Adorable babe makes sucking cock feels so pleasurable

Adorable babe makes sucking cock feels so pleasurable
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It'd been a long day. John had driven up to a nearby city for business. He'd spent nearly 12 hours in various sales meetings, expositions, and even a dinner meeting. He was glad to be going home, but the exhaustion was overwhelming.

As he got into his car, John considered the idea that maybe he should book a hotel room and just drive home tomorrow. But after weighing the pros and cons, he decided to just head home. It was, after all, only a two hour drive. As he pulled out of the parking lot, John turned on the radio, turned up the volume, and sang along to a couple of tunes.

He did this in an effort to stave off the ever-growing fatigue, but as he started to approach the city limits, he was well aware that it wasn't helping.

It didn't help matters that it was dark out and that there was virtually no activity on the roads. The dim yellow street lights seemed to calmly urge John to slip into a nice, peaceful slumber. The unfortunate part was that it was working. It was at that moment that John noticed a hitchhiker up ahead. A mere shadow, yet given John's current state, the distant figure was a glimmering beakon of hope.

John had always avoided picking up hitchhikers because of all the horrible stories he'd heard, but at this moment, he was willing to forgoe the off-chance of a horribly painful death for a conversation that would keep him awake. As he slowed to pick up the journeyman, John realized that this ominous figure was actually a beautiful woman.

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She had dark hair (in a ponytail) and ruby-red lips. Even with the dim yellow street lights John was able to make out how red those lips were. Somehow they were inviting. The woman also had on a blue and white plaid shirt and blue jeans. Completing the package was a pair of cowboy boots. Indeed, it seems John had found himself a cowgirl.

He secretly thanked God that he was heading out onto the highway. He couldn't stand the idea that he'd have to listen to country music all the way home. John pulled to a stop and unlocked the passenger door. The woman stood there for a moment.

She took one last puff on her ciggarette and through it into the bushes. John took this moment to admire her body just a little more. She had perfect hips indicating (probably) a perfect butt. While her plaid shirt was a bit loose, John could still tell that she had around average sized breasts.

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Yes. It was safe to safe John was attracted to her from the start. The woman opened the door, through her backpack into the back seat, and sat down. She looked briefly at John, then turned to close the door. She turned back to John. "Thanks," she said, with what seems like a hint of annoyance in her voice. She turned and stared straight out the windsheild. John signalled and turned back out onto the road. "I'm John," he offered. "Helen," came the reply. A few moments passed and the car finally passed the last of the city lights and was out on the open highway.

He was still tired and it seemed as though he picked up the only hitchhiker in history that didn't want to talk. Or were they all like that? He'd never picked up a hitchhiker, so he really didn't know. He supposed that it would make sense that conversation with a total stranger might be a little uncomfortable. Regardless of this realization, John needed to stay awake. And the only way that was going to happen was if he engrossed himself in conversation.

Problem was, he wasn't sure what to say. Then it occured to him he'd never even asked the obvious, "so? Where to?" Helen didn't even turn to look at him. Instead, she merely spit out a one word conversation killer, "wherever." John was at a total loss. Almost a bit frustrated, he decided he'd just talk and hope she would at least reciprocate a little bit. "You got business in town?" "Nope." "So why are you leaving this place then?" Maybe a direct question would offer up a response, he thought.

Helen shrugged, "bored, I guess." At last! An avenue!

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"'Bored'? You're leaving town and going 'wherever' because you're 'bored'?" He chuckled a little. "What the hell kinda reasoning is that?" "Pretty goddamn good, if you ask me," she said. There was a hint of anger in her voice this time.

"Seriously, that can't be the reason. You're only gonna be in the car for two hours. After that time, you'll never see me again. Think of this time as a time where you can vent. You can say anything you want, I really don't care. To be honest, I'm dead tired and I just want something to help keep me awake." He turned to her and gave her what he hoped was a charming look.

