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Trying to improve re-edited version. 7/7/14 Riding Jenny the story of a friend's daughter I give a motorcycle ride to. That turns into a wild fuck fest. ______________________________________________________________________________________________ I rode my motorcycle over to a friend's house Saturday.

We go riding all the time. I had gone over to check on him because he had to have an operation last week. He's 10 years younger than me but he seems to be having a lot of health issues. But he's at least a hundred pounds overweight and has diabetes. But I stopped by to see him to see how he was doing.

I'm sitting here talking to him rubbing it in a little bit about me going riding and him not being able to. He picks something up off the table and throws it at me. I laugh at him saying you must be feeling better. But you still throw like a girl. He says fuck you asshole. I've got to rub it in he's on disability and retired. He can ride anytime wants. I'm 62 and still working so I can't ride everyday. Anyway we're sitting around bullshiting and his wife and daughter showed up. They had been out shopping.

I say hi to the girls as they come in. "Is he giving you any trouble?" "Hell his middle name is trouble." She laughs and saying "You got that right." Billy's wife Cindy you can tell by looking at her is a biker chick.

Lots of tattoos with the mouth of a streetwalker. She's a real good-natured woman though. Kinda heavy set but huge fucking tits. She likes to show off and Billy doesn't mind at all. His daughter Jenny is 24 and wild child. She has always been in trouble most all her life of some kind or another. Has had more worthless boyfriends than I can count. She is kind of like her mother. Heavyset with huge fucking tits, good looking girl otherwise. She's definitely proud of her tits too always wearing tops that show them off.

Jenny was only home to help take care of her dad for a few days. She's married,but I have never met her husband. The girls finish putting the groceries away come in and sit down. Billy's telling me it's going to be another couple weeks or more before he can go riding. Cindy says "Yeah I want to go riding so fucking bad it isn't even funny." Billy says "Why don't you take the old lady for a ride so I don't have to listen to her bitch." Cindy "Hell fucking yes!, Would you please?" Billy throws me the keys to his full dresser.

"Here this will be a lot more comfortable than that piece of shit of yours." "Fuck you! I love my lowrider." "Yeah but her fat ass won't fit on your seat." Cindy says "Fuck you.

I'll take care of you I get back." "Yeah you'll take care of this." grabbing his crotch. Cindy laughs and saying "You know that." I'm not used to riding a full dresser and Cindy's 200 plus pounds on the back doesn't help. It's not bad at all while we are riding. When I stop though It's all I can do to keep the bike up. I take her on about a 20 mile run. Occasionally she would lean forward and rubber tits on my back.

I know She's doing it just to tease me. We go back to the house I throw him his keys saying "I don't see how you can ride that fucking thing." He says "I don't know I think the old lady is a lot of fun to ride." Billy, Cindy and Jenny start laughing. "You know what the fuck I mean." But he wouldn't be Billy if he didn't give me shit.

"Well I'm going to get the fuck out of here and get the wind in my face." Then Jenny says, "Fuck I wanted to go for a ride too that sucks." "I don't think your old man would like me taking you for a ride." "It's just a ride. It's not like you're going to fuck me." Billy says "She's not going to leave you alone until you do." Jenny says "You can count on that motherfucker." I shake my head saying "Lets go." Billy picks his keys up.

I look at him and say "Fuck that I'm riding my own." As Jenny starts to get on my bike. She reads the back of my t-shirt. It says (If you can read this the bitch fell off). She grabs ahold of me and smashes her tits against my back and grabs my crotch with her other hand. "This bitch ain't falling off. If she does this is coming with me and she squeezes my cock." "I say what the fuck are you doing." I had forgotten what shirt I put on that morning.

"Like I said this bitch ain't falling off.""Holy fuck Jenny it's only a t-shirt." "This is only your cock or a fucking club you got your pants." I start the bike up, we take off.

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Her tits are like two giant melons squished against my back. She begins to squeeze and rub my cock through my jeans. I can't help it I start getting hard.

It's becoming very uncomfortable. I tell her I need to readjust its beginning to hurt. She lets go of my cock and starts to unbutton my pants with her hand. "What the fuck are you doing?" I ask her. "You said you need to be readjusted I'll do it." She works her hand inside my jeans and underwear.

Gets a hold of my cock straightens it out. Her hand on my cock has me hard as a rock. "That's fucking thing is huge I can t get my hand around it." "Do you mind I'm having one hell of a time concentrating while you're doing that. Do you want to get us both killed?" She pulls her hand out saying. "That's the biggest thing I've ever had my hand before." "Yeah!

