Wild snatch drilling from hunk

Wild snatch drilling from hunk
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Tegan gradually drifted awake in a slight state of confusion. She opened her eyes to find herself in her bed, which seemed to have been freshly made. She was still naked but between clean sheets. A twinge of pain ran through her lower half as she shifted her legs around, a combination of reasons but primarily the double penetration she'd had last night.

Secondary to that were some bathroom urges which she reluctantly left the bed to attend to, carefully extricating the buttplug first. As she gingerly sat on the toilet and attended to her hygiene with some fresh wipes she opted to leave the plug out for now. She was too sore and she needed a break from it if only for a little while whatever price Angus wanted to extract from her for that, she would deal with later. She smirked as she thought about that tiny act of rebellion, a tiny thrill.

She doubted he would care, really. Her thoughts drifted back to last night's unexpected threesome and wondered what prompted it. She assumed they simply discussed it while she dozed, maybe they had started talking about fucking her and egged each other on to the point they had to act.

As sore has she felt this morning she had no regrets. That was more like what she had expected when she put her offer to them. How much further could it escalate? What if Brandon decided to get involved next was a proper gang bang the next step? She doubted it. Brandon was still pretty much a virgin. She couldn't imagine him being comfortable with that, at least not any time soon. Thinking of Brandon, where was he last night? She assumed he went to his room before the action started but there's no doubt he would have heard them going at it in the living room.

Given his inexperience and general sensitivity, she wondered how he would have reacted to knowing she was being shared by the other two men at the same time. She finished cleaning up in the bathroom, also cleansing her face from the dried spunk the guys had apparently decided not to deal with, and cleaned off the plug, taking it back to her room with her and slipped back into her freshly made bed.

Whose idea had that been? Was fresh sheets some kind of kind gesture of appreciation? It was weird, but she couldn't deny she felt more comfortable, really her sheets had been a bit overdue.

She curled up on her side and lay awake reflecting on everything. Her digital alarm clock said it was just before 3am and she felt restless. Most of the last few days had alternated between sex and sleep with little else in between. She'd been stocking up on rest expecting to experience interruptions, but so far the guys had been just as knocked out as she had been. Presumably in a couple of hours as the guys began to stir and start their days they'd have erections they'd be expecting assistance with, one way or another, but she was having trouble drifting back off to sleep in the meantime.

Weirdly she didn't feel that horny, which was usually the reason she couldn't sleep. Granted the orgasm she'd had during the DP was probably one of the most intense she'd ever had, so maybe it had quelled her inner fire for a while.

Just as she considered whether she would be capable of rubbing one out as a means to getting a couple more hours sleep before starting her day she heard a brief, muffled burst of music from somewhere else in the house that blared for a few seconds before being disabled.

Glancing at her alarm clock she saw it had just turned 3 so given the regularity assumed someone had set an alarm and that was the alert going off. Someone setting an alarm to wake up, this early? She doubted any of the guys was planning to get up that early for any wholesome reasons, and anticipated a visit very soon, trying to guess who her witching hour suitor might be. She wondered how to pose herself.

Should she pretend to be asleep, or not expecting company? She awkwardly pulled the sheet so it was just barely concealing her chest then lay on her side, facing the door with her head propped on her hand and what she hoped was a sexy expression as she heard a door creak open and footsteps pad down the hallway to stop outside hers. Slowly the door opened until she could see Brandon silhouetted in the door frame.

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She couldn't see his face clearly in the near darkness but she assumed he was surprised to find her already awake. There was a certain awkward tension in the air. "I've been waiting for you." She said in a low voice. "What? I mean. You have?" "Yeah. Come here." She pointed and beckoned to him with a curled finger. She had a feeling he didn't just visit because he was horny.

He made a point to get up in the middle of the night to have some private time with her, without the others lurking around.

He was here to make her his first, and she was going to make it as memorable as she could. Brandon stepped into the room and closed the door behind him, flicking the privacy lock and slowly walking closer to the bed as their eyes adjusted to the diminished light again.


Now right in front of her she could just barely tell that he was wearing a pair of loose boxers and one of his many oversized t-shirts for a band Tegan had never heard of. There was a long pause as he seemed hesitant or unsure of his next step.

Tegan pushed herself up into a kneeling position, her covers falling away from her and leaving her nude. She reached out for him and taking him by the shirt pulled herself in close and pressed her lips to hers. In a moment of self reflection she became aware that this was the first time she had kissed any of the men, as everyone's focus had been purely on putting their penis in one or more of her orifices. She wondered if that thought was running through Brandon's head as well as he seemed caught off guard at first but slowly relaxed as she pressed into the kiss a little more, their lips parting and her tongue writhing against his, an almost instinctive dance.

