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Busty brunette hottie fucked in dark in gym
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First Encounter of the Furry Kind Chapter 3 The shifting of the bed and the rustle of sheets brought Anthony to full wakefulness instantly.

Sasha was moving quietly peering at the floor in the pre-dawn gloom. She bent at the waist giving him an excellent view of her perfectly shape butt and when she straightened he again saw the lacerations on her back and anger spiked through him.

In her hands she held her shirt but couldn't seem to find the rest of her clothes. Anthony waved his hand and a black velvet sundress appeared on her. It took Sasha a second to notice the dress but when she did she spun to face the bed and Anthony could see her sheepish look even in the dim light of the not yet risen sun.

"Going somewhere," he asked with irritation. She didn't answer and lowered her eyes so she was looking at the floor. "Home," she finally whispered and his breath sucked through his teeth in outrage. "You can't want to go back to that place," he said at almost a shout that caused Cassie to stir restlessly beside him.

Sasha shook her head indicating that she didn't want to go but she continued to look for her discarded clothes. Anthony leapt across the space dividing them in the blink of an eye and grabbed her shoulders spinning her to face him. "Why are you going back if you don't want to be there," he demanded. "I will already be punished for staying out of the house for a night with no permission. I don't want to add even more pain to what is to come. I will have to go sometime," she replied her eyes glued to her feet.

"Why do you ever need to go back to that house," he asked calmer. "It's where I live," she said in confusion finally raising her eyes to meet his. "No I distinctly remember last night that I said you are mine and you agreed. Since I live here for the time being you live here with me. Unless you have changed your mind already," he said. She stared into his eyes not speaking for a long minute then suddenly burst into tears. Anthony wrapped her in his arms as worry and bewilderment flooded his mind.

"Do you or do you not want to belong to me," he asked again when her sobs abated a little. She slowly raised her tear streaked face to look him in the eyes and studied his face for a minute. She found whatever she was looking for in his expression of worry because she nodded in answer to his question. "Good use the bathroom and we will go to your parents' house," he said.

Her eyes widened in alarm at his words and she began to quake. "Why," she asked in a small voice. "So we can get your things of course. Also so we can have your parents sign your emancipation papers," he said matter of factly. "I don't have emancipation papers," she said. Anthony opened his hand and a small stack of papers appeared in his grip. The documents were all filled out and only missing the signatures and the notary stamp. Sasha stared at the papers reverently as she slowly took them from Anthony's out stretched hand.

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She gingerly placed them on the bed and headed for the bathroom. Once she was in the tiled room she slid the velvet dress over her head while reveling in the feel of the fabric across her bare skin. She slid into the shower and turned it on and stood under the cascade of hot water and let it wash away her tension. "Jenny, are any of the vampires notaries," Anthony asked. He stood watching Cassie shift restlessly on the bed and listening to Sasha in the shower with his cellphone to his ear.

Cassie moved in little movements she remained just on the other side of consciousness but would soon wake. "Yes, I am actually," Jenny said with surprise in her voice.

"Could you meet us there in half an hour," he asked after explaining the situation and giving her Sasha's address. "I'll be there. I'll leave Tina in charge here and head out now," she said. "Tina the bartender," Anthony asked. "Yes, you know her," Jenny asked in surprise. "We met the day of my wedding. She was the bartender that day when I wasn't allowed to be home yet," Anthony explained. "Yeah she is a really help. I promoted her to assistant manager so she is in charge when I am not around," she said.

"Good to know I'll remember. So I'll see you in half an hour," he asked trying to wrap up the conversation. "Yes, see you shortly," Jenny said and they both hung up. No sooner had the call disconnected then the bathroom door clicked open and Sasha walked out. Her dress was folded over her arm and she was completely nude. Her hair was darkened with wetness and clung to her body causing Anthony's body to take notice. She looked at him and saw his growing erection as he watched her hungrily and smiled.

She grinned at him and her tongue darted out moistening her lips. His eyes flicked to her mouth, drawn by the motion, and stayed there. "Are we going," she tried to ask casually but her voice trembled slightly at the prospect of facing her parents. "Sadly, yes," Anthony replied. He flexed his will and she was no long wet and the dress she had been holding now encased her. He had also conjured some velvet panties, sock, comfortable sneakers, and a floppy black hat that was perched upon her now dry hair.

