Mom cheat son friend stairs

Mom cheat son friend stairs
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I never really consider persuing this more than my wife and I talking about my interest.My wife of 25 yrs. and I have spent the last half a dozen or so years exploring different sexual scenarios,groups scenesmultiple couples several guys with her, several females with us and we had discussed a possible bi guy action kind of deal but honestly as curious as I was I never reallyu figured to get any farther than talking about nigt I got off work earlier than usual and laft the office and headed home figuring to surprize my lovely wife with maybe a night out, dinner, dancing and the whole 9 yards, as I arrived in the driveway I noticed a riding lawnmower in the driveway, realizing the kid next door who had been mowing and doing landscaping for us for approximately 4 years was probably waiting to get paid for the month and no doubt scoping out my wifes very abundant bra as he had "secretly" been doing sine he started mowing for us at 15 and at age 20 we were one of 15 or so local homeowners he worked for.

Mike was an average looking kid around 6 ft.

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tall about 170 lbssandy blonde hair and steel blue eyes, what my wife cooly referred toas "come fuck me eyes",wit a better than average build well toned from years of working outside and I presume gym time as well, my wife had joked often about giving him a real work out sometime,but as of yet it had not gone anywhere farther. As I entered through the garge door I heard them laughing and talking in the living room, figuring they were just relaxing and chatting I grabbed a beer from the fridge and proceeded toward the living room, as I came into the room, there they were both bare but naked and staring up at me, not surprized or even making an effort to cover themselves,I noticed my wife's nipples were rock hard and ther were several small hickeys all over her fantastic tits.Setting beside her was Mike was apprehensive at first but suddenly my wife smiled and reached into his lap hefting up a very nice looking, very young cock,she smiled and said that in her opinion Mike was well up to any task asked of him, Mike blushed and immediately apologized and started to reach for his clothes strewn near by on the floor.I told him to relax it was ok, Elen and I had an understanding and had even discussed this happening but asked him not to discuss it with anyone else, I then asked him how he liked her "talents", all he could do was grin.I was then informed that Mike would be spending the weekend with us as his apartment was being painted and needed a place to crash, replying that was fine, I asked him if he would like a beer,sure he replied, as he went to get one for all of us my wife was grinning ear to ear, not knowing what was up I just assumed it was after glow from getting a very good fuck from this young stud, she patted the sofa where Mike had been setting and as I approached she reached for my fly and released my cock as I sat down shw leaned over and took the head of my cock into her hot mouth and began bobbing up and down on it I moaned and when I opened my eyes there was Mike standing in front of me his cock wassemerect hanging almost 6 inches and about 5 inches around,suddenly my wife sat up and smiled at me looking up she reached out for Mikes cock stroking it gently and pulling him nearer to the couch she looked at me and smiled and suddenly I realized what wa happening she pulled Mikes cock right to my face as I stared in disbelief, his young cock was now almost 8 inches long and about as big around as a beer bottle,I looked at my wife she smiled and winked and dropped back to my cock and slid her mouth all the way down my hard cock.I was stunned but as I looked up Mike was climbing up onto the couch bringing his cock closer to my fac, I figured what the hell and suddenly the head of his cock slipped past my lips, it was an interesting sensation, the head of his cock was sponget yet smooth and it tasted of my wifes juices, I had never reaaly thought about how to give a blowjob but figured I would try to simulate what I had seen and felt my wife do, I started swirling my tongue around the head of his cock, hearing him groan, suddenly he started slowly fucking my mouth, firmly but gently, about the 5th stroke sudeenlt I felt him bumping my throat, I gagged, he backed off, he grabbbed the back of my head telling me if my mouth wouldn't take it he bet my ass would.I looked up into his eyes,and realized he was serious and noticed my wife had stopped sucking me, suddenly she was kneeling behind him on the floor bridged up under him and licking his balls,I could see her smiling even with her mouth being fool of his young balls.Mike suddenly began slowly fucking my mouth again inching his beautiful manhood deeper into my mouth, the head of his cock bumped the back of my throat, I choked he pulled back and said ok thats twice,you,ve got 1 more shot, take down your throat or I'm putting it in your ass.

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my wife suddenly told me to relax my throat and when I feel myself starting to choke push forward and swallow at the same time, as he hit the back of my throat I tried this and felt him slip into my throat, he held my head there what seemed like 3-4 mnutes, in reality it probably was a few seconds, letting me come up for air then immediately driving his cock back down my throat, Suddenly I felt his balls slap my chin, that was all I could take I felt my balls convulse and I blasted my load all over my stomach and groaned around his cock as he was rythimicly fucking my mouth and throat not violently but steadily, I now knew why mywife loved sucking dick, I could feel his cock throbbing and suddenly he groaned grabbed the back of my head forcing his cock into my throat and I felt him swelling in my mouth, at first I panicedImhad never even tasted my own come and here was the moment of truth, the first shot went straight down my throat then he pulled back and the next pulse hit my tongue, tasting salty and somewhat slimy, my wife had once described cum as tasting like seawater with the consistency of a raw egg white, it realy didn't taste bad I swalowed that blast and about 3-4 more.Mike spent 4 days and 3 nights with us, by the time he left us I was a well trained cocksucker.