"So how 'bout it? Why are you skipping town?" Helen put her hands on her thighs. She looked as though she was thinking about whether or not to say anything at all. For a few minutes, the car was silent. John had just resigned himself to the thought that there would be no talking for the remainder of the two hours when she finally spoke. "I'm leaving because of a guy," she stammered. It seemed very difficult for her to say, but at the same time it also seemed as though a great weight was being lifted off her shoulders.

"I'm always leaving because of guys. I haven't been in one place for more than 6 months for the past 5 years." "Why's that?" John asked. "Well, for the most part, the guys I've dated were jerks.


Some of them were absolute wackos!" She was almost yelling now, "This one guy even broke into my apartment while I wasn't home, and was stealing my panties when I caught him! The worst part? We'd broken up like 2 months ago! Jesus!" "So was that the guy you're running from now?" "I'm not running from him, and no," she corrected. "This last guy was actually pretty good.

I thought things would last with him. But as the months went by, he became more and more sex crazed! I mean, I LOVE to have sex, but there are times where enough is enough, right?" John nodded.

This story was about to get good! Helen continued, "well, Steve liked it al the time. He wanted it everywhere. At first it was great!

We did it in resturaunt bathrooms, the shower," she paused and looked at me for a second. "And even in the car." John gulped. She noticed. "But last week I got my period," she was very serious at this point. "Steve STILL came on to me! It didn't matter if we were at home watching TV, or at the fucking grocery store buying goddamn carrots!

He would just never stop!" John looked at her and saw the fury in her eyes. "So you left him." It was more of a comment then a question.

"Yeah. I mean, the whole relationship was based on sex. It never woulda lasted anyways, right?" She stared at him now. "But truth be told, I haven't had sex in over a week and a half and I could kill for some cock right about now." John was startled by the comment.

He wasn't sure how to feel. But the growing pressure against his underwear and up against his pants seemed to tell him that his body knew exactly how to feel. He looked down briefly. Then he glanced over at Helen. Just that fleeting look and he knew that she noticed his bulge.

There was a silence for a couple of minutes. John stared straight ahead at the road, and Helen stared at straight at him. At that moment, she reached out and put her hand on his thigh.


"You know, it was awfully nice of you to pick me up." Her hand began to move up and down his thigh. John gulped again as he realized that every stroke seemed to bring her closer and closer to his crotch. "You know, that's no problem at all. I'm always happy to-" John stopped short of finishing his sentence as Helen slid over and began unzipping his pants.

She reach in through the zipper and gently stroked his dick through his underwear. John swerved the car and quickly corrected. "Jesus!" he yelled. Helen didn't stop. With both hands, she took John's dick out of the underwear and helped it peak out from the between the zipped flaps of his pants. John's erection was incredible. He looked down. He could feel the pressure in his dick.

The was probably the biggest, most intense erection he'd ever had. Helen, meanwhile, continued to stroke it as though it were the most precious gift in the world.

It was at this moment that Helen leaned downward. Slowly she began to lick the knob of John's dick. John struggled to keep the car straight. Having completed her oral scouting, Helen took John's entire cock into her mouth. She bobbed her head up and down, swirling her tongue around and around. John took the back of her head with his right hand while struggling to keep the car straight with his left.

He looked up at the ceiling for a moment. This was the best blowjob he'd ever had! As she continued to caress his penis with her tongue and lips, John began to slowly touch Helen's body. He ran his hand over her soulders, over her ass, then back. He lifted the back of her shirt and caressed her back. It was then that he noticed that she wasn't wearing a bra. He tried to reach across and under her body, but he couldn't get at her breasts.

He shuddered as her tongue brushed past the tip of his knob sending a glorious shiver up his spine. John reached over and ran his hand underneath the back of Helen's jeans. He rubbed her bare ass. He was able to reach far enough to begin to slowly tickle her asshole. This time, it was her turn to shudder.

Obviously she liked it.

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John continued to play with her asshole. Slowly, he inserted his middle finger. He began to gently fingerfuck her anal canal. Helen's bobbing became more intense as she got more and more turned on. John removed his finger and reached further. He found her pussy and found it wet. She was incredibly turned on!

