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Rape Bait Chapter Three The Bondage Rapist / Extremely Foul Play Mona strutted into her husband's study, in full sexpot mode, and asked coyly, "Think my date or dates are going to like me tonight, honey?" When Saul looked up, she made a 360 degree model's sexy twirl with her body. He looked over her abundantly exposed, curvaceous flesh, and whistled, "Where in the hell did you get that hooker's outfit." "I borrowed it from my daughter, darling.

Her measurements are about an inch smaller than mine, so her clothes are much tighter and sluttier looking on me," she said, posing provocatively. "She thought that since I was going out to be a cheating wife tonight, I should look the part and be dressed in a whore red leather outfit that was too small on me and would make me look cheap and easy," she said huskily. The all red outfit was quite simple. Ultra-thin leather bikini panties barely covered by an extra short, very revealing, curve hugging leather mini skirt.

Above her waist was an opera sleeved, off the shoulder, one piece leather top that zipped up the front and presented a sea of tantalizing cleavage, as her magnificent, braless, well-toned prow stuck almost straight out in front of her. Around her mid-section was a five inch wide red elastic belt that cinched up her waist and accented her hips, as they broadened out dramatically into her spectacular lower body.

She had on a pair of matching, knee high red leather boots that added just the right touch of trashiness for this cheating sex occasion. The outfit's red color went perfectly with the new black haired look that she was using as part of her disguise for this rape bait project.

Her face had been made up in such a way that she was stunningly beautiful, but virtually unrecognizable to anyone who knew her. The special superheroine make up would not come off her face, except by use of a special chemical.

"Wow, you are one sensational looking, unfaithful, house wife," Saul complimented her sarcastically. "Even the look on your face is that of a MILF cougar who's on the prowl for young cocks.

You look like you should be standing on a street corner in the red light district, advertising your goods." "Why thank you baby, that is the nicest compliment you could possibly have given me." She gave him a skanky looking pose this time and asked, "Are you going to want some real sloppy seconds when I get home tonight, after my date or dates are through using me?" "What's going to be sloppy," he laughed?

"Everything, if things go as they usually do," she promised him, with a laugh. He waived her over to him, then ran his hand over the extremely thin leather that barely covered her lush crotch and said, "Well, if things go as hot and dirty as they usually do, when you are involved, I am going to want some very sloppy seconds, all three ways, while you tell me exactly what filthy sex acts you were forced to perform in that erotic outfit." "That's a deal, sweetheart," she purred, as she hotly humped his stroking hand, while she squeezed her magnificent breasts with both hands, already getting herself in the right mood for tonight's cheating wife date.

She was grateful, and somewhat amazed, that her husband not only didn't mind her going out as a superheroine and having horrific sexual encounters, too often with very ugly creeps, but also insisted on hearing all about what she had done or what had been done to her. In fact the only thing he had ever prohibited her from doing was boinking the Governor of California. She thought to herself, "All men have their sexual idiosyncrasies and, thankfully, that was his." Minutes later, as she was kissing her husband goodbye and going out to get into a city owned car the Mayor had loaned her for the job, four federal cops were parking their disguised van in the littered parking lot of the Glitter Motel.

They had been sent to San Diego, on a one night only assignment, to work this superheroine rape bait surveillance case. They were soon sitting in front of their spy systems TV's, watching the superheroine's soon to be sex date for the evening, let himself into a cruddy motel room carrying a large cardboard box.

One of the Feds said, "Jesus Christ, would you look at the way that hideous creep looks. Shit I don't know how our superheroine can stand to let a slimy asshole, who looks as bad as that, fuck her.

He looks like one of those frigging degenerate winos who live under bridges at night." Thinking about it for a second the Fed cop added, "But, on the other hand, from a pure porn point of view, it sure is going to be fun watching our beautiful superheroine, sex bait babe getting it from this slimy looking piece of garbage, butt wipe." Another Fed observed, "From the looks of that box the slug has lugged in with him, he must have some real nasty things in it to use on our faux cheating wife superheroine, tonight." A third one observed, "Man, from the looks of things, I'm betting that tonight's sex show is going to be real, real dirty.

