I can help you indulge your panty fetish JOI

I can help you indulge your panty fetish JOI
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That week alone with Vicki went by in a haze of ecstasy induced by countless hours of mutual gratification. We fucked in every room, and on almost any surface in the house we could balance ourselves on. She must have changed outfits about a hundred times. Sometimes she would dress up just to strip back down, other times she would only take off her panties and we would fuck fully dressed. We dressed her up real skanky/slutty and walked the mall.

Hell she even blew me under a table while we were at this really nice chinese restuarant. But that Friday, I began to worry. We had madly fallen deep into love, and that is something very hard to hide from other people.

I was still afraid of Rebecca, and still remembered the threats she made the very first day I met Vicki. Vicki, on the other hand, would hear nothing of it. It was none of her mother's business, as far as Vicki was concerned. She was officially an adult, and she had stopped fearing her mother's wrath long before she had even met me.

Rebecca called that night, letting us know that everyone would be coming home sometime late the next day around noon. She asked how everything went, and how Vicki was.

I told her that not much had gone on, and that as far as I knew, Vicki was fine. She then asked to speak to her daughter, so I handed Vicki the phone and walked back to the couch. I could hear Vicki's side of the conversation: "Hey mom. Yeah things are fine. not much. no it's ok ma, I know you needed the vacation. yeah i'm sure. nothing much, we didn't even do cake or anything. sure, we can celebrate when you get back. kay ma. Love you too. muah. bye" After hanging up the phone, Vicki headed back towards the living room.

"Want to join me in the shower?" She said as she winked at me suggestively. I shook my head. "No thats alright." Vicki pouted after my refusal and trundled of to prepare for her shower.

While Vicki showered, I did some laundry and cleaned up a bit, (we had made a real mess in all our fun). The whole time I was trying to figure a way out of the corner I had painted myself into. When Vicki finished her shower, she walked out of the bathroom, not bothering to cover up. She snuggeled her naked body against mine. Reaching into my pants, she played softly with my balls.

She leaned her head against my shoulder.

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"Whatza matter, babe?" She asked quietly when I didn't immeadialty return the affection. She kissed my neck as she waited for me to answer. "I'm still worried," I answered, and almost laughed as she pouted at me. "About Mom?" Vicki asked, and I nodded.

She started to undo the zipper on my pants, "Stop that, will you? Its none of her goddamn business what I do now." She pull out my dick, which was now half erect. She leaned down and lowered her lips over it, taking my my semi soft cock fully into her mouth. I knew she was trying to distract me, and frankly it worked. I let out a soft moan as she worked her magic. Even as my cock grew thicker and longer, she kept it full in her mouth.

Once I was fully hard, she pushed it into the back of her throat, gagging and spitting all over it. I loved the way she did that whenever she sucked me. Her long wet hair slapped against me as she bobbed up and down, gagging and slurping as she blew me.

Just as I was about to blow my load, she stopped, smiling. "I know what you need!!" She said excitedly, "You need my ass. You need to stick your huge fucking pecker in my ass you dirty Bastard!!" I was shocked, I loved it when Vicki talked dirty, but we had never even dicussed anal.

She smiled even bigger as lay on her belly on the sofa next to me, her legs spread just a little so I could see both her smoothe cunt lips and her tiny little butthole.


She sucked on her own fingers for a moment, then reach around her back and (using her own spit as lube) pushed in two of them into her ass. She shrieked in pleasure as she finger fucked her ass faster and faster. Her smile grew as she saw how much it turned me on. I licked one of my fingers, and added it to the two she had in there.

After we flexed our finger around fot a bit, stretching her out a bit, I moved her fingers out of the way( which she then used to play with her pussy and clit. I spit on her ass and on my hand, then shoved three of my fingers in to the first knuckle. I pumped my hand back and forth, pushing my fingers in a little farther each time. Soon I had them fully in her, spreading them around, feeling inside her ass and stretching her out even more. The whole time, Vicki is moaning and screaming, telling me what a nasty fucker I am.

