Sex verhungert Oma fickt alle Jungs

Sex verhungert Oma fickt alle Jungs
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"I have decided to dress you and Sarah, sexy but classy on top, slut underneath. Beginning with lingerie, he quickly settled on a maroon bra the supported the underside of the breast but left the nipple exposed. "that should enable me to monitor your arousal level through the night and make you highly desirable, if of reach, to all the men." At that point Sarah joined them and they both shuffled up the couch to accommodate her with the Lord sitting in the middle.

He then selected a matching thong that would barely cover their mounds. He placed the order on line.

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Moving to a dress shop he selected identical, except for colour, silk dresses with strap shoulders. He reckoned they were long enough to enable the girls to bend over without exposing themselves. They would be loose enough to be comfortable, but snug enough to show breasts and butts to good effect. For Sarah a dark, burnt orange colour, for Naidu a mid to dark blue. Having placed the order, he then selected shoes, but left the girls to select colours.

Next, he selected a pair of black leather pants, a white peasant shirt and a pair of white miro briefs for himself with a pair of black leather loafers for his feet. "I think you will look almost as good in that gear as you do naked, Sir" observed Sarah cheekily.

He laughed. "Where is Richard?" He demanded suddenly. "How long does it take to tie a woman to a pole." "I think he is screwing her to it" said Sarah sarcastically as they all tuned for a look. Sure enough, there he was bathrobe flapping open as he rode Claire once again from behind, the girl hugging the post with wrists tied in front of her. "Order him some jeans, an open neck shirt and casual shoes, your choice girls.

Also a super brief G-string suitable for a male prostitute. I don't want him getting delusions now that I have given him a free root for a day or so." He said getting up to check out what Richard was up to. The girls went about their task with enthusiasm. They were determined to make him look as desirable as possible, so that when they went out on the town he would be rather like the silver trophy to the master's gold.

Naidu and Sarah wanted the world to know that they were the possessions of two beautiful men. "We're going out as soon as our clothes arrive, Richard, the girls are ordering some gear for you." "I thought I might hang around and guard the prisoner" responded Richard between breaths as he continued his rhythmic shafting of the condemned girl. "I doubt guarding is what you had in mind and I think you could both use a rest.

We will lock the door…she isn't going anywhere." "Ok sir, thanks for the invitation, where are we going?" "Not sure. Where is the best restaurant in town?" "Establishment E, down on the waterfront he responded" "Good, we'll go there and then…kick on, maybe a nightclub or two…a strip joint…I think it is time to rustle up some fresh pussy." "Sounds great" he said in a stressed tone and he unloaded…inside Claire for the first time.

"I would take her to the toilet before we go and maybe give her a bit of a clean. Although she will remain outside, she will start to stink soon if she is not cleaned." The Master the turned to re-enter the suite. Sarah was just getting off the phone. "Most of our clothes will be here within 15 minutes. Your leather pants have to come across town and will be about 45 minutes." she reported in a matter-of-fact sort of way.

"Bit later than I hoped but that will be OK" he responded evenly. He then called out to Richard who was still on the balcony untying Claire to bring her in for a clean "Call the restaurant and tell them we will need a table for 4 at 9." "Will do Dominus he said as he led his animal by the hair into the suite" then addressing Claire "get into the bathroom and go to the toilet…I will be there in a few minutes to give you a scrub, you filthy animal." With that Claire hurried to the bathroom, eager to clean up and to get away from prying eyes and demanding hands.

"Time to kill, Hmmm…" said the Lord contemplatively. "On your feet, Naidu." The Indian girl complied quickly. "Can I help" asked Sarah hopefully. Without speaking he turned to the black girl and roughly stripped her robe. For once she retained an even expression with her eyes down in submission. "Thank you Dominus" she said partly from learned courtesy and in the growing belief that a fuck was imminent.

Still unspeaking he turned to Naidu and undid the tie of her robe. He then reached under the garment and caressed her shoulders, gently removing it sending it cascading to the floor. He then undid the front of his own Robe allowing it to flap open embracing the naked Indian and engaging her mouth in the long sensuous kiss of a lover.

Ending, he whispered in her ear "to the bed and on your back girl" Naidu turned to head for the bedroom, eager to comply. As he watched her go he was again struck by how much her welts spoiled the view of her otherwise flawless body. Behind him Sarah was devastated. The root that seemed imminent had now evaporated. In stripping her he had once again treated her like the slave she was, but in contrast he had undressed Naidu like a lover and was now going to give Naidu what she so desperately craved.

Worse was to come. As she processed her devastating disappointment she silently vowed to end her co-operation with Naidu, a bitter decision she was sure she would reverse when the moment passed.

She then turned her mind to what she could to deal with the immediate crisis. Could she touch herself to relieve the tension, could she work it off with Richard? Both solutions would need approval. Getting caught would doubtless lead to punishment. She may just get away with masturbation without permission but engaging Richard in the remedy, the preferred solution, had zero chance of succeeding without discovery.

As she thought all of this through she watched horrified as the master placed his forearms under Naidu's shoulders to spare he the weight of his torso and lying between her spread legs entered her slowly and gently. He is making love to the bitch she thought no longer able to conceal her anger. Fortunately, the master had his back to her and saw nothing. He was too lost in his private world with Naidu to pick up on the malevolent vibe.

For her part Naidu could have seen the expression but was lost in a world of pleasure and did not notice. Even if she had, Naidu was not interested in taking anyone down. One person didn't miss a thing however. Richard had finished resecuring the now clean Claire to the post outside and had returned to the living room unnoticed. Standing alongside Sarahbe placed his hand around her waist, reaching down to rest his fingers on her mound. Desperate, Sarah made no attempt to remove them as he whispered in her ear "What do you suppose he would do if he was advised of your demeanour." Finally lifting his hand away, she responded, also in a whisper "About the same if he found out someone was helping themselves to his property without permission…Oh and by the way, when he is naked everyone is naked, so I would lose the robe if I were you." Chastened, Richard stripped of the garment.

Sarah looked over to check out his arousal. Her misery was further exacerbated as she was now watching the object of her desire make love, yes make love, not fuck, another, while standing beside, but able to utilise an acceptable alternative. They both watched rapt, as master and Naidu continued.

After a while, the master hugged Naidu to him and rolled onto his back, with the Indian girl remaining impaled and winding up on top. "Your turn to do some work, girl" he said kindly and Naidu went to work immediately, sitting up and rocking back and forth in his rigid rod. The master took advantage of his freed hands to gently fondle and caress her breasts.

Using his large hands he totally covered both globes remarking thoughtfully, "more than a handful is truly a waste." "You are very kind to me, Dominus" she said as she continued to work towards a climax, carefully stroking his broad chest and reaching behind top stroke his balls with spare hand. "While I appreciate this kindness, Lord, I want you to know that I took great pleasure in the brutal fuckings I have received.

No sane women would deny your noble cock, even if she could, and would relish impalement under any conditions, no matter how cruel." "I like you Naidu and I want you to forget about me for a moment and single mindedly go after your orgasm." With that, he clenched his buttocks to send his rod even deeper into her body. Surprised by the further intrusion, Naidu lifted slightly before settling back with a delighted squeal and leaning forward to kiss the lord passionately. "Anything else I can do to help you get there?" he asked thoughtfully.

"Just enjoy my body, Sir…I really like to feel used and dominated by you…Slap my tits if you like, even my damaged bottom if you wish…use me…please." With that he slapped her breasts, once to the right and then back handing them. That done he pinched her nipples, twisting them cruelly as the young woman was transported to the highest plane of pleasure she had ever reached, letting fly with a series of animal grunts.

Sated, she collapsed exhausted onto his chest, forcing him to release he tortured nipples. "Oh thank you, sir" he breathed at him before kissing him hungrily. Once again, hugging her to him he rolled back on top to resume control of the screw. He continued his slow pistoning for a further 5 minutes before burying himself as deep as he could in Naidu to begin unloading.

His ecstasy brought forth another, unexpected climax in Naidu. And they travelled together to nirvana for a minute that seemed to stretch on forever. Finished, they again kissed hungrily and the master rolled off Naidu, sparing her his weight as his whole body slackened with his penis.