Well you're married, besides that your dad would kill me if he knew what you were doing." "Killjoy!" she says. "No kill me if they find out." " What are you going to tell him? I sure as fuck ain't." "I may be stupid but I'm not crazy." I'm so worked up I gotta have something to drink. "I need to stop and get something to drink." "Good I gotta pee so bad it ain't even funny." We're only about a mile from my place so I ride over there.

I pull in, we get off the bike go into the house. Jenny heads for the bathroom. I head for the refrigerator. Open a beer drinking about half of it in one shot. I'm so worked up I need something to settle me down.

I sit at the table and break out some weed. I packed my pipe am just getting ready to light it when Jenny comes out of the bathroom. I fire up my pipe and take a hit. Jenny grabs my beer and takes a big drink. Then reaches for my pipe. "Hit it hard its kinda plugged." She takes a huge hit off it. Then starts choking and coughing real hard.

I start laughing my ass off. "God dam you motherfucker! I about puked up a lung. That's some potent shit." Then drinks the rest of my beer. I take my pipe from her hand.

"Seeings how you drank my beer you can go get another one." She goes to the kitchen. Comes back with the beer, opens it takes a big drink of it. "What the fuck I thought you got it for me." She hands me the beer saying 'I don't have a fucking cooties." We finish off my pipe.

I start to get a pretty good buzz going. I can tell Jenny is too. I'm just starting to settle down some. When Jenny says, "I'd like to have a look at that log in your pants." "I really don't think that's a good idea." "You show me yours and I'll show you mine." Then she pulled her t-shirt up showing me her huge tits.

I think those are the biggest tits I've ever seen in my life except for Cindy's. I can't help but stare at them they're huge and have a great big nipples. They must be triple D or bigger, standing straight out though no sag at all. She comes over sticks them within inches of my face. 'Mmmmmm, Have a lick." My cock is getting hard.

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She giggles and rubs her nipple against my lips. I can't help it I take her nipple into my mouth and start sucking on it. She moans a little and says "Fuck yes!" The next thing I feel is her hand on my cock through my jeans. I'm thinking I know I'm going to end up paying for this, but my other head starts thinking louder. Telling me to, Fuck this bitch why you got the chance.

My cock head has sucked all the blood out of my brain so it doesn't work anymore. I feel her hands unbutton and unziping my jeans. I reluctantly release her nipple from my mouth. Then slide my chair back to give her better access to my crotch. She comes around in front of me. Kneels down and start tugging at my jeans and underwear.

I managed to raise my ass up high enough for her to pull them down. My 7" cock standing up like a flagpole. "I can't believe how fat this thing is." wraping her hand around it in amazement. "I've never had a cock I couldn't get my hand around.

Has any woman ever been able to suck this thing." "There been a couple but most of them can't get it in their mouth." Jenny has a big mouth if anybody can get it in their mouth she can. I spread my legs wide she moves in closer. Then I watch as she licks and kisses, the deep purple head of my cock.

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I'm mesmerized that this girl I've known since she was a baby is sucking on my cock. I feel strange sensation on the head of my cock. Then I remember she has a stud in her tongue.

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I've never felt anything quite like it before. It amazes me though, she has gotten about half my dick in her mouth. I don't know if it's the stud or the fact that I haven't had a blowjob in years. In a very short time I feel the sensation of myself getting ready to cum. It has been a while since I have had sex so I knew I was going to have a fairly large load.

As I get closer to the edge I feel the head of my dick swell and my balls clinch. I shoot my load into the back of her throat and she gags little bit. Closes her lips around my shaft swallowing everything she can get.

But it still comes out the side of her mouth runing down my cock onto her hand. She never pulled her mouth off of me though. She continues to sucks the last few drops out of me. Making me shiver with pleasure. Finally she pulls her mouth off saying, "That was quite a load you had there." "Yeah it'd been awhile." She then licks the cum off her hand, also licking head and shaft getting last drops.

"Fuck me that's the best blowjob I've had in years." She smiles, "I'm glad, I enjoyed it too." "How long before you can fuck me with this monster." I look at her, "You really think that's a good idea?" "Hey I've gone this far I'm going all the way." "If you insist on continuing at least we should be comfortable, we need to go to the bedroom." I pull my jeans and underwear up long enough to get to the bedroom.