Finally, I couldn't stand it any more. I knelt behind her, and spread he ass cheeks apart, and spat about five times on her asshole. Then I spat into my palm, and rubbed my spit onto my cock.

I put the head right at her shithole. As soon as Vick felt it resting at her entrance, she bucked backwards, forcing it deep into her. It felt very warm, and tighter than ever her tiny little cunt. She began to grind her ass, moving my cock around inside her ass. I smacked her left ass cheek hard, and she let out a little yelp before moaning for more.

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As she fucked her own ass on my hard cock, I slapped at her cheeks, occasionally grabbing at them, or digging my fingers along her back. I leaned foward and grabbed both of her breasts, and used them to pull myself as deep into her hole as I could. I did it over and over, and soon she was screaming in ecstasy. "Sonofabitch.sonofa.ohhhhh myyyy Fuckiiiiiiiiiinggg godddddddddd!!!!" As she built towards orgasm, she got louder and louder, which set me off just as much.

My cum exloaded in her ass. Soon we both collasped, having both cum at the same time. "Did you like that, Mikey?" Vicki asked coyly after a few minutes.

"Duh" was all I could manage, my brain fried from the expirience, but she could see the goofy grin on my face. She giggled. She ran to the bathroom to clean up while I got redressed. She headed toward her room, and I headed into the bathroom to take a shit. When I got back to the living room, Vicki came out of her room dressed in a really sexy outfit. It was a violet crushed velvet halter top and short skirt.

The halter was snug against her chest, and the skirt had a very high slits up the sides. She wore a black pair of very high heeled thigh high boots, and also a pair of satin gloves that almost reached her armpits. She had a black leather biker chic coat on. "Are we going somewhere, or are you just looking to get fucked like a manx again?" I asked. "Yes!!" "Yes? To which one?" "Both!!" She laughed. I laughed with her. "So where are we going?" I asked as I headed towards the door.

"Out to dance at the club. I'm sick of being stuck in the house." So we headed out to the nearest set of clubs, which were about two towns over. The one Vicki chose was called "Freaky Friday's". I actually knew the guy who owned the place, so we got in real easy. But just as we were getting to the door in, one of the gals in line shot Vicki and I a jealous stare.

She looked like she had been out there for a while, but you know how the Door guys at these places can be.

Vicki just walked right over, grabbed her by the elbow, and dragged her in with us. Once we got inside, I got a good look at the girl Vicki had brought in with us.

She was a short little brunette, with long hair and a cute face. She wasn't anything compaired to Vicki, but she was very attractive nonetheless.

She was wearing a black strapless mini dress and black knee high boots. She leaned over to Vicki, said something I couldn't hear (this place is so loud you hear it about a half mile away).

Vicki just giggled, then pulled me close so I could hear her. "Her name is Cailey, and she thanked us for grabbing her.

She told me she has been here for hours waiting to get in!" Vick practically had to shout even this close to each other to be heard. We walked in and headed towards the lounge area. I grabbed both Vicki and our new friend and led them to my favorite spot, a long sofa where there was room for all of us.

Vicki sat between Cailey and myself. We all sat and waited for the serve-staff to make rounds. Vicki and I talked with Cailey (who had a slight southern accent), found out that her birthday was the same day as Vicki's, only it was her 21st, and that she too hadn't gotten to celebrate it much. Vicki joked that getting her in was our present to her, but that she still owed us. We all laughed.

When the waitress stopped by I ordered a round of drinks for us all. Cailey thanked me, and asked if she could continue to hang out with us for the night.

"Of course. Always glad to make new friends," I said winking. "Yeah, especially one that is so hot!" Vicki piped in. My jaw dropped while Cailey blushed. Vicki just smiled that gleeful little smile she had. She loved throwing people into shock. She put her hand on Cailey's lap, and told her, "No need to blush, its true, your a babe!!" At this Cailey turned about as red as a cooked lobster. "And your not exactly ugly yourself, darlin," Cailey finally managed. "You are enough to send the boys home with a tent from a mile away." I laughed as she said this, and couldn't agree more.

