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Teen GF doing yoga in white lingerie
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Diary of a Slave It has been two weeks since I've been bought by my new Master. In the meantime I didn't have much time to update my diary, since life here is quite busy and chaotic. At the institute where they taught us to be obedient and attentive and devoted I got a lot of compliments and oftentimes they told me I was the best in class, that I would make my future Master very happy and that they would be able to sell me for a lot of money.

I don't know how much money my new Master has paid for me, but I'm guessing it's way to much. In my few weeks here I've learned so much more about servitude and obedience and dedication, than during all my years at the institute combined.

The other slaves here seem to be able to read minds, it seems. Effortlessly they make Masters life easier. They sense what he wants, what he needs, even before he himself seems to be aware of it. He never has to ask for anything. The slaves here are sincere in their devotion, no one is putting up a show when the teacher is around and then slacking off when he steps out for a moment.

There is no teacher grading us anyway. Our service doesn't have to been seen, slaves don't need to be noticed. We aren't rewarded with grades, or privileges or a review cart.

Just knowing we've pleased our master is all the reward we get here, and that's more than enough. We are with about eleven slaves here, I wouldn't have expected that.

I was under the impression that every slave would get her own master, but maybe that's a bit greedy of me to think. I like being here with an entire group, the slaves are really kind to me and to each other, everyone helps each other out. At first I had to get used to living here, I was homesick and I longed for my own bed in the dormitory of the institute. But you know who's here as well? Nadia! She was a class above me in the institute and she was sold off last year.

Nadia helped me and showed me around when I just got here. I think she's my friend now, or at least we are becoming friends I guess. Last Week Nadia and I were called into the Master's chambers. That was quite the honor, if I had to believe Nadia. She checked my clothes and made sure my knee socks were pulled up high and my blouse wasn't wrinkly. Her hands adjusting my clothes like that made me a bit shy. Master's chambers were really impressive.

There was gold and marble and red carpet and columns. At the institute we did learn how to make beds, how to clean bathrooms, how to put down towels and soap and shampoo. I thought we had to do some chores like that, but Master wanted me and Nadia to sit down on the edge of the bed.

He wanted to know how I was adjusting to my move here, he was very kind and caring. He also asked a bunch of questions about my body, about my breasts and my bleeding cycle. I was a bit embarrassed telling those things while Nadia sat next to me. Off course I know a slave is Masters property, and that makes master responsible for our physical well being, he needs to know about our breasts and cycles. But it was just uncomfortable having Nadia there as well.


I blushed. Especially when he wanted to know if I had those warm happy tingles in between my legs and what I did if I felt those. If I had ever touched myself down there.

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Master says it's normal to have those happy tingles and that those are called arousal or horniness. He says having those feelings means I'm probably not just a house slave but possibly also a sex slave. I'd never heard about sex slaves. At the institute we were divided into different groups, slaves who did house chores, slaves who learned how to take care of kids, or slaves who learned instruments or art.

There were no sex slaves at the institute. Afterward Nadia told me that all slaves here were sex slaves. Master tried to explain a little, but I felt really dumb for not knowing and I didn't dare to ask any questions. I just nodded and pretend to get it.


This is what I understood: A sex slave is a slave who's primary focus is the physical comfort and enjoyment of her master. This can be achieved by washing or massaging him, but above all it's about the comfort and enjoyment of one specific body part of master.

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Namely his penis. Apparently a lot of Masters have a penis, which is a long stiff body part positioned between a masters legs, right there were a slave has her little slit. To attend to and pamper that penis that's the job of a sex slave. After explaining Master showed me his penis. Nadia had seen it before, but it was my first time. Nadia said Master had the most beautiful penis ever, I don't know if she has seen a lot of other penisses to make an accurate comparison, but I agree his penis did have some aesthetic value.

In other words it was gorgeous. I got a lot of happy tingles. Masters said I'm shouldn't call them happy tingles, I should just name things what they're called and not make up euphemisms since I'm not a little girl anymore.

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I'm twenty years old, I should just say I'm horny or aroused. I try, but I'm finding it hard to use those words. I don't know why I'm struggling following such a simple order, usually I'm very good at obeying and following orders. But with those sensations it's just about my body, it feels like my mind get shut off and it's simply out of my control. There are different ways tot attend to the needs of a penis, Master said.

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One of those ways is by pleasuring it with your mouth. Nadia had to show me. Master sad in his big chair and Nadia knelt in between his legs.

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She planted loads of kisses all around the penis and sometimes I saw her tongue slip out. After a while she took the pink-purplish tip in her mouth.