Sarah broke the silence of the moment "Mercy Sir…my unworthy pussy needs release." The Master rose to a sitting position on the bed and looked at the two sad specimens who had witnessed the love making. The arousal of women is always somewhat discrete but an attentive eye could see the moisture around Sarah's crotch.

For men, there is no such modesty and Richard was standing rigid at attention. "I am willing to grant you release but I will not provide it at this time. I could allow you to masturbate yourself or I could order Richard to do you. I could also allow you and Richard to engage as free agents. Hmm" he paused for a moment. Sarah was encouraged by the fact that there were options.

She was disappointed that the master would not enter her with his huge member but she was desperate. Richard was an acceptable second choice and… hell if she had to, she could bring herself off but that was clearly the worst option. She correctly assumed that however that if it was done, it would be a spectacle. Sarah had long since lost her inhibitions about sex with an audience but masturbating while people watched was not something she had done and had any interest in doing.

"I will not order Richard but I will grant him permission. He obviously needs release but of course he can just use Claire…no negotiation…no consideration… he can just use her." Richard had already figured this out but he had wanted to sample Sarah ever since he caught her naked in the vestibule. There was still plenty of opportunity to use Claire, but this may be his only shot at Sarah and she was clearly desperate so the negotiation should be easy. "How about it Richard?

My only request is that you allow me to come before you do. Other than that, I'm all yours" she said urgently.

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"Ok, in the state you're in it shouldn't take long" he responded off handedly. "Good, its settled then, but time is getting away. You have fifteen minutes, no more, then it is clean up and out to dinner." Without a word, Sarah and Richard came together in a passionate clinch. She wrapped her arms around his neck and he reached down to her knees, lifting and separating her legs to enable him to impale her on the spot.

Sliding onto his rigid cock, Sarah emitted a squeal of delight. He then walked slowly towards the bed where the master had fucked Sarah earlier, each step sending shocks of pleasure unto Sarah's captive body. "I've seen enough, time to get clean and dressed" he said wrapping and arm around Naidu's waist "Do you think you can bathe me without making me come?" "This has been such a special time, Sir. You have done me a great honour… one which I don't deserve.

I can wash you without orgasm if that is what you wish. To serve you as you wish to be served is my sole purpose. I am so grateful for what I have just received and I will never forget it. You treated me like a lover, when I am just a lowly sex slave and happy to be a lowly sex slave." As she turned to lead the master to the bathroom he again caught site of her damaged bottom and was again irritated that his view of her beauty was marred. It was the third and final time he would be so disconcerted.

"Naidu, go to the balcony and get my wand." Bemused but obedient Naidu complied, finding the implement on the table where Claire had been tried. The condemned girl now sitting on the hard tiled floor alongside the pole, twisted slightly because her hands were secured to the side. "You might be more comfortable if you sit with your legs either side of the pole.

It is probably wise to keep your legs open, your current closed posture may be seen as an offence and I think you are already in more than enough trouble. If you sit with your legs either side of the pole you will not be able to close them even by accident." "Could you help me?" asked the defeated girl in a thin voice.

Naidu bent over and placed her hands under Claire's armpits to help her stand and eased her back down in her new more comfortable but more exposed posture. "Is it going to hurt a lot?" pleaded the prisoner. "Yes, Claire…it will hurt a lot and it will be very humiliating." She then picked up the wand and returned to the Master curious about his purpose.

"Your wand sir" she said handing him the implement. He was again wearing his bathrobe highlighting her nudity. The day had certainly eased her inhibitions but she still felt vulnerable being ordered about naked by her clothed master. "On the bed on all fours with your arse raised" Naidu began to worry.

She had no idea what he had in mind but as always, whatever it was it would be worse if she resisted. She certainly hoped it did not involve more sex. As good as the last episode had been, she was very sore and very tired and needed to give her pussy a rest. Compliantly she climbed onto the bed lowered her head and opened her legs, presenting her private parts in a most humiliating fashion.

"I am finding your welts are spoiling my view of your beautiful bottom. I have therefore decided to heal you" With that he used the point of the want to trace the lines on her buttocks. The effect was to sting mightily as the wand made contact but all pain ceased in the wake of the tracing.

In just a few moments it was done and Naidu's coffee coloured bottom was again unblemished. She held her demeaning position until the master commanded that they move to the bathroom to clean up in preparation for going out. Naidu washed and dried the master sensuously but without trying to bring him to climax.

Once he was dry, she kissed the head of his penis and an act of submission, remaining on her knees until he instructed her to rise. He wrapped the towel around his waist and instructed Naidu to go to the vestibule and see if the clothes had arrived. There she found a mobile clothes hanger with about half a dozen coat hangers and a number of bags and boxes on a tray underneath.

She wheeled it back into the suite where the master waited. The sound of the shower in the other room announced the end of Sarah and Richards congress and their commencement of cleaning up mode.

Sarah and the master went about the business of getting dressed. The underwear the lord had ordered made Naidu feel like a whore, just as he intended. She was pleased that the dress afforded decent cover although her nipples remained hard and visible through the dress fabric. She found being so dressed erotic, if shameful, and as a result she remained visibly aroused.

The other two joined them and began dressing. "How was it?" the master asked "Good" they answered in unison. "After you I doubted that a smaller cock would do me after you, sir, but it was enjoyable enough to get a desperate girl off" "Yeah, Sarah is a nice ride" chimed in Richard "maybe not so tight after being bored by you Dominus, she is better than whiny Claire, but that may just be the circumstances…you know…Sarah wanted it…Clair… well… she is broken and just cops it rather than participating…" Changing the tone and the subject, the master announced "We need food, we need a change of scenery, we need some fun and I want some fresh pussy.

Tonight we will commence the process of selecting a mistress…or master… of my bed and my bath. You have all passed the first test…satisfying me. The next test will be your capacity to make a preliminary inspection and prepare a selected slave for my use.

The final test, which will come later, will be your capacity to find, prepare and present a slave for my entertainment. Tonight, I will select the targets, you will approach them, explain that they may be required to render service. You will then take them to a private place and have them strip for inspection. If they pass muster, you will inform them that they are required to report for duty immediately.

That will probably mean that they join our little party for the rest of the night." "The existence of body hair will not be a reason for rejection…after all you will be preparing them for service and cleaning up a bit of bush is part of that preparation." "If on stripping them you find a large disfiguring tattoo, or that they are fat, concealing it with shapeware, that would be grounds for instant rejection as would tits either massive or virtually non-existent." "If in doubt, say a small discrete tattoo or a physique that was marginal, too fat, too thin; you are to give me a full report and I will make the final decision." "I doubt we will collect more than four bitches, that's two each for you to prepare." Through all of this Richard was quietly dying inside.

The very idea of approaching another man and taking him to a private place for intimate inspection filled him with horror. He was already counting the cost of insubordination, imagining that it would be much worse than what was to be visited on Claire in the next couple of days. But Salvation was at hand.

"I doubt I will want to collect any men, Richard and I doubt you are interested in the post of master of my bed and bath, so you are probably just along for the ride," He heaved an all to audible sigh of relief but the master was all too focussed on getting out tonight and let it go. Naidu was also disquieted by the mission she had before her.

She should not have been. Most of the people hanging around were gagging for a chance to serve so there was unlikely to be any unpleasantness. Only Sarah approached the task with enthusiasm. She had a nasty side and the day had delivered some disappointments. She was more than ready to facilitate and view pain and humiliation visited to someone else.

"Time to go" he announced as he turned to head for the door, Sarah following eagerly in his wake followed by Naidu and finally Richard. Pressing the button doors sprang open and the four entered the lift for the trip to the ground. Seconds later the lift doors once again opened and the master led the group into a crowded foyer.

The curiosity of all was heightened although there was none of the unseemly crush that had greeted Swee. Fear bred respect and while most present wanted his attention few were willing to press the point. Television and still cameras recorded every movement and boom mikes were set to catch every utterance. Sensing a need to say something the master began "we are just off for a night out…a bit of dinner…maybe some dancing, maybe even a show." Emboldened by his icebreaking remarks Sophia Johansson blurted out "What have you been doing since the public meeting?" "Who are you?" he asked irritated by her tone.

"Sophia Johansson from channel 5 News, Sir" she responded sheepishly. "And how old are you Sophia Johansson from channel 5 News" he asked sarcastically. "30 Sir" "Well you look to be in good nick…you will report for duty tomorrow at 11." "But I am happily married" she pleaded. "I couldn't give a flying fuck and unless you have children you are not married, happily or otherwise. You will report for duty at 11.