I kicked them off along with my boots. Pull my t-shirt over my head crawling onto the bed on my back. She kicks off her shoes take her top, shorts and underwear off. Standing there nude I looked her over. She really has a cute face, but she wears her hair in a boyish style makes her face look fatter. She has freckles on her face and upper chest. She has a button nose with a really pretty smile. I can't call her beautiful but she's not bad looking either.

She's not really fat more like what I call big boned. But she's definitely overweight.


At this point in time I don't really care though I just want to fuck the shit out of her. I ask her "You want top or bottom?" "I like top I like to be in control." "Fine by me you can do all the work." "Lazy bastard." "Hey you're the one I wanted to fuck." "When I'm done you ain't gonna wanna fuck for a long time." "I don't know you're probably like Chinese food, I'll be hungry for it again after a couple hours." "When I'm done with you you're going to be so wore out and your cocks going to be so sore.

It'll be days before you want to fuck again." "I think the shoes going to be on the other foot. Your going to be the one who's sore and walking funny for days." "Well get Fucking ready cause here I come." She crawls on the bed grabs my cock and starts stroking it. "Did this thing ever go soft after I sucked you?" "Hell no you're going to find out I stay hard for a long time." "We'll see about that." She lets go of my cock climbing onto my hips.

"God I'm so fucking wet." Reaching between us grabbing my cock. She begins rubbing the head of it up and down against her slit. "Mmmm. That feels great." I feel the head line up to her pussy opening. Without warning her I raise my hips up as hard as I can. I nearly raise her off the bed but my cock doesn't go in. "Ugh!" She grunts. "I think I'm going to need more lubrication." "There's some oils in the nightstand." She crawls over to it.

She opens the drawer "So you are ready. You have had this problem before." "Yeah it's been a pretty common problem for me." "I'd say that thing is more of a problem for the woman trying to get that log it in her." She reaches in then pulls out a tube of KY jelly.

Squirts some on her hands working it up and down my cock, then rubs it all over her pussy. "Fuck Yes! I'm ready now." She climbs back on top of me. Lines the head of my cock up her cunt.

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Then begins to work the head of it in. After a minute of trying she's pushing real hard the head pops in. The head of my cock feel like it just got shoved through a knot hole. She also screams out "FUCK ME!

I think you about split me apart." "Fuck my cock is nothing compared to those two kids that came out of there." "Yeah but my cunt was ready for that, but not the head that log I just stuck in it." "Well you got about another 6 inches to go." "The worst is over. At least I got it in." It feels like somebody is jerking me off with both hands squeezing as tight as they can. I have to say it hurts but it feels good to.

I've got to get my hands on those titties. I tell her lean forward a little bit. I get my hands on them start to squeeze and play with them.


Then I feel her crotch meet mine. She has managed to get me all the way in her pussy. "Fuck I didn't think I was ever going to get it all in me. but I don't know if I can move." She starts to rotate her hips grinding the head of my dick as deep as she can into her. She begins to move her hips up and down working me in and out a little at a time.

I really wanna fuck her hard. I pulled her to me her tits smashing against my chest. Then I lift up and roll her over onto her back. My cock still buried into her the whole time.

She wraps her legs around me locking them together on my back. She pulls my head to her face kissing me. Sticks her studded tongue into my mouth. My god she's got a long tongue. I suck on her tongue playing with her stud with my tongue. Then she pulls her tongue out of my mouth. "Doesn't that's thing hurt or bother you?' "No not at all I enjoy using it even. I really could not use it like I wanted when I sucked you because you're so big." "Oh I could tell it was there.

I've never been with a woman with one before." "My husband likes it when I lick his ass with it." "Really!" "Well hell yes! I'll show you later. Right now fuck the shit out of me big boy." She is still super tight I start working in and out of her. After a couple of minutes she's meeting me at rhythm. She unlocks her legs from around my waist and spreads them as wide as she can. That lets me pump in and out of her is deep as I can. Every time I bury my cock into her she grunts, my balls slapping her ass.

I start pulling out to the point where my head almost slips out.


Then slam it back in. She's biting her lip and groaning in extacy. "OH Fuck! Oh Fuck! Oh Fuck! I'm going to come!" she screams.

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I feel her cumming hard. Her pussy spasming her hips bucking against my groin. Her pussy squeezing and milking my cock. It's too much for me too, I blow my wad into her tight cunt.

