College gay movie nude Welcome back to another edition of Broke

College gay movie nude Welcome back to another edition of Broke
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The spaceship Orion hung in orbit, circling the waist of planet Toettut. Tiny multiple UAV's swarmed around the Orion to guide it safely to the surface. They kicked up clouds of orange gases and dust as they spread a translucent sheet across the moonscape. This close to the moon, a mere eighty thousand kilometres, was a view to die for. Toettut had been terraformed three hundred years ago and served as a planetary resort for multiple species. Two thousand years had passed since humanity had had the first contact with an Alien species.

Humans had to finally acknowledge that we were not alone in the Universe. All species were welcomed here and diplomatic liaisons were opened for commerce and cultural exchange on this far outpost.

Intergalactic agreements sanctioned the opening Mega-City for a place of safety for all beings to reside in. Jean transferred ships twice to get to her last destination on the Galactic Space Station on planet Toettut.

Her newest assignment was to provide an escort service and reproductive vessel for one of the alien's species, named the Uord. The thirty-year-old woman was more than willing to be a part of such an experience. She was one of the many people who would be interacting with the aliens on a daily basis. She passed through several security checkpoints and health inspections before finally getting her visa stamped. After riding for fifteen minutes in an Airbus shuttle, in which her heart was pounding with excitement, Jean finally reached the hostel.

A cool breeze blew gently over her, sensing a sweet smelling scent through her nostrils. Despite the extraterrestrial design of the construction in front of her, this place was really quite pleasant. Jean hadn't been in touch with foreign species since she lived on Earth for most of her life.

She took out her portable makeup kit and looked at herself in the small mirror. She applied some rouge on her cheeks to disguise the paleness of her skin. She wanted to give a good first impression to the Uord. Then she paused to think. How do the Uord estimate human beauty? Shrugging, she tossed the makeup kit back into her handbag.

She muttered a short prayer to herself and then walked into the lobby. A hybrid being suddenly walked up to her and helped Jean to carry her bags: insisted on it. She noticed that he looked a little different from other human men.

His skin was tanned a dark maroon and silky, with muscles of someone who exercises a lot. She also noticed that the front of his costume was occasionally stretched by bustling muscles. He, in fact, had a brawny head. His face was serene and long; his behaviour polite and ready for any questions that she might have for an explanation.

The creature pressed the doorbell and they waited. She sucked in a sharp breath when the door hissed opened. An extremely tall and bony looking man stood before them in a dignified posture.

He wore a pair of black goggles around two saucer-sized eyes. His clothes were old fashioned looking as if it belonged to a different age of Earth's ancient past. "Hmm, you must be Jean Rene," he said with his hand stretched out. "You are late." "Yes," she blinked and offered her hand clumsily. The creature looked at her hand thoughtfully as if trying to remember something. Then suddenly, he yanked her forwards making her fall onto the floor. Jean's handbag back slid off her shoulder, plummeting to the floor beside her.

"What was that about," asked Jean stunned and rubbing her sore arm. "You nearly yanked my arm out of its socket." "Terribly sorry," he said. "I am still not familiarized with your human greeting customs.

Was not that the customary greeting on Earth?" "Not really," she groaned and got to her feet. "But, it's okay." "You must be tired," he grinned so widely that he almost looked like a skull. "Come on in. I'll explain how things will work. My name is Brick. my human name anyway. My real name would be too difficult for your vocal cords to pronounce." "You're not human," she asked sarcastically as she glanced at the tail wrapped around her waist. "I would never have guessed." "Not at all," he grinned widely unaware of her sarcasm.

"But I have copulated with so many humans that I almost feel as though I were one of you." As she walked inside she saw that one of his large bony hands took her luggage, the other grabbed her fallen handbag and a tail wrapped around her waist. He moved forwards and tugged Jean and her luggage in with him. Jean was so stunned by the sight she didn't resist. He massaged her spine with the tip of his tail with long, sweeping strokes.

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"Would you like some refreshments?" There was a distinct British accent in his tone. "Umm." she hesitated for a few seconds remembering the earlier incident and decided to play it safe and shook her head absentmindedly.

Refreshments were not what she wanted at the moment. Knowing her luck this guy would probably bring her raw meat or something that would eat her up instead. Brick led to a huge room with a huge sectional sofa in the centre in the form of a 'C'.

In the middle of the sectional sofa was a raised dais with a bizarre looking sculpture which seemed to constantly change form. "Sit down and please wait." He gestured at the empty wide couch. Jean unquestioningly did so.

"I'm going to call the manager." He then went into another room. Jean took the occasion to observe her surroundings. It wasn't what she had been expecting, but then again she had no idea what to expect. The walls were decorated with priceless paintings of human and alien artists that had been protected by an invisible force field which occasionally flickered due, probably to a malfunction or a bug in the system.