This loser has the look of a real pervert with a nasty streak." "Those eyes of his look a little crazed and I'm betting that he is going to give our superheroine, volunteer Cunt, a real run for her money, and will actually turn out to be one of the rapists we were sent here to catch." At that moment the black haired, power belt-less, slutilly dressed, civilian version of The Blonde Avenger, pulled her car into the shabby entrance to the Glitter Motel, the absolute worst of the trashy, whore infested motels in San Diego.

She eased the car into a parking space in front of the door to the motel room where she was scheduled to meet her cheating wife date. She got out, smoothed her outfit until it was perfectly in place, then reminded herself again that she must be totally cooperative with whoever was waiting inside for her.

She took a deep breath, pressed her mental "I'm ready to put out" button, then went to the door to room 34 and knocked. In the surveillance van, one of the feds had announced, "Here comes the superheroine rape bait, now.

They all watched the volunteer cheating wife get out of the car and one of them blurted out, "Jesus H. Christ, would you look at that god damned body. Holy shit, I have never seen anything like it.

We are in for a fuckin' treat tonight watching that half-crazed looking pervert work over all those curves.

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Shit, let's get it on." Another Fed said, "She's fuckin' amazing looking, and she sure is dressed up for cheating. She looks like a pure slut in that sex bomb outfit." They all exchanged high fives, then settled back to watch the superbly built superheroine star of this evening's porn show, in action.

The room door opened and Mona got her first look at her companion for the evening, and he was a very unpleasant sight, indeed. Bad enough that she could hardly keep from gagging, just at the sight of him. The terrible looking dirt bag appeared to be in his forties, was of average height and weight, was gaunt but very wiry looking, had a large hook-nose, and was thin lipped and deathly pale.

He was about as creepy looking as anyone she had ever seen. His face was haggard and, unshaven and his teeth were stained yellow. His head had a few scraggly hairs on it and his clothes were very shabby and filthy.

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From the look of him she guessed that he was a low class, very disturbed Jew with many hang-ups, both mental and sexual, who should be in a mental institution, for everyone's safety.

From the sinister look in his eyes, she could tell that she was in for a nasty, raunchy night of perverted sex, even if he didn't turn out to be a rapist. But, he was so vile looking and strange acting that she was already feeling certain that he was going to turn out to be one of the "Cheating Wives" rapists.

If he did prove to be a rapist, at least this night wouldn't be wasted on having very bad, boring, amateurish sex with half-wits, like the first two nights had been spent. Nothing is as bad as being fucked by a small dicked, ugly, idiot sounding, bozo - several times.

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Tonight's slime ball sex date smiled a sickening grin at her that made her skin crawl. Looking her up and down he said, in a dull, grating voice, "My, how truly beautiful you are and how sexy you look.

I am so glad that you agreed to come here and meet me so that I can help you cheat on your husband. It is going to be a true pleasure to cuckold a man who has such a gorgeous, slutty looking wife, as you are.

Please come in and let's get things started." She gingerly stepped into the thread-bare, reeking, garbage dump looking, trash littered, pay by the hour, whore's crib that looked like it hadn't been cleaned in several days.

As she walked past her pathetic looking date, she could smell a very strong stench, one you would expect to come from someone who hadn't had a bath in a long time. She heard him close the door behind her and double lock it "Throw your purse in the corner," he ordered, his personality suddenly taking on a nasty edge to it, now that the door was locked behind her.

She did what she was told. He immediately went over and reached into a large box that was sitting in the corner of the room and pulled out a pair of handcuffs. He quickly stepped behind her and cuffed her wrists together. "Now that's better, Cunt," he said, turning her around by the shoulders.

He grasped her chin in his bony hand and shook her face as he told her, "I like to have full control over a woman before I defile her. Bondage helps me make sure that I can make her really cheat on her husband, exactly the dirty way I want her to." He released her chin and slapped her face with a hard, stinging, open handed blow then, without warning, quickly drove a fist into her perfectly formed stomach.