Sarah here will prep you for service." He said indicating the black girl. "I am not sure I like your attitude. If you don't fix it before reporting for duty, I will fix it for you!" his anger plain for all to see. "Now in answer to your question about what I have been doing; mainly these people" he said as he waved his hands at his 3 companions. All of them blushed. "Plus a girl dismissed earlier, no doubt you saw her leave, and a waitress from the hotel" Sophia Johansson was shocked into silence.

Many of her colleagues wanted to offer comfort but were afraid of causing offence to the lord. "David Markson from the 'In the Public Interest' on channel 12, Sir…where is the Hotel waitress?" "She remains upstairs. She has transgressed and is being held for discipline" "May I ask, Sir…what was the nature of her offence and what is the penalty?" "She was disrespectful to me… twice and has been sentenced to a total of twelve lashes, to be administered by cane and strap to her buttocks and genital area.

The sentence will be carried out in two sessions, 24 hours apart, by Richard here." He advised waving his arm in Richards direction. Richard blushed again as the crowd stared at him, shocked. Continuing, Markson asked "what was the nature of her disrespect?" "She lied to me.

Lying is very bad. Lying is disrespectful" "How do you know she lied?" "The lie took the form of a false accusation against Richard. It was tested in a trial by ordeal. That is all I am going to tell you… we are now going out. If you want more details of the offence you can ask Richard, although he is under no obligation to answer your questions" with that he started forward, the crowd parting to allow the lord and his companions to pass.

**** As they left a crowd gathered around Sophia, offering comfort and support. "What are you going to do?" asked her assistant. "What can I do?" she asked sobbing, "It is all too horrible to contemplate and that poor girl upstairs awaiting her terrible fate." "You could run" offered her assistant. At that suggestion, most of the support crowd did just that. It was one thing to offer comfort to a friend in trouble, it was another thing entirely to get involved in a conspiracy against a sadistic tyrant.

"Don't be silly, I am sure he would find me and then I would have to endure worse than I am already destined to suffer…and you will probably get dragged in…if he wants my 30 year old carcase, he will not spare your tight 23 year old bod, and if you were involved in my escape the consequences could be dire" "I suppose so…I just feel helpless…we have to do something." Just at that moment and elderly couple, who had been watching the scene from the café in the hotel lobby walked over and suggested they take a walk.

"Why" asked Sophia, incredulous. "We want to help. We need to go somewhere we can talk unmonitored." Said the old man. "Ok, where." "Just follow us" said the woman. Short round and grey with her hair done up in a bun, she looked nothing like a high stakes conspirator. Her taller, thin, hunched over husband looked like a retired accountant, no more a rebel that his wife. Rather like Miss Marple and Stringer except as criminals rather than detectives.

The old lady led the way, her husband following close behind. After about 10 minutes they arrived at a fairly basic 2 ½ star Motor Inn about half 600 metres from the Grand Hotel and remote from the tourist hotspots that attracted people to Mainton.

They proceeded to room 21 at the end of the block as remote from reception as they could be. The old lady took the room key from her purse and handed it to her husband who opened the door, standing back to allow the women to enter. There were only two chairs beside a small round table. "Please take a seat" said the old man pleasantly as his wife got on the bed, sitting upright with her back against the headboard.

Closing the door her he joined her on the bed. "So who are you, and how do you propose to help" asked Sophia a little irritated. "No names" the old woman retorted sharply. "Yes, no names" added the man. "Sophia, we all know your name of course, so beautiful, so famous. So fucked." Said the old woman with exaggerated sympathy. "Language, dear" interjected the old man reproachfully. The two younger women looked in shock at the sweet little old lady who they thought would not even know the meaning of the word.

"Sorry to be blunt dear, but there is no escaping your fate. You are just too well known, too famous to disappear, we may be able to save the waitress from her terrible punishment, but you are as good as done." Clearing his throat the old man began "we were here on holiday when this queer turn of events occurred.

We live in the country, a quiet little place where we have a small farm, remote enough from town for a young lass to lie low until the tyrant forgets about her.

All we need to do is rescue her." "Sounds so easy" responded Sophia sarcastically. "What if she is locked up, guarded, we get caught." "Well dear" responded the old lady "We should try. If we get caught…well…we are old…he wouldn't be much interested in us and anyway will are willing to pay the ultimate price, by our own hands, if we get caught, so you would not be implicated and he would not have anyone to try, convict and sentence, so our children and grandchildren will not have to proxy for us at the whipping post.

We have had a good life and we want to do this. We accept the consequences." "Ok, how do we proceed?" asked Sophia. The old man began "we take our car into the underground carpark of the Hotel. Then we take the lift to a floor a few below the top and travel the rest of the way in the fire stairs. If at any stage it looks like we might get caught, we abort." "One least… in the plan, the room key is also access to the floor." said Sophia.

"Ah" said the old lady as she bent he mind to this new problem. "Well, we just have to get a room" chimed in the old man and he continued to tag team his wife through the conversation.

"Do you have any idea of the cost of a room like that?" asked a clearly exasperated Sophia "Well no dear" responded the old woman cheerily "I am sure you can afford it, and anyway, how much better will you feel tomorrow, naked, on your back, copping a fearful rogering, knowing you have saved this poor girl from a terrible beating.

A pussy flogging must be the worst thing!" It was all too much for Sophia and her assistant. Things that come out of this sweet old lady's mouth were beyond comedy and they both began to laugh. "So it is settled then. Sophia can book the room. Nobody will think it is out of the ordinary for a high flying journo such as yourself to take a room while covering the biggest story in the country." added the old man matter-of-factly.

"Ok, but at the first sign of trouble, we abort" she said somewhat fearfully as she picked up her mobile phone. Typing in reservations Grand Hotel, she had the number in no time. She pressed the hot link and the number dialled and was answered on the third ring.

"Hi, its Sophia Johansson…I would like he room for tonight…yes just one night… would like view, so as high as you can…Oh yes level 45 would be perfect…HOW MUCH…yes Ok, I realise there is high demand, put it on my credit card…American Express…yes I know there is a surcharge." she read the number, provided the expiry date and it was done.

**** "Looks like tomorrows star fuck is checking in early" the reservations clerk said to her colleague casually. "Just one night?" responded her colleague. "Yep, if she stays an additional night she will not be paying and it won't be in that room. Once he is finished with her she will be getting as far away as she can" **** "We had better get moving, we don't know how long we've got." Immediately they were all on their feet moving towards the door, the die was cast.The all piled into the couple's 20 year of station wagon, the oldies in the front the girls in the back.

"Stop behind the hotel and let me go and check in" instructed Sophia "You can come with me" she said to her assistant, maintaining anonymity. Arriving at the destination, the two girls hopped out of the car. "You wait here they said to the older couple, we could be a while" As they walked to the front of the Hotel Sophia's phone rang. It was her husband. "Hi hun" she said sadly. "Just heard the news, who does he think he is?" "Our lord and master" she responded, tears welling up in her eyes.

"There is no avoiding this…do you love me?" she sobbed. "Yes, my darling" he responding his voice cracking with emotion. "Will you still love me after I have been used tomorrow?" "Yes, my darling" "I am staying at the Hotel tonight.

Come and make love to me please, I want to carry you inside me as I face this ordeal." "Our marriage has been dissolved, he will know that you are no longer… intact. I will chance it you wish." "Who knows what this monster will do. My fate is sealed, if we are caught you will be in trouble too.

I love you… stay away." "Love you too. Stay strong. Call if you change your mind." Ending the call, she wiped the tears from her eyes. It was not that Sophia was a novice at this sort of thing. She had been more than willing to use sex to gain promotion throughout her career but now she had reached the pinnacle and no longer needed to 'put out'.

Since their marriage nearly two years ago she had been faithful and had intended to keep it that way.

Children was the next thing on her agenda and Mark was to be the father, period. Entering the hotel she went straight to the check in desk. "We have your room ready, Ms Johansson. Said the clerk instantly recognising the star as she handed her the key.