He had also dressed himself in a pair of black cargo pants and a white t-shirt. His pants were held in place by a belt with a buckle that was shaped the same as the symbol on his ring. He motioned her out the door and then followed close after. They met no one on the way out since it was so early. They got in the car and drove away neither speaking at all nor not feeling the need to break the easy silence. "Are you ready," Anthony asked when they pulled up in front of her parent's house.

Jenny was standing next to her car which they had parked behind. She had gotten out as they pulled up and now stood waiting for them to get out. Sasha's face now had a distinctly green cast as she struggled to calm herself. Anthony reached over and gripped her hand tightly and held it until she looked at him.

"I won't let anyone hurt you," he said. "They won't sign your paper and I'll be stuck with them for another year until I can escape," she said fear etching her face as she looking into his eyes.

Anthony let his feeling of rage that he had been suppressing leak onto his face and into his eyes. She shuddered in reaction to his now fiery gaze and hatred that he let her see. "They will sign the paper," he said his voice reverting with power causing the whole car to vibrate like a tuning fork. She suddenly felt calm and safe as she watched him regain his self-control. His eyes faded back to normal and his face blanked hiding his emotions again.

"I am ready," she said and leaned over and kissed his cheek then opened her door and stepped out. "Thanks for coming Jenny," Anthony said and walked up the walkway to the front door beside Sasha with Jenny following behind.

"No problem," Jenny said just before Anthony knocked on the door. Anthony could hear the footsteps approaching the door and then a tall blonde woman completely plain looking woman opened the door. "Sasha where have you been we were so worried. You're in big trouble young women," the woman who Anthony assumed was her said. The woman turned her eyes to Anthony and she studied him from his sneakers to his face and pursed her lips before turning back to Sasha.

"Well get in here we will talk about your punishment later," the woman said to Sasha. Sasha flinched at the word punishment and moved closed to Anthony almost pressing herself against his side. "If we can come in we have some things to discuss," Anthony said. The woman looked at him disdainfully and her eyes flicked to Jenny but dismissed her as unimportant, probably because she was in jeans and a t-shirt, before returning to Anthony. "I don't think so," the woman said and reached out a hand as if to grab Sasha's arm.

Anthony stepped forward crowding the door while pulling Sasha behind him farther from the woman. His anger rose up and his hand flashed out and he palmed Sasha's mothers' entire face in one of his hands and shoved hard. The woman stumbled back several paced before falling with a thump to her butt.

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She looked up at Anthony stunned as he stepped forward through the door and drew Sasha and Jenny in before closing and locking it behind them. "Since you won't accept civility, even though you are one of the most disgusting people I have ever had the misfortune to meet, we will go with brute force," Anthony said towering over the woman. He had to restrain himself from striking them woman or just incinerating her on the spot and his efforts at self-control caused his breathing to go ragged.

"Honey who was at the door," called a male voice from farther in the house. "Get up bitch," Anthony hissed at the woman. She sneered up at him and his anger rose again and he bent down and seized her by the hair. He did not hold her in the firm but gentle grip he had held Cassie in last night but in a painfully grip. He twisted her hair and pulled her to her feet and she shrieked with the pain. Anthony flexed his will and formed a bubble of silence around the house so no one would hear her.

"Honey," the male voice said again alarmed. The voice had moved closer and soon a man walked into the front hall and froze at the sight of his wife in Anthony's grip. The man froze for only a second then charged Anthony who backhanded the man when he came within reach. "Is your father left handed or right handed," Anthony asked as the man stumbled back and shook his head to clear the double vision Anthony's casual blow had caused. "Right," she answered. Her father again charged Anthony this time pulling back his left fist to punch him as he moved.

The man lashed out but Anthony caught his fist in his free hand with a thwack, before the blow could land. He closed his fist on the other man's hand and the sound of bones breaking and grinding together filled the small space and were immediately overwhelmed by the man's scream of agony. Anthony let go of the now ruined hand and backhanded the man so hard his feet left the ground and his lip split wide open spraying blood across the wall.