There was one thing that did have an 'alien' appearance and it was a sculpture at the centre of the dais. It looked like it was made out of metal, then it changed to look like it was made of wood and then it would change yet again to look like it was made of stone.

A mumble of voices filtered toward her. Jean made out the tones of a woman, speaking hastily and with some acidity, and then the lower tones of a man talking convincingly. Very clearly, she heard the woman's voice say: "She's two days late, I'm just wondering if she's going to handle it. These Earth girls don't know what they are getting themselves into." More passive, but still clearly, Brick replied: "I do possess a medical degree in human medicine.

I can give her the full treatment myself." "That's not the problem. The problem is that Earth girls are too prudish for this job." "She seems very reasonable, Matron Mary." "We should have contracted one of the girls from the colonies.

at least those tramps don't care who they're fucking." "True." He agreed. "However, Earth girls are in such high demand and we have a genuine article right here. It makes her extremely valuable." "And that is the only reason I am not tossing her onto the street. Her pussy is very valuable!" The doors hissed open and a woman walked in. She was human and had an uneasy dark look around her eyes, a thin face, a wide nose, and dark curly black hair arranged in tangled fashion.


The black dress she wore was pushed her ample breasts upwards. She had wide plump hips but in a sexy way. Jean estimated that her age as somewhere in her forties although it was difficult to tell these days with cosmetic surgery being so advanced. "Well, well, it's Miss Rene," she murmured coolly. "I am Matron Mary, the manager of this establishment and you're late." "An honour to meet you Matron Mary" Jean greeted politely, saying: "I'm sorry for my lateness.

I was delayed when changing ships, but I can jump into work immediately. I'm prepared and I am not in the least prudish." She looked her over suspiciously, but apparently more calmed, she said: "Well, that's really up to me to decide, especially since I call the shots here. not you." "Sorry, I didn't mean to." she stammered. Her stomach was twisted in knots by the coldness of her voice. "You're no longer on Earth little girl. Toettut is a whole new ball game," she leaned forward until her mouth was by Jean's ear.

"The beings here will try to hump your brains out just because you sneeze at them. It's their culture and most humans don't understand that. The people here expect you to be as promiscuous and depraved as a Roman orgy running on unending Viagra." "I've got no problem with alien cultures" Jean replied.

"I know that I was late but I spent my entire life studying xenocultures and customs. I need this job and I am willing to do whatever it takes." "Really," she smirked.

"There are usually three reasons that Earth girls choose to come here. One is for the money. Two is because they are running from the law. And three is because they have some sort of family trouble back home. Take me for instance. I'm eighth generation Toettut. My snatch has had its wonderful share of alien cock stuffed up it. I wouldn't know how to behave on Earth even though I've studied it.

Do you get my point?" "I believe I do," Jean nodded. "Do you really? I've seen humans who have gone insane because they couldn't handle it." She leaned away and stared coldly at her. "I don't need to tell you that you will be copulating with species so bizarre and monstrous that some sessions will last weeks and sometimes months.

You will even have to carry to term some pregnancies and you can't refuse." Jean sucked in a breath and leaned backwards. She was well aware of the sexual promiscuity of the aliens she had heard so much about on Earth. But Jean was up to her ears in debts and she had a son who needed medical treatment which was so expensive. "It's a shock for newcomers." She laced her fingers together with a smug look. "If you have any reservations then maybe you should leave on the first shuttle, Miss Rene.

Find yourself a job hooking yourself to miners on some asteroid. At least they're human." Jean was aware that there was the chance of her not succeeding—but she was desperate; her son needed the medical treatment and one way or another she was determined to provide him with it. "I know what I am getting myself into and I am willing to do whatever it takes." She said a little louder than she meant to. "Hmm, I believe in actions rather than words." "Me too," replied Jean.

"Put me to the test and then decide if I am worthy." Matron Mary now eyed her with new interest. She knew money−hungry people when she saw one, voraciously money−hungry ones, are a species all to themselves. There were those who wanted this job just because they were horny fuckers, but she couldn't figure out this girl.

There was a momentary silence as if the older woman was studying her. "Very well then," Matron Mary said with a grin. "You'll need to get your shots." "Shots?" Jean blinked. "But I had all my vaccinations before I arrived." "Not like this," replied Brick as he went to a concealed secret door and returned with a bag and prepared a syringe. "It will help to stop you from bruising among other things." He paused for her to give him her permission.

"Trust me, you'll need it. If you refuse we'll have to send you away." "Okay," she offered him her arm. "Just as long as I don't grow any scales or horns." "Last chance Miss Rene," Matron Mary warned.

"You won't be able to turn back." Jean merely nodded and the syringe was injected into her arm. Suddenly her legs began to tremble.

Brick then opened her mouth wide and placed another syringe, with no needle on it, into her mouth and sprayed its contents in the throat.

Jean felt her throat numb almost immediately. "What is that stuff," she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. "It tastes vile!" "Good! That means that your body has accepted the parasites," said Brick. "If it were sweet you would be having the shits for hours until it took hold." "Shits!

Parasites!?" Jean's voice began to rasp. "Are you trying to poison me?!" "They will not harm you," Brick assured. "I would never jeopardize your health. They are there to keep you to give you that extra boost to your immune system.


It'll take its effect very soon. You won't be able to speak until it is fully acclimatized into your organism in about ten to twelve hours." In what seemed like time slowing down, she felt a bit dizzy and flushed.

She attempted to speak but found that nothing came out. She vaguely heard Matron Mary telling her it was all right, that Brick knew what he was doing, but all she saw was an alien injecting her with more drugs. The alien stood before her, a small metallic appliance in his hand that looked a lot like a gun. He pointed it towards her and she tried to back away. When she pressed against Matron Mary's big body, her hands came down on Jean's shoulders and gently squeezed.

"Don't shoot me please!" Jean yelled. "I have a son!" "It's all right, Jean. He's just going to implant a small device under your epidermis." Matron Mary tried to calm her.

Before Jean could object any further, Brick gently inserted the tip of the appliance into her base of her skull. She felt a small prick and rolled her eyes back against the resulting tickle.

"Can you hear me?" Brick asked. She nodded and touched one hand to the back of her head. She looked up at Matron Mary.

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"Yes." "Smashing," he said and then he turned to Matron Mary. "She is ready, ma'am." Jean's nipples hardened and her breathing quickened. "Take off your dress so I can all have a good look at you." Matron Mary suddenly said. If Jean had been shocked or embarrassed she didn't show it in the least.

Slowly she undid the buttons of her white shirt. She pulled her arms through the long sleeves and removed her dress. She tossed them onto the sofa next to where the woman was seated. Underneath she wore a pearly coloured slip. The girl pulled the thin straps over her shoulders and wriggled delicately as it fell to the floor.

She was wearing a pair of white panties. Her breasts were quite ample and her waist was slim which pronounced their size, they jetted firmly outward as she stooped to retrieve her under-slip. "Her breasts are magnificent," the voluptuous woman conceded as she admired Jean's jutting breasts. "Indeed ma'am," Brick nodded. "She's a fine specimen of your species." "Okay, girl, now I want you to take off your panties and stand straight." Jean hesitated this time, but only briefly.

This was it, her mind rationalized. She was doing this for her son so he could get the medical help he needed. And with that thought, she hooked her fingers into her white panties and pushed them down to her ankles. Then she stood up and faced the older woman so that she could see that she really would do anything she wanted and lot more.

She stood for a moment in front of the Matron, her marvellously proportioned body radiant with health. Jean's nipples stood out in sharp relief against the outline of her firm breasts.

The pink aureoles were large and plump highlighting the stiff flesh of the nipple. Her waist was narrow and had an attractive curvature to the slender legs below. "Excellent," Matron Mary leaned forward and cupped her hand between the girl's legs.

Her fingers were smoothly caressing the prominent mound of her smoothly shaven pubis. Without notice, she slipped a finger between the fleshy mounds at either side of Jean's vagina. "Why girl you are quite moist. Why don't you come and sit on my knee." Matron Mary moved forward gracefully, her hand still cupping Jean's pubis as she sat down on her knees. "Now lean back on the sofa and open up those legs I want to test your sensitivity." Jean smiled, as she leaned back onto the sofa and swung her legs up onto the other side.

Matron Mary gently parted the girl's thighs and at the same time parted the seasoned folds of the labia and pushed her finger firmly up into the girl. The response was almost immediate as she slowly rotated her finger up inside her wet orifice. She pushed a second finger up into the moist flesh quickly opened her two fingers.

With her other hand, she drew back the foreskin exposing the hard nub of the clitoris with light strokes of her fingers she watched the clitoris swell. Jean had never been so expertly touched like that before.

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She could not help herself as her hips began to undulate in circular motions between the busy fingers of the other woman. "Uh-uh-uh!" Matron Mary clicked her tongue. "You must try and control yourself or else you'll wear yourself out too soon. I can see you are already losing control." "Perhaps I should test her deepness and endurance," Brick suggested. "An Excellent idea!" The Matron had turned her around to face Brick.