It was an urban myth that whores don't kiss, because they think it's more intimate than plain old sex. Horseshit to sell romantic movies. But it still felt oddly out of place to be kissing him now, when the day before they'd been going down on each other, and she inadvertently giggled which she immediately regretted in case Brandon took it personally. Thankfully on this occasion, he seemed to be less nervous and she noticed him smiling as she pulled her face back from his, draping her arms on his shoulders and lacing her fingers behind his neck.

She felt excited not in the sense of arousal but excited that she was going to be sharing this moment with him. She ran her hands down his chest and hooked her fingers under his shirt, slowly peeling it off and kissing her way up his chest. He raised his arms to help her remove the shirt over his head then took her face in his hands to kiss her mouth again as she pushed his boxers down over his hips enough to let them drop to the floor.

She wrapped her arms under his, holding his shoulders as she returned the kiss, more than happy to take her time. Brandon ran his hands down her sides, lightly caressing the sides of her breasts on the way down, gently holding her waist. After kissing a little longer she felt him lean into her and took this as a hint to move back and make room, lying back under him as he slid onto the bed after her.

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She could feel his cock brush her thighs as he moved in for another kiss, then he started kissing his way down her neck, her collarbone and chest. He captured one of her nipples in his mouth and swirled his tongue over it and she arched her back and squirmed into a more comfortable position, relaxing and stroking his arms and shoulders encouragingly as he worked his way down.

When he reached her lower belly she slid his arms under her legs and brought his face to her pussy. She crossed her ankles and tried to angle her hips, urging her little slit up towards his mouth as he began to probe her with his tongue. Brandon quickly found her clit, feeling it throb under his tongue as he slid his tongue between her inner folds.

This wasn't his first time tasting her but the angle was different to last time. Moving his head he was able to find the texture of the entrance to her vagina and the faint taste of her juices as her body responded to his efforts.

He slathered some of his saliva around before returning to her clit and swirling his tongue around it one more time before kissing his way up her body. This time he kept his legs between hers as he moved closer to her and Tegan slowly let his body part her thighs as he moved closer to her.

They locked eyes for a long moment and he lowered his head to kiss her one more time before moving his hips forward. Tegan felt his cock probing between her lower lips 0 a little too high and carefully snaked her hand down between them to gently guide him in. On the second try she felt him hit the correct stop and encouraged him with a whispered "right there" and used her fingers to keep her lips spread as he jabbed at her hole and.

Once he felt his head enveloped by her body warmth he lurched forward, another inch disappearing into her. With a groan he relaxed his legs and sank in the rest of ths way, feeling the incomparable sensation of being gripped in this hot warm space for the first time. Just the feeling of being here he could feel his balls tightening as if he were ready to pop and he simultaneously wanted nothing more than to come, but also for this feeling to last as long as possible.

Tegan for her part held as still as possible, stifling the natural urge to let her muscles clench. She could see the ecstatic strain on Brandon's face and could guess at his thoughts. She too wanted this moment to last and was happy to lie there placidly and let Brandon process all the things he must be feeling. After a minute of soaking in the moment, Brandon began to slowly move. He didn't draw out of her but moved his hips a little and she could feel him shift inside her slightly before abruptly stopping.

"I can't… I mean I'm going to…" he whispered, the strain evident in his voice. "It's ok." Whispered back with a smile. It was no surprise he was going to come so fast. Her first time, her boyfriend had basically pumped twice and then finished before getting all the way in.

She wasn't going to let Brandon feel embarrassed. Brandon moved his hips again. She could feel his dick flex inside her, and wondered if he was doing that deliberately to hold on as long as possible, which seemed confirmed by the urgency in his voice as he asked "Should I…?" "Put it in my mouth!" she urged softly, trying to give him cute pleading eyes as if it was the thing she wanted most in the world. As Brandon pulled out of her she sat up and leaned forward, grabbing his cock in her hand and closing her mouth over the tip just as it began to spurt.

Brandon groaned loudly and filled her mouth with his seed as she massaged his twitching balls and bobbed her head. She hoped Brandon wasn't disappointed with shooting a load in her mouth again, but she thought he might want her pussy to be relatively clean for round two. As his orgasm gradually abated she swallowed the big mouthful and sucked the tip clean before taking a swig of water from the bottle on her nightstand to freshen her mouth a little, then flopped back on her bed and patted the mattress next to her for Brandon to join her.