Jenny watched impassively at the violence and Sasha gasped at the sight of blood. Anthony heard and closing his eyes he forced himself back under control knowing that if he didn't he would rip the monstrous couple to pieces a little at a time in front of Sasha.

He shuddered with the effort as he wrestled back a rage that he hadn't even known he was capable of. "Anthony? What is wrong," Sasha asked timidly.

"I don't know," he answered not understanding where the overwhelming anger was coming from. He took a deep breath and left it out slowly and tried to regain control and that is when he felt it. Anger was flowing into him from the bond he had with the girls. He wasn't only fighting his own desire to hurt the couple in front of him but his desire fueled by the anger of ten others. He threw up a mental wall dimming the connection and lessening the bleeding of their emotions into his.

He shoved Sasha's mother onto the floor next to her barely conscious husband and drew out his phone. "Liz what is going on," he asked when she picked up the phone. "Nothing.

Where are you," she asked her voice tight with anger. "At Sasha parents' house to get her things and have her parents sign her emancipation papers.

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Why are you all so angry," Anthony answered. "Cassie woke up and told us what Sasha told you. I have seen those scars before but Sasha always just said she didn't want to talk about it if one of asked so we didn't pry.

What will you do if they won't sign," she asked. "Could you all try and keep your anger to yourselves it is so strong it is bleeding into my emotions and I am close to the point of killing them both with only my own anger to deal with yours it making it very hard not to just shred them and be done with it," Anthony said. "Sorry, I'll tell the others just a second," she said.

Anthony could hear her muffled voice talking to someone else and he figured she had put her hand over the phone. He immediately felt the anger dampen down and his mental defenses plus theirs managed to stop the emotional mixing. "Better," Liz asked on the phone. "A lot thanks," he replied. "You didn't answer my other question.

What will you do if they don't answer," Liz asked. Anthony looked down at Sasha's parents and her mother looked up at him with obvious fear. The father lay still staring at Sasha, who was frozen behind Anthony, balefully.

Anthony stepped sideways blocking the man's view of Sasha and turned back to her. "Sasha go get everything you want from this house we won't be coming back," he told her. She looked back into his face wide eyed before she nodded and hurried farther into the house.

"Could you go with her and help her," Anthony asked Jenny. She nodded in agreement and followed after Sasha and Anthony turned back to Sasha's parents. He knelt down so his face was level with her mother and he met and held the woman's fear and hate filled gaze. "Here is what is going to happen; I am going to take out the emancipation papers for Sasha. Then you will both sign your names and we will go on our way and she will never see your disgusting faces again. If you refuse to sign the papers I am going to hurt you, if you say anything at all to Sasha without her permission or mine I will hurt you, if you breathe in a way I don't like I will hurt you.

Do you understand?" Both of the frightened older people nodded and he could feel their hate filled looks on his skin.

He pulled the papers and a pen from his pocket and unfolded it on the floor. He handed the pen to Sasha's mother and she hastily signed the paper and handed the pen to her husband. The injured man looked at the paper for a long time as if considering refusal but one glance at Anthony's cold expression and he signed the paper and shoved it violently at Anthony.

Anthony folded the paper and stuck it and the pen back into his pocket then leaned against the wall to keep an eye on the couple and to wait for Jenny and Sasha. The silence was making Sasha's father twitchy and finally he spoke. "You won't get away with this," he said drawing Anthony's gaze to meet his. "Oh? And why won't I get away with this?" "As soon as you're gone I am going to call the police and Sasha will be right back with us," he said. The look of delight at the prospect that flashed across the man's face hardened Anthony's eyes and dropped his voice into an empty sonorous sound as it echoed with his power.

"I will kill you both before I give her back to you. If the police come for me it will be your word against mine. And with the scars all over her back as evidence against you I think the police are more inclined to believe my side of the story." The man's face paled at the mention of Sasha's scars and Anthony's threat of death. The three of them sat there in silence until Sasha and Jenny came back.

"All done," Jenny asked looking at the cowering couple. "Yeah," Anthony answered pulling the papers from his pocket and handing them to Jenny. She opened them gave them a casual glance and then folded them back up and slipped them into her own pocket. "All good. I'll notarize them and have them filed by the end of the day," Jenny said and walked out the front door.