"Thanks" Sophia responded as she took the key and headed for the lifts, her assistant in tow. Arriving at level 45 she found her room right ahead. Opening the door she led he nervous assistant into the suite. It was spacious, simple and elegant but she had no interest in the niceties. He mind was focussed on the rescue. "I think we will have a bit of a scout around before alerting Ma and Pa Kettle, what do you think Rhonda" she asked finally using the assistant's name.

"I agree." Rhonda responded. "We will take the fire stairs up to 47, hope the door isn't locked." The two women scaled the two flights of stairs to level 47 only to find the door locked. Consistent with safety standards you can always get into fire stairs but sometimes you can only get out at the bottom.

"Try your room key" suggested Rhonda in a whisper. "Bingo" responded Sophia in a similar tone. They peered around before leaving the stairwell. "The coast is clear" whispered Sophia and she went through the door.

Rhonda closing it quietly behind her. All suites were unlocked with the doors open. "This is too easy whispered Sophia as they entered 4702, immediately seeing Claire on the balcony naked and tied to a pole.

Hurrying to the defeated girl, Sophia held her right index finger to her lips in the universal sign to be quiet.


She then whispered to the convict "We are here to rescue you." As Rhonda went to work on the rope that bound her to the pole. Immediately Claire's spirit soared, grasping salvation without thought about consequences. Just then the perfect run came to an end. The lift binged and a couple of house maids march out and straight into 4702. "Don't move" Sophia whispered as the rescuers took cover behind the raised Jacuzzi.

"What a mess" exclaimed the older girl. "Where do you suppose Claire is" asked the younger one. "Probably on the balcony. I will draw the curtains. You should not see…seeing as you are under age. The girl is in trouble and is trouble. Best we know nothing." The rescuers could not believe their luck although there was still the matter of getting her out without the housemaids seeing them. Then things broke their way again.

"I was hoping to leave you here to strip the beds while I went for fresh sheets but this place is such a mess we need everything sheets, towels…the lot.

You will have to come and help me carry. Best if you are not around that degraded slut alone anyway. Come on, must hurry." Sophia hurried to the curtains and peered in through the narrow gap as the two housemaids left the suite and disappeared down the hall. Without speaking she gestured with her arms for the other two to follow. Rhonda went to the naked prisoner, now untied and helped her to her feet. The two then followed the ever vigilant Sophia as she moved stealthily through the suite and out into the vestibule.

They hurried across to the fire door, Sophia held it open while Rhonda half carried Claire, the girl unsteady on her feet, doubtless a legacy of four brutal fuckings.

Once inside the fire escape they felt collective relief. It should be easy from here. Feeling more relaxed Sophia made her first mistake of the night. She let the door slam.

**** In the linen store the two girls heard the loud bang of the door. They both stopped what they were doing and stared at one another. "What was that" asked the younger girl. "Sounded like a door slamming" responded her supervisor "I thought we were the only ones up here" added the younger girl. "Yes" responded the older girl in a tone that shut the conversation down. They returned to their duties. The matter was not discussed again. **** Sophia cringed.

There was no way of knowing how far the noise had carried but it was clearly a mistake. They hurried down the two flights to Sophia's floor. Her ear to the door, she checked first for noise in the vestibule before opening the door a crack for visual inspection. The coast clear, she led the way across the hallway quickly opening the door to let her companions in.

Closing the door quietly they all felt safe at last. Safe maybe…for the moment but the job was far from done they still needed to get the prisoner safely out of the building and into the old people's car. Sophia went immediately to the wardrobe in the bedroom of the suite and retrieved a bathrobe for Claire. The young girl took it, relieved and grateful. "Thank you so much. The robe, the rescue and by such a famous lady. I love your show. I watch it every night when I am not working.

This experience has been horrible beyond words.and it was just about to get a whole lot worse. You are both very brave and very clever. what do we do now?" asked Claire full of optimism. For the first time Sophia realised that brave and clever may actually be foolhardy and stupid. Rhonda got to the same place sooner.

Not wishing to raise undue alarm Sophia responded confidently "An elderly couple who live on a remote farm have offered to put you up until all of this blows over. There are still a couple of holes in the plan that need to be plugged, but they will be plugged.don't worry." By this stage, Rhonda was on the brink of full scale panic.

She and Sophia could now be about to share Claire's fate while getting the pathetic girl into even more trouble. "Will this all blow over?" Asked Claire beginning to see danger. "What are the 'holes' that need to be plugged?" "Well we can't be sure this will all blow over but you could assume new identity…move somewhere else" proclaimed Sophia confidently while she was dying inside.

"As to the holes…we just need to get you some clothes and smuggle you out to the car. I am sure the fire escape is the answer to the second issue, getting some clothes should be easy. I will head out now, update the others and get you some clothes." "I will go…you are far too recognisable and even more famous now…" Rhonda was unwilling to verbalise that Claire's impending fame was based on her conscription by the master.

"Yes, go now, the sooner the better…things will get a good deal hotter when they discover her missing. Scout out the fire stair exit and tell the old people to wait there.

Try and buy her a dark coloured track suit with a hood." Tired of constantly being referred to as 'her' Claire chimed in a little indignantly "My name is…" "We have decided; no names; to try and maintain some level of anonymity if anyone gets caught" responded Rhonda tersely. Shocked into silence by the reproachful tone, Claire did not speak again until Rhonda had left the suite.

**** Following his brief remarks the master crooked his arms as a signal that his two beautiful companions should take their places as his primary adornments. With Naidu on his right arm and Sarah on his left he walked purposefully but not hurriedly to the doors and out into the street. Richard stayed as close as he could without looking like some sort of lap dog. Behind they trailed a comet like tail of desperados and curios. In front walked a few women hoping to wiggle their arses into his harem and a lone television camera man filming every movement of the lead trio, while trying not to fall over as he walked backwards.

"Get that fucking camera out of my face" the master proclaimed in a voice that would tolerate no dissent. The Cameraman stopped dead in his tracks and forlornly filmed as the party of four and their spectator fleet headed around the corner and onto the waterfront boardwalk. The tone of finality at the end of the master's remarks in the hotel lobby had informed all that no further questions would be entertained at this time.

He had however left open the possibility of quizzing Richard. As they went along, the throng peppered Richard with questions about the nature of his service and seeking more details of how the trial by ordeal was conducted.

Embarrassed, Richard waved away all of the questions, taking full advantage of the master's licence to refuse comment. In no time at all they reached the restaurant.

The maitre d' welcomed them warmly and offered a table with a great view of the restaurant and surrounds or a private room. "We will take the table with the view…keep the private room free, I may have another use for it." "Very well" said the maitre d' as he conducted them to the table. A waitress appeared immediately and asked if they would like a drink to start. "A dry martini for me" responded lord in a matter of fact manner. "A Margarita for me" chimed in Sarah.

"Gin and tonic please" added Naidu "Which gin would you prefer, maam?" "Bombay Sapphire, please." "Make the Martini on Tanqueray" added the master, peeved that he had not been asked.

"Sorry, Sir…I had assumed…" replied the waitress chastened. "A Heineken, if you please" added Richard breaking the icy moment. "Anything else?" asked the waitress.

"No, I am sure we will be ready to order when you get back with the drinks." As the waitress moved away she revealed a blonde, with a tanned but soft unblemished complexion, dressed, by his assessment, borderline whore, but with a body that could carry it off.

She wore very high heeled white open toed shoes, a tight pink satin skirt and a white tank top the just met the top of the skirt. As for under wear, there was no way she could be wearing a bra and there was no clear evidence of panties although a neat G-string could be concealed under the skirt. "I don't know if you remember me…? She asked "Yes, you were next in line this morning when I was selecting playmates…4th in a three horse race." "Yes sir…I was …wondering…if I may be of service?

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I was a little disappointed to be passed over this morning." "Maybe…Naidu will take you to the private room and assess you for suitability. Make sure you follow Naidu's directions without question." "Naidu…make sure you make a complete inspection" then addressing all three companions "I think the four course degustation with matching wines would be great…what say you?" "Sounds great" responded Richard as the two women added their agreement.

"We will order while you are gone…you should have plenty of time to conduct the inspection and be back before the food arrives." Just then the drinks arrived "Ah excellent, right on time…you can take your drink with you, Naidu. No need for you to miss out" With that Naidu rose uncertainly and led a rather nervous new recruit to the private room for assessment. "Now Richard, a bit of advice about the execution of Claire's sentence. There are three key objectives here.

