Wright C- 46 A. Even with its range it was necessary to refuel twice before arriving in Hawaii. We stay in Hawaii for a week. During that time Erica let me know she was Pregnant. They flew us to Fairfield- Suisun AAB (Years later it would be renamed Travis AFB) Where we changed Planes to a Direct flight to Langley. We were met by Maj General Whitcomb, and Brigadier General Thomas.

All of my girls were to arrive tomorrow with their husbands. Donald and Johan both received Bronze Stars with cluster. As well as a slew of other medals. I gathered in a few as well. Erica picked up 4 or five herself. But to hear her tell it the one she is proudest of is the one I gave her and placed on the third finger left hand. it sparkles.

After Dotty, Carol, Louise and their husbands arrived We went through a week of debriefing and a week of Ceremonies. Donald & Mina, Johan & Maria Were Married and it was back dated to ! Jan 1944.

The four of them and Erica were granted Citizenship. Then I Borrowed a plane and flew to Texas. My Dad had been buying land with the money I had been sending to them out of my paycheck. They now lived in their own home on 360 acres of land. He still worked for the oil companies but had a colored family farming on shares. The man of that family also worked in the oil fields. Between the two families they were doing good. With the bunch I brought with me we took over the second floor of the local hotel.

My Mom and Pop were thrilled that I was getting married. My Sister Nell latched on to Erica's hand and followed he every where. My younger brother Tod was fascinated by how big Johan was compared to how small was Maria. The marriage is set for 2 weeks which will be May 10th.

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