The waitress arrived with the drinks, and the three of us drank and talked for about an hour. By then the alcohol had loosened us all up, and the girls were itching to get out on the dance floor. They each stood, grab one of my hands, and hauled me to my feet. Then they dragged me out to the floor, and we all danced together. We made quiet a spectacle, as there were times when both girls were gyrating and grinding either each other or me, and at one point both were going at me at once.

We worked up a sweat before heading back to our spot. "You got some moves on ya, Cailey!" I blurted as we sat. She had worked me up almost as much as Vicki had, and it definately had put ideas in my head at the time. It had took all my will power not to pop a stiffy right out on the dance floor for everyone to see. "Thanks, suga" This time I sat between the two girls, with my arms laid out behind them on the back of the sofa.

Vicki pulled the arm on her side down across her and leaned her head on my chest so she look toward Cailey. "Yeah Babe, you had everyone staring at us" Vicki said laughing. "Hey, you were just as dirty, gal!" Cailey threw back. Vicki smiled and nodded at this. "If we hadn't been on a dance floor, I mighta had to just eat you right there." Right after she said it, Cailey put her hand to her mouth with a look of regret. ". I am soooooo sorry. Its the alcohol!!" Vicki just giggled at her.

"Its ok Cailey, I agree" I said, hoping to ease the tension, but my head went back to the thoughts I had out on the floor. "Yeah and its not the alcohol!! You know you want me. beoch" Vicki laughed, then licked her finger and planted it on her ass making a hissing sound.

Once again my jaw dropped, and Cailey blushed bright pink. Vicki reached across my lap, and planted a hand on Cailey's, pulled her in close, and then kissed her. At first Cailey went stiff in shock, then relaxed and kissed back. I watched as they probed tongues, licking and sucking and kissing each other with wild abandon. Vicki saw my reaction out of the corner of her eye, and when she pulled away from Cailey, she smiled again.

"Did the two of you like that?" She asked. Cailey just nodded dreamily, and I was speechless. However, by now, I had a huge hard on. Vicki turned to me and asked, "Do you like her, babe?" I was afraid to answer, but Vicki was serious.

"Yeah, she's great. But." Vicki put a finger on my lips to shush me, then pulled Cailey close again, this time to whisper in her ear.

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Cailey listened, then shook her head violently, no. Vicki smiled and told her it was "ok go ahead" Next thing I know Cailey grabs my face by the chin with two fingers, turned me toward her, then kissed me hard. While she does, Vicki pulls herself to my neck, and starts licking sucking and biting at it.

Finally, we stop to catch our breath collectively. "I think we should take this somewhere else," I said, half out of breath. We all agreed, but we certainly couldn't go to our place, as we weren't exactly sure when everyone would be coming home from the lake. Cailey agreed to show us over to her place, so I followed her in my car while Vicki joined Cailey in her car. After a quick ride, we pulled into a large apartment complex.

Cailey's building was the farthest back in the place. Cailey and Vicki were already heading for the door to the building by the time I parked, so I ran to catch up.

We ran down the steps to the basment apartment, which was the one Cailey rented.


As she opened the door, she laughed. "Home sweet home!! You guys feel free to make yourselves comfy." It was a decent sized apartment, and Cailey had all the Creature Comforts she could find. A big screen TV, huge stereo system, a large fish tank with a bunch of tropical looking fish in it. About ten Lava lamps, a couple of Black lights. Bean Bag chairs peppered the huge living room, plus a velvet lined couch that looked very fluffy. The girls peeled off their boots, while I kicked my sneekers into a corner near the door.

Cailey went over to her entertainment center, popped in a few cd's into the deck, and turned it up. Soon we had Club music going loud, and with all the lava lamps and black lights going, it was just like having our own little dance club.

I crashed out on the couch, and Cailey asked Vicki and I if we wanted some more drinks. We both said ya, and she headed over to her liquor cabinet to whip something up.

Vicki squirmed her way out her long gloves, and then browsed through Cailey's music collection while we waited for her to head back with the drinks. When Cailey did return, she was balancing a tray waitress style and bebopping her head and body to the music.

She had made me a Kamikaze in a large cup (just like I get it, it just so happens) and had put together a shitload of Blowjobs shots, (For those that are Uneducated in shooters and mixed drinks in my area, its Butterscotch liquor, Irish Cream floated carefully over that, and a bit of whipped cream on top [and your supposed to drink it without using your hands]) for her and Vicki to share.

It was definately appropriate considering the possiblities of the night. I picked up my cup and started drinking my kamikaze, while Cailey lined up each of the shot glasses. "Bet you Gals can't both do all those shots the right way without spill or dropping a glass!" I challenged. "What do meen, the right way?" asked Vicki, since she was technically underage and wasn't exposed to a lot of drinking games and challenges, she never did anything other than throw em back.

Cailey and I explained that they called them Blowjob shots for a reason, at which point Vicki giggled. "Than I oughta be a pro at this!!" She said, laughing hard. I raised an eyebrow, but said nothing. "I'll take your bet, Mikey. I will drink my half, and if I don't spill or drop a glass, what's in it for me?" "Well.

lets see," I said, thinking. "How about if you win the bet, I'll be your manslave for a whole week. I'll even dress the part." It was her turn to raise an eyebrow, but she excepted. I turned to Cailey and asked, "So what do you want if you win on your half?" "If I win, I want you guys to move in with me!" Cailey said bodly after giving it some thought.

Vicki and I both felt our jaws hit the floor. "Really, thats what I want or I'm not in on this." Feeling daring, we all agreed on it. Cailey and Vicki both turned on me and asked, at the same time, what I wanted. "Honestly, if either of you loses, I want to see the two of you girlfuck the shit out of each other." They both agreed, giggling nervously. We divided up the shots, and there was 16 for each of them.

Vicki, having the least on the line on her part, went first. We tied her hands behind her back with a satin scarf Cailey had, and then she kneeled on the floor to get a better angle on the coffee table we were using. Ducking her head down, she tried to wrap her mouth around the first glass. Coming very close to knocking it over and spilling it, she recovered before it did and threw her head back and guzzled it back.

On her second glass Vicki nearly dropped the glass from her mouth before she could tilt her head back, but again last second got control and downed the shot. By the fourth shot she got into a groove, easily knocking back several more very quickly. When she got down to the last three, she started to have trouble again.

The booze from the entire night had begun to impair her ability to maintain control. Vicki struggled throught until she only had on shot left.

She wrapped her mouth around the rim, and lifted her head quickly. As she threw her head back, the shot glass slipped from her mouth with a pop, and spilled as it tumbled onto the coffee table.

She pouted as Cailey and I laughed, and while Cailey undid Vicki's hands, I wiped up the spill. "Not bad, for a first tima" Cailey giggled out. After clearing away Vicki's glasses, we set up Cailey's shots.

As Vicki tied Cailey's hands together, I put my head near Vicki's ear and whispered to her. "You two are going to look so hot together." Vicki blushed as I said it, whether from shame of losing the bet or about being with Cailey, she never said.

Once Cailey was tied, we sat behind her on the couch. She didn't even bother with kneeling like Vicki had, just bending over the coffee table and lowering her mouth towards her first glass. Her dress was so short, Vicki and I got a good view as she bent down in front of us.

Cailey was wearing a hot pink satin thong, and it flaunted the curve of her ass quite well. It was also soaking with Cailey's juices.

We could almost smell her she was so wet. Cailey went down on her first glass like a pro, and before long she was down to her last shot. Showing off, she lowered her mouth over the rim slowly, then twirling her tongue around it. She was making the drink live up to its name, for sure!!! Then suddenly she pressed her face lower, forcing the glass farther into her mouth. She threw head back, and once she had swallowed the shot, we could see a smile grow around the glass. Vicki popped the glass out of Cailey's mouth.

"That was amazing!" Vicki blurted out breathlessly "I know, suga" Cailey said smiling. "Well final reckoning. Vicki, you lost.