Sasha stood staring at her parents Jenny must have talked to her because she seemed calmer. "Are you ready to go," Anthony asked her softly. She shifted the backpack that held what little of her belongings that she wanted and looked at him.


The sorrow in her eyes made him take the few steps to her and crush her to his chest. She was shaking but she didn't cry and after a moment she pulled back. "I'm ready," she said resolutely and walked out the front door. Anthony paused in the door as he followed her out and turned back to her parents. "If I or anyone I care about sees you or hears anything about you I will come back and kill you both," Anthony said.

They both sneered at him and shot him hate filled looks. Anthony let a vicious grin that was more of a baring of teeth stretch his lips and he let his power flow into his eyes. He watched them through fiery eyes as their defiance swiftly turned to terror and then he turn and followed after Sasha letting his eyes returned to normal.

The ride home was in silence, not an uncomfortable silence, but the others were waiting when they walked in the front door. Liz and Cassie and most of the other girls took Sasha and dragged her back to his room.

He sat down on the couch to watch some T.V. and Megan and Wolf joined him. Megan sat on one side and lay down with her head in his lap and he slowly ran his hand through her long hair and Wolf curled up on his other side and went to sleep.

Anthony woke to sound of the phone ringing just before it stopped and he could hear Liz's hushed voice talking on the phone. He was leaned over Megan his head resting on her hip while her head was still in his lap and Wolf was press tightly against his leg.

He carefully extracted himself from the pile and using an arm to drag Wolf over under Megan's head. Wolf open one eye and flicked one of her eyes at him then to Megan who was soundly sleeping with her head on Wolf's flank then closed her eyes and went back to sleep. Liz stood in the living room doorway with the phone in her hand. He took it from her when she offered it and gave her a peck on the lips as he walked past and took the phone into the kitchen.

"Hello," he said after bringing the phone to his ear.

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"It's Jenny I just got a call from the Were Council. They said they will not come to the summit and they demand that you come to them in Brazil. They said "We will not allow this fool to jeopardize our existence. Have him come to us or else" then hung up," she said. Anthony felt irritated that they would try to order him about but he shrugged off the sting to his pride as having to deal with leaders of other species. "Call the airport and charter us a plane there and having it waiting fueled and ready at the airport when we get there in case we need to make a quick getaway," he told Jenny.

"You're going," she asked in surprise. "Yes. Aside from the fact that I would like to avoid open confrontation between us and any other supernaturals this will let us gain more information on the shifters.

At the very least if worse comes to worst I can tell their council to go fuck themselves in person." "I see," Jenny said with a chuckle. "You will be in charge of the coven when I am away. Anything the girls need they can probably get themselves but if they need anything they can't get I'll give them your number," Anthony said.

"Sure, I'll talk to the airport and call you back with the arrangements." "Thanks," he replied and hung up. Liz stood in the doorway watching when he turned to faced her. He explained the situation and she walked forward and hugged him. "I'll take Risa, Kylie, and Jessica. We should have this resolved relatively quickly and be back in a few days," he said holding her tightly to him.

"I am going too," said a chiming voice. Anthony turned to see Sunshine standing on the counter hands on her hips as if waiting for an argument. He nodded in acquiescence to her statement and turn back to Liz. He pulled out one of the kitchen chairs and sat drawing Liz with him. Her knees where on the chair beside his thighs and her hands were on his face holding him steady as she kissed him. He groaned into her mouth as she lowered her body letting her weight settle into his lap.

"Anthony," she gasped when he reached up and ripped her shirt front in two giving him access to her creamy skin. He cupped her naked breasts and squeezed lightly before he lowered his head and took one of her nipples into his mouth. She let her head fall back as a guttural groan erupted from her lips.

She suddenly stood up and slipped her panties down. She regained her position, now wearing only one of his old shirts that had been torn to hang open in the front. She reached down and pulled down his pants just enough to free his cock and gripping it positioned it at her entrance.

She looked into his eyes and grinned and then sank down until he was fully seated within her. She closed her eyes and shuddered before beginning to bounce, with his help, on him.