"How do you feel?" she enquired, rolling onto her side to look at him directly. "Officially being not a virgin anymore." She added, to clarify. "It felt amazing. I think that's the hardest I've ever… sorry I didn't last very long." "Ssh." Tegan put a finger to his lips.

"I want to hear about how you felt, being inside a girl for the first time. Being inside me." She ran her fingertips down her chest and belly and between her legs, slipping a couple of fingers between her lips to collect some moisture and gently massage her clit. Brandon watched her hand as it travelled down her body, seemingly hypnotized, or maybe a little sleepy.

"I've never felt anything like that. It was so wet and soft, but tight and hot. I didn't expect it to be that hot." "Tell me more. What were you thinking?" "I couldn't believe it was happening… and I was thinking about how sexy you are." "Ooh, tell me more about how sexy I am. What do you like about me?" Tegan took Brandon's cock in her other hand, giving him an encouraging squeeze as she continued to rub herself.

Brandon shifted position a little, moving closer to Tegan as she started playing with him and taking a moment to cast his eyes over her body.

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"I uh. I like your face." "My face?" Tegan quizzed, skeptically. "You have cute freckles. And pretty eyes." He wet his lips with his tongue, distracted as he felt his cock begin to harden in Tegan's hand. He found himself starting at her chest. "Is that all? You seem to like my tits." "I do. I think they're perfect." "What do you like about my tits? Tell me, specifically." Tegan pulled herself closer to him, working his dick with a little more vigor.

"They're so perky and pale. I always stare when they jiggle. You heave beautiful nipples and when it's cold I can see them clearly through your shirts." "Do you stare at my nipples a lot, Brandon?" she gave his cock an experimental squeeze, testing how hard he was getting.

"Nngh… all the time." Brandon confessed. "Whenever we're hanging out, like dinner or watching movies." "Did you think about fucking me, Brandon?" "Yes." "Did you jerk off thinking about it?" "Yes." Tegan felt his dick twitch in her hands as he answered and began to use more steady, even strokes, wanting to keep him hard without getting too worked up.

"What did you think about when you jerked off Brandon?" "I'd think about your nipples, and try and imagine what they looked like without a shirt." "What else?" "Your pussy." "What about my pussy?" "I… I looked at a lot of redhead girls online. Their red hair. But it was hard to imagine you with hair there, so I imagined you shaved." "You pervert." Tegan chided playfully.

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"I hope you like the real thing as much." "Yeah… I like that you have a little hair." Tegan felt like she had teased Brandon enough, and grasped his cock firmly in her hand.

He was definitely almost back at full mast. She slid down the bed and took him in her mouth to make sure and add some saliva to his swollen knob, moaning as she rubbed her clit at the same time.

"Did you ever imagine you'd get to fuck it?" "No… I never even thought I'd see you naked for real." Tegan got up on her knees and pushed him onto his back, straddling his hips and lowering herself towards his erection, feeling his tip graze her bald lips. "Is this the pussy you dream about fucking?" "Yes." "Do you want to fuck it some more?" Tegan lowered herself a little more, using her hand to guide his tip to her entrance.

"Yes." "Then do it." Tegan eased herself down onto him and Brandon groaned as he felt himself disappear inside her again. He placed his hands on her hips to hold her steady as he adjusted to the feeling again, then when she felt him loosen his grip she began to slowly move.

Taking subtle cues from the way he held her, she began to rock her hips, working his shaft before starting to use her legs to move up and down. She rested her hands on his chest for balance and focused all her movement on her hips. Brandon couldn't believe they were going for a second round right away. He had tried to prepare himself for his first time going badly but he couldn't have imagined this.

Her heat around his cock was unbelievable, and his body ached for it. He wanted to pull her hips down and just plunge as deep inside as he could before he exploded, but at the same time feeling Tegan bounce on his crotch and watching her perfect little breasts jiggle was something he never wanted to end.

Tegan gradually sped up as she rode Brandon. As much fun as it was to ride him, what she really wanted was to make him cum.

If the first one was his best so far then she wanted to work him up to a second one in record time to really blow his mind. She started moving her hips in a smooth rotation, rocking back and forth while lifting her hips to slide up and down, moaning softly from the exertion but also the undeniable fact that, especially since she was still a little sore from last night's DP session, having a dick inside her felt amazing.

