Julie meadows is a beautiful blonde who has a phen

Julie meadows is a beautiful blonde who has a phen
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Last night I had sex for the very first time. For months I kept telling my boyfriend that I wasn't ready yet that I was just too scared,I was terrified that it would hurt, or that my mom would find out, or that worst of all I would get pregnant!


He wore me down though, and promised that no one would find out and that it would all work out. We started making out on his couch ( He has his own apartment!) and he pulled my shirt off over my head, and then quickly undid my bra. My boobs felt the cold air hit them immediately and my nipples hardened. He pushed me back and took one of my hard nipples into his mouth, gently biting it and flicking his tongue against it. Holding me down with one of his hands he fumbled with the button on my jeans and unzipped me, giving him the first view of my underwear.

He grabbed the waist of my jeans with both hands and quickly yanked them down, nearly dragging me off the couch. I started to really get nervous then, telling him that maybe we should wait that its too soon, but he ignored me and once again pushed me back so i was laying on my back, this time a little more roughly. He knows best I reminded myself.

He's older and done this before, I should stop being such a chicken. Still, I'm scared and I start to try and edge away little by little. As if he could read my mind he grabbed my arm, stared into my eyes and told me that If I loved him and still wanted to be his girl friend it was time to do this.

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Ripping off my panties, he smirked at me with a glint in his eye that I never seen before. As if thinking that I was going to try get away he held me down with one arm and in a flash was unbuckling his jeans and taking his cock out. I had felt his cock hard through his jeans before, but I had never seen it, and it was big.scary big. He laughed at my widened eyes and told me that he is going to have a lot of fun with me.

He kicked my legs so the were spread out, and glared at me when I tried to shut them. "Stop!" I whimpered, but he called me a slut and said that I had got myself into this mess.

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He started to line up his cock with my little hole when I remembered that he hadn't put a condom on. "Wait!

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Please remember to use the condom at least!" I panicked. What he said next stunned me.

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"Nah, I don't like em, and honestly I don't give a fuck if you get knocked up, I want to blow my load inside you. Oh and that thing I said about it not going to hurt cause I would be gently.that was a lie." He rammed his cock into me. I felt like I had been stabbed, or like I was ripping, I tried to get away but he pushed me down and pulled back and slammed into me again- this time even deeper!

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I was scared he was going to tear me inside, I felt like it was going all the way into my tummy. Again and again he rammed his cock into me each time going deeper and deeper. It started to hurt less but it felt so strange and I wanted it to end. I shut my eyes and sobbed as he pressed his body against me and moaned as he fucked my virgin pussy.


If I sobbed too loud he would cover my mouth and yell at me to shut up or he would make it worse. He flipped me over and shoved my head into the couch cushions and continued ramming his dick into me from behind grabbing my hair and yanking it painfully with each thrust. I felt like this went on for an eternity, then he whispered into my ear " Get ready bitch" forced himself into me as far as he could, holding me there by the hips and then I felt it.something warm, something strange.something inside me.

He let out a final moan and shoved me. He had cum inside me.knowing full well that I could get pregnant. Sobbing I lay there, shocked, as he reached to the floor, picked up his phone and took a picture of me, naked, with his cum oozing out of my sore destroyed pussy. "Tell anyone Erin, and I send this to everyone you know, make copies and post them on every street corner and you will never live it down.

See you tomorrow." I wanted to die.


*********** This is my very first story, I have a few in mind, but not sure if I should make it a series.Comment if you think I should continue it.