"Oh Liz," he groaned as she moved. She kept up a steady rhythm until her orgasm drew near. As she began to get closer her thrusts became harder and jerkier, no longer keeping to their smooth continuous thrusting. As she got closer she could fell him swelling inside her. "Yes! Give it to me, I love you big brother," she cried out just as her orgasm hit and she could feel him let loose and warmth filled her belly.

A gasp drew both of their attention to the doorway and both were shocked into stillness. There stood there father staring with wide eyes at the place where their bodies connect. He had a look of confusion, anger, disgust, and hate filling his face. Anthony reached behind Liz and he pulled her shirt down hiding their merged bodies under the cloth. Her chest was pressed tightly to his and all of her nakedness was hidden. The only thing their father could see now was pale expanse of creamy skin on her back.

His father met his eyes and when Anthony just stared back at the man cool he spun and practically ran out of the door. "What are we going to do," Liz demanded hysterically. "Nothing," Anthony answered. "He'll call the police we'll be arrested or at the very least we won't be together," she continued panicking and not listening to him at all. She began to try to stand up but Anthony seized her hip and thrust hard into her causing her teeth to shut with an audible click as she shudder at the physical sensation.

"Nothing will happen to us I won't allow anyone to part us. You are seventeen and nearly eighteen you can do whatever you want and he can't really stop you. Plus he has been an absent parent and if it ever went to court he would probably be charged with neglect. We are alright," he said the last softly leaning his forehead against hers. She took a deep breath, calming herself, and then nodded before kissing him. She climbed off his lap and with a wave of his hand her clean both of them and their clothes, fixing her torn shirt and willing her panties back into place under the shirt.

"Thanks," she said giving him a peck on the cheek. "Can you wake the others," he asked her and with a nod she when out the door. He sat down at the table and let his head fall into his hands and began trying to plan what to do. The meeting in South America he would just have to wing and hope everything came out well. He would ask the girls to all move to Eternal Night and use some of the spare rooms.

They would be safe with the vampires guarding them and he would worry less about being apart from them. He would seal the basement so that no one could enter through the house.


He was sure Eliza could have Sar-Rah make a door from the club so she could get to the lab. Risa, Kylie, and Jessica could act as guards as well as a medical care in Brazil if the worse should happen and violence become necessary. The sound of multiple foot falls in the hall brought his head up and he smiled at the girls as they each entered and kissed him good morning. "Morning," he said when they were all in the kitchen making the room seem small and cramped. He told them what he had decided and managed to convince them all to go along with his plan even though they all wanted to go with him.

Telling them that having anymore of them would put them all in more danger worked and they all agreed to move over to Eternal Night while he was away.

The phone rang while everyone was eat breakfast and Jenny informed him that the plane was ready and waiting for this arrival to depart. "Thank you Jenny," he said and hung up the phone. He turned back to the room filled with worried female faces and smiled at them.

They all kissed him passionately with lingering kisses and he and the four who were going with him followed him out to the car. Sunshine sat on Kylie's shoulder in the front seat and the other got in the back and he drove them all to the airport.

They arrived at the airport and boarded the private plane with no problem and were soon off the ground. "How are we supposed to find the Weres exactly once we get to Brazil," Jessica asked after they had been in the air for an hour. "Once we land in Rio we are supposed to have someone waiting for us then we will be taking a smaller plane out to their village in the forest," Anthony said.

Jessica nodded and they all settled in to wait for landing. They dozed until the bump of the plane landing roused them from their slumber. Once the plane was no longer moving the pilot came back into the cabin. "We will be here waiting here for your return unless I speak to one of you four face to face and you tell me I am no longer needed," the pilot said and they all nodded in understanding.

They disembarked the plane just as a jeep pulled up outside the plane. A lean man jumped out of the jeep and headed for Anthony and Risa tensed at the man's swift approach. "I am Louis," the man said holding out a hand for Anthony to shake. "Anthony Caine, that is Risa, Kylie, and Jessica," Anthony said pointing at each one as he introduced them.

The pilot was still watching so he refrained from mentioning Sunshine and he gripped the man's hand. When he tried to pull his hand back the man didn't let go and instead with a smug smile began to squeeze Anthony's harder. Anthony felt no pain at the pressure but the action itself annoyed him and he slowly began to close his fist around the other man's hand.

