Hot gay sex Jacob Marteny and Jesse Jordan determine to go thin

Hot gay sex Jacob Marteny and Jesse Jordan determine to go thin
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The evening had started out so promising. That's all Trisha Waters could think when the nightmare had started to unfold. The freshman with a knockout body stood 5'2 with a petite figure, decently-sized breasts, and such an adorable face. Her raiment of long, luxuriant blonde hair fell halfway down to her waist. Her sun-kissed skin was the envy of many a pasty white girl too. Her most devastating asset, though? Those baby blue eyes, which, combined with her practiced bat of the eyelashes, often melted a guy's heart when she really, really wanted something.

This was a big part of how she'd gotten her new boyfriend, Everett, to take her out bar-hopping with fake IDs the day before classes started, after everyone had settled into the dorms. It wasn't hard, especially in a city like Detroit. Although the urban sprawl just reeked of decay, on the plus side, it also meant that there were many hole-in-the-wall bars that didn't scrutinize IDs too carefully.

She and Everett had started out the night on a carefree note. They'd lowered their inhibitions a little…making out at the Last Call Café as a prelude to something heavier once they'd hit the bars.

They'd only been dating for a week, so Trisha hadn't done much with him. Over a drink or two they'd talked about the serious relationships in their past, and Trisha decided she really, really liked Everett.

Trisha's hope was that she would get to know Everett better tonight, but she got more than she bargained for. Much more. It wasn't until they began walking from the café to the nearest bar that things got dicey…and turned from dicey to something far worse. Four gangbangers ambushed them as they walked down K Street - one huge black guy and three well-built Latino guys, all at least in their mid-20s.

The 18-year-old couple suddenly found themselves facing four men with guns and knives. Everett was well built and had a six pack of muscle - but even he couldn't stand up to that. "Hey, what have we here? Looks like a sexy little slut putting out," the black man said with a whistle. Malik was the tall black guy and leader of the gang. His 'brothers' were Herminio, Diego, and Vasquez.

They were all wearing jeans and sleeveless white shirts. They looked like brawlers, and the tattoos snaking down their arms made it clear that they were hardened from living on the streets.

Everett clutched Trisha's hand and upped their pace. He glared at the lead gang member though, his sense of honor not letting him completely let it go. That had been their first mistake. Seeing Everett's glare, Malik moved to cut him off. He pulled out his piece, pointing it directly in the young man's face. Trisha froze. 'Oh god,' she thought, 'what's he going to do?' "Listen up, white boy. You and your girlfriend are gonna stay a while, just chill.

We gonna give you the best hospitality this city has to offer." The gang leader's leering grin sent a chill down Trisha's spine. She felt her boyfriend's now clammy, sweaty hand around hers. "Look, we're just passing through.

We don't want trouble," Everett said, trying to keep the panic and fear from his voice. But it was no use. The gang members could smell that fear, plain as the stink of a skunk.

Diego and Vasquez blocked off any retreat, and Herminio opened a side door to a rundown building. "You better come with us, white boy, and bring your bitch with you," Malik growled. With his pistol shoved in Everett's back, he prodded the young couple and ushered them inside.

Trisha blinked as they stepped into the rundown remains of a house. The windows were all boarded up and someone had punched out an inner wall, creating a makeshift room that was twice the size of the average master bedroom. Many of the beams were bare to the touch, with crumbled plaster laying here and there. A ratty, nasty, soiled king-sized mattress lay in one corner, with a slightly smaller mattress sitting in the opposite corner. Flickering bulbs lit the room with tainted light. "Welcome to our cozy digs," Malik gushed.

"Now, let's get to business. No reason to fuck around, right?" He pointed at Trisha and then Everett. "You two can start stripping now. Let's see you naked, slut. Your boyfriend too." Everett held up his hands. "Look, you don't have to do this. Please, just keep me and let her go!" Malik jabbed the end of the barrel into Everett's forehead.

"You stupid, man? You want me to pull this trigger. I said STRIP, so strip. I ain't playing around." For a split second Trisha and her boyfriend exchanged a look of horror and commiseration. 'Oh god, this is really happening,' Trisha thought. She didn't want them to hurt Everett, so she had to do what they said. She just had to. Slowly, reluctantly, and trembling all the while, the lithe and gorgeous blonde teenager took off her shirt, shoes, socks, and pants, until she stood in just her lacey lavender bra and panties.

Everett was now just in his boxers. Malik waved his weapon impatiently. "Take it all off, lovebirds. Let's see how puny your boyfriend's cock really is, eh bitch?" The gangbanger's three companions laughed. Now Diego was a fat but muscular Mexican with a tattoo over each eye.

He came up behind Trisha as she took off her bra with a shudder and then looped her panties down to her ankles, tossing them aside too. She'd never felt so helpless and vulnerable before in her entire life. She was completely naked in front of a bunch of strangers - and cruel, dangerous strangers at that.

The sexy girl bit her lip with anxiety and fear as she felt Diego standing right behind her. He looked her up and down critically, like she was a piece of meat.

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"Damn, Boss. We picked up a nice one, didn't we? Look at that fine ass. Twirl around, girl. Let me see your pussy." Trisha did as she was told, dying inside from the shame. She showed the heavyset Mexican gangbanger her front - her pink, exposed sex all shaved and alluring.