As she doubled over and let out a loud gasp, he shoved her face down onto the filthy, unmade bed, that was covered by a stinking sweat and cum stained sheet. He quickly grabbed a pair of ankle cuffs from the box and snapped them on her before she could move. "The guy had obviously done this a few times before," she thought to herself, "he's certainly no rookie." "Now we are beginning to make some progress you cheating whore," he said, slapping her upturned, leather covered ass cheeks, hard.

"You have come here wanting to cheat on your husband, well, you stupid, round-heeled, cheating slut, I am going to make you cheat on him in ways you have never even dreamed of." "And you are not only going to cheat on him, I am going to punish you for being such a fuckin' worthless tramp of a wife, while I rape the hell out of you, you fuckin' piece of white trash," he laughed, sadistically.

He reached down and pulled her tight skirt up to her waist, fully exposing her lush lower body and her red leather panties. Then he pulled out of the big box a flat, three foot long, six inch wide, half an inch thick mahogany paddle. He grasped the weapon firmly in both hands, swung it up over his head, then brought it straight down, the flat side smacking hard against her fully rounded, bikini decorated ass cheeks.

She howled in surprised pain.


Liking the sound of her scream, he repeated the paddle blows several more times, blistering hard, until he had her moaning and squirming in pain, her tossing head wiping her face against the grimy, much used, still wet from earlier in the day ejaculations, nasty bed sheet.

His arm tiring he rolled her over on to her back, grabbed two fistfuls of her mane of thick black hair and dragged her body across the bed until the back of her neck was lying on the edge of the filthy mattress, with her head dangling off the edge. He got a thin, short whip out of his box and laid it beside her shoulder, then stood behind her head and dropped his pants and boxer shorts down around his ankles, revealing to her a surprisingly long and thick, putrid smelling, very stiff, dirty prick.

He grabbed his pole in his hand and fed the rancid tasting penis into her upside down, wide open mouth, and then shoved his hips forward until the head of his cock banged off of her tonsils. He ran the zipper of her upper leather garment down to the top of her waist-pinching elastic belt, then reached in and pulled out her huge pair of mammarys.

Grabbing one in each hand, he started mauling them and pinching her nipples as he fucked her mouth, deep and hard, forcing his foul tasting sausage down her throat, using her oral cavity like it was a well-used pussy. With each inward thrust, his long sack of hairy balls banged against her nose and forehead, as her face got shoved into his reeking pubic hair.

The stench from his crotch was stifling and the awful flavor of stale cum and dried urine was nauseating her. She couldn't really suck his cock because he was fucking her mouth so callously and hard, so she just held her head still and her mouth wide open, and let him rape her full lipped oral cavity and drive his cock deep down her throat, the bottom side of his nasty meat pole sliding across the surface of her wet tongue, as he rode her face like a jockey.

He soon released her tits and started slapping them hard, until the white skinned, jiggling flesh was bright red. The slaps brought her so much pain that she was groaning loudly around the thick shaft of his prick, as he plunged it in and forced her to gag on it, laughing at her choking struggles to breathe.

As he used and abused her, she thought to herself, "This guy was definitely an experienced rapist and, undoubtedly, the watching Feds were soon going to be bursting into the room and arresting him.

All I have to do is let him rape me good, so that all of the evidence that is needed to prosecute him will be captured on film, said film to be used to put him away for a long time." The disgusting pig finally stopped abusing her stinging breasts and picked up the small whip, then yelled down at her, "Spread your legs as wide as you can, you god damned, cheating jezebel," The chain the ankle cuffs were attached to was long enough to allow her to spread her feet and thighs plenty wide.

She parted her legs, exposing her full, fleshy, leather covered crotch. The sadistic slug immediately swung the whip, bringing it down on her pubic mound and crotch, nailing her clit hard, as its thin shaft cut into the thin leather that covered her pussy lips. As he got into the swing of things, several more vicious slashes caught her fleshy crotch, dead center, and now she was screaming around the shaft of his pounding, very aroused penis.