The man's smug look vanished and his forehead beaded with sweat as he struggled against Anthony's crushing grip. Panic began to well up in the man's eyes as the pressure Anthony was slowly increasing began to reach the point of breaking bones and Anthony stopped tightening his grip.

He held the man in a hand that gripped him like a metal shackle and the Were could feel the suppressed strength in that hand. "Don't push me," Anthony said softly. The man nodded his head rapidly in agreement and Anthony released him and followed the man back to the jeep.

They all clambered into the jeep and drove for a few minutes before they got back out. They boarded the prop plane in front of them and Louis jumped into the pilot's seat and they took off.

The rocking and jostling of the plane made it seem as if the flight was very long but Anthony figured from the position of the sun that they hadn't been in the air for an hour before they touched down on a dirt runway that had been cut from the forest.

He saw no village as they disembarked but followed the man as he headed off toward the trees. Once they reached the tree line he saw that down beneath the canopy of the trees, completely hidden from the air, was a good sized village. Anthony was disappointed about the small amount of people they could see moving about the buildings. He tried to hide his reaction but Louis must have seen because he chuckled.

"There are more of us; this is only the market village. The council and some merchants along with their families are the only ones who live in this village year round.

Each of the were sub-types, wolves, bears, lion, panthers, eagles, etc., have their own village built nearby," Louis said. Anthony shot Louis a speculating look trying to decide what type of animal the man was. Again Louis chuckled as he caught Anthony's studying glance. "Wolf," Louis said simply and Anthony nodded.

They followed Louis to the largest building in the village and Louis knocked on the door. An elderly woman opened the door and took them all in before she turned and walked back into the building without closing the door. Louis followed her in and led them into a brightly lit kitchen. From the outside the building looked worn and simple but inside it was completely modern. Louis smiled in amusement as they took in the decor then he led them out of the kitchen and down a hall to a staircase.

He led them up the stair and into what looked like a doctor's waiting room and motioned for them to sit. They did and he went and knocked on a set of double doors. When a muffled voice sounded through the door he opened it and slipped inside. Risa sat straight alert and ready to move at a moment's notice.

Jessica sat with her legs and arms crossed and Kylie sat much the same way. Anthony lounged back in the chair and wondered about what would happen once those doors opened. "You know it is extremely rude to invite someone come to see you and then keep them waiting," Jessica said off-handedly. "That's what happens when you're raised by wolves," Anthony joked. He could have sworn that he heard muffled laughter come through the door after he said that. He looked over at Jessica and Risa and they nodded that they had heard it also.

Kylie was carrying on a whispered conversation with Sunshine about the benefits in this or that plant when used in healing and didn't seem to notice. Feeling his gaze on her she turned her head and smiled at him before turning back to her conversation. The click of the door sounded and the whisper conversation stopped and everyone looked at the door intently.

Both of the doors swung open and Louis motioned them in and closed the doors behind them. The large room was circular with bleacher style seating, except instead of uncomfortable bleachers there were rows of comfy chairs. They circle the whole room going three tiers high.

The seat where filled with people of every ethnicity and they all watched as Anthony and the other four moved into the open center of the room. In the ceiling of the building was a large skylight.

They were not offered chairs so with a wave of his hand Anthony created a comfortable chair that swiveled for each of them. There were many frowns and a wave of mutters went through the assembly when they sat. "No one but the council is allowed to at a hearing," said a tall stern faced man after he stood. He was well muscled and had long dark brown hair and eyes that were two slightly different shades of gold.

The man's eyes stirred a sense of recognition for a moment but it faded before he could grasp the memory. "Hearing? Like a court hearing," Anthony asked leaning casually back in his chair. The man's eyes blazed with anger at his defiance but he nodded. "And whose hearing would that be," Anthony asked. "Yours," the man said smugly. Anthony raised an eyebrow as if intrigued and amused by the fact that they were trying to put him on trial.

