Exquisite hottie is showing off her stretched narrow cunt in close up

Exquisite hottie is showing off her stretched narrow cunt in close up
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My name is Kyle Eliott. My friends call me "strummer" because I have been known to strum a mean guitar. More about that later but for now these pages will tell the story of my sex life over the last 2 years. Believe me when I tell you, ever since my divorce two years ago, it has been a wild wild ride. I married young (20) and we stayed together for 19 years. One night she said she had enough and left me for another WOMAN!!! Imagine that!!! That moment I turned my life around.

I started working out getting back in shape. Not that I was too out of shape I, by many accounts look good. I just needed a bit of toning up. My appeal with the woman really started when I shaved my head. Being a Black Male who is Tall, Medium Dark, Hansome and Bald seems to be attracting all types of women.&hellip.

Hope you enjoy my stories&hellip. _______________________________________________________________________ I stopped in the Hotel bar, as I always do after work, to find it pretty empty. Beside the bartender there may have been 4 other people in the joint. I like to have a few beers before I go out for dinner. This particular night the bar in downtown Gainesville, they were going to have a Comedy Show.

"So what can I get you… My name is Sue." "Well Sue a Bud would work well… and can you tell me about the show later? " "Sure it just a local comedy show… Some are good some are bad… Overall I guess the talent is average". She dropped off my beer and continued down the bar. She was tall. I like em like that. She returned, after checking on her regulars.


She struck up a conversation and we chatted a bit about several things of interest to both of us. She was smart and very knowledgeable. I like em like that too. She did another lap around the bar. Returning she said "If you are gonna come that show sometimes sells out so you my want to reserve a seat." "Can I sit at the bar" "I was hopin you'd ask that.

I like having someone around to I can talk to" Jokingly I said "Be careful what you ask for. You just might get it." She flashed a bright smile and walked away. She hung near me while I downed four beers. We chatted for a rather long time.

She seemed like she could be a lot of fun. Fun, I like em like that as well. She told me that she just dumped her boyfriend of 4 years and was just ready to spread her wings. The bar cleared out for a bit. Our conversation turned a little suggestive and I reminded her again about being careful what she wished for. Feeling things were going along well, I asked her what time she got off. She said 12:30. I invited her to my room, she flashed that smile again but said nothing.

I took out my extra room key and slid it across the bar. She looked at it but did not touch it. I was about to say something when she cut me off and said "You be careful because you might just get some" she emphasized the "SOME" I knew just what she meant.

I have gotten very good at picking up clues. Being single myself for the last year I can now figure out when I'm getting hit on. Something I was unable to do when I was younger or while I was married.

She scooped up the card and put it in her pocket. I paid my tab and told Sue that I would be back after dinner and in time for the show. She said she couldn't wait. I returned just minute before the showtime. I paid the cover and was heading to my reserved barstool where I saw Sue had already place a cold one down for me.

I asked if she were trying to get me drunk. She just smiled, winked and walked away. Need less to say my beer never ran dry. Sue had a sexy look about her. She had olive skin long black hair she was a little flat in the ass department but what she lacked there she sure had up top. She had a full well rounded rack.

I'd say 30ish. The show started and Sue got a bit busy. She kept looking at me and her smile said it all. She had that unmistakable "Fuck me tonight" look on her face and I was planning on doing just that. It just so happened that one of the few seats still empty after the start of the show was a stool next to me.

A couple came in a bit over dressed. He was wearing a suite with a banded collar shirt and she was wearing a short black cocktail dress. They were and average looking couple.

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She was a bit on the large side in all departments but no taller than 5ft. The man asked if it was Ok if his date sat there. I was fine with it. My attention was on Sue and the comedians. In between acts we had some conversations about this and that. It was hard not to take a peek here and there at Pam. She had large tits that were hanging out of the top of her dress and her skirt kept riding up her leg. She was cool about it. Made no attempt to cover up. I guess John was cool about it as well because he asked me, when Pam got up and went to the restroom, what did I think of her.

John said "Big tits huh???" "Yeah" "She loves to suck big dicks too" I was thrown by that comment and I didn't know what to say. I chuckled a bit. " Here's the deal. Pam and I are swingers and we were out looking for some action tonight. You want to join us.

No pressure or anything? We are staying at the Crown Plaza across the street in room 203. If you want to come by we both would like to have you." Pam must have known that this conversation was taking place because when she came back in she stood at the front door. I'm sure if he was getting negative vibes he would have headed her way and left.