Then it comes to me. Is she on the pill? I ask her "Are you on the pill or anything?" "Fuck no!" "Fuck me!, I just dropped my load into you." "I know wasn't it great." "What the fuck! What if I get you pregnant?" "No big deal my old man will just think he did it." "If you to told me ahead of time I would have worn a condom." "Fuck that I want to feel the real thing." I pull my cock out of her pussy my cum is running out. "I don't give a fuck anyway it just felt great." I roll over onto my back and think there's nothing I can fucking do about it now.

She gets off to bed and heads to the bathroom. I hear water running she's gone for a few minutes. "I don't think you have to worry I took a beer bottle filled it full of water and douche myself out with it." "Next time you can just cum in my ass or my mouth." "Next time?

In your ass!" "Oh fuck yes, I love being ass fucked." "You could never get my cock in your ass." "I will make you a bet about that." "What kind of bet?" "If I can get it in my ass we gotta have sex whenever I want. "Wait a minute I was thinking this was a one time thing." "Not if I can help it." "I don't think you can do it so I'll take that bet." "I'll be right back.

I gotta get ready for this." She gets up comes back with a long neck beer bottle. "What the fuck!" She takes the KY jelly then greases up the neck of a bottle. Lays back onto the bed with their knees up in the air her legs spread wide.

I'm actually enjoying the view of her pussy and her tight little asshole Then I watch her take the bottle place it against her asshole. To my surprise it slides in almost effortlessly. She starts to work the bottle in and out of her ass Going deeper and deeper with each time. Watching her fuck herself in the ass with this bottle is making me hard as hell.

I'm amazed she has half this bottle up her ass. She pulls the bottle out of her ass throws it on the floor. "Now get that fucking thing over here". I crawl between her legs and lean over her. She takes my cock and lines it up with her ass. I feel my cock touch her asshole. "Push it in now!" I thrust forward. To my amazement my cock slides into her ass easier than her pussy. She just laughs and says "Oh you're fucked now buddy. I'm gonna bang you every chance I get." I'm thinking fuck what did I get myself into.

"We're going to have lots of fun together from now on. Now fuck me in the ass and suck my tits." I fuck her hard in the ass while sucking her nipples till they turn purple. It takes me about 30 minutes then I blow my wad into her ass. "Oh fuck, that feels good." she says. As I pull my cock out I shoot my last stream of cum across her belly and titties.

My cum is dripping out of her ass. I flopped over on the bed exhausted and spent. I happen to see the clock and we've been at it for 3 hours or more. "I gotta get you back home. Billy is going to wonder what the fuck is going on. I'm surprised they haven't called." She grabs her Clothes and heads for the bathroom to clean up.

I followed her and clean up quickly. I hit the dining room my phone is on the table. There's 4 text messages from Cindy. Asking if we're all right and how long before will be back. I sent her a text message saying we've been riding and I couldn't hear my phone. She just sent a note back, Ok we were just wondering if everything was all right. Yeah I just didn't realize how long we been gone. Jenny comes out and says "Well did they call?" "No but I got 4 text messages from your mother." "Yeah I left my phone at home on purpose." "I just told her we were riding and I couldn't hear my phone." Well that's true she says.

"You been riding my pussy and my ass. Almost the whole time we've been gone." I just shake my head Saying we gotta go. We get on the bike and head back towards Billy & Cindy's. We get back go in the house. Jenny's walking funny. Billy says "What the fuck is wrong with you.

" "My ass hurts from him riding me around so much." "I told you should have took my dresser." She just laughs and says "I don't think it would have mattered." He just give her a weird look and says "Whatever." Billy and I chat for a couple minutes.

I tell him man I gotta go. You get to feeling better buddy so we can go riding. Jenny says "I'm sore but I enjoyed the ride with you.

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We're going to have to do it again soon." "We'll see." I say. "I gotta go man." "Later brother." "See you later Cindy, Jenny." I go jump on my bike and take off my nerves about shot because this ordeal. About an hour later I get a call from Jenny.

"Don't forget our bet I'll be calling you." "Yeah a bet is a bet. I'll stand behind it." "More like laying." Is what she says Laughing. "Teach you to make a bet with me." "Yeah but we'll see who's hurting more in the morning." She says "I'm sore already so I know who's going to lose that bet." I laugh saying "See I told you so." "Whatever boy toy goodbye." Next story is Riding Jenny part 2