First, we need to inflict pain to try and convince the convict not to repeat the offence. It is one of the key goals of my justice policy to minimise recidivism. When you administer the strap or the cane show no mercy. That is the main reason I want you to abstain from using her for some hours before thrashings. Sure, use her tonight before you go home but no sex in the morning before the execution…and that includes wanking! Got it?" "Yes sir" responded Richard nervously, his blood rising and an erection forming uncomfortably in his jeans as he contemplated his wonderful opportunity.

"Also, don't rush. Give her time to fully absorb each blow and anticipate the next one. She will probably buck against her restraints as the pain bites. Leave it until she is still before hitting again. A few gentle taps at the target area before the blow will torment her deliciously and add mental dimension to the physical sting" "Second, humiliation.

Of course, the very fact that she is naked and others are witnessing her disciplining is deeply humiliating, but we can make it so much more so. You own her until 2 hours after the second session. Assert your ownership. Touch her between blows. Make intimate visual and digital inspections of her body before commencing, between blows and at the end.

Trash talking the convict is a wonderful way to heighten the mental side of the discipline. If she is aroused, tell us, and tell her that you will satisfy her need to be ridden as soon as you are finished with inflicting pain. At the end you will doubtless be rock hard and desperate. Drop your pants and fuck her while she is still restrained. You will enjoy it immensely and to be publicly rogered by your executioner must be about the most humiliating experience possible." "One caution though.

Many of us enjoy slapping a bitch around while screwing her. The sentence is final. You will inevitably inflict further pain on her damaged pussy and butt when you ride her, but you must not take the opportunity to inflict further pain beyond that. Understood?" "Yes sir" responded Richard now very uncomfortable with a hard on trapped within tight jeans.

"The last part is entertainment. The punishment should be entertaining for the witnesses. The only person naked throughout is the convict. The executioner should however be sexually presented for the enjoyment of the audience and to threaten the convict. When I caned Naidu, the girls, were dressed in bathrobes and they were charged with tying her down. I approached the task also dressed in a bathrobe, stripping to a pair of skins exercise shorts before commencing the beating." "You were in no doubt about my condition were you Sarah?

You were very stimulated by the whole performance weren't you? What turned you on the most, watching the competition cop it or the sight of my body; primed and ready to root?" "To be honest, not sure, really which was the more arousing. I found the whole show deeply erotic. I am really looking forward to watching Claire's discipline…the whole performance.

To be honest I hope you may need my services after the show, as I hoped after Naidu's thrashing" "All this talk is making me rather hot and bothered. How are you Sir? Would you like me to slip under the table and…well…relieve you?" "I am alright at the moment, how about you Richard" "I am a little uncomfortable.

The girls selected tight jeans and your advice, welcome as it is, has left me quite stimulated" Just then Naidu re-emerged with her charge, changing the subject, just when he was beginning to hope that Sarah's therapy, declined by the master may be offered to him. Naidu resumed her seat at the table while the volunteer stood alongside her. "Well Naidu…?" "I think she is eminently suitable and ready to do her duty immediately." "Excellent, you can wait outside until we finish dinner…er" "Vanessa" chimed in Naidu.

"Vanessa… very good…the dinner conversation may not be suitable for the uninitiated. You can join us for a night on the town when we are finished here." A little chagrined that she was not invited to join the group immediately, Vanessa managed to hide her emotions.

"Can I wait in the bar next door…I will sit at the front and watch for you to emerge." "Very well" responded the master "but don't get drunk… when I do you, I want you to be fully conscious. Understood?" "Yes sir, see you soon" With that the young blonde turned and walked away.

"Nice" said the master as he studied her retreating butt and legs, mounted on high heels. Richard stared and began to drool, catching himself just before making a mess. "They say Gentlemen prefer blondes…'' interjected Naidu airily. "Actually, at the moment I prefer dark haired Indians…but then, I am no gentlemen…and have no wish to become one." Once again Sarah seethed without outward appearance, having mastered the art of masking risky emotions.

"So, Naidu…details" "Well, she isn't wearing very much, so what you see is what you get. Nice generous C cup, entirely self-supporting, she is wearing no bra." "She is a natural blonde, so that lovely tan must be fake. Natural blondes have very fair skin. Anyway…no tan lines. It is a good job." "Excellent." said the lord clearly salivating. "No problem getting her to strip for inspection?" "Interestingly she shed her top and skirt real fast… but hesitated at her panties.

Don't know why, there wasn't much too them. Similar the knickers you selected for us" she said acknowledging Sarah. "'These too?' she asked with her thumbs on the waist string 'the lot' I said firmly" Naidu reported.

"I then made her lie on the table and spread her legs to complete the inspection…she was clean. We then had a brief discussion about expectations. She is fine with swallowing. Seems to be quite experienced. Said she would rather swallow than have it all over her face and in her hair." "Like you say I think she has been around the block, once or twice. What else can I tell you?" Just then the first course arrived, accompanied by a sommelier to pour and explain the matching wine.

**** Rhonda chose to take the fire stairs for two reasons. One; so, that she could find where they came out and two; to avoid unwanted questions from the media that would be retaining a presence in the foyer to report on comings and goings. Although it was all down the trip took more than five minutes and was quite exhausting. At the exit she found herself on a well-lit but not very busy street at right angles to the broad promenade that was the front entrance of the hotel.

Although she was seen exiting, it was not by anyone she knew and did not seem to arouse curiosity. Finding the old couple, she got in their car and they headed to the seedier side of town in search of a clothing store open late. In no time they found one of those cavernous shops that sold all manner of trashy stuff at bargain prices.

Parking was going to be a problem and if all three of them went shopping Rhonda was sure it would take forever. She asked that they drop her off and drive around the block.

Rhonda went immediately to the clothing section where she found a dark blue hooded track suit with some obscure sporting team's logo on it, a pair of white cotton panties, black socks and black sandshoes. Total cost $38.80. She headed for the door pulling out her purse to pay. "Rhonda Nicholson…what's a nice girl like you doing in a dump like that" cried a woman about Rhonda's age on the arm of a nice looking man on the pavement outside.

"I might ask the same question of you, with reference to this neighbourhood" she responded sharply. "Oh, touché.

This is Peter Jaworski. Peter, this is my dear friend Rhonda Nicholson. Rhonda works with the fabulous Sophia Johansson" then changing tone to conspiratorial she continued "… oh we heard the news…how is Sophia coping…I mean he is a magnificent creature but to be conscripted in public like that…poor thing." "Yes…but she seems resigned to doing her duty…no way out really…sorry must dash…nice to meet you Peter." And she was off.

Further discussion would be unhelpful and lead to a delay she didn't want. Her friend looked on bemused as she jumped into the back seat of the old station wagon. The young woman turned to her companion and said suspiciously "Something about all of that is just not right." The next challenge was getting back into the Hotel with her bag of cheap clothing without attracting attention.

Fortunately, she had the room key so accessing the lift would not be a problem. She had a brain wave "drop me at the entrance to the underground carpark and then go back to the fire exit and wait." She said. On arrival at the carpark entrance, she jumped out of the car and ran down the ramp as quickly as she could.

Fortunately, she met no traffic. Finding the lifts, she pressed the up button. The lift seemed to take for ever to arrive and when it did it was mercifully empty. Waving the room key over the sensor she selected the floor number. She was on her way. Seconds later it arrived at ground, an event she had hoped to avoid, but it was all OK.

Two couples got in and travelled to level 10, too engrossed in their own conversation to pay attention to Rhonda. From level 10 to 45 she was alone and allowed herself to relax. On arrival she hurried to the room opening the door and stepping inside to find Claire and Sophia watching the television. They had found that discussion of the predicament only highlighted the risks and frightened them both. Handing the bag of daggy clothes to Claire, Rhonda reported on the outing including confirming the escape route and seeking to reassure them that she had not aroused suspicions.

That of course was not entirely true but she resolved not worry the women with an account of her meeting at the Bargain Bazaar. Claire wasted no time in changing into the new clothing and was ready in a couple of minutes. "I will take her out." Said Rhonda.