"You know you are the second supernatural group I have come across that seemed to think I gave a flaming fuck about their authority," Anthony mused half to himself as he compared the Weres to the Elves. The golden eyed man flushed red with anger gritted his teeth. Anthony had to hold back from laughing as he watched the man's jaw muscles flex and a vein in his forehead throb with anger. "Regardless of you not caring we will not let you put us in danger. If the humans find out about us we will all be destroyed," he growled.

"And how long do you expect to be able to hide here. South America isn't as uncivilized at it once was and I know for a fact that you have had to retreat farther into the forest twice in the past hundred years just to avoid notice. How long until you have to pull back again? What happens when there is no longer anywhere to retreat to? What happens when eventually the human find one of you?

Don't fool yourself eventually they will find one of you," Anthony said. The room was silent for a heartbeat then murmurs started all around the room.


The golden eyed man didn't join in any of the conversations the sprung up around him. He instead moved down from his seat and walked toward Anthony until he was close to him. Risa tensed at the Were's close proximity but made no other move other than to grip the hilt of the knife she had in her belt.

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The man saw her movement and studied her for a moment before dismissing her as no threat then turning his gaze back to Anthony. "Look up," Risa cried as the man opened his mouth to speak. The sound of shattering glass brought Anthony's attention to the ceiling and hundreds of shards of glass rained down, lucky Anthony was standing just beyond the fall of glass. As a black form smashed through the skylight the figure hit Anthony with a thud and he was driven to the ground under the things weight.

The golden eyed man was not so lucky he was impaled dozens of times by slivers of glass ranging in sizes from fist size the skateboard sized. One of the fist sized chunks cleaved through his neck leaving the man's head hanging by only a flap of skin. The black shadow thing was a wolf; Anthony could feel the fur and muscle as it twisted in his arms.

It lunged at his neck but he managed to get his arm up in time to keep his throat from being ripped out. "Fuck," he cried out as the creatures teeth sunk deep into his flesh. He looked down into the things eyes and froze staring as the little wolf savaged his arm. Risa's boot connected with the wolf's ribs and with a yelp of pain it let go and ran off through the open double doors and by the shattering of glass Anthony figured it had found another window.

He held his arm to his chest and looked over at the obviously dead were and wondered what the hell was going on. "Can someone tell me what that was about," he demanded loudly to be heard over the talking Weres.

They went silent and turned to him as if surprised that he was still here. "Rebels," a gruff voiced old man said. "Against who," Anthony asked. "Alpha of the wolves." "What exactly have you done that they feel the need to rebel against," Anthony asked. "Not me, I am an eagle not a wolf," the man said stiffly and straightened his coat. "Okay, then what have the wolves done that some would rebel against their Alpha," he asked.

Flicking a glance at the golden eyed man he thought that if that was the alpha they would need a new one. The old man hesitated and looked around but none of the others would meet his eyes. "They have reverted to the old more brutal way of leading their people. Some of the panther and lion Weres have also done this. They decide everything by physical strength and they often kill each other in fights to decide leadership of their group.

The female Weres of these species have become little more than possession and rape is not uncommon. Most of the females of all three species have banded together and begun killing off the violent males and Alphas of their own species. The only women that any of the three species still have are prisoners they managed to catch before they could melt into the forest and join the others," the old man explained.

Anthony thought back to the creature that had attacked him and remembered its eyes. The eyes pulled forth the hazy memory of his dream and he remembered it all. "Why have you allowed this brutality," Anthony asked his disgust plain in his voice. Kylie came over and began inspecting the wound and making sure no glass was in the wound before she began to heal it. The old man stiffened at the judgment in Anthony's voice but his face flushed.

"We don't interfere with how the other Weres rule their people," the man said. "Then what is the point of a council," Anthony asked and didn't receive an answer. "Well what the fuck ever, I am done with you," Anthony said and stood after Kylie was finished with his arm.

"Where do you think you're going," a woman said. "You have all decided that you don't want to ally with us. You are all cowards who will allow rape and who knows what else to happen and do absolutely nothing to stop it. I am going to find these rebels and lend them my help until they are free of this brutality and then ask them if they wish to ally with me. They might say no but at least I will have tried and they will not suffer anymore under uncaring leaders," Anthony said and walked out, while the room behind him remained silent, with Risa, Kylie, Jessica, and Sunshine close behind.