"Oooh, this bitch likes to maintain herself. Look at that shaved fuck-hole. Damn, she probably was planning on giving the boyfriend some action sooner and not later, right girl?" Diego moved to stroke the girl's cheek in a twisted caress. Trisha's trembling intensified.

She heard Everett protest behind her. "Don't touch her!" "Oh, and what you gonna do about it?" Malik hissed. He raised the gun again, only this time pointing it at Trisha. "You want me to put a bullet in your girl?" Everett's innocent eyes widened with complete terror. "No! Please don't hurt her. Do whatever you want to me, but don't hurt my girlfriend!" The gang leader gave a dark chuckle.


"Don't worry, white boy, we'll do plenty of hurting soon enough. You'll get your wish. For now, though, let's have a nice little party." He looked over at Trisha. Meanwhile Diego stroked her cheek again, his eyes drifting down to stare greedily at her breasts.

"Damn, dawg, I want to suck those tits," Diego said. "So?" Malik said. "Go ahead and suck them. Get the slut in the MOOD." Trisha wanted to protest. She closed her eyes and groaned as she felt a wet, soft tongue twirl around one areola, then the other.

She tried not to imagine what Everett was seeing as Diego clamped his mouth around her left breast, pulling the nipple hard into his mouth. Her groan deepened. Then the sensation was gone, and she heard the unbuckling of a belt. She opened her eyes. Shock hit her like a bucket of ice-cold water. Diego had dropped his pants, revealing a 10-inch cock, stiff and ready for her. He shrugged out of his remaining clothes, and the other gang members did the same, except for Malik.

Malik moved the gun back toward Everett, and Trisha's eyes followed the gesture. That was when her jaw nearly hit the floor. She stared at her boyfriend. His cock was fully engorged.

Poor Everett gave her a helpless look that said 'I'm sorry' in a way words never could have. Their captors noticed the instinctual reaction immediately, and they pounced on it.

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"Oooh, look at that. Your boyfriend's getting real horny, watching Diego suck on your hot young tits.

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Let's see if we can get you both in the mood together, aight?" Malik motioned toward Everett's cock. "Kneel and start sucking that pecker, bitch. I want you to show us just how much you love your boyfriend." Everett's cheeks flamed with eternal shame as Trisha knelt before her boyfriend's shaft.

She grasped the base of his cock with one hand and began to flick her tongue along the tip. 'Oh god, I can't believe I'm doing this.

I can't believing I'm sucking Everett's cock for the first time in front of these freak-shows!' The lithe girl slowly licked and sucked on just the tip. She felt her boyfriend shudder with a jolt of uncontrollable pleasure. This was so wrong, but she had to keep going, so she did. The beautiful blonde grasped Everett's cock, pumping back and forth as she worked her mouth up and down the tip of his manhood.

Her other hand went to his testicles, gently massaging them, fondling them with such tender care. Meanwhile, she could hear the jeers of the four men watching her. She could hear Malik's voice most of all.

"Now that's what I call a show, but you can do better. I want you to really deep-throat that white boy's cock. Come on, you horny SLUT. Let's see you work it!" As he said this, the cruel gang leader grabbed a chain and circled it around Trisha's neck. He yanked her head back with it, nearly choking her for a moment. "Suck that cock harder, bitch, or it'll be the LAST cock you ever suck, you got me?" "Ugghkkk! Y-yes Sir, please don't hurt me." The teenage girl leaned forward, all too aware of the slack chain still wrapped around her neck as Malik kept his hand fisted at the nape of her neck, ready to intensify her punishment.

The girl smothered Everett's cock now, her lips pressing in a tight seal around his rigid penis as she gurgled loudly, impaling her mouth completely on his cock.

She rammed her throat down desperately on her boyfriend's shaft now. She slurped wildly, impaling her mouth so violently that she nearly gagged. Finally, with considerable effort, she had herself nearly down to his balls, her mouth bottoming out as her nose brushed his pubic muff.

It was a sight to behold, and to listen to, as her desperate slurping sounds filled the room until Everett's pre-cum and her own drool were oozing from her lips, down her chin. "That's my girl. Good little bitch," Malik growled. He yanked her head back again.

She coughed as Everett's precum dangled from her lips. "Now, stand up and give him a big kiss. Let him taste himself." Trisha cringed as Malik hauled her to her feet and took off the chain. The slender teen looked helplessly at Everett as their lips joined. Her tongue slipped into his mouth and his responded despite the awful circumstances. They kissed with a low groan on his part, a slight moan on hers, as Everett couldn't help but enfold her slender body in his arms.

"Oooh, now that's good. You sexy lovebirds really DO love each other, don't ya?" Malik said. Vasquez and Herminio were now pumping their shafts, which were long and hard, jerking off to the sight of the forced couple making out.

Diego came up now, putting a hand around the base of Everett's cock and teasingly pressing the head against Trisha's belly. "I think your boyfriend's starting to get blue balls, bitch. You sucked him off without letting him bust a nut.

I think you owe him. What you think, Boss?" Malik grunted.

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"Take the lead, Diego. I'm curious where you wanna go with this." Everett shuddered now as Diego cupped his girlfriend's ass and shoved her soft, delicate body up against his.

She felt Everett's hard cock against her stomach, trapped between their bodies for a moment. Then Diego's other hand cupped Everett's ass. Now he was pressing both teenagers' naked bