Teen with bf bangs his busty stepmom

Teen with bf bangs his busty stepmom
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SKEWERED EXPECTATIONS Year: 1989 Name: K.L. Age: 25 Cause of Death: Internal bleeding caused by punctured liver and spleen.

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Other Injuries: Puncture mark in lower left abdomen. Sewn up C-Section scar in lower abdomen Time between death and delivery to mortician: 14hrs Case Notes: A young pregnant woman was at a poolside barbeque with her group of friends. Amongst them is her ex-boyfriend who is jealous of her marriage and impending child with his rival.

He stuck out a foot to trip her as she walked pass him, hoping to cause a miscarriage. Unfortunately, she fell towards another fried who was holding a long metal skewer pointed right at her inflated and vulnerable belly… Expecting your first Tragic fall?

on sharp skewer You die but child fine This case was memorable for being the first time I handled a pregnant corpse. It was 4 years after I started work at the mortuary and Mr.

M. was still around.

One morning, he told me to follow him to the morgue. He told me that it was pregnant victim and that there are certain things to take note of. He lifted the cover off the body and I saw an attractive young woman wearing only a bra and panties. Her mouth was gaping open and there were 2 wounds on her body, a small reddish round hole still oozing blood just above her belly button (an 'outie') and a long red slit that has been sewn up just below her navel.

She didn't look very pregnant but her belly seemed a bit inflated Mr. M. started talking. "This is not a usual pregnant victim as her baby was delivered by post mortem C-Section. That scar you see there was the C-Section opening. She died at a poolside barbeque when she tripped and fell, impaling her belly on a metal skewer her friend was holding up.

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Fortunately her baby was not hurt. She however suffered severe internal injury with a punctured liver and spleen. She bled to death on the way to hospital. Stop staring at her breasts.

I know they look ripe and swollen but you can enjoy them all you like after I finish my lesson." I sheepishly turned away from the breasts of the pretty mum not to be and listened to Mr. M as he continued, "Pregnant corpses are more fragile as rough handling can cause the belly to burst open, especially if the body had already started to decompose so please be gentle during the embalming and sex if you have a thing for expectant mums.

Personally, I do not like to have sex with pregnant women as I feel that the presence of their unborn child interferes with my passions. However in this case, there is no unborn child. But still, I am busy at the moment so I will hand her over to you and you can do as you wish with her.

One last thing, pregnant corpses often have much milk in their breasts so do take a drink before it turns stale after 8 hours or so. Finish whatever you are doing and dress her up by the time I return in 3 hours. Enjoy!" With that, he left and locked the door behind him. I looked at the woman lying before me.

I remembered feeling a deep sense if sadness and tragedy for her husband. What should have been a joyous event has now turned out horribly wrong. At the same time, I was starting to feel aroused as I gazed at her helpless looking face and large rounded breasts.

I sat her body up and pulled off her bra.

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I nuzzled her breasts and took in their scent, a pregnant scent. I then latched my mouth onto a nipple and started sucking. Very soon, a lukewarm stream of milk began squirting into my mouth. I was not used to the taste at first but after forcing myself to swallow a few times, I started to savour the taste of human milk.

I made it a point henceforth to taste the milk of all my beautiful pregnant patients. When I had enough of her milk, I lay her down onto the slab again. I then pulled off her panties and stripped off my clothes, clambering onto the slab as I was doing so. Soon, I was pushing and thrusting against her. Her C-Section stitches rubbed against my body but the feeling made screwing her more exciting and unique.

As I was doing so, I pinched and squeezed the slight layer of pregnancy induced fat around her tummy. She felt really sexy.

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Finally, I erupted into her body, impregnating her now empty womb with my semen. After hosing down her body, and drying her, I started to dress her in the clothes her family gave us. It was a sexy purple tube top with a green knee length skirt. She would look pretty sexy in that but her body has been inflated by her pregnancy and now, the tube top was too tight fitting for her resulting in her still rounded belly pushing up and protruding from her dress, making her look just a bit plump.

I was thinking of how to solve this problem when the door opened and Mr. M came in.


He held up a rigid piece of fabric in his hand. "I think you need this. It's a corset for corpses to give them a nice figure. Especially for poor pregnant victims like this who deserves to look better for her funeral. "He held up her body and pulled off her tube top.

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He kissed and stroked her for a while doing that as I looked away. Then, he fit the corset over her body and tightened the straps. Soon, the pregnant woman's body has been squeezed into a trim and shapely figure which was probably what she looked like before her pregnancy.


She still had an ashen grey complexion form her loss of blood so Mr M. continued working on her till she regained a healthy complexion. He then applied some cosmetics onto her face.

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Within minutes, she has transformed from a lifeless pregnant corpse to a beautiful slim woman who looks all ready for a dinner party. Mr M. turned to look at me. "Why are you still standing there? It's my turn young man." I left quickly, exhilarated by the fact that I finally got to have sex with a pregnant woman.