The thin whip kept cutting into her twat, mercilessly, until suddenly she felt her sleazy BDSM attacker's cock swell, then begin to quiver, and finally start shooting her mouth full of his vile ball cream. When his quivering prick shot its first volley into her mouth, the pervert dropped the whip and reached down and grabbed her by the throat, with both hands, and began pistoning his turgid meat deep down her throat, as it finished spewing his rancid, tangy seed into her stomach.

As his balls flooded their slimy spunk load into her oral receptacle, he howled, "Cuckold the bastard you dirty, round heeled, fuckin' slut, and drink my ball juice down." When his scrotum was finally empty, he lewdly grinned down at her with satisfaction, then pulled his spent cock out of her mouth and spit in her face.

He then stepped out of the pants and shorts that were around his ankles, and was left wearing only a T-shirt, cheap black shoes and black socks. Back in the van, the task force guys were intently watching the red hot action. One of them said, "Jesus, that was one hell of a deep throat, face fuck wasn't it? And the bastard has added new meaning to the words, "Pussy Whipped." That was better than anything I have ever seen done to a porn star." "You're damned right, buddy," another one chimed in.

"God damned she looks great getting mouth fucked don't she. She is one expert meat eater. Man, that lucky perverted sicko is having the time of his life putting a beat down on that gorgeous body, ain't he?" The third Fed said to the leader, "This guy is definitely one of the rapists we're here to catch, Boss. How long do we wait before we have to go in and arrest this creep?" "Well, the word I got from the Mayor was to hold off as long as absolutely possible, so that we have the full rape on film, before we decide to go in and arrest him." "The Mayor told me that we don't have to worry about the superheroine, she can take all of the abuse this guy can hand out and, although, she'll feel all the pain that he inflicts on her, any serious injuries she sustains will heal up within 24 hours." "So I am going to say that we let the guy go until he has done everything he came here to do to her, and not arrest him until the last moment, and not a moment sooner.

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What do you boys think?" They all happily chorused together, "We're with you, Chief, let's let the demented freak wear himself out abusing her, before we nab him. This is too good a sex show to not get to see it all played out." The leader said, "Okay boys, let's get back to watching the weirdo finish what he came here to do. She looks so damn fine having it done to her that I don't want to miss a second of the action. It's good to watch a real professional pervert in action." "Besides the whole idea is that she is here to be raped so that we can get it all on film, so we shouldn't jump the gun.

In my judgment we definitely don't have enough on tape yet, so let's let the pervert keep going. I hate to interrupt a man who's on a roll like this miserable asshole is." While she panted from the abuse she had taken, her wet, whipped pussy burning like hell, the rapist went over to his box of diabolical goodies and pulled out a large ball gag, walked back over to her and reached down and forced it between her teeth, prying her jaws wide apart. When the entire ball was buried completely inside of her mouth, he cinched the head strap up real tight.

He then rolled her over, face down, grabbed her by the ankles and pulled her body across the stinking mattress until her legs were off of the bed and she was kneeling on the dirty carpet, face down on the rank, smelly, dirty sheet, her full, round ass positioned very invitingly. He uncuffed one ankle and pulled her leather panties off, then snapped the cuff back on.

He went to the box again, this time coming back with an ominous looking, maximum sized butt plug. He stood behind her and inserted two fingers into her anus and used them to loosen the opening up a little, then, with demented intentions; he pressed the small end of the brutal looking butt plug against her anal opening and began forcing the huge device up inside her tight rear channel.

Mona groaned in agony and tossed her head wildly as he cruelly worked to force her anal passage to yield and widen to accommodate the huge instrument. In effect he was trying to rip her a new one, and he was having painful success in doing so. What began to aide him in his efforts to fully impale her asshole with the monster butt plug, was the fact that the cum that he had just shot down her throat was starting to sexually intoxicate her brain and she could already feel herself getting very hot and helplessly responsive.