Jean had felt alien's long bony fingers stroke over her shoulders. "You have an Excellent physique, do you exercise?" He asked Jean as he turned her around to face him and he smiled as he stood in front of her.

"Now I want you to relax and let yourself go." Jean obeyed as the alien looked over her naked body and only managed to mumble something incoherent. She felt the alien place his hands around her waist and feel all the way down. The alien's gentle fingers cupped her pubis open up the lips of her vagina.

Suddenly Brick's tail began to widen as he got excited as well. The strong alien pushed Jean's legs wide open as the alien stood between her outstretched legs.

He reached down and circled the end of his cock with his thumb and forefinger, lifting it to her gaze. "Please try to hold tight, Miss Rene," he instructed politely, as he brushed the stiff head of his cock over her labia.

"This may be a very intense experience for such a fragile species as yours." With a single lavish thrust, he was deep inside of her vagina.

The sensation was so powerful she was convinced he was going to split her in half and blow the top of her head off. Jean breathed hard through her nose, fighting for control. "Not yet. Please Wait." He clamped his hands on her thighs to keep her still and to keep her from squirming beneath him.

With infinite care, he worked the slippery point of his cock around her vagina, while his tail vibrated with barely leashed impatience. "Fuck!" Jean bucked and the walls of her cunt clamped down like a fist on his invading flesh. "You honour me with your approval." He pushed in and out slowly. "I am requested by many human women to-" "Stop gloating," Matron Mary slapped Brick on the back of his head. "Get on with your work." "Yes ma'am," he nodded.

The alien thrust into her with tenacity, knowing that she would obey no matter what.

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To him, humans were a wonderful species to copulate with because they were so easily aroused. Jean, like all humans, could be trained to obey and submit as sex slaves. The alien pumped Jean's pussy at a inhuman pace and after a short time, Jean reached her first orgasm. "Ahhh!" The young woman's pussy twitched around the penis, trying to suck it deeper inside as the alien's bendable limb squirmed and rubbed against her hypersensitive inner walls.


He released his grip on the woman and Jean just stayed there spread eagle, hoping this fuck session would never stop. "Don't stop!" She begged.

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The large phallus stroked her hard and fast, rocking Jean's entire body back and forth without rest. She was astonished to realise that a second orgasm was already building up within her loins. Abruptly the alien discharged a load of cum into her body, Jean exploded in another mind-blowing orgasm much stronger than the first one and her body convulsed violently and she loved it.

Another two orgasms followed. An hour later, Jean was exhausted but still, she wanted more. a lot more! "Stop being gentle with her," commanded Matron Mary. "Ride her harder!" "As you wish, ma'am," Brick nodded quickly. The alien knew that she had to be kept in a state of complete arousal until told otherwise and he intended to do so.

The alien kept his cock at her pussy and aligned the tip of his tail at the entrance of her ass. It was time for the real test to begin. "Don't stop. It feels too good." Jean croaked. Both members penetrated her pussy and ass at the same time, pushing everything aside as they pierced forward. The double penetration took Jean by surprise and she bulged her eyes wide open. This alien was giving her the best fuck of her life. She was going to come again and it was going to be massive.

"Oh God," she cried as she pumped her hips. Her head fell back against Brick's shoulder, her cunt so wet and slick he kept her in a constant sexual stimulation. He reached down and slid his thumb back and forth on her clit, quick, hard. Her hips rocked faster and faster against the pressure of his cock and tail.

He flicked her clit once more and she wailed like a banshee, her pussy clamping down on his extremities. She shuddered and he held her as she came down from her release.

Jean's eyes flickered open and met his gaze. She felt a sudden sense of emptiness inside her when he finally withdrew his tail and cock from her. Brick withdrew his hand from her clit and brought it to his mouth. He sucked her cream from his fingers rather loudly. "Quite tasty," he murmured and went down and began to greedily lick her.

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"That will do you greedy pig!" Matron Mary slapped him on the back of the head. "That juice is worth good money and she is giving it another client!" "But of course, ma'am," Brick drew back regretfully and straightened the tie around his collar. Jean leaned against the sofa, her heart racing, her pussy throbbing—vacant. "What time is it, Brick?" The Matron suddenly snapped.

The words came out harshly through her throat. Brick pulled out a ridiculously large pocket watch and glanced at it briefly then turned back to her. "It's three cycles past ten, ma'am." "Put her in the special room down below," Matron Mary grinned wickedly. "Ma'am?!" Brick gasped at the sudden request. "Surely it would be better until she gained more experience before—" "Do as you are told," Matron Mary walked away.

"Yes ma'am," he bowed down slightly and turned to Jean with that huge grin of his. "Miss Rene, if you can still walk would you be so kind as to follow me."