Viola Vorburg haben lesbischen Sex mit beata undine

Viola Vorburg haben lesbischen Sex mit beata undine
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I've seen quite a few posts regarding getting caught in the act and thought I'd throw in my two cents worth. Dad, Daughter, and Dog The back screen door slammed shut as Kellie returned home from her evening jog. Her father Al sat in his easy chair behind his newspaper. "That you, honey?" Kellie snorted, "It better be or there'll be trouble!" Rex, her shepherd dog, made klik-klik noises on the linoleum with his nails.

The two had been inseparable since he arrived in the house a tiny puppy. "Can you come in the living room for a minute?" "Sure." She walked in lean and lithe, barely five feet tall, tiny breasts held in a sports bra and tank top, tight bottom in running shorts, her chestnut hair tied back in a pony tail. She had been an active child from the moment she could walk with ballet and gymnastic classes from her preschool years.

Kellie had been only seven when her mother had died. That's when she took up running, although running to or running from, she was never quite sure. "What is it, Dad?" Al closed his newspaper, folded it, folded it again, and dropped it into his lap.

He stared at it as he began. "I wasn't sure how to say this until just now." He looked up into his daughter's eyes. "I saw you go into the garage." Kellie froze unbreathing. She gripped the back of her father's chair to steady a light-headed swaying. "What?" "Through the kitchen window. I saw you go into the garage a little while ago. While you were supposed to be out running." "B-b-but I was out running!" Her grip on the chair tightened.

"Maybe for twenty minutes. Then I saw you go into the garage. You didn't come out right away and I didn't know if something might be wrong, so I went out and looked in the window.

You didn't even look up. You were too busy helping Rex gettin-." Kellie's knees gave out. She crumpled to the floor. Silent tears ran down her cheeks. Rex trotted over and licked her face.

"Honey, please don't cry. You're far too old to spank even if you were doing something wrong." He laid his hand atop her head. She slumped over to rest her cheek on the arm of the chair. "Remember what I told you when your mother died?" She nodded slightly. "You said, 'you and me, pal.' I remember." "That's right. And we have to be honest with each other, and trust each other, and love each other, no matter what." "S-s-so you're not m-mad at me?" She sniffled.

Rex licked her nose. She gently pushed him away. "No honey. I am *concerned*, which is a different thing. Why are you having sex with your dog out in the garage?" She looked up smiling and weeping at the same time.

"Da-a-a-ad!" she said as if he were telling the United States Congress that she still enjoyed playing with dolls and coloring books. Her cheeks reddened. "Honesty and trust, remember?

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So, how long have you and Rex been. uh, fucking?" He wasn't sure he should drop the F-Bomb into the conversation.

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He trusted that it felt right. "Just a few months, ever since Barry and me broke up." "Barry and I," he corrected without thinking. "But why out in the garage? It's dirty and dank and I can't imagine it being much fun." She looked up at him wide-eyed.

"Honesty. And trust." She nodded. "I thought I had to hide it because, you know, sex, um, fucking with animals, is so wrong." Having released her own F-Bomb in return seemed to remove tension from the air. It was all well and good to talk about open honest trust, but reluctance to use so-called bad words tended to dampen things.

"Wrong? I don't think so. You love Rex, and he loves you. If he didn't want to screw you I'm sure he would let you know, wouldn't he?

"He caressed her head, neck, and shoulder.

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"If you don't mind my asking, who made the first move?" Kellie giggled. "He did. You know how horny he's always been.

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That night after Barry and me, and I, broke up, Rex came into my room and laid his head in my lap. He looked up at me with big eyes, like he knew how sad I was. He jumped up and started licking my face. I hugged him. I remember feeling his, um, his cock against me while I rubbed his back. He got down and I petted his head against my thigh for a minute when he suddenly started sniffing between my, around my pussy.

I wasn't wearing any panties. When his tongue started licking me it all felt so good I couldn't shoo him away. I just sat there with my legs spread wide apart and let him do whatever he wanted. He licked me until I came." She sighed happily and laid a hand atop her father's on her shoulder.

"I think it was the best night's sleep I've ever had. The next night I thought I ought to return the favor so I tried to suck him. I really tried but Rex wouldn't cooperate. I tried to get his front paws propped on the bed while I sat on the floor under him. I tried coming at him from the side on all fours. Whenever he sat or laid down his cock seemed to shrink away. It was when I was on my hands and knees that Rex finally ran around behind me and licked me, then he hopped up onto my back, and I thought, 'Oh my God, he wants to fuck me!' and I knew I wanted to let him do it.

He wrapped his front legs around me and I reached back to help him get his cock into my pussy. He thrust and humped and danced on his hind legs until I felt his hot cock slide into me. Mmm, it was so good! I don't know how long we kept at it. I came twice before Rex hopped off me. We didn't tie together that first time, though.

I'd seen dogs in the street stuck together and I thought maybe I was bigger than a girl dog and he couldn't tie with me." She squeezed her father's hand in delight. "Wrong! The second time we did it we tied and I thought I was in heaven. I just kept coming and coming!" She looked up into her father's eyes and smiled. "Oh Daddy, it's so good to be able to talk to somebody about this!" Al bent down and kissed his daughter's forehead.

"Honesty, and trust, and somebody to talk to. That's why I'm here." That night Kellie came into the living room in her terrycloth bath robe, Rex as ever by her side.

"Getting ready for bed, honey?" "Sort of. Um, Dad," she began. He looked up. Her eyes sparkled and she had a saucy grin on her face. "I was wondering, um, if you might want to watch me again." "Watch you.OH!" he said. He sucked in a quick breath and answered without hesitation, "Yes, honey, I would." She grinned.