Cailey. you most definately won. So, Vicki hun, I guess we have a new place to live," in the back of my mind, I felt relieved, I wouldn't be near Vicki's Mom to worry about her getting angry with me for what we had done. "Hey, wait, she still owes you her part Mikey." Cailey interuppted. It felt weird to have anyone beside Vicki call me that, but I let it pass.

Before anyone could say more, Vicki grabbed Cailey by the elbow (no one had yet untied her hands from behind her back) and practically threw her to the couch. At first I thought she was angry with Cailey for calling me Mikey, but then Vicki jumped up on top of her, straddling her lap, and then kissed her.

She kissed hard, biting at Cailey's lower lip and pulling back, stretching it out. Cailey moan softly, kissing back when she could, mewling like a horny cat when Vicki start to kiss and nibble at her neck.

I leaned against the back of the couch, watching. Vicki kissed and licked and nibbled at every bit of exposed skin Cailey had, until Cailey was whining softly, and squirming to get her hands untied. Then Vicki folded down the top of Cailey strapless dress, exposing her very large breasts. Cailey had extremely big nipples (they stuck out about three quarters of an inch), with areolas bigger than a half dollar coin. But her tits, though huge, where very firm, and stood very well even without support.

As I watched Vicki squeeze one, I could tell they were real, too! Vicki caressed and massaged each one, making Cailey's nipples get even bigger. Cailey mewled and moaned, begging Vicki to get up and untie her. Vicki refused, and instead start to suck on the left nipple.

She got the entire areola into her mouth, chewing and nibbling carefully. Occasionally she would suck harder, and Cailey would buck in pleasure. My cock bulged as I stared at these two beautiful girls, and I had to fight my desire to join in. Vicki continued to tease Cailey, slowly rolling her dress lower, kissing and licking until she reached Cailey's stomach. Then Vicki kneeled on the floor, and began running her fingers lightly along the insides of Caileys legs.

She pushed them slightly open, and started to kiss and caress her way up both legs, until she reached the the hem of Cailey's minidress. She rolled the dress up, and spread Cailey's legs a little wider. Still helpless, her hands tied behind her and buried in the couch, Cailey fussed and struggled, trying to buck away from Vicki's touch. Cailey was so wet, I could see beads of her juices seeping out from the sides of her thong panties.

Vicki started to kiss and nuzzle Cailey's button through the panties, and then she reached with one finger inside them to press at the clit. The moment she did, Cailey stiffened, her legs locking around Vicki's back.

Vicki pulled the satin fabric off to one side, then lowered her mouth onto the hood of Cailey's clit. She start suckling, like a baby at a breast for milk. I could hear her slurping on the wet flesh, and I could see that Cailey, like Vicki, had a shaven crotch.

Vicki slid a finger into Cailey's wet pussy, fiddling it around inside as she licked, lapped and sucked at the clit. Cailey moaned, her body slowly building toward climax. Every once in awhile, Vicki would look over at me, smiling through her "work" as she watched me grow more and more excited. Cailey's moans rose in pitch, volume, and frequancy as her pleasure mounted, and soon she was screaming loudly. Vicki added another finger into Cailey's crotch, curling her fingers upwards toward the G-spot.

She pumped her fingers in and out of Cailey at a furious pace, now using her thumb in place of her tongue on the clit. Cailey's back arched high, and as she had her orgasm, a stream of fluid gushed around Vicki's fingers, hard enough to splash up into Vicki's face.

I had heard of female ejaculation, but this was the first time I had witnessed it in person. Vicki stood up immediatly, a look of fury on her face. She obviously didn't understand what had just happened. "Bitch, did you just piss on me!!" Vicki balled up her fists. Cailey looked completely confused, and about to cry.

"N-n-no! its." she start to stammer "Yes you did you bi." Interruppted Vicki, and started to swing mid curse. I stood quickly, grabbed her by both hands and forced her to look at me. "No its not hun, its like when a guys cums." Vicki relaxed a little, herself very confused.

"But I never do that when I cum!" She said scowling. "Some girls don't suga buns," Cailey added, regaining composure. "Besides, you have to hit things just right to have it happen anyway. You just hit all the right buttons, hun." She finally wriggled free of her bonds, and pulled Vicki's face towards herself. Then Cailey kissed Vicki very passionately.