As the cum worked its sexual magic, she started wiggling her ass in response to the disgusting creep's butt plug attack, the speedily intoxicating cum causing her to help him in his quest to shove the massive rubber anus wrecker all the way up her back door passage. Also contributing to her growing lust was the fact that, as the butt plug worked its way inside of her, it was rubbing up against her extremely sensitive anal clit, that friction stimulating her to be even more cooperative.

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Soon, with her help, the sick pervert succeeded with his demonic attack and had the bullish butt plug buried deep in the recesses of her anal passage, with her anus now gripping the protruding neck of the huge tool, keeping it securely in place, deep inside of her, as it painfully stretched her back door chute, to the maximum.

Very pleased with his painful accomplishment, the creep got out of the box of sex tools a 24 inch long, very thick double dildo, which he proudly showed her, menacingly. The tool had a dual purpose for him. It could be used to stick in all three holes of a female victim, with mind boggling results, or it could be used as a club to beat a woman with.

Its shape and very firm flexibility enabling him to inflict much pain, without causing major injury. The hyped up jerk elected to begin using it as a weapon and started pounding her ass cheeks, the back of her thighs, as well as her back and shoulders with it.

During this prolonged assault, he delivered a series of wicked blows to the back of her head, apparently with the intent of beating her senseless, and he practically achieved that goal as he hammered her completely groggy.

Finally tiring of that game, he jerked her to her feet, turned her around, then knocked her on the bed on her back, with a crunching fist to the jaw. Then he began bouncing the harsh weapon off of her thighs, crotch, stomach and tits, grinning an evil leer as he happily watched her writhe in pain.

Thrilled by her muffled moans, in reaction to the pain he was inflicting, he also battered her forehead and cheeks with it, just for the fun of it. He loved to hear women try and scream with a ball gag in their mouth.

The watching Fed's got a little concerned about the violence of the heavy blows the superheroine was taking, but their leader reminded them that she could take anything.

They were collectively glad to hear that from their horny leader, again, because watching her take this pounding was proving to be hotter than hell, sadistic, bondage porn.

Satisfied with the painful results of the beating he had administered to his cheating wife date for the night, the totally depraved jerk went around and got between her thighs and stuck the head of the warmed up dildo into her open vagina. She was now good and hot from drinking his cum, as well as the beating he had given her and, to his surprise, it didn't take long for him to get more than half of the two foot long, very thick artificial cock up into her juice oozing cunt.

"Hump your hips you god damned tramp, and fuck yourself with it," he ordered. She helplessly began bucking her hips wildly, as he heaped demeaning insults on her. Back to the box of demented surpriseses he went, this time returning with big alligator clamps.

She cringed as she watched him take one of the heavy, industrial strength, spring loaded clamps in his hand and squeeze it open, put the spread teeth on each side of her large, erect nipple, then let to and watched it slam shut. The resulting flash of pain caused her to let out a deep groan that was very muffled by the almost totally out of sight ball gag.

He repeated the process with the other nipple, with the same painful results and pitiful groans, which was music to his ears. Then he took the third, even more viciously toothed clamp, pried it open, put her clit between the weapon's angry looking teeth then turned it loose and let it snap shut, sinking the two brutal rows of hard steel into each side of her prominent, camel toe clit.

The flash of pain brought a muffled howl of protest from her, that was quickly followed by a major, body shuddering climax, that brought a rousing cheer in the Fed's survelliance van.

The demonically aroused rapist then pulled her up into a sitting position, while, in the van, a Fed observed to the others, "Damn that crazy lunatic has made one great looking bondage queen out of her, hasn't he? She is stuffed and tied and clamped better than a fuckin' Christmas turkey.

Shit, I can hardly wait to see what he does to her all trussed up like that. This is going to get real good, for sure." All the excited Fed heard in return from his companions was some grunts of agreement as the guys couldn't take their eyes of the TV screens, for the fear of missing something awful being done to the lush bodied, super-hot, volunteer cheating wife victim. Now satisfied with the way he had her packaged, the deranged rapist grabbed a fist full of her thick hair, jerked her up off the bed and knocked her to her hands and knees on the filthy carpet, with a solid, splatting punch to the gut.