John plunged two of his fingers into her begging pussy and Helen groaned with approval. John nearly came as Helen suddenly trembled! She burst off of his cock and screamed out an orgasm! As the moment of intense pleasure subsided, she sat up and stared at him. John stared back. Helen reached down and began to unbutton her shirt. She pulled it off and revealed the most incredible set of breasts he'd ever seen! Helen grabbed his hand and put it on her breast.

He gently squeezed it and she grinned. Helen leaned back against the passenger door. She took off her jeans, though them in the back and spread her legs. John stared at her for a moment.

Then the car hit some rumble strips and John was forced to swerve the car back onto the road. How many times was that now? He turned back to Helen and saw that she had now slid one of her hands down against her sex. She slowly inserted her middle finger, bit her lip, and closed her eyes. She moaned. John swerved again.

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John decided to pull the car over. He cursed himself for not having done it sooner. Once the car came to a stop, he put it in park and turned to look at Helen.

She had one hand massaging her breasts while the other was providing her with pleasure. John stripped while never taking his eyes off her. With all his clothes off, John began to move toward Helen but she grunted and motioned for him to stay where he was. His hard on raging, he struggled to contain himself. He wasn't touching himself, nor was she touching him, yet still he could have cum just by looking at her in that position.

Helen continued to caress herself. She closed her eyes once more, as if imagining something so sensual that only a woman could understand, yet never be able to describe. Suddenly she came! She screamed out another orgasm and shook violently in against the passenger door. If John wasn't so intently trying not to to cum himself, he probably would have been worrying about the door opening and her falling out! As it happened, that did not happen and Helen came back down to Earth, slowly opening her eyes and staring at John.

John was utterly speachless. How did he go from a tired wreck, desperately trying to get home, to an overly aroused fountain of youth, desperately hoping this moment would last forever?

Helen sat up and crawled towards him. She swung her right leg over John's legs and sat on his thighs. She was crammed between the stearing wheel and him, ducking to keep from hitting her head on the roof, yet she seemed as though this was the most comfortable position in the world for her at this very moment.


She brought her head down and kissed him. John felt Helen's toungue expertly rolll around in his mouth. He kissed her back. The passion was intense. He felt her wetness on his legs. This combined with the most perfect kiss he'd ever had nearly made him cum.

He was surprised that he hadn't already. Helen leaned forward and lifted herself off of John's lap. She reached down and grabbed his dick. With the soft touch of an angel, she angled the pole properly and sat down. She was SO warm! And SO moist! Maybe it was the two previous orgasms, maybe it was just the way she was, but John's penis felt like it was in hottest, yet most inviting place it could ever go. Helen began to grind against John's lap.

John reached out and grabbed one of Helen's breasts and began to suck on her nipple. She moaned softly as he massaged her other breast with his other hand. She tilted her head back and began to bob her whole body up and down.

John reached down and grabbed both sides of her beautiful hips with his hands. He continued to lick her nipples as she continued to ride him. The passion grew more and more intense as they both begain reaching their climax. She lunged forward and began passionately kissing his neck as he groped her back. John reached down and grabbed Helen's ass once more. She sat up and looked into his eyes. She leaned back against the steering wheel and began to grope her breasts for him. John stared at the perfect roundness of them.

Her fingers rolling over them and stopping only to tickle the nipples. John reached behind her and touched her asshole again. She tensed for a moment and closed her eyes. She enjoyed it. He slid a finger into her rectum and she began to grind harder. The then lunged at him once again, throwing her self against his body and ravaging his neck. This was too much for John as he finally came. He came with such ferocity that he felt as though rivers of cum were shooting out of him and into the deepest parts of her body.

He moaned with great passion and helf her tighter. At this moment Helen exploded with her third orgasm. So intense was this one that she threw herself backwards against the steering wheel. She screamed and shook very violently as she actually ejaculated all over John's penis and only his lap. She tossed her head back and closed her eyes and she moaned repeatedly.

She continued to shake for a few moments, then she opened her eyes and looked at John. Perhaps the biggest smile he'd ever had was on his face. She smiled back and got off of him. John started up the car again and headed home. For the next hour and a half, Helen tenderly cleaned off his dick with her tongue.