After a few moments, Cailey pulled back. "Wait here a sec, sug!" She said, then ran to her bedroom. Vicki settled herself down onto the couch. While we waited she snuggled up to me, playing with my still stiff rod through my pants. I kissed her and gropped at her breasts. Just then Cailey came back to the living room, now completely naked and carrying a cloth drawstring bag.

She smiled as she opened it. She pulled out what looked like a leather crotchless panty, but it had a large round hole in the front. I suddenly realized what that it was a harness as Cailey dug through the bag, then pulled out a very large dildo. It was about the size of a soda can around, and 14 inches long (huge compaired to me, i'm only 9.5, and about as thick around as a toilet paper tube). Vicki looked at it with eyes wide, obviously wondering who was going to take that big fucker.

I could see from the hunger in her eyes she hoped it would be her. Cailey put the thing in the harness, then put it down. She helped Vicki stand back up, and then she undid the tie at Vicki's neck. Vicki pert breasts popped out as the tight top fell away from them. Vicki ran her fingers over her own nipples as Cailey slid Vicki's skirt and panties to the floor. Cailey pulled the harness on, the heavy silicon cock sticking out from her body like some strange cartoon. She wrapped her hand around it, and whipped it against Vicki's leg.

Vicki giggled. Cailey smacked Vicki's ass with her hand, and Vicki yelped playfully. She got on her knees in front of the coffee table, then leaned her elbows on it. She wiggled her ass at Cailey, teasing and squirming, giving her a show of the goods. Cailey knelt down beside her, bent over and planted a big wet kiss on her ass. Cailey kissed her way over to the asshole, then kissed and licked at Vicki's pussy lips. Cailey sat back on her legs, then slid a finger into Vicki's now wet cooch.

She pumped and prodded for a while, then added another finger. At this point, I couldn't take it anymore, and uzipped my pants and pulled down my boxers enough to let my raging boner free. I spat on my hand and started to jack off as I watched Cailey poke at Vicki's crotch. She added yet another finger, streching them out and twisting as she pumped them in and out. Vicki began to grind against Cailey's hand, hissing through clenched teeth and breathing heavy. "I feel like there's more room!" Cailey mouthed at me quietly after awhile.

I could tell Cailey was trying to stretch Vicki out to make sure she didn't hurt Vicki with the giant dick she had strapped on. I shrugged, and so she added a fourth finger, and now I could hear Vicki's pussy making slurping sounds as Cailey felt around and pumped. Vicki started to moan softly, getting wetter with every pump. Cailey eventually bent her thumb under, making a spear shape with her hand, and her small hand slid in slowly.

At this Vicki started to hump at Cailey's arm, and the combined motion of the two girls sent her into an ecstatic fury. She grunted, growled, screamed, moaned, and you could tell she was abosolutely loving it. However, Caileys hand wasn't half as thick as that big old dildo, and I had doubts as to whether it would fit.

Just before Vicki came, Cailey stopped and slowly pulled her hand from Vicki's cunt. Her hand smelled heavily of Vicki's coochy juice, and when I caught a whiff, I jacked off just a little faster. Cailey came back over to the couch, and lay on her back, her head resting on my leg. She smiled up at me, then beckoned to Vicki, smacking her dildo. Vicki nodded, and slinked over to us. She stepped up onto the couch, standing over Cailey, facing towards us both.

She lowered herself down as she straddled over the dildo, Cailey holding it still as Vicki positioned it right under her wet hole. Vicki rested lightly on the very tip, and as she let her weight lower her onto it, the dildo slid very slowly into her.

She just kept letting gravity pull her down, and as each inch entered her, she moaned. Soon she had a good eight or nine inches in her. Then Vicki straighted her legs out a little and began to rise back up the giant shaft. She took it slowly like that for a good five minutes, while occasionally Cailey would reach up and caress Vicki's sides or breasts.