Then he half dragged her towards the putrid, stinking bathroom, making her scramble to keep up on her knees.


He guided her into the nasty, littered crapper, then pushed her upper body down and had her keep crawling forward until her tits were right over the filthy toilet bowl, which had no seat or lid. He grabbed her by the back of the neck and pressed down, forcing her enormous tits down into the cold, slimy porcelain toilet, her melons practically filling up the putrid bowl.

He then put his foot on her back and pushed down hard until her twin torpedoes were fully submerged in the murky, yellowish cold water. Grinning like a fiend, he reached over and flushed the commode and water flowed out of the bowl and then sprayed back in, soaking her rack completely. Her face was hanging off the edge of the slimy commode and she found herself looking down into an overflowing trash can.

It was heaped with toilet paper and freshly used condoms, some of them being still wet from very recent use by previous occupant's. Her nose was about an inch above the fragrant, disgusting mixture. The sick bastard grabbed a fist full of her hair and pushed her face down into the trash can, burying it in the foul smelling condoms and wet paper debris. He slapped the back of her head and told her, "Stay just like that you stupid, cheating Cunt." Then the pervert yelled down at her, "Having fun cheating on your old man now, honey?

Bet you never dreamed that you would be cuckolding him like this, did you, you spoiled, gorgeous, two timing, MILF slut?" He flushed the commode again and left for a minute, then returned with a hard but flexible, rubber shaft that looked like a policeman's night stick He got behind her and swung it in an arch and smashed it down on her ass cheeks.

His prick got stiffer as he heard her cry out in pain around the large ball gag. He kept hitting her on the ass, back and the back of her head until his arm was weary.

Half dazed, and finding it hard to breathe with her face stuffed down in the trash can gunk, she felt him fumble with the butt plug until he got it out of her ass, with a loud, suctioning, wet plop.

He quickly rammed his hard pecker up her well violated back chute and began giving her a nasty ass fucking while he pressed down on her back with both hands, jamming her jutting tits even further down into the slimy toilet bowl water. The sick freak finally tired of sodomizing her, pulled his prick out of her ass, stuffed the butt plug back into her gaped anal passage, pulled the double dildo out of her pussy and replaced it with his prick, then began putting his shaft to her hot, oozing snatch, giving it a good fucking, as he kept flushing the toilet and slapping the back of her head and shoving her face further down into the basket of choking, bathroom garbage.

Finally he reached down and pulled out the butt plug again and stuck it in her pussy, then stuck his cock back up her well violated ass and shot his wad as he screamed in overwhelming, dominating ecstasy. The guys back in the van let out another cheer and started clapping for the pervert. "Damn that was one hot scene," one of them gasped.

"Shit, that gorgeous superheroine Cunt can really take it can't she?" Another one said, "I heard through the grapevine that our superheroine is married to some rich bastard.

If she is, she sure is doing a first class job of cheating on him while she is playing the role of a cheating wife for this perverted, asshole rapist.

Man, no one could do a better job of being a cheating MILF than what she is doing tonight." The grinning, sleazy rapist let his limp dick slide out of her ass, then grabbed her by the hair and pulled her body straight up at the waist, dragging her face out of the trash can and her tits out of the cold toilet bowl water.

He pulled the ball gag out of her mouth, straddled the commode and grabbed his dripping pole in his hand and fed the semi-erect sausage to her. Mona took the slimy, soft, vile feeling tool in her mouth and began chewing it and sucking on it.

Her face was pressed into his cum slick pubic hair and he insisted that she look him in the eye while she labored hard to suck his tool clean, as he yelled dehumanizing insults at her. Finally, he reached down and grabbed her by the neck and jerked her to her feet, then led her back into the bedroom.

He pushed her back up against a wall and began punching her perfectly rounded belly and swinging tits, until he'd driven her to her knees, gasping for air. He yelled at her, "Now I am going to beat the shit out of you for cheating on your husband, you worthless whore." He bent down and drove a vicious, hard elbow into the side of her head, knocking her over on her side, then began kicking and stomping her defiled, voluptuous, turned on body.

