Free videos of straight guys turned to gays Moving in close to Mick

Free videos of straight guys turned to gays Moving in close to Mick
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[b]L-ing Out[/b] "Thank again for sleeping over tonight." Megan said. "I know it's a little boring just the two of us." "No way," Sarah replied. She was currently sitting upside down in a large recliner facing the TV. "I'm having a blast.

We got movies, junk food and no parents. That's always fun." "Very true," said Megan, who was sprawled across the sofa, as she grabbed a handful of chip. Her parents were going on some sort of couples retreat and since Megan was finally sixteen she could stay home without a babysitter.

They even let her have a friend over. Megan had met Sarah a few months ago shortly after she transferred to her school. The two had hit it off pretty quick and she seemed like just the person to hang out with on her first night of freedom.

They had both settled on junk food and making fun of TV shows. It was a bit early but both had decided to slip into their sleep wear. Sarah's where simply pale yellow panties and a brighter yellow tank top which looked amazing against her caramel brown skin. Megan was wearing similar attire but purple and pink and her top was much tighter across her full chest.

The show started getting a little boring. With a feat of acrobatics Sarah rolled herself off the recliner and back upright. She turned a mischievous smile on Megan.

"Alright, I've held off long enough," Sarah said. Megan looked at her friend as a person would look at a snake on the trail. She had a feeling she knew what was coming next.

"Okay," Sarah continued. "So is it true?" "Is what true?" Megan said, trying hard to play dumb. "Don't give me that! You damn well know what I mean." Sarah said with a stern look. "Did you really let Kevin put it up your butt?" The pillow was flying through the air before she even finished the words, and Sarah fell back laughing from the impact.

Megan however had turned bright red. "Oh my god you did!!" Sarah said spotting the guilty look on her friends face. She quickly scrambled to her friends side clearly expecting more information.

Megan by now was bright red. "Yes," she squeaked. This sent Sarah into a fit of giggles. "I knew it," she said. "That's so hot. Tell me everything," "Well," Megan was hesitant but starting to loosen up. "We were just hanging out, at his place, and he's actually pretty cute ya know. I'm not like 'in love' with him but he started making some moves and I just let him go." It sorta spilled out. "Anyway we were making out at his house and he was running his hand along my leg and up my shorts and I don't know what came over me but I just told him to take them off.

He started fingering me. I've never had someone do that before but then he went down on me and holy shit, I just exploded." "Wow he sounds like he knows what he was doin." Sarah said she was squirming a little from the story now. "He so did. I could tell he wanted to fuck me but I just really wasn't sure. Kinda stupid I know. Still I didn't want to get knocked up or anything and I kinda didn't want to do it the first time with someone I didn't even really want to date.

So I sorta just told him he could put it in my butt." That got her blushing again. "That's so crazy. I've never ever done it in the butt. Did it hurt? How did you get lube?" Sarah was let out a barrage of questions as Megan just blushed even harder.

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"We used cooking oil." Megan said strained by shyness. This got a laugh from Sarah. "I didn't hurt as bad as I've heard it would and he was really gentle." She was recovering her nerve. "I came like three times. It was amazing." "Oh my god," Sarah said dreamily.

"I've never had a boy make me cum like that." She had rolled onto her back now her excitement leveling off. "Damn, your story got me so turned on." It was Megan's turn to giggle. "I can tell," she said pointing to Sarah chest. Her nipples were hard and clearly showing through her thin shirt.

"Oh yeah, you should see this," Sarah retorted and flipped her legs over her head like a yoga position. This had the effect of putting her pantie covered pussy right in Megan's face.

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There was clearly a wet spot. "Owe! You perve!" Megan said as she playfully shoved her friend away. "Why would you show me that?" She tried to sound mad but failed completely, due to the smile and fighting the giggles. "Like yours isn't wet." Sarah said.

"Okay you got me there." Megan sighed, "too bad the neighbors watch the place like a hawk. I think I wouldn't mind letting Kevin go all the way this time, I'm sure he has a friend he could bring." "That's okay," Sarah said. She pulled herself up on her elbows looking at Megan. "I'm not really in the mood for boys. I was thinking more like L-ing out." "Say what?" Megan said "L-ing out," Sarah said looking at her friend.