I kept the same pace as Vicki did, jacking up and down in perfect rhythem with Vicki's motions. Soon, she began to increase her pace, rising and lowering becoming easier as her pussy got stretched and wet. She rode on Cailey rubber cock hard, and soon Cailey wast thrusting up, fucking from down below, and the combined effort soon had most of it slamming deep into Vicki's abused and hungry hole.

I jacked off faster and faster, building myself up along side the girls. Soon we were all grunting and groaning in building pleasure. Without stopping her wild ride, Vicki leaned foward and kissed me (Cailey took the opening and sucked a stiff nipple into her mouth).

After she kissed me she grunted something to me. "What the fuck ya say, babe? I can't hear you when your clenching your teeth." I asked. She pulled my face real close and grunted that she wanted to watch me stick it Cailey. Cailey heard her, and the look on the girl's face was like 'dream come true'.

I didn't need to be told again. I pulled myself out from under Cailey's head, and without even getting off the dildo, Vicki turned herself around. She continued to ride, and as she did, I shrugged my pants and boxers to the floor. Vicki stopped riding on the downstroke, sitting all filled up as I positioned myself on the couch. When I lifted Caileys legs to get better access, Vicki held them high and wide. I pushed my raging hard-on into Cailey, who was suprisingly tight and warm, slowly at first.

Everytime I went in, Vicki lowered herself, and up as I pulled back. Cailey grinded her hips, which alternated between thrusting up into Vicki and squirming higher onto my cock.

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We all kept a steady synchronized beat, and when one of us picked up the speed or force, the other two kicked it up a knotch as well. Soon both Vicki and Cailey were screeching in ecstasy. I felt Cailey explode as she orgasmed, her Femjac gushing from the sides of my cock. I kept pumping slowly as I kissed Vicki, and Cailey reached up from behind and massaged and tugged at Vicki's breast with one hand, and twiddling at Vicki's clit with the other.

Vicki held on to my shoulders as she slammed her body up and down on the giant pecker Cailey wore. Soon she shuddered in orgasm, and collasped backwards onto Cailey. I pulled out of Cailey's cunt, and sat on couch. After a few moments for both of them to catch their breath they pushed the coffee table back and both knelt in front of me. I scooched my ass to the edge of the cushion and spread my legs wide. Cailey dove in, taking my whole cock in less than half a second. She gagged right away, but kept her head down, spit and flem flying from her throat and mouth onto my cock.

Then she sealed her lips around it, backing up just a fraction, and put on more suction than a industrial vacuum. Cailey blew me for about three minutes before Vicki giggled and told her to share. Cailey came off, and now Vicki's little pucker was all over my prick. As Vicki took my cock into her mouth and jacked me off a little at the base, Cailey squirmed under and began to lick and suck on my balls.

I grunted, loving it. Vicki took me deep, and Cailey licked at my asshole, rimjobbing me like a pro. She spat on both my ass and my balls. She took my sack back into her mouth, sucking for all she was worth. Then she slid her middle finger slowly up my ass. After pressing carefully, she began to pump slowly.

As she mouthwashed my balls and fingerfucked my ass, Vicki began to do her little tricks, spitting and gagging with my whole cock in her mouth.

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After about two minutes of this, I couldn't take it any more. I screamed that I was gonna blow off, and then did. I came for about a full minute, my prick just pumping out cum like a fire hose. Vicki kept most of it in her mouth, and when Cailey came off my balls and pulled her finger out, she put her face under Vicki's and open her mouth like a little baby bird waiting to be fed.

Vicki opened her mouth, drooling out a good portion of my chunky junk. It dripped slowly down, falling into Cailey's mouth just like a thin white worm. They both swallowed their share, then licked their lips, kissed each other, then kissed me. We talked later that night, and decided we were all in love with each other. No one had bad feelings about sharing, as long as it was just the three of us. To this day, we all still live together, "married" you might say.

We all still love each other, and fuck like animals on a constant basis together. Both Vicki and I get time together alone of course, but so do Cailey and I, and Vicki and Cailey together. We rarely fight between ourselves (most people find themselves at the shit end of a triple team). You wouldn't believe the crazy shit these two girls have gotten into sexually.

But thats stories for another day.