In the van the cops all agreed that this guy was definitely one of the internet rapists, but the watching detectives were now wondering how they could go and arrest this freaked out creep with the hardons they had. One of them asked the lead detective, "How much longer do we wait to rescue her, Chief." The leader responded pensively, "Well, this guy is doing such a good job on her I still hate to stop him yet." At that moment they watched the rapist jerk the superheroine back to her feet, turn her around, then get knocked on her back, on the bed.

The now completely out of control rapist pulled the cuffs off of her ankles, got her knees up to her tits, spread her thighs, then balled up his fist and began firing shot after shot into her crotch and into her huge tits.

The watchers could see that the superheroine was definitely feeling plenty of pain from this wild eyed assault. Each resounding splat of his fist against her puffy pussy lips was bringing a loud groan of agony and passion from the incredibly beautiful, superheroine bondage queen. Another detective chimed in, "Damn would you look at those big tits bounce when that fist goes into them. And man, do I like the cunt shots he's giving the superheroine slut. Her pussy lips are taking one hell of a pounding." "Yeah I know," the leader said.

"We should go in there and arrest this guy, but it sure is fun watching a real experienced pervert, rapist do his thing. He has got the over-stacked, superheroine bitch in a world of hurt, don't he?" A few more minutes went by as they watched the mentally deranged piece of crap stuff her leather panties in her mouth and then start working her over again with the double dildo, smacking her tits and crotch, stomach and thighs, piteously, with a totally depraved look of pleasure on his face.

Finally, the leader said, dejectedly, "Well I guess it is time to go and arrest this freak before he knocks her completely out. The Fed's did their best to adjust their hardons, then marched dutifully out the door of the van. When they broke into the room the totally unhinged rapist had the butt plug crammed into the superheroine's mouth, as far as it would go, making her look like she was trying to swallow a small ham.

The now totally berserk sicko had removed her hand cuffs and had her sitting astraddle of his lap, in the reverse cowgirl position, with his cock shoved all the way up her ass Her feet were planted firmly on the mattress, with her thighs spread exposing her wide open, severely abused pussy. Her eyes were closed and she seemed to be in a pleasure filled sexual trance, as she helped the demonic fruitcake ass fuck her.

Her much violated twat was stuffed with the double dildo and there were only a few inches of the monster sticking out of it, meaning that it had a lot of inches rammed fully into her voluptuous, bouncing lower body.

The insatiable, totally possessed pervert was thrusting his hips upwards, driving his cock up her ass, and causing her tits to bounce wildly as her hot, cummy anal passage slid up and down easily on the pervert's invading dong. The detectives rushed to the bed and shoved The Blonde Avenger off of the rapist. She landed on her back and as his cock popped out of her anus, it went off and shot volleys of spraying semen all over her stomach and tits, with a couple of long shots even splattering against her face.

When his cum shots stopped, the Fed's grabbed the guy, pulled him off the bed, had him put his pants back on, handcuffed him and led him out to their van. They returned to the squalid motel room and looked at the superheroine lying on her back on the filthy bed, her mouth full of butt plug, thighs spread, the end of the double dildo sticking out of her pussy, her tits still wet from both the crapper water and the pervert's last ejaculations.

It seemed that every part of her body was slippery and glistening with the rapist's jism. Mona was lying there panting, completely drunk from all of the cum the pervert had pumped into her body, and sprayed all over it.

She was so tired and sexually turned on that she couldn't even open her eyes. She just laid there on her back listening to what was going on, as the four detectives stood around the bed with their pants bulging and their balls nearly blue from watching the X-rated porn show she had just starred in. Her sex hazed mind heard the lead detective say, "Man, look at her would you.

Does she look totally fucked, or what? What a god damned body and what a fuckin' mess it's in. She looks like she's the victim of a gang banging, instead of one rapist.

