Bad boys Geschichten jeremy jung aus hammerboys tv

Bad boys Geschichten jeremy jung aus hammerboys tv
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Chapter Three: Fresh Air Carthalo stepped out into the cold and took a deep breath. It was everything he could do not to go back in there, set that Nord up on the counter and fuck her senseless.

But, as a matter of honor, he had given Alvor his word that he wouldn't touch his wife. Looking out across the road, Carthalo noticed light coming from the Inn and decided that what he needed right then was a cold drink. He walked across the streets, unaware of the figure watching him from the shadows. The first thing Carthalo noticed was the cute Innkeeper, a small blonde Imperial woman named Delphine who seemed as cold as the drinks she served.

He drank and drank for about two hours when he and the bard at the tavern, Sven, stumbled out around one in the morning. Carthalo had quickly made friends with the bard whose raunchy ballads kept the whole inn lively all night.

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"You know what…? Sven asked between hiccups, as he leaned over on Carthalo's shoulders.

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"What?" Carthalo asked, not as drunk, but still feeling lightheaded. "Camilla. Is a bitch." "No!

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you don't mean that." Carthalo assured him. "That's just the mead talking." "No. No. its true. I've written her all sorts of wonderful songs and given her tokens, and… and. she still wont put out!" "What a bitch!" Carthalo finally agreed.

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"I know! And the worst part is, she wont even leave the elf for me!" Carthalo stopped and looked at the skinny blonde bard as he realized the implications of what he was saying. "You mean…?" "I like to fuck boys. Yeah, what of it?" "Nothing, I just didn't expect it." "Well, its true, and if Camilla wasn't going to put out for me.

She could at least get her brother's head back in her twat where it belongs and let me have the elf boy." "Sounds good to me." Carthalo said. "You know what?" Sven asked. "What?" "Im gonna go fuck the elf." "Are you sure that's a good idea?" Carthalo asked.


"Suure." Sven said slowly, then he staggered down the road towards Faendal's house. Carthalo laughed, "Well, I'll leave you to that then." He said as the blonde nord knocked and shouted boisterously at the woodcutter's door. Carthalo turned and walked trippingly back towards Alvor's house. As he walked up to the steps however, he saw something move out of the corner of his eye.

Curious, he looked harder, observing the bushes beside the house. All of the sudden, a shadow darted out from behind the bushes and ran over the bridge that lay on top of the stream towards a small wooded island in the middle of the river by the mill.

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Carthalo instinctively dashed after the figure, he couldn't make any details out in the lighting but it was small and fast, an elf maybe? He caught up fairly quickly and grabbed the runner by the arm, pushing it up against a tree that stood on the bank of the island he looked down and saw Dorthe, Alvor's 14 year old daughter smiling up at him.

"What?" Carthalo said, dumbfounded.

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Dorthe just giggled "I had to get you away from that house." She said "Why?" Carthalo asked, only suspecting at where this was going. "Y'know, father says I'm too friendly with strangers, but you seem alright." "What are you going on about?" "Just be quiet for a second and I'll show you." "I have no-" Carthalo began; then, in one quick movement, the little girl undid his belt and dropped his pants, she was on her knees, looking up at him with a huge grin on her face.


Your father said" "My father said for you not to touch me, he didn't say anything about me touching you." The nubile brunette quickly grabbed a hold of Carthalo's cock, which sprang to life in all its seven inches of dark skinned, hammerfell glory.

Carthalo, too drunk to argue let his head fall back and let out a low growl as the pretty little thing at his feet started to stroke his cock tenderly. She rubbed her hands all over the shaft of his member, deliberately ignoring the head. Carthalo looked down at her smiling face, and she leaned her head forward, kissing the tip of his cock gently, then extending her tongue and swirling it around the top like licking the icing off of a sweetroll. "Where did you learn to do this?" Carthalo asked.

"My mother explained it to me, and I've been practicing on Frodnar, Gerdur's son. But he's not nearly as big as you are." Then she took her hand and rubbed it over his newly wetted cock head and spread the saliva all across his shaft, wetting it as well.

She began to stroke faster and faster, giggling with delight every time Carthalo made a low growl of pleasure. Her sexy little face was staring up at him and, finally devoid of any inhibitions, put his hand behind her head, and impaled her mouth with his long black meat stick. He pushed it as far back as it would fit in her tiny little mouth, but gently, and he did not try to fit In more when she only took half of his meat.

He pulled out, and let her breathe, but she extended her lips, hungry for his prick to slide back between them. Carthalo started to thrust his hips forward, holding her eager little head in place as he fucked this young giril in the mouth over and over.


Finally, Carthalo felt ready to cum, Dorthe sensed this and in one last noble effort to please him, shoved as much of his swollen cock as she could fit into her mouth. The cum erupted in the back of her throat and spilled out of the sides of her mouth, inflating her cheeks while she kept her lips tightly pursed around the Redguard's thick pulsing member. Gagging slightly, Dorthe pulled his deflating prick out of her mouth, and swallowed his cum, she looked to him so much like her mother, it was really the sexiest thing he had seen all night, this fourteen year old girl with his cum on her cute little cheeks, smiling brightly at him.


"Thanks for letting me practice on you, next time, you can do me." She said with a wink, "Now I gotta go, daddy'll wake up soon, and I better be in bed when he does." Carthalo simply groaned in sexual ecstasy as a sign of his approval, then fell back onto the grass.