"Yes…wise move" responded a downcast Sophia. The two women hugged. "I don't know what to say" sobbed Rhonda. "There is nothing to say" responded a stoic Sophia. "Except…be careful for all our sakes and STAY SAFE!" "I don't know how to thank you." chimed in Claire. "Save it, darl…you are not out of the woods yet." Admonished Rhonda and with that she turned for the door. Seconds later Sophia was alone, contemplating a terrible fate that could get a whole lot worse.

**** The Master and his three companions enjoyed the degustation immensely. The conversation ranged over plans for rest of the night and Richards history. Recognising the risk associated with lying, Richard laid out his sexually predatory behaviour in detail.

Sarah and the Master found it entertaining while Naidu took a deep dislike to the lothario. "Now I understand why Claire tried to take you down." Said the lord "your frankness in front of these women also shows that you have well learned the lesson about lying…how did you find servicing me?" "Didn't enjoy it much…although it was not as unpleasant as I expected…and the eroticism of the act kept me stimulated.

To be truthful it was a tolerable price to pay for the opportunity to fuck Claire and screw with Sarah." "We are very similar, you and I…" the master thoughtfully. "I am deeply embarrassed that people know I have sucked cock, but I can see the upside in this new world and am eager to be of further service." "How would you feel if I buggered you?" Richard blanched and was for a moment lost for words "I…I…would not ask for it…I am not at all gay…um…anuses are so much tighter than women's pussies…it must be quite painful…but Sir, my commitment to serve you is not conditional in any way." finally finding a bit of courage.

"Don't panic, I am not interested at the moment…and anyway, when I decide to try it I will probably look for some compliant poof." "Well I really enjoyed that meal…time to paint the town red." Just as he stood to leave the Maître d' appeared. "I hope everything was to your satisfaction, Sir…I would like to introduce our Chef" waving his hand to a black haired woman beside him.

"This is Daniella Crimson, the finest Chef in Mainton." Even the large apron could not conceal entirely a very beautiful woman, and tempting a closer examination. She was larger all round than Sarah and Naidu and clearly older but well maintained.

"Geez…I thought all great Chefs were fat and male. You are quite a surprise Daniella. The food was great. I did not come out tonight looking for anything other than more playthings, but you make me wonder whether I shouldn't look for a personal Chef…you know a Chef that could serve other purposes…" he finished suggestively.

"I would be honoured to serve you, Sir" she responded wisely adding "I am 35, married and the mother of 2" hoping the additional information would put him off. "Hmmm…that wouldn't stop me from requiring service…but maybe another day.

We'll be off now" Leading his party out of the Restaurant they went straight next door to find Vanessa. As promised she was sitting at the front and stood immediately to join them. From the pavement they could hear loud music and asked "Is there a nightclub behind the bar?" "Yes Sir" responded Vanessa.

"Well, let's check it out" There was a queue at the door but the bouncers immediately recognised the master and admitted him and his party. The pleasantness of the conversation at the restaurant and his congenial treatment of Daniella aroused in him the need to reassert his power and dominance.

The nice master was gone in an instant to be replaced by the domineering tyrant who had so brutally fucked 4 women and caned one. Surveying in the room he quickly selected his target. In a booth on the far side of the dance floor, opposite the bar sat two young couples. Even at a distance and half concealed by the table the girls looked highly desirable. In fact, the whole place was full of desirable women, but the target offered an opportunity humiliate a couple of men and steal their women.

Striding over to the booth he glared at the two men. "I want this booth so you can fuck off." Immediately the two women and one of their dates stood to leave. The second guy was a bit slow to rise but ultimately stood at the urging of his girlfriend, clearly resentful.

"No, just the men can fuck off, I may have a use for your sluts." He announced cruelly. The three who had initially indicated compliance were stunned into unmoving silence while the recalcitrant became incandescent with rage.

"Just who the fuck do you think you are?" he shouted angrily. "Phil, for heaven's sake, this can't end well…give it up mate." Interjected his panicked friend. By this stage the whole nightclub was watching the drama loud music notwithstanding. "I am your Lord and Master." Responded cool but menacing "You are guilty of disrespectful behaviour and will be punished." Taking out his wand he restrained the man with invisible handcuffs.

He then turned to Richard and said "take this piece of shit to the bouncers and tell them to time him to a power pole or something like that, we will collect him later. Still the man resisted so the master aimed his wand at his genitals and inflicted pain as he had to the rebel in the initial meeting.

The man doubled over in agony. "The pain stops when you behave." The master informed him.

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"Please…make…it…stop" he pleaded as he gasped for breath. "Are you going to obey?" "Yes" "Yes what" "Yes…Sir" With that the master used his wand to remove the invisible clamps from the man's testicles. "Get on with it Richard." As the convict was marched away the homosexual element of the master's nature kicked in.

He was looking forward to seeing this fit young man naked and his sadistic side looked forward to disciplining him. The man who had wisely chosen not to resist turned to his girlfriend and gave her a kiss "sorry honey, there is nothing I can do" he then looked at her friend "sorry Kate." He then turned to leave, deeply ashamed that he could not protect his woman.

"there is something you can do" the master intoned cruelly, "You can go to the bar and get two bottles of Pol Roger, six glasses and a Heineken for Richard…and then you can fuck off. Tell them at the bar that the drinks are for me. No need to pay." The man turned and left to do the masters bidding.

The two new recruits stood is stunned silence, both disturbed and offended by the appalling treatment meted out their dates and their summary conscription, but falling under the charismatic spell of the lord, they were eager to submit.


More humiliation was at hand. "Ok girls, Naidu and Sarah will take you to a private place and assess your suitability for service. Naidu you assess and if appropriate prepare the shorter one, Sarah… the taller one.

Ladies, you will obey direction given to you by Naidu and Sarah without delay or question. I will punish recalcitrants without hesitation or mercy." With the new recruits and their handlers gone the master settled into the booth with Vanessa. Richard looked awkward and unsure what to do so the master sent him to help with the drinks. He turned his head to kiss her only to be met with a pair of hungry lips ready to attack. They probed one another's mouths with desperate urgency as the masters left hand travelled under her skirt and into her panties without resistance.

As with others before her she was disappointed by the brevity of his attention. He only teased her, probing her pussy only long enough to establish her level of arousal.

Withdrawing his hand he held up two fingers glistening with her juices. "Looks like you are desperate for some cock, Vanessa." Just at that moment the drinks arrived. "Take a seat Richard, look at that, Vanessa needs some cock" he said bolding his glistening fingers up for inspection.

Mortally embarrassed, Vanessa realised that anyone within earshot or looking on new she had just been fingered and that he was in a state of extreme arousal. "Desperate for your cock, Sir" she responded lustily reaching between his legs to massage his package in an attempt to regain some control and hasten her own deflowering. "Hands off, slut. You will get your chance to serve but it will be at a time of my choosing and on my terms." "Will that be all, Sir?" Asked the man who had just allowed his fiancé to be taken without a fight.

"No you can wait until the girls return. If your bitch is found unsuitable you can take her away with you. Pour me a drink." By this stage the dance floor was full, mostly with women jostling to gyrate nearest the Lord. Some of the dancing was really quite lewd as young women desperately sought sex with the master. "Actually, you can go and get three glasses of water, shouldn't have ordered 2 bottles. I don't want bitches drinking until I have broken them. You know…I want them fully conscious for their deflowering.

It is so much fun looking at the pain and shock in their eyes as I skewer them and then seeing that turn to joy as they are forced to orgasm." Just after he returned with the water, Naidu and Sarah returned with their charges. "What's the story girls?" "Both are very suitable sir, bit of a clean up and they should both provide a nice ride." Offered Sarah.

"This is Suzanne." added Naidu. "I see you wear a ring Suzanne, are you engaged to the coward or the criminal…or have you slipped away from the love of your life for a bit of illicit hanky panky?" Indignant Suzanne replied "Jonathon is my fiancé." "I asked you whether you are engaged to the criminal waiting sentence, or the coward who did nothing to defend your honour… or some other luckless cove.

You will answer my question as asked and lose the tone or face the consequences." Chastened Suzanne responded "Sorry Sir, I am engaged to the coward." "Right…take of the ring and give it back to him…he has the right to reconsider after I have broken and debased you. And who knows he may no longer be enough for you after you have been mastered by the monster." Tears began to well in both their eyes as Suzanne toyed with her ring.