He waved her over and she came got close to me took a big hand full of meat and said "So will we see you later" I felt my cock growing in her had "Sure" She said that they were heading back now and to come over any time. She also said "bring this with you" as she tugged my stiffy twice.

They paid the bill and they were gone. Wow, I didn't know what to think. The show was winding down and it was getting close to 11 pm. People were starting to leave. I chatted a bit more with Sue. She was a bit busy. I told her that I was getting out of her hair so that she could close and clean up as fast as possible.

Some of the locals, on the way out shouted "See you later, Sue". I knew they were lying. I was the only one who was going to see her later… I was heading to my room when I made a detour. I looked at the clock saw I had some time so just because I was curious I headed to the Plaza. I got to Pam and Johns room. "Oh, Kevin. Glad you came. Can we get you a drink." "Beer would be great" The room had close on the floor and they were sitting around in shorts and tee's.

I take that back Pam forgot the shorts and she was flashing her hairy cunt right at me. The conversation was light and two beers later she was out of her close and on the bed.

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John followed. Nude he jumped on the bed and told me to take my clothes of. I did. My 10incher was standing tall. Pam was excited. "I told you he was huge." "You picked a big one this time". John's cock was on the small side.

It too was hard and he began to do her doggie style. He was working up an nice steady stoke. She waved me over. She was at the right height my cock slide right in her wet, warm and wild mouth.

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John started to pick up the pace pounding her twat hard and strong. As he banged her forward she would choke more and more old fatty down her throat. This was working fine for me. I started to think about switching places with John and I was hoping for some double penetration later on. That was when I remembered that I was going to have company later on and I needed to get back.

A few seconds later I started to cum. Pam sucked my dry. John was correct she know what she was doing. I came hard.

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I pulled out of her mouth and I watched John finish her off from behind. They came together. Oh how sweet. My cock went limp fast as I was thinking of a reason I could use to get to my next appointment. I might have stayed If Pam was really hot looking and If I hadn't give my room key out.

No excuse came to mind. I knew that I just could cum and run. It was at that moment a window of opportunity opened. John slide around the front of the bed. He looked at my cock and said "Damn, you hang big". Reaching for my cock he asked "Can I suck it hard again so you can fuck my wife.

We both want to take it up the ass." Backing away I said " You know I'm just not into that. I would love to fuck you wife (lie) but I don't want some guy suckin my dick nor is my dick going up some guys whole.

Sorry that turns me off I got to go." John was calm but he did ask as I was scrambling to get dressed "What did you think was gonna happen. I told you we were swingers." "You did but I was hoping to double up on your wife and not tag both of you.

Sorry, I got to go." "I'm sorry, I did know you weren't in to that." Pam got off the bed and on her knees. She was quick but did manage to get my dick back in her mouth. "Sorry, girl I got to go. "No, don't go I need more cock please" I stuffed my log back into my un's pulled my pants up and put my shirt on in the hall. Seconds later I was in the parking lot heading back to my room. It was 12:15 when I jumped in the shower.

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It must have been 12:20 when I jumped again. This time because that shower curtain opened and Sue stepped in. She look beautiful nude.

She immediately went to her knees and started to play with my cock. "So nice of you to shower to get ready for me." I was in heaven, My second Blow job of the night. Sue to knew what she was doing. It took a bit of work but she got me to the verge of unloading.


She stopped, stood, and kissed me. I want you to fuck me. Right here. Right now." She turned around, I bent her forward and we went at it. Slow and wet at first. As she got more comfortable with my size I started to really ring her bell. She was loving it. She came quick. She turned her face over her left shoulder and whispered "Thanks" Then she grabbed me by my cock and pulled me on to the bed. She must have pulled down the cover and the sheet when she slide into my room.

Thank goodness I got a double room. We had a bed to fuck on and a bed to sleep on. We did it several different times that night and in the morning. She was so hot. She wouldn't let me go down, she kept getting me hard.

She started out on top. Riding my like no bodies business. I came and she kept grind on me. She was smiling at me playing with her clit as I played with her tits. It was her turn to cum. When I felt her explode I started to get hard again.

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So she rode me again. Damn that was awesome. We came together and this time she rolled off. "That was great!!! Your big black cock is amazing. I'm pretty sore but it hurts so good.

I want more." More is exactly what she got!!!