Sexy newbie reveals tits and gets fucked

Sexy newbie reveals tits and gets fucked
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Fbailey story number 467 Little Instigator My little thirteen-year-old sister is quite the little instigator. I was in my bedroom after school when Leah and one of her girlfriends went into her bedroom. We share a bathroom and apparently both doors were open because I could hear them talking. It was Ella. I could tell by her voice. She was my sister's most developed girlfriend.

I had been admiring her tits. They sure looked good when she laid out in the backyard with my sister to get a tan. Summer was a great time of the year, there was no school, and the girls wore next to nothing. We had an in-ground swimming pool and Mom made me the designated Lifeguard for my sister and her friends.

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It used to be a choir but lately it had become a pleasure. Especially as her friends developed and their bikinis became smaller. Quite often I had a hard time keeping my hard cock hidden. Anyway as I sat there at my computer I heard my sister ask, "Well, are you going to do it or not?" Ella replied, "Don't push my Leah. I'll do it when I decide too." Leah said, "But you lost the bet.

You have to do it." Ella asked, "But what if your brother laughs at me? He's seen older girl's tits, I'm sure. Mine aren't all that big." Leah repeated, "But you lost the bet.

You have to do it." Ella said, "Okay! You stay here." I heard Ella go out my sister's bedroom door, I saw Leah open my bathroom door a few inches more, and then there was a light tap on my door.

I said, come in, and the door opened up.


Ella came in and closed my door behind her. She was very nervous. Then Ella said, "Please don't laugh at me. I lost a bet and I have to let you see my tits." With that Ella reached back and untied the string that held her top on. I watched as she blushed and then lifted the triangles covering her breasts up, revealing her titties to me.

She kept going until her top was up over her head and then lying on my bed. I rolled my computer chair over closer to her. That put her tits right at my eye level. I spread my legs and got closer to her knees. My hands were on her ass and pulling her closer. Then my lips were on her nipple and sucking and alternating kissing it. I switched to her other nipple.

She never said a word but she held my head closer to her breast. I feasted on her nipples for a good five minutes while she held me close. My hand found it's way into her bikini bottom and into her pussy finding her clit. As I sucked I masturbated that well developed thirteen-year-old girl. She had an orgasm and clutched me even tighter to her. When she calmed down I pushed myself back, stood up, and walked over to my bathroom door closing it and locking it at the same time.

I also locked my bedroom door too. Then I returned to Ella. I kissed her, I picked her up, and I placed her on my bed. I pulled her bikini bottom down and she lifted her fanny off the bed to help me. When I had her naked I stood back and removed my clothes as I faced her. She couldn't take her eyes off my cock.

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I slowly climbed up on my bed between her legs as she opened them for me. Ella whispered, "I'm a virgin." I whispered back, "So am I." She smiled up at me as the head of my cock kissed the opening between her legs. She smiled as I slipped the head in and rested it up against her maidenhead. She was still smiling as she nodded for me to continue. However, she went white and bit her lower lip to keep from crying out when I pushed in and broke threw her hymen, causing her some pain and considerable discomfort.

I froze not wanting to cause her any more harm. After a minute or so Ella whispered, "Go ahead. It feels better now." I then slowly pulled my cock out an inch and pushed it in two inches. After a few strokes I was all the way inside her love tunnel. She must have felt better because her hands went to my ass cheeks and pulled me on every down stroke forcing me into her all the way every time, as if I need her help. She was tight and I sure enjoyed fucking her.

I was hoping that this was not the only time that she would let me. I knew right then that I wanted to fuck her every day maybe even twice a day. As I continued to shove my hard cock into her body it felt better and better. I felt the cum stirring in my balls ready to explode, I warned Ella but she just held me closer and whispered, "Mama told me that if I let a boy fuck me, that I had to let him cum in me too.

So go ahead and cum in me." I did as she requested and cum inside her tight pussy. After a couple of squirts and a couple more strokes my cock was just sliding into her so easy that I loved it. She would let me pull out either. Ella whispered, "Mama said that I had to keep a cock inside me until it fell out on its own. Then I had to use to my mouth to clean it up real good afterwards. Then if I got it hard, I had him fuck me again." I got hard before it fell out, so I fucked Ella for the second time thinking that it might never go down on its own.

Ella got to suck it clean after that second time but in the process, I got hard again. The third time was the charm though and it finally stayed down. Ella said, "If you are my boyfriend I'll let you fuck me all of the time." I replied, "I'd like that but I'd like to fuck my sister too." Ella smiled and said, "If I fix it so that you can fuck her can I be in bed with you two.