She kept her eyes locked on her father's as she untied her robe, shrugged it off, and tossed it onto the couch. "Well?" She was naked, gloriously naked. Her tight little breasts were topped with small hard pink nipples placed unusually high.

Her belly was flat. Her hips gently rounded. She kept her dark brown pubic bush cropped short, not shaved like so many girls. Al appreciated this. He didn't much care for shavers always thinking, who wanted to see a pussy that looked like it should have a diaper on it?

"Well?" she repeated. He looked up from between her legs to her smiling face. "You're beautiful, honey. Absolutely beautiful!" Without conscious thought his right hand fell into his crotch and he began squeezing his hard cock through his pants.

Kellie noticed what her father was doing. Her smile grew. "You're not just saying that because you're my daddy?" His eyes roamed up and down her body. He swallowed. "I mean it.


Honest." She glanced down at her father's busy hand. She bit her lower lip in delight before squatting down next to her dog. "C'mon Rex," she whispered. She pushed her nose against his. She laid a hand on his neck. Rex licked her face twice before she opened her mouth to allow his long red tongue inside. Human and dog both whined softly in pleasure as they kissed.

Kellie squatted with her thighs open, her pussy on display for her father as much as her own balance. After some eternal minutes she slid a hand down between her legs. She slid her fingertips up and down her pussy lips, teasing herself, teasing her father, wetting her fingers with her juices.

She closed her mouth, turning her head away she touched his muzzle with her pussy-slick fingertips. "Smell it, boy. Taste it.


You want some more?" Rex's tongue cleaned her fingers before he dropped his head down to nuzzle and lick her open pussy. "Yes! That's it. Lick me, baby, lick me!" Her father's eyes were glued to the activity between his daughter's thighs. His hand continued squeezing his hard cock through his pants. She studied his face.

His lips were parted. His eyes were glazed. "I've never seen a man masturbate before, Daddy. Take off your clothes for me." He stood quickly disrobing as if in a trance.

"Ooo! Your cock is beautiful!" she cried when it popped into view. He seemed to come to. He looked into his daughter's eyes and smiled happily before he sat down again openly stroking his erection. Kellie reached between Rex's hind legs to grip his cock. He did a quick two-step dance. He stopped licking her pussy and tried to run around behind her. "Are you ready to fuck me, Rex?" she asked almost as much for her father's benefit as the dog's training. "You want to fuck, yeah, fuck me now?" She fell forward onto her knees and elbows with her ass raised high.

She slapped her ass cheeks a couple of times.

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"Get on. Get up! Time to fuck, Rex! Fuck!" He understood those words, the insistent tone of desire in her voice, the heady smell of her sex, and the ache in his own. He lept onto her with his front legs wrapped around her waist as he humped his wet pink cock against her skin.

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His eager movements scored a hit after four tries, sending his bevel-tipped cock into the warm wet depths of her pussy as his thrusts began. "That's it Max! Fuck me good! Yessss!" Kellie wasn't accustomed to being quite so vocal with Rex. The fear of discovery was gone now. She found she enjoyed talking through her pleasure. "God, baby, you're so.!" Al croaked softly. His hand still stroked up and down his cock slowly and steadily.

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The head was becoming shiny. Slippery. His hand made little noises as he worked on himself. He looked at her face. She was staring at his hand on his cock. He knew she was watching him masturbate, something so intimate and personal he couldn't imagine anyone ever watching. Not even his wife, Kellie's mother, had ever seen him jack off. Of course he had never seen anyone fuck a dog, either.

"Daddy. Come here. Please." she gasped. "I want. Your cock. Give me. Your cock! Suck! It!" He stood of trembling legs to walk four steps before falling to his knees before her. He sat back on his heels. He scooted forward until the tip of his cock brushed her soft cheek. Kellie balanced on her elbows before gripping the base of his cock in one hand.

She licked the head clean before engulfing it with her wet mouth. Al nearly screamed in delight. It had been a long time since anyone had blown him. His daughter was very good at it.

He leaned back onto his hands. He gently began moving his hips to fuck her mouth. Kellie wrapped her arms around his waist, her little tits flattened against his thighs, her nipples like hot pebbles on his flesh.

Al looked Rex in the eyes and winked at the dog as they shared the human bitch between them. It didn't take long before Al could feel the hot push growing in his belly. "I'm gonna come, baby!

Gonna come soon!" She began sucking even harder, her head bobbing faster. She wanted him to come in her mouth. He could feel it building, building. "Gonna!

Come! Gonna.gonna!" He fell back onto his elbows and thrust his hips up savagely to press his pubic hair against his daughter's lips as the first spurt of his orgasm exploded.

She took it without a whimper before pulling her head back until only the tip of his cock was between her sucking lips then slamming her face down again, and again, and again, milking his cock with her mouth until he finally stopped.

His body went slack for several minutes as he recovered. He watched her raise her head until his penis fell from her lips. She smiled with her eyes half closed She laid her head down on Al's lap for a minute moaning softly until the dog turned, standing quite still butt-to-butt, his cock now swollen tight inside her pussy. She breathed heavily through her open mouth.

"Oh! Com-ing! Touch! Me! Dad-dy!" He caressed the back of her head, her neck, her shoulders. He reached down her spine as far as he could.

He slid his hands beneath her to pull her hard nipples. Everywhere he touched her, she moaned and sighed happily, whispering, "So good. So good. Coming." She remained tied to Rex for at least ten minutes before he pulled out and trotted off to lick himself.

As soon as she was free, Kellie blindly crawled up her father's body. He worked his slightly stiff legs into a more natural position and together, father and daughter, they snuggled sweaty and satisfied with their life together. .And They Lived Happily Ever After!