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Jolly teen fucks for money in public publicpickups and publicsex
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I just had the horniest experience of my young life and I have to tell someone about it. My girlfriends and I were all about to leave for our first year of college, so we decided to have one last slumber party. There were five of us: Jennifer (me), Lynette, Ashley, Jessica and Katie. We had all met in gymnastics class and were really good friends. Katie's parents had the largest house, so it was the best place to have our party.

Even though I thought the other girls were totally cute (I guess I might be bisexual!), and we all had tight gymnast bods, I didn't think our slumber party would become naughty.

The first inkling that our little get together would be less than innocent was when we met Katie's mother and father. As Katie's parents told us the ground rules, Lynette, a super cute brunette, whispered to me: "Wow. If I ever got the chance, I would fuck Katie's dad silly." Needless to say that shocked me (and made my pussy a little wet).


Even though Lynette was a super cutie and had a smoking hot body, and all the guys wanted to fuck her, she never talked about boys. We all thought she might be a virgin. I whispered to Lynette, "Well, it looks like he'll be fucking his wife tonight," and I thought that would be the end of it.

A couple of hours later, we were giving each other make-overs. I was doing Lynette's hair and make-up and teasing her about what she said about Katie's dad, Gary. "Do you think Gary would like to be jerked off with you tiny hands with their pretty pink nails?" I asked. "Jennifer! Shhhh." she giggled.

"Do you think Gary would like his dick sucked with your pink lips," I quietly said to her as I put hot-pink lip gloss on her. "Shhhhh! And yes, he'd love it as much as I would," Lynette replied, and giggled. "Do you think Gary would pull on your pig-tails as he pounded you doggy-style," I whispered to her as I did her hair, using pretty pink bows.

"Quiet! The other girls will hear you. And you're making my pussy wet!" Lynette told me. "Do you think Gary would like to cum on your pretty face?" I asked as I put some pink glitter on Lynette's cheeks and nose. "Shhhh. I told you, you're making my pussy wet. Any wetter and the other girls will notice!" My pussy was getting wet too; my hair and make-up skills, combined with Lynette's perfect face and tiny hot body was making her look totally fuckable. Still, I thought nothing would actually happen.

That's when Katie's mom, who's a doctor, came downstairs and told us she had been called to the hospital for an emergency, and wouldn't be back until morning. I shot Lynette a naughty glance, just as a joke. She looked at me and smiled, then put her finger to her lips, "Shhh!" We got into sexy nighties and tank tops and played some innocent slumber party games.

After an hour Katie said, "Where's Lynette?" Uh-oh, I thought. We searched all downstairs for her and she wasn't there. "She couldn't have gone far," Katie said, "not only in her tiny tank top and panties." That's when Jessica said matter of factly, "Maybe she's upstairs fucking your lonely dad." "Shut-up!" Katie argued.

"My dad loves my mom." "Did you see how hot Lynette was looking?" Ashley chimed in, "No man can resist that. If I had a dick I'd fuck her!" "Ashley!" we all exclaimed. "Well, I would." "Look, my dad, step-dad actually, would never, ever fuck Lynette.

He'd never fuck anyone but my mom. He loves her." Katie was adamant. I was sure Lynette was upstairs trying to fuck him, and I wanted to watch!

So I said, "Uh, Katie, I don't know how to tell you this, but Lynette has been telling me how bad she wants to fuck your dad all night." At this, Katie scrambled upstairs in her nightie and we girls followed her. Katie snuck up to her parent's bedroom. "See. I don't hear anything." "What about your dad's den? I hear the tv on." We tip-toed down the hall to Gary's den.

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The door was ajar. We could hear the tv. And more. We could hear Gary and Lynette talking. Katie slowly pushed the door open a little more.

We could see Gary in his boxers on a couch, with Lynette in her sexy pink panties and tiny t-tank top snuggled next to him. They were watching tv and didn't notice us. They were only watching tv though, no dirty stuff. "See, I told you he wouldn't fuck her.

My dad loves my mom." Katie said.

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"He's not fucking her yet." Jessica giggled. "It's not like he told her to go back downstairs." "Yeah," Ashley agreed. "She's totally hot, dressed only in a tiny tank top and teeny sexy panties, and snuggled next to him.

And he's in his underwear. It's just a matter of time before someone makes a move." Sure enough, just after Ashley said that, Lynette's hand crept down to Gary's bulge, and began rubbing it. Gary moaned softly and put his arm around her.

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"Oh. He's going to fuck her now." Ashley said softly. "No way, my dad would never cheat on my mom. He loves her." Katie replied. "Then how do you explain what her hand's doing?" Jessica asked? We all gasped, including Katie, as Lynette's hand went into his shorts and began pumping.


"She's just giving a hand-job. That's not really cheating," Katie explained. "Not cheating?" Ashley questioned. Katie explained, "It's just fooling around. Who here hasn't given a hand-job to the husbands we babysit for?" Except for a few giggles we were all silent.

"Exactly. Do you feel like you've committed adultery?" "I guess not," Ashley agreed. "Look. Now they're kissing" someone whispered. We all watched intently as Lynette made out with Gary as she churned his butter. After a few minutes Gary stood up and took his boxers down. "OMG. You dad's dick is huge!" Jess said. "Step-dad," was all Katie replied.

We gave out a tiny moan as Lynette went for his throbbing cock with her hot-pink lips, and began licking and sucking it all over, even his balls. "Is he cheating now?" I asked. "No. It's just a blow job. We've all given the husbands we babysit for bjs, right?" We giggled again as we just watched Lynette's cute mouth bob on Gary's rigid cock. Every once in a while he would take his dick out of her pretty lips and rub in on her glittered nose and slap it on her glittered cheeks.

"Look at her. She's got a face and lips made for cock sucking." Ashley said. "He's probably just going to cum on her face or in her mouth and send her back downstairs." Katie added. After a couple of minutes, Gary laid down on the couch and positioned Lynette on top of him in a 69. We had a perfect view as he tugged her tiny panties aside and began licking her hairless pussy.

"Is he cheating now?" Ashley asked. "Nope. Still just fooling around. They'll cum and go their merry ways." "69's aren't cheating?" Jessica was incredulous. "No.

It's just having fun. I do it every time I babysit for Mr.

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Douglass and Mr. Evans. Don't you?" Katie asked. "Uh, no," we all said. "Well I do. I love having a hard cock in my mouth and a hot tongue in my pussy. And I don't think I'm doing anything wrong. You should try it." We were too horny to argue.

By now each of us girls had a hand in our panties, rubbing away, even Katie. We were really getting off watching super cute Lynette get it on with Katie's dad. Uh, step-dad. Gary was having trouble with Lynette's panties, they were getting in the way of his tongue. Next thing we knew, Gary used both hands and just ripped them off her and tossed them to the floor, about a foot from where we were watching. Lynette squealed and shoved her pussy harder onto his face.

"Oh god. That was hot." Ashley said. We all rubbed our pussies faster. After a few more minutes of 69, Gary stood up, took Lynette's top off and positioned her doggy-style on the couch. "Okay. Now they're going to cheat." I said. "No way. He's going to rub his dick on her butt and cum on her pussy. Still not cheating, My dad loves my mom." Katie said. Sure enough, Gary began rubbing his throbbing 9-incher all over Lynette's taut bottom.

For a moment, I thought Katie might be right. But instead of cumming on her pussy, he spread her cheeks and began slowly shoving it into her pussy.

"I'm pretty sure he's going to cum in her pussy, not on it." Jessica pointed out. "Yeah, he's cheating now." Katie admitted, while we watched her father pound Lynette's perfect body. She added, "God, I never knew his dick was that big." "Katie!

That's your dad!" I said "Mmmmmm. Step-dad." Katie replied, and rubbed her pussy harder. "He's not even using a condom," Jessica observed. "Yeah. He's going to cum in her pussy. That's what I would do I." "Ashley!" we all giggled. "Well I would! Look at her. Lynette's the hottest girl I've ever seen." Bid dicked Gary really gave it to tiny Lynette. They were like porn stars, fucking in every position imaginable. Doggystyle. Cowgirl.

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Reverse cowgirl and more. In each one we could clearly see Lynette's tiny pussy lips grasp onto Gary huge boner as he thrust into her over and over and over again.

We girls watching all came at least once. I came twice! I lost count of how many times Lynette came. "That poor little girl. Your dad's really skewering her!" someone said. "Step-dad," Katie replied as she fingered herself, never taking her eyes off her father as he mercilessly fucked her pretty friend.

Lynette was a true sex star. She would suck Gary's dick for a minute between positions, sucking her own pussy juices right off. After a half-hour of Gary and Lynette fucking their brains out, and we girls rubbing our clits off, Jessica said, "God, I want your dad to fuck me like that." "Jessica!" Katie exclaimed.

Finally, Gary got Lynette in the missionary position and fucked her harder than I've ever seen any porn stars fuck even. After a couple minutes of this he got balls deep in her and gyrated as he grunted, obviously filling her pussy with cum. Gary and Lynette lay in each others arms, catching their breath. After a few minutes Lynette spoke, "Wow,that was the fuck of my young life." "How many times have you done it?" "Three times, now.

And you're by far the best." "Thanks baby," Gary said as he tweaked her nipples and gyrated his post-cum dick in her some more. "Hey, uh, sweetie, are you on any birth control?" "Now he asks," I said. We voyeurs all giggled, even Katie.

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Lynette kissed him, "Don't worry. You didn't get me pregnant." "He sure as hell tried," I said. "How long before you can go again?" Lynette asked Gary as she stroked his hair. That's when Jessica barged in and said, "No way. You've had yours.

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I'm next." Ashley and I barged in right after her. "We want some too!" Gary looked at us three, in our sexy nighties and wet panties, and was too stunned to talk. Then his eyes went past us. Katie was standing there, with one her hand still in her panties and the other rubbing a nipple, too shy to speak. Gary got off Lynette and they both stood up. "Girls, I'm going to fuck all of you." he proclaimed.

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Then he looked at Lynette, "But first I'm going to need a sandwich, okay baby? There's some pastrami in the fridge." He patted her on the bottom and she went downstairs to the kitchen, still totally naked. Then, rubbing his already stiffening prick, he said, "And I need some time alone with Katie." Jessica was horny and upset. "But she's your daughter!" "Step-daughter," Katie and Gary said in unison.

We all laughed. Then Katie walked over to her step-dad, got on her knees and began sucking his huge cock. Jessica was too horny to take it, "Well, at least let us stay in the room and watch this time!" she cried. We all laughed some more. And we did watch as he fucked all of us. I was last, and he came in my pussy not a half-hour before his wife returned home, just as he was getting out of the shower. Horniest night ever. So far at least. We're going to hang out at Katie's during Thanksgiving break!