She looked down at Brandon with a grin at the look of intense concentration on his face. She knew he had to be getting close again and was going to work it as hard as she could. She leaned forward and gripped the rails of her bedframe for balance as she rode him faster, pressing down hard with every thrust and grinding her clit against his pubic hair. Inspired by the heat of the moment she started whispering encouragement at the ecstatic Brandon.

"Look at my hard nipples, B. You've got me so fucking hot." "Uh-huh" was the grunted reply as Brandon stared at her jiggling tits. "You like my tight little pussy? You're so fucking deep inside me." "Uh-huh" Brandon repeated, a little more urgency and desperation in his voice. "You gonna come?" "Yes." Brandon groaned.

"You gonna come in my little pussy?" Brandon could only grunt in response as he dug his fingers into her hips. "Do it B! Fill me up!" Brandon grunted through gritted teeth as he held his breath, she could feel his hips left her off the bed as his legs pushed against the mattress. She continued to hold onto the rails and work her hips, holding on as he bucked against her.

Then he let out his breath with another strangled groan of relief as she felt his shaft pulse and a new warmth spread inside her. Brandon panted as Tegan kept riding him, working his cock through the little aftershocks, knowing that right now it would be at it's most sensitive, and she tried to slow her pace gradually to keep him right on the edge of that peak.


There was a subtle squishing noise as his cock continued to plunge her now creamy hole. Eventually she slowed to a stop and stayed still, his now deflated cock still inside her. She gave him an appreciative squeeze with her kegels then slowly slid off him to survey the damage. Goopy white strands clung to her lips and his shrinking member. She swept down and engulfed him in her mouth, swirling her tongue around his soft meat and swallowing to dispose of the mess.

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That taken care of she curled up on the bed next to him and snuggled against his side, happy to lie there feeling most of his seed squishing inside her and drying on her pussy lips. They lay together in silence for a while. Tegan assumed Brandon would appreciate the company after a major life event and after the last couple of days actually sharing a bed with someone she was fucking seemed like a novelty.

Eventually, he broke the silence. "Was that ok?" "What do you mean?" "Was that, you know, good?" "I should be asking you that, it was your first time, right?" "Yeah." "I wanted to make it a special memory for you. I hope I did." "Definitely." Brandon chuckled awkwardly. "…but you didn't answer my question." "What question?" "Was that good for you?" "You mean did I come?" Silence answered her and she realized she'd been too blunt.

Well damn it, she couldn't just stroke his ego forever, he was already going to get free reign over her body. "No, B, but I told you before, it's not always about getting an orgasm, especially if I'm doing it all the time." There was another silence.

"Let's not spoil this nice memory with this kind of talk. Ask me something else." She rested her arm across him and gently stroked his chest.

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"Ok." He paused for a moment then said "You act like you really like jizz." "Act?" "Like, you always let me do it in your mouth or on your face. Or clean it off me with your mouth. Stuff like that." "Why do you think it's an act?" "Well it doesn't taste great." Tegan playfully slapped him on the chest. "Been sampling your own supply?" She could tell she'd embarrassed him and quickly backpeddled. "Don't worry, every guy gets a little curious, at least once." She thought about it for a moment.

"Well it's not peaches and cream, it doesn't taste like anything else. Or that pleasant, I guess." "So why?" "Because of the emotions in the moment.

It's like… like a reward, kind of. With my last boyfriend it was because I really liked him and I knew it made him happy.


I connected that feeling with the act." "Is it the same now?" "No." "Oh." "Don't take it the wrong way. I like you, if I didn't think you were a decent guy I wouldn't be doing all this. But I think now it's more about the submissiveness. Instead of being an emotional reward for me, it's a physical reward for you." "Does that mean you don't enjoy it?" "Totally the opposite.

I dreamed up this experiment and put myself out there which was terrifying, by the way because I had the opportunity and wanted to do it. So while I'm serving you, I'm also kind of empowering myself and exploring my sexuality.

I get pleasure from learning all the different ways I can give pleasure." "So you never feel degraded?" "That's a tricky question." She paused for a long time, trying to find the words to explain it. "Yes and no. The degradation is part of why I enjoy it. I haven't found the limit of what I'm comfortable with.

The further I get pushed the more I learn about myself." "So where do you think your limits are?" "You ask that like you have something in mind." "I've seen a lot of porn." "Real sex isn't normally like porn." "But with you it kinda is." "In the sense that I'll probably let you do stuff most girls won't?" "Well, yeah" "So you're thinking… what kind of weird, kinky, redtube kind of stuff can I tick off my bucket list before I get a real girlfriend?" "Basically." "Bring it on."