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I want you to take turns fucking us. I want you to cum in me the first time and then I want you to make Leah eat my full pussy until its empty." I just looked at her in disbelief. Ella said, "That sister of yours has made me eat her pussy three times now but she never returns the favor. You just got to make her. It's only fair." I kissed Ella and said, "You set it up and I'll make sure she eats you out. That's a promise." Ella walked to my bathroom door, opened it up wide, and sat on the toilet where I could see her.

She turned toward the other door and said, "Leah, he likes my tits, now you have to show him yours. You promised." Leah walked to my bathroom door and removed her bikini top.


I was still naked from fucking Ella and walked to her. I lifted her up and carried her to my bed. She let me kiss her, suck on her tits, and play with her pussy.

Ella removed my sister's bikini bottom and started eating her pussy to Leah's delight. I tapped Ella on the shoulder, smiled at her, and moved her up the bed to sit on my sister's face. Leah didn't need to be told what to do. She willingly sucked my cum out of her girlfriend's pussy. I turned Ella around so that she was facing my sister's feet, then I slipped my cock into my sister.

Her hymen was not an obstacle and it slipped right in all the way. I kissed Ella and played with my sister's tits as I fucked her.

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Just before I cum I pulled out, stuck it in my girlfriend's pussy and cum like crazy. When I was finished I sat Ella back down on Leah's face. When the two girls were resting on my bed next to one another I said, "Leah, Ella is now my girlfriend and she will let me fuck her anytime that I want too. You will join us occasionally and I'll fuck you too. Is there a problem with that?" Leah smiled and said, "No problem at all, Master." I said, "What." Leah smiled again and said, "I like being your sex slave.

Your wish is my command, Master." I asked, "Where did you come up with that sex slave stuff?" Leah replied, "From Ella's Mama. She tells us all kinds of things. Like a boy gets to fuck you until he is done, no matter how many times he does it, and then the girl has to use her mouth to wash him off afterwards. A girl can never say 'no' to sex with her boyfriend or with her Master.

Oh yes, and he can make his sex slave fuck his friends too if he wishes." Ella added, "Mama is Daddy's girlfriend but Uncle Charlie's sex slave." Leah added, "Yeah and yesterday we watched her Mama with three men. One was in her pussy, one in her mouth, and the other one was in her ass." Ella smiled and said, "I just have to let you do whatever you want to me but Leah has to let anyone that you say, do things to her.

That almost makes her your whore." I looked at Leah and asked, "Is that true?' Leah smiled and said, "Yes, Master." I smiled and said, "So I can do what ever I want to do to either one of you.

Right?" They both said, "Yes." But Leah added, "Master." I said, "Ella, ask your mother if you can spend the night with Leah." She replied, "If I tell her that you are my boyfriend she will let me come over all of the time." I said, "Okay." The rest of that summer both girls were naked and having sex with me the whole time our parents were at work. The only time the pool got used was after they came home. Ella slept over almost every night in my bed with Leah covering for us.

My parents weren't pleased that I had a thirteen-year-old girlfriend but they didn't say anything when I kissed her or grabbed her ass in front of them either. Once Mom caught me grabbing Leah's ass but just smiled. So the next chance I got I grabbed Mom's ass. When I did, Mom turned to look at me and then backed up into my hand.

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I just lowered my hand below her skirt line and raised it back up to cup her panty covered butt cheek. Mom turned to smile at me and then she kept turning until her pussy was in my hand. I took the hint and slipped my fingers into her leg opening, across her fur-covered pussy, and into her moist hole. Mom stood there while I finger fucked her, rubbed her clit, and gave her an orgasm. When I removed my fingers Mom thanked me and went back into the kitchen to fix dinner.

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That night Mom tapped on my bedroom door and I let her in. She had just come from her bath and only had a towel wrapped around her. As she stepped in she let her towel drop and asked where Ella and Leah were. I pointed toward the bathroom and Mom opened the door. The two girls were just stepping out of the shower.

Mom said, "Okay girls, how do the three of us share him?" Ella said, "Well Leah and I take care of his needs all day long until you come home, then we take care of him after we go to bed, so what if you took care of him after dinner." Mom looked at my erection and said, "Well it's after dinner now. Want to watch?" Leah said, "We certainly do." So Mom got on my bed with her knees up and her legs spread.

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She said, "No need for foreplay, I'm plenty wet already." I hadn't even thought of foreplay, all I wanted to do was stick my cock in my mother, and stick it in her I did, as the two girls watched me. Ella got right up on my bed, between my legs, and stuck her head right in close to watch the action. Leah squatted over Mom's face and said, "Put your tongue in my pussy." Mom did as she was told.

Mom, Leah, and I all cum together. Just as Mom was about to leave my bedroom she smiled and said, "Thank you, Master." The End Little Instigator 467

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