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I presumed the penis would never fit completely into her mouth, but Master grabbed her face and just pulled her over his penis, all they way to the end.

I couldn't believe what I saw. I feared I would never be able to be a good sex slave. I would never be able to fit that penis into my mouth. After a while I was allowed to join in. I sat on my knees in between Master's legs. Nadia's shoulder was pushing warm and firm against my own upper arm. Her hairs were tickling my face.

She explained to me how and where I was suppose to kiss and lick our Master. I tried my best to listen and copy her behavior. By the way it was real nice to feel my Masters Penis against my lips. It was warm and I got all those happy tingles in my lips.

Horniness in my lips if that is even possible. I don't know, I was too scared to ask. But every piece of my skin that came into contact with masters penis seemed to be glowing pleasantly for quite some time.

Nadia showed me how she would twirl her tongue around the head, how she would move up and down and how she flicked her tongue around. Eventually I was allowed to put the penis into my mouth. I wanted to impress master and show him how deep I could take him into my mouth, but I didn't even get halfway there. I was displeased with myself, I wanted to be good, I wanted to be the best. But his penis was simply too big.

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I just had to gag and my eyes teared up. I could barely even breath anymore, and yet I didn't manage to get the penis any further or deeper. Master luckily said it wasn't a problem for now. After all I was still new, I'd just left the institute, he knew they didn't teach slaves this at the institute. I should just keep on practicing he said. I could probably borrow a fake penis from one of the other slaves to practice on. Now I have my own fake penis. It's hot pink.

It's standing on my desk in front of me, while I write, so I can look at it once in a while. According to Nadia is an exact replica of Master's penis. But still, putting this penis in my mouth feels different than putting master's real penis in my mouth. Master's real penis, provided me with so much happy tingles, I was feeling light headed and dizzy. It was almost as if I was high and intoxicated or something. I've never used any drugs, since slaves are not allowed to, so I can't know for sure if that is what it's like, but I imagine being high felt like this, pleasurable tingles, being so overwhelmed with happiness you're unable to think straight any more.

It's like being bewitched. After a while master told us he was about to cum. He grabbed his penis and then a white goo came out.

He smeared it first on Nadia's tong and face and after that he also rubbed a little into my tongue and face.


He told me the white goo was called cum or seed or sperm and that whenever it got out of the penis it meant the slave had did a wonderful job, that she had pleasured the master intensely. Sperm was like a reward, master said. Something we should be proud of and grateful for. Nadia and me thanked master for his sperm. I think maybe sperm was some sort of magical drug as well, because wherever it touched me, my skin felt really warm and started glowing it was really overwhelmingly pleasurable, and when I swallowed a little bit I got a big wave of pleasure that spread through my body and even through my thoughts.

I wasn't quite sure what was happening, but Master said it was part of the deal. That slaves who really had a talent and a true genetic predisposition for being a sex slave often times had such intense physical reactions to their master's sperm. After that master explained to us another way to pleasure his penis. Since I was new he and Nadia would show me. I had to sit on a chair next to the bed, while Nadia lied down between the satin sheets on her back. Master rubbed his hand over his penis and then he pushed it into Nadia's slit.

Again I felt his penis was way too big for Nadia, but still the entire shaft disappeared inside of her. Master thrust back and forth. I saw the muscles in his back moving, his ass cheeks clenching, it was a beautiful sight. Nadia had her legs spread apart, her entire body was rocked back and forth. She seemed to be enjoying it immensely.

Even though she looked really small and vulnerable and fragile in comparison to the big strong muscled body of Master. She had closed her eyes. She moaned and panted. She squirmed and she even grabbed masters butt. Her nails digging into his ass cheeks.

I would want to grab master's butt as well, but I don't think I would manage to summon up the courage. I believe I would like to feel master inside of my slit as well. I can't stop thinking about that, that moment, that image, I can't seem to shake it from my mind. This morning I almost dropped a glass of orange juice because I kept day dreaming about master and Nadia. It's a bit confusing to be honest. My own little spot in between my legs feels really nice when I think about it, so many new feelings, so many new sensations, happy tingles, warm glow.

Sometimes I think there's something wrong with me, that I have a virus or something that makes me sweaty and warm and that fills my mind with thoughts like that.

Sometimes I want to go to Master to tell him I'm getting sick, but then I feel embarrassed and don't. It probably just means I'm a sex slave instead of just a regular house slave. I wish master invites me and Nadia to his room again. I really do hope so! ***