"Ya know Lez- ing out?" Sarah could plainly read the shock on her friends face. Megan just stared at her like she had grown a second head. "You've never don't that!!" Sarah said in disbelief.

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"Like every girl in my last school did it at like every sleep over. Me and Samantha King did it the first time I stayed over at her place." Samantha had been friends with Sarah when she first arrived but then it ended.

"You mean like you and Samantha have had sex. with each other?" Megan was even more shocked now "Well it's not really sex, I mean I guess it is, but yeah just for fun. Mostly just make out stuff. Sometimes we would finger each other and lick each other. Me and Samantha even rubbed them together. It was great" Sarah said as she moved closer to Megan as if telling a secret.

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"You got really lucky with Kevin, but most boys don't always get you there, ya know. Most just get you goin and then stick it in and their done.

Girls are a little different though, plus you can't get preggo. So a bunch of girl at my last school just started doing it with each other. We called it L-ing out.

I figured they did that everywhere." Sarah had been moving closer to her friend. Their faces were just inches apart and in a breathy whisper Sarah said, "We don't have to if you don't want but it is really fun," "But I'm not a lesbian or anything," Megan said quietly. "Well I'm not really either.

I love boys, and have put out for them more than a few times. This is just for fun between girlfriends." Sarah was squirming again. "I don't know if I'll like it," Megan said but there was temptation in her voice. "Well did you know you would like a guy doin you up the butt?" Sarah giggled.

"We can go slow.

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How bout just kissing? Besides guys love it when two hot girls kiss." "Yeah, okay." Megan said. Sarah took her opening. She leaned in lightly as Megan closed her eyes. The touch of their lips was electric, like sparks though both girls. Megan felt her whole body melt. Before she knew it Sarah had pulled her from the couch and on top off her on the floor. Megan wasn't sure what to think. One moment she was talking about having her butt fucked by a boy and now she was on top of a girl making out and her young pussy had never been wetter.

It seemed like hours before the kiss broke.


Sarah looked at her friend. "So what did you think?" "I. I don't know but wow can you kiss," Megan pulling back to look down at the girl she was on top of. "I think you liked it," Sarah laughed as this time it was her pointing to her friend's rock hard nipples fighting to be free.

"Should I show you my panties?" Megan said.

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"Differently, but I think I could go for more kissing." And with that Sarah ran her hands up under the sides of Megan's shirt and along her bare back pulling her friend in for another deep kiss.

Sarah was surprised when in a few seconds in she felt Megan's tongue rub along her lips. Sarah opened her mouth and accepted here friends tongue. She sucked on it hard then slipped her own tongue into Megan's receptive mouth. Sarah could feel her pussy heating up at the deep kissing and from weight of her young friend's body writhing on top of her. Despite her experience with boys she had always loved L-ing out.

The feel of another girl, her sweet scent and soft skin and having her firm breast pressing against the other girls chest. Cloth covered nipples sticking and stimulating each other. Sarah, keeping her hands under Megan's tank top, started moving her hands around front to Megan's firm breasts. Megan pulled back and gasped as Sarah skillfully manipulated her bare nipples.

For a second Sarah thought she had made the wrong move but Megan's face was nothing but ecstasy. After Megan recovered she sat up a little, this causing her panty clad pussy to rub on her friends stomach. She then quickly pulled off her own tank top. She leaned forward pressing her breast into her friend's hands. Just as Megan was going to remove Sarah's top Sarah stopped her.

"Wait," she looked at Megan and it was a look of concern. "Hey, you started this, are you backing out on me?" Megan said. It was jokingly but a little worry was there as well. "No. It's just. well, you're not gonna freak out on me later if we go all the way?" Sarah said, the last coming in a rush.

"Like how so? Cause I know we aren't like dating or anything. It's basically like letting Kevin do my butt. It's just for fun right." Megan said. She was still raising the hem of Sarah's shirt. "Well yeah, but that's not just it. It's just I really, really like you," Sarah said. Then realized what she said and blurted out stupidly.

"I don't mean like that. Like I love you or anything, I just want to have sex with. I mean not like that either. Aagh." Sarah turned bright red and immediately covered her face with hands.

"Ugh, you know what I mean." She said through muffled hands. "It's just I really like you as a friend and even if we weren't L-ing out I would still be having fun." She uncovered her face and look at the topless friend startling her. "I just don't want to lose you like Samantha," For a moment Megan forgot what exactly she was doing.

