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Sexy busty milf squirting toys pussy webcam
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I woke up. Unable to think straight I opened my eyes only halfway. It was foggy. I blinked slowly a few times to clear my vision staring at the white shiny floor. White! I hated white. While I stared at the floor I noticed my male form was totally naked. And tied up. My legs were spread and two leather straps encircled my ankles, fastened to some hooks in the floor. I couldn't move an inch. Lifting my head I looked up at my wrists. The same leather straps were tightened around them and secured to a steel beam hanging from the roof.

At least my arms weren't spread out. But why was I naked?


A growing panic started as I remembered movies I'd seen with guys stripped naked and tortured by the enemy. I started to struggle, but I was stretched so tight I could only move my ass a little. After a few minutes I gave up and started to look around.

The room I was placed in was the size of a living room. It was without windows, doorways and furniture though. Like the floor, the walls and roof were white. It reminded me about a hospital.

The only thing in the room, other than me, was a small rectangle-formed table. On it laid a thing that looked like a small octopus. Fortunately it was placed on the other side of the room so I couldn't study the ugly creature in detail. With nothing better to do I tried to remember how I had come here.

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The first thing I remembered was that I had walked home after work in the evening. It had been nearly dark and I had taken a shortcut through an abandoned street. But then it started to get foggy. I thought I remembered being grabbed from behind by several small hands before a cloth turned up out of nowhere, covering my mouth and nose.

And then, nothing. Hmm. They must have drugged me. Unable to remember anything else I started to study the leather straps surrounding my wrists, trying to find a weakness. I tried to twist my hands free, but the only result I got was pain. The straps were so tight, not painfully tight (only when I twisted), but still incredibly tight. Still in a little pain I lowered my gaze to my feet. The leather straps there looked identical to the ones tied on my wrists. I tried to lift myself up, but with nothing to support my weight other than my wrists I ended up in pain again.

I gave up. Gazing at the floor I noticed some trails in it. I followed them with my gaze. The trails started right in front of me and went in two straight lines all the way to the table in the other end.

It was obvious to me then that the disgusting creature would have a part in all this. Whatever this was. Only when I had followed the trails all the way to the table did I notice that the latter had small wheels on all four legs that fit in the trails. The table was obviously meant to be moved. Right after I realized this the table started to move towards me, with surprisingly little noise.

I surprised myself by noticing this despite my building fear.

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When the table was almost right in front of me I started to fight against the leather straps again, afraid of what was coming next. Not long after the inevitable happened; the table reached me and came to a halt.

My body locked down completely in fear and terror when the octopus-like thing stirred and lifted one of its tentacles. Only when the tentacle reached my penis and started to caress it did I regain control of my body.

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Even though I knew I couldn't move away from the creature I still tried. It was a reflex reaction. The logical part of my mind told me to shy away from the touch, but the animal part stirred to life and enjoyed the feeling. By the touch I could tell the creature wanted my penis to be erect, which I therefore tried, with all my willpower, to avoid. I quickly started to think about things that disgusted me. Things like hairless cats with ugly wrinkles, slimy snails and… octopuses.

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Big mistake, that last one. The thought of octopuses made me remember clearly what was going on in my crotch and what was the responsible. I could no longer delay the inevitable. I don't think I could have fought it off even if my life was at stake. For all I knew it could already be. Even knowing this I gave up.

My penis rose quickly after that. I let myself enjoy the tentacle's strokes, but was unable to look at it, afraid of what I might see. When my penis was fully erected the tentacle withdrew. Afraid of the unknown as I was I just had to see what the octopus-thing was planning. The octopus lifted three more tentacles and shot them towards me. Instead of going for my cock, as I had suspected, they reached around me.

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Two was pressed on my ass while the two others snaked themselves around my thighs. With horror I stared at the octopus' body moving towards my fully exposed penis.

When it touched the head of my cock I could feel a tight opening in the creature's underside. But the octopus didn't linger there. As it did not longer lie on the table it used the tentacles tied around my legs to hold it up, and the tentacles on my ass drew the creature even closer to me, swallowing the head of my penis.

I gasped in both surprise and pleasure. It felt almost like a real vagina. The creature did not stop until it hit the base of my cock. Even then it seemed unsatisfied, and it started to suck so hard on my thing that it was painful. It felt like my penis was stretched so it could reach deeper in the creature's pussy.

After half a minute it stopped the painful sucking and withdrew, only to swallow the cock a second time. I couldn't believe this thing was fucking me. As it glided along my shaft, and sucking hard for half a minute each time it reached the root, it reached a fifth tentacle to surround my testicles.

It squeezed just enough to have a good grip around the sack. My cock penetrated the octopus' vagina over and over and over. Or you could say the creature's vagina swallowed my cock over and over, depending on whose eyes were watching. With each successful penetration it sucked a little longer and a little harder. After a long, hard and painful suck I started to feel dizzy, and the only reason I still stood straight was because I was tied up. Unable to go very fast the octopus made up for it a hundred times.

Even though the sucking was painful it was also very good in an odd way. The pain made me more turned on. As I neared my climax I even tried to push my cock deeper into the creature.

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It seemed to know I was almost there and became more eager. The creature's eagerness made me cum faster. I ejaculated while the octopus touched my cock's base.

It sucked harder than I thought possible, and instead of trying to shot sperm out the opening my cock seemed to hold onto it. It felt more like peeing than cumming.

Thanks to the creature's powerful sucking ability the semen was sucked out in a continuous stream instead of in the usual short bursts.


When I was empty for semen the octopus did something completely unsuspected. I gasped in pain as a tiny tentacle pushed its way inside the opening of my penis, from inside the creature's vagina. It snaked its way deeper and deeper inside me, only to stop as suddenly as it had started. The pain from the tentacle's intrusion did not fade at once, and I could feel it deeper inside me than just the root my cock.

My logical part wanted me to panic, as that would be a natural reaction, but again the animal in me dominated. And it was extremely curious. It just had to know what this fearsome and pleasurable creature was going to do.

So I waited for it to make the next move. I bit my lip to keep myself from screaming as the little tentacle inside my penis expanded.

It pulsated and sent a continuous stream of fluid through the opening. The fluid reached my testicles and they exploded in pain. I screamed. Then I vomited on the floor beside the creature. At last I blacked out. It couldn't have been long before I woke again, because the room was exactly the same. The octopus was still hanging on my cock and its tentacle was still deep inside of me.

Still sending fluid into me. But my testicles didn't hurt so much anymore. And they were growing. I could feel the sack stretching to keep the testicles inside. It frightened me and perhaps it was for the best that I could not see it happening. Just feel it. As my balls grew larger and heavier they made the scrotum stretch downwards, not able to support the weight.

Surprisingly it wasn't so painful. But it felt as if something was pulling on my sack, stretching and stretching. The octopus didn't stop sending fluid inside of me until my testicles had touched the floor. Now my scrotum was so huge it sagged out on the floor and touched both my legs.

If I hadn't been tied to the roof I could probably have sit on the thing. To confirm that it was not just my imagination working on a high scale I looked down to see my monstrous scrotum lying between my legs. All my hopes of escape shattered like thin glass window handled too roughly.

How was I going to be able to walk around? The scrotum would just be dragged along the floor. I started to wonder what would happen if I was lifted higher up. Would my sack be able to carry the weight of my testicles? Or would the sack be ripped apart? I hoped I didn't have to find out. With the job done the creature pulled out its tentacle slowly, making me grit my teeth.

When it was all out the octopus glided along my shaft again. But it did not make me reenter my cock. Instead the creature lay down on the table, released its grip on me and withdrew its tentacles. It just lay there seeming to be asleep. It was an odd feeling not having my cock completely engulfed in the octopus, almost like I missed its delicate touch. Only when I looked at my still erect penis did I notice it was bigger.

Not much longer than it had been, but definitely thicker. That was a change I could get used. I wondered if it would last.

Suddenly the table started moving away from me and door, that I hadn't been able to distinguish, opened in the wall to my right. Five young women strode in, naked. They all stopped a few meters in front of me, except one. The one who was probably the leader walked around me studying. I was unable to not stare at the four beautiful bodies standing before me.


One girl had long brown hair and medium sized breasts. Another had natural red hair and small breasts. She was the smallest of them. The third and fourth girls had both short blonde hair and extremely large breasts.

They were sagging a lot but even so the breasts looked very impressive. All the girls had pretty faces, and shaved pussies. I wondered if this was the lot who had kidnapped me.

Finished inspecting the leader came to a halt in front of me and turned towards the girls. I noticed two perfect breasts and a well-shaved pussy.

My gaze lingered on her cute butt when she finally spoke. "Well, girls," she said, "I think he's ready." The other girls rejoiced as the leader turned back to me with a mischievous grin on her face.