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Damn what a whore she could be. Based on what we saw tonight, this slut would fuck absolutely anything." Looking down at her, he added " But, god, even in this deplorable condition, she still looks absolutely gorgeous." He looked more closely at her and said, "Damn, it looks like the fucked over slut has passed out from all the abuse she took." "Shit, we gotta have some relief real bad, but that damned cruddy looking pervert has her so completely fucked over, with his dirty cum in every orifice and spread all over her body, that I sure don't want to touch any part of her, do you guys?" "Hell no," they all agreed.

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"You can't kiss a whore and we sure as hell can't touch this round-heeled Cunt, after the plowing she's gotten from the butt wipe pervert," one of them stated, "I damn sure ain't sticking a cock in her, anywhere." The leader said, "Well since she is completely out of it, what do you say that we jack-off and shoot our loads all over her. The hot-assed bitch will never know the difference. Besides, she owes us some relief for putting on such a hot fuck show with that damnedpiece of garbage rapist, right in front of our eyes." She heard another one of them say, "Let's do it.

Let's give her a good hosing and then leave her here and hit the road and take that damn rapist down to the jailhouse and book him. She is supposed to take care of herself after these fuckfests, anyway, according to the Mayor." The four cops jumped up on the bed and stood two on each side of her inert body. They pulled out their swollen boners and aimed them down at her and started jacking-off. She could hear them breathing hard as they jacked. Then she heard the familiar sound of male groans of gratification just before they shoot their loads.

And, sure enough, she soon began to feel their cum start to rain down on her, splattering all over her body. The hours of watching her get worked over by the disgusting rapist had topped off their tanks and, as a result, an amazing amount of jism poured down on her.

They nailed her from her forehead and eyebrows to the tops of her knee high boots, adding another layer of hot, thick, creamy cum to her totally fucked over body. They didn't spare her anything and the eyelids of her closed eyes were soon under a pool of cum. They got her dildo stuffed crotch, her belly button, her clamped nipples and even the end of the butt plug that was still sticking out of her mouth.

As all men are prone to do in this situation, the four Feds made sure that her face got a major share of their hot spunk shots, and she ended up looking like she was wearing a cum mask. She never flinched during the hosing, not wanting them to know that she was fully aware of what they were doing to her. As she was being drenched with their seed, she thought to herself, "Damn, I can't let this happen again.

I have got to talk to the Mayor and get him to pay a woman to take care of the cops who were going to be on these superheroine surveillance teams. They very badly needed to have their cocks sucked off while they were watching her having hot, totally raunchy, filthy sex every night. When they had spilled their last drop of joy juice on her, the Fed's jumped off the bed, zipped up and bolted out the door, leaving a total mess behind them.

Mona laid there a few minutes under the thick layers of warm cum, then struggled to her feet, pulled the double dildo out of her much abused vagina, found Margie's panties and put them back on, over the alligator clamp, then pulled her skirt down. Then she pushed her toilet bowl slimed breasts back into her top and zipped it up, leaving the alligator clamps on her nipples. She wiped the cum off of her eyes so she could see clearly, then put the rapist's weapons back in the cardboard box and put it in the back of her car, to be given to the Mayor as evidence the next day.

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Then she grabbed her purse and left the scene of the rape. She was well down the highway when some guys pulled up beside her and pointed. In a moment she realized that the butt plug was still in her mouth. Laughing, she pulled it out and laid it on the seat beside her and disappointed the guys in the other car by waiving thanks to them and driving on.

As she drove along, even though her whole body ached from the terrible abuse it had taken, she felt very good about finally having caught a real rapist. She was more than ready to do her duty and come back the next night to try and catch another one of these phychos, and keep doing so until she had rid the city of all of these disgusting, dangerous vermin. But for now she was going to go home and give the box of pervert's sex toys to her husband, and let him see if he could have as much fun with them as her rapist had, while he got himself some very sloppy seconds.

She knew that, as he heard the nasty details about her night's ordeal, Saul was not going to be able to resist giving her voluptuous, cum soaked, totally violated body more than a few hot whacks with the dangerous pervert's weapons of female torment.