"Yeah what happened with you two?" "I don't know. We got alone really well and then I slept over," Sarah sighed. "I wasn't even the one that brought up L-ing out. I mean I kinda already had good time with Frankie." "Really! You and Frank? Okay that's not now. Go on." Megan scooted into a better position on top of her friend resting her head on her Sarah's tits. "Also you're really comfy. Go on." "Well, thank you," Sarah said as she ran her hand through her friend's hair.

"Either way she actually started coming on to me and I told her about L-ing out and then we just start, well like this." "Well don't spare details." Megan said. She could feel the muscles in her pussy twitching, and even though she'd never even thought of another girl's body before, this was fun.

"Well it started with kissing, and then moved on to a little breast play." Sarah said and as she did her hands returned to Megan's bare breast. "So after her nipples were hard I moved on to sucking them." With that Megan turned her head and began nibbling on Sarah's nipple through her tank top.

"Then Sam actually started with the fingers on my pussy. Through my panties first but then when I started on her, well she just slipped right in. After that we were just naked and doing everything." "Sounds really fun." Megan said toying with Sarah's other nipple. "It was. Least I thought so, but then almost the next day she just quit talking to me. She would practically bolt away if she saw me," Sarah sighed again. "And honestly I like you as a friend a lot more." Megan smiled at that and detected from her friends nipple, leaving a wet spot on her tank top.

"I don't know about Sam, but I do know that even after Kevin put it up my ass I still talk to him," Megan leaned close to Sarah's ear and in a breathy whisper finished, "and I like you as a friend a lot more then Kevin and I'll let you use a lot more than my ass" With that Megan, on an impulse, flicked her tongue around the inside of Sarah's ear.

"Oh, fuck," Sarah said shaken. "That's what I'm talking about." Sarah was emboldened this time and slides her hands down the back of Megan's panties. She rubs the smooth cheeks of her friend's ass. Megan had a very nice apple of an ass and Sarah got thinking she may slip something in there herself tonight.

"Your shirts in the way," Megan said and Sarah had just a second to react as the garment was peeled off over her head, exposing her young and lovely teenage breasts and their pert nipples.

Megan's hands were on them in an instant and then her mouth.

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She toyed with it much the way she had when the shirt was on but the taste of her friend's bare skin was wonderful. She could hardly believe that an hour ago she had never even thought of girl and now she was on her way to having sex with her best friend.

Sarah pulled Megan up for a kiss. They hugged in a strong embrace. Their breast crushing together, nipples striking and sending jolts of pleasure through each other. Sarah then took the lead. She rolled Megan on to her back and started kissing down her neck to her chest. Then after pausing on her breast trailed kisses down her stomach. Just as she got to Megan's panty line Megan said, "We're really gonna do this huh?


You're gonna eat my pussy," she felt a tingle of erotic pleasure as she said the words. "I can stop, if you want," Sarah said. She had inched Megan's panties down and planted light kiss on the exposed area. "Oh hell no." Megan said. She knew her orgasm was building and all she wanted was to bring the feeling to its peak.

With no further delay Sarah grabbed the waist band on Megan's panties and swiftly pulled them free. Megan's pussy was a tribute to female beauty. "Very cute. I like the little patch just on the top," Sarah said.

Megan's young pussy was shaved smooth except a little strip of hair just a little brighter red then her auburn locks. "Yeah. It lets the boys know the carpet does. oh god," Megan was cut off at that point. Sarah had teasingly pulled the little tuft of hair then took a long swift lick at the spot where Megan's leg joins her body. Sarah was a master tease as she exhaled straight on to the aroused womanhood, while she moved to same spot on the other side.

Megan's whole body was on pins and needles now. Her pussy was on fire and she just wanted to scream at how wonderful it all felt but she knew it would feel better. Then it did. Sarah took a long slow lick straight up the center of Megan's lips, which easily parted in their aroused state. She stopped just before Megan's clit and then went back down without touching only to come up again a little faster. Megan was breathing hard. She didn't have much experience with this but she knew she was being eating out by a master.