"Do it" the master instructed threateningly. Now sobbing Suzanne complied with the instruction. The master now reached across the table and grabbed Jonathon's shirt and roughly wiped his fingers on it. "Just fingered Vanessa…boy is she wet…needed to wipe her juices off. You can go now" he told a devastated Jonathon who left in tears. "What about yours Sarah" he asked "Her name is Kate" "So Kate you came with the convict?" Frightened, Kate decided to be as compliant as she could "Yes sir…Suzanne is my best friend and Phil is a friend of Jonathon…they set up the double date." "How to you think Mr Cranky will react when watching me skewer you?" "We have only just met.

I don't know him that well, but as you can see he is quite aggressive. I think he will try intervene physically…you know… to stop you." "Don't worry be will not be able to interfere. How will you feel having your first time date watch you naked and impaled ?" "I suspect I will be too preoccupied by your cock to care much about anybody else but you sir" "And finally, how will you feel watching him physically disciplined?

He will be completely naked and restrained…but not enough to prevent movement… he will jerk and jiggle and strain against his bonds as the sentence is executed.

I suspect he will howl and beg unless we gag him." "Oh god" interjected Suzanne "poor Phil." "To be honest he is an aggressive son of a bitch, I think I will enjoy it. this discussion is really turning me on…and I think I will enjoy his powerlessness to stop me getting rogered." "Ok, slutty Sarah…let's dance" …looks like there is plenty of room." Action was all concentrated in the part of the dance floor nearest the master's party's booth.

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Eagerly Sarah got to her feet and led the lord to the floor. Breaking through to the centre there was plenty of room and it was immediately obvious that an excellent sense of rhythm made him a great dancer, another talent added to his list.

After a few independent moves, he pulled Sarah in close for a sensuous waltz. Unfortunately, his presence on the floor attracted massive interest in dancing.

Pretty soon any movement became difficult as the crowds crushed in. Hands came from everywhere to touch and grope the master in desperate attempts to attract attention.

By the end of the first song he had had enough and forced his way back to the safety of the booth, brutally kicking and slapping anyone that got in his way. Once in the safety of the booth, between his two newest acquisitions he took up his drink and settled in to watched increasingly depraved gyrations on the dance floor as women, and a few men informally auditioned for a place in his bed. Kate, the woman who have been the object of his recent obscene interrogation, had quickly warmed to her fate and reached between his legs to massage his genitals in the hope of promoting herself up his dance card for more intimate attention later that night.

What she didn't know was that she had already supplanted Vanessa in the pecking order and was next to be ridden. In his subconscious, the master was working on how to do it so that Phil, the arsehole tied up outside, had the best possible opportunity see the object of his lust and subject of his protective instincts, being fucked.

"Enough of that" the master said sharply as he took her hand away from his crotch. "My pants are not the "proper repository for jizz…that is the function of my human playthings." "Sorry Sir, I am eager to be of service…looking forward to receiving your noble semen." "You don't have long to wait…your intemperate date has promoted you to the top of the list, replacing Vanessa…where is that girl?" he asked scanning the dance floor.

"She's dancing with Richard" responded Naidu helpfully. Just then the master spotted them, in a clinch, grinding together slowly, with Richard helping himself to a large handful of Vanessa's arse as he probed for something more intimate.

"Naidu, go and tell eager Dick to unhand my property." Naidu compliantly went to the dance floor to advise the young would be lovers to cool it. The master was confident that Naidu would not use such crass terms as he had, but whatever she said it had the desired effect and they immediately broke their clinch and returned to the booth.

It was immediately evident that Richard was highly aroused. He already knew from his earlier feel that Vanessa was awash. "By the look of it you are both on heat…let me assure you, there is no chance you can consummate your lust until after I have had a very thorough go at Vanessa… and after that you may both find the object of your ardour…well…very second rate." "Sir, I am very grateful for the privileges I have been given in your service.the crumbs that fall from your table are tasty morsels indeed." He shouted to be heard above the music.

"So you have tasted Sarah and Claire, have you? Which was the tastiest and why?" he shouted back continuing the culinary theme. Richard's perfectly understandable analogy had opened up a new path in his journey down the road of debauchery. Richard immediately saw risk but was not sure how it would manifest itself. "I am sick of this racket, we will move to the front bar where we can hear ourselves talk…I want to continue this conversation." Suzanne and Kate, bring the champagne and glasses.

Leaving the dark noisy cavernous room they found a rather lighter, airier bar. The beat of the disco penetrated but not to an extent that would make it difficult to hear. Once again, the tables were full with many who had witnessed the humiliation of Jonathon and Phil and the conscription of Suzanne and Kate.

Young men all over the bar urged their women to call it a night. All resisted, some outright refused, but enough left to enable the Lord's party to take quite comfortable seats.

Sitting and sipping his champagne, the master's eyes settled on a forlorn character of Phil, hands tied in front of him, hugging a power pole. They had all noticed it but no one else dared draw attention. "Phil looks a little uncomfortable and sad, doesn't he?" asked the master sarcastically but rhetorically "but I think we can make him a whole lot less comfortable." He then paused to consider his target.

There was an opportunity to humiliate two people here. Phil was the primary target and he would be massively embarrassed, but his plan would involve publicly shaming someone else…who was it to be…the choice was Richard or Suzanne.

He had come to the view that Suzanne would probably be like Swee and Claire, a passably good fuck, but disengaged and whiny. Richard, alpha male, had already committed a homosexual act and hated it, but had been given some very macho privileges as well, restoring a bit of his dented pride.

Considering the as yet unfinished conversation from inside the disco and his plans to pursue a line that would end badly for Richard. The master settled on Suzanne. "Suzanne" "Yes sir" "I am going to get me to do a little job for me." "Anything sir" responded the naïve girls eager to build a little credibility with the master.

"Excellent… but first, I want to know that you understand that you must follow my directions without delay and without question." "Oh yes sir" responded the silly girl completely oblivious to the fact that a hammer blow of public embarrassment was about to hit her.

Richard, Naidu and Sarah all saw it coming but could only guess at the details. In broad terms, they all guessed that it would be something to do with Phil, but beyond that they had no idea. "And you are aware of the consequences of refusal or delay." "Yes sir" she responded nervously, suddenly realising that she was now in the middle of something very unpleasant. "Good… you are to go out to Phil, undo his belt and pull his pants down to the ground." Suzanne blanched.

This is so bad, she thought to herself. How can I do this…and in public. Her terrified reaction was not lost on anyone…but there was worse to come. "You can leave his pants around his ankles and his underpants on." He continued in mock thoughtfulness. He then went on gravely. "tell him that under no circumstances is he to accept assistance from any member of the passing public. Any attempt to pull his pants back up will make his already dire situation even worse." Suzanne considered this second instruction fairly benign after the horror of the pantsing order, and began to relax a little.

Then the final blow. "Having done that, you are to massage his penis through his jocks until he is completely rigid, but no more…I don't want him to come. Do you understand?" "Yes sir" responded the defeated girl, on the brink of a nervous breakdown. "Get on with it" he commanded harshly. The entire party watched with rapt attention as Suzanne, hunched with her shoulders drooping slouched towards her unhappy task. When she reached him she appeared to whisper in his ear before beginning the task of removing his jeans.

His response was loud and furious. "You have to do what?" he shouted loud enough for all to hear, before dropping his head to plead quietly with his best friend's fiancé, to spare him this indignity.

Unknown to the party watching from the bar, they had only got as far as the removal of his pants. Like the instruction given to Suzanne the horror developed rather than dropped all at once.

In the case of the Master, this was carefully prepared strategy, but for Suzanne it was more fear pure and simple.

She had yet to come to terms with what she had to do let alone tell the victim of the obscene act she had to perform on him. Suzanne then went about the task of undoing his belt and unzipping his fly.

As she did she could not help but become aware that his dick was hardening. This gave her some peace as she considered that he may achieve his erection without her assistance.

She then stepped behind him and took hold of the waist band of his jeans and pulled them firmly down crouching at the end to lower them all the way to the ground, revealing an untanned slightly hairy arse with only a thong to hide his modesty. The master clapped his hands and roared with laughter "This is so much better than I had expected…he is only wearing a thong." The rest of the party joined him in nervous tittering, all of them realising that such humiliation could easily be their fate and none of them had any cause to hate the hapless Phil.