"Oh fuck," she moaned as Sarah came back up again but this time she didn't stop. Sarah hit Megan's aroused little clit with her tongue. It was long circling licks but then quick little jabs. Megan had only though she felt an orgasm building before now. She was suddenly hit by a diving force so strong she could fathom it. It took only another moment of Sarah's brilliant oral technique Megan lost all control. Megan's back arched off the ground and legs locked as toes curled.

She found herself screaming in pure pleasure as Sarah did an amazing job of never pulling her mouth from Megan's pussy. Megan finally collapsed back to the ground and pulled away from Sarah as the feeling was to overwhelming right now.


Megan lay there for a moment sprawled and naked. She felt Sarah climb over her. "So how was that?" Sarah said with a smirk. Megan didn't bother with words. She grabbed Sarah by the back of the head and pulled her in for a deep kiss. As they kissed Megan could feel and taste the wetness on Sarah's and knew it was from her own sweet young pussy.

This sent a shudder of mini orgasm through her. "Yeah. That's what a virgin pussy tastes like." Sarah said almost reading her mind. "You ready to see what a slutty little cunt like mine tastes like?" "More than anything right now." Megan said as she rolled herself around and then pounced at Sarah.

She grabbed her panties and began wrestling them off the mock struggling girl. In mere seconds Sarah was a naked as Megan. Her lovely young pussy smooth and exposed. She was very wet and ready to go. Sarah's outer lips were darker the Megan's pale white ones but the inside was just as vibrant pink. All hair was waxed away on a weekly basis leaving nothing but silken smooth skin. "You are so beautiful like this." Megan said in awe. "That's right mine's the first pussy you've really got to see huh?" Sarah said and she stroked her friend's hair.

"Go ahead and explore it. It's all yours tonight." Megan stroke the outer lips lightly and then inner folds. She remembered how nice Sarah's breathe felt on her own pussy, so she slowly blows over it. Sarah's sent was amazing. So female and arousing. Sarah had been squirming a little when Megan decided to slip a finger into friends opening. Sarah let out a moan and Megan enjoyed the feel of fingering another girl's pussy. For all of Sarah's talk of it being a "slutty little cunt" it was still very much a tight little cunt.

Megan started working in a second finger and she decided she had spent enough time looking and touching. It was time for tasting.

Megan pulled her fingers free after a few quick pumps and starting from the bottom ran her tongue up Sarah's open slit. She tasted as wonderful as she smelled. Megan stopped and toyed with Sarah's clit, which got her moaning and squirming even more. Megan knew she lacked the experience her friend had used on her but she knew what she liked and she had a trick up her sleeve. She left Sarah's now erect clit and licked her way back down. Sarah raised herself off the ground which helped Megan's plan.

One detail Megan left out about her encounter with Kevin was that he did not just eat her pussy out. Sarah squealed in surprise as Megan ran her tongue around the ring of Sarah's tight virgin asshole. "Oh god." Sarah called out. "Oh fucking god. that's fucking amazing," Megan could not say but hearing that brought a thrill to her heart. She took long lavish licks after this. Enjoying the intimate contact with her friend's pussy and ass.

The sexual appeal of her scent felled Megan's nose and the taste was amazing. Moreover there was a bit of pure naughty thrill of the forbidden about girl girl sex. Megan swapped between Sarah's delicious pussy and tight little asshole until finally she forced her tongue up Sarah's butt as far as she could.

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All the while her fingers had been working full speed on Sarah's clit. Megan was really getting off on how she could make Sarah moan and cry in pleasure. With her tongue still working around in Sarah's ass she worked two fingers into the pulsating furnace like pussy and that was it for Sarah. Her mouth opened in a soundless scream as her body went ridged. The orgasm was mind crushingly grand as Sarah convulsed and went limp.

As Sarah did Megan mounted her friend pulling her in for wet faced kiss. The two softly kissed and cuddled naked on the floor together. "So I was thinking," Megan said.

"Umm about what?" Asked Sarah. Her head resting on Megan's tits as Megan ran her hand over Sarah's flat firm tummy. "I was thinking maybe I should talk with Sam King.

Maybe see what happened with her." Megan said. Sarah rolled to look at her friend and now lover. "Really? Think you could figure it out." "I don't know but it's worth a shot cause I figure you and I could have a lot of fun with her at a sleep over." Megan said as she lowered her hand to Sarah's rapidly wetting pussy.

As the fingers sank into her, all Sarah could say was "Oh god yes," and with that they began round two.