Suzanne once again whispered in his ear. "Now I have to make you hard." Defeated he responded quietly, "I think the job is already done. In another time and another place, I would welcome the attention, but here…and now!" "He will want to see me touch it…I am so sorry…" Head down, he said nothing more as his best mate's fiancé wrapped a hand around his rigid cock, rubbing it gently but stopping before granting him relief.

She then unhanded him and turned to walk away as the passing crowd slowed to check out the highly aroused partially naked man. A few women remarked on his nice butt but giggled about a rather disappointing 'wee wee'. A couple of gay men made the same observation but concluded that they cared little about the size of his cock, especially as he had such a nice 'boy cunt'. Back at the table, the Master smirked as he welcomed Suzanne back.

"Nice work girlie, but I note he struggles to fill that rather small pouch at the front. Can't have much of a dick…you did get it into fighting condition as instructed?" The worst of her humiliation behind her, the nature and manner of the question nevertheless took Suzanne aback.

After a brief hesitation she responded uncertainly "I…um…he…um was pretty stiff by the time I had taken his pants down…um but…um…oh god…I did give it a stroke…um had to stop or…um…" "Oh for goodness is big or little?

Would it satisfy you?" "I am a virgin sir, I do not know…but it is smaller than I expected…um…there isn't much to that thong and it is not full". "Quite…nevertheless I want you to go out every 15 minutes and make sure he remains at attention. I suspect he will find the commentary from the passing parade quite deflating." The Lord then returned to his earlier line of questioning.

Richard's grope of Vanessa on the dance floor had served to remind him of how little he had demanded of Richard in return for how much he had givenhim.

One short blow job had delivered him two goes at Claire followed by significant access to the bitch over more than a day, and then there was his opportunity to administer her sentence of discipline, an opportunity he obviously relished. On top of all that he had been granted the opportunity to engage in consensual congress with Sarah, a piece of quality pussy. Richard had to give more and be taken down a peg or two.

"So Richard, who was the tastiest and why." Sensing great danger Richard attempted to change tack as he answered the question "definitely Sarah, Sir…She is like a high quality sports car, hard bodied, handles well, very responsive all round a great ride.

Claire is more like a family sedan, does the job perfectly well but, is very compliant but not very exciting." "But the circumstances were so different. Claire was in the first place commanded to perform and since then has been compelled to give what you want…that would kill any girl's enthusiasm Wouldn't it?" The three new recruits remained mute, while Sarah responded, "nothing kills my enthusiasm." Naidu added "In your case sir I am eager to serve anywhere, anytime and in any way you want." Ignoring the responses, having thought the question was rhetorical.

"By contrast the screw you had with Sarah was entirely consensual, most chicks are turned on by a bit of give and take.aren't they?" The girls all remained silent as Richard responded, sensing that he had managed to change the tone of the conversation to a less risky path.

"True Sir, but I get the sense that Sarah is A1 quality in any circumstances while Claire will tend to the whiny. To put is another way, I would always want Sarah to howl, but would wish that Claire would shut-the fuck-up and just take it." "You are quite right, in both cases." Sarah beamed at the compliment, while the unsused new recruits blanched.

Naidu smiled. "But you have not truly tasted the girls have you Richard?" The Master asked ominously "So you cannot truly call them tasty…can you" "Well I&hellip." "Well Richard, we will have to remedy this so you can truly comment on the taste.

Hot naked teens having sex

Would you like Richard to eat youSarah" "Oh yes, Sir" Sarah responded enthusiastically. Sexual gratification through humiliating a man was about the pinnacle of Sarah appetites. Only the masters monster inside he could top it. Richard was crestfallen.

He had never had his face anywhere near a woman's cunt. He had always insisted that his partners suck his cock, and two had been summarily dismissed for refusing.

Most went along. Three requested reciprocal attention only to be slapped and told that they should have told him before they got this far so that he had a choice. Chastened by his confected anger all three had conceded and been subjected to a particularly punishing fuck before being dismissed.

He had not sought a return bout with any of them, although one of the three had pursued him like a lovelorn puppy. He had kept her on for three more assignations on condition that she comply with his every demand. The last time he had demanded anal.

He knew she would scream as he opened her narrow back passage so he had gagged her before demanding that she get down on all fours like a dog and present her arse for penetration. Sobbing through her gag she complied. He then applied a liberal quantity of Vaseline to her puckered hole, not out of consideration for her but because he thought he might hurt himself forcing open such a small orifice.

He then forced his way in, the hapless girl howling into her gag. He then leaned forward and told he in a clear voice that their relationship was over.

He then continued for ten minutes to visit unimaginable pain on his now ex-girlfriend before filling her bowels with his seed. That was the first and last time he had done anal. As sexual gratification, it was not as pleasing as pussy or mouth although the sadistic value was very high. The girl was Claire's best friend. The alpha male who had only hours earlier been forced to perform oral sex on a man, was now to be forced to do the same for a woman, something he had steadfastly refused to do.

Horrifying though it was, it was at least a heterosexual act. So he quickly rationalised his predicament as not so bad. He had no way of knowing the way the master planned to choreograph the event.

He should have expected something bad, but self-defence kicked in and he held the most idealised view he could of the act. "Good. After you have finished the job on Clair, you can thank Sarah properly for the great screw she gave you…with your lips and tongue performing a thorough French kiss on her lower lips…Time to move on I think." All jumped to their feet with alacrity.

The entire party was keen to get away from this place, hoping for a return to the hotel. All of the women were aroused and desperate for sex. Naidu and Sarah saw their prospects as a bit dim. With three fresh conscripts, their prospects relied, not of their undoubted skills but on the success of their charges. Naidu had 2 of the three. Vanessa, she was completely confident, would perform well and could become a rival for the role of Mistress of the Bed and Bath.

The potential rivalry however did not bother her anywhere as near as much and the whingy nervous nature of Suzanne. She made a mental not to provide her with a bit more coaching as she removed the girl's pubic hair.

Best if Suzanne performed competently and is sent away like Swee having satisfied but not inspired. Naidu's prospects looked brighter. Not only was Kate a lusty little unit but the foolish actions of Phil had promoted her to the top of the Master's dance card, replacing the completely prepared Vanessa. Kate was bound to please. Not only did she appear eager, but any weakness in her performance was likely to be masked by the pleasure the master would derive from making her date watch it all.

Primacy was important, Naidu figured. A good performance by the trainee would reflect well on the trainer and open up the possibility of reward at the end of the night. The risk was that the master would arrive home too tired and too aroused to be able to wait while Kate's pubes were removed and reinstate Vanessa to the top of the list, where like Sarah, she expected her to perform like a champion.

Richard too was keen to get back to the Hotel. Between conversations and dances he had retained a hard on in the tight jeans Naidu and Sarah had selected that was really quite uncomfortable.

The sooner he could get his cock out of the pants and into Claire, the happier he would be. He could then sleep soundly, looking forward to a couple of days of real fun, using and abusing the silly little bitch. The movement of the group initially struck fear into Phil, who imagined some new, unspecified humiliation.

He too wanted to go back to the Hotel where he could endure and put behind him whatever penalty he had incurred through his chivalrous but foolish behaviour. Just as they passed through the gate that divided the outdoor bar area from the pavement, the team from the restaurant arrived, having finished for the night arrived for a debrief over a relaxing drink.

Immediately the master locked eyes with Daniella Crimson. "Hello, hello…here is the not fat, not male sensational chef from this evening's dinner" he remarked jovially. The nice master asserting itself over the tyrant who had been in charge throughout their time at the nightclub and bar. "Without that large apron, you look even better, Who is to know how much better it would get if we pealed some more off!" "You are very kind sir, it was an honour to cook for you.

I am afraid that if you peeled away any more you would find the battle scarred 35-year-old body that has borne two children." "35…I only believe it because you are obviously and honest woman." He then reached over and tenderly pecked her on the cheek. "I think I may need to make my own assessment…but for now…enjoy your drink…see you soon." The Chef blushed a deep shade of her surname and said "Thank you Sir" terrified and exhilarated by the possibilities" All were stunned.

Naidu and Sarah both considered Daniella was a fine looking woman and put the master's behaviour down to a residual respect for age. As they headed into the night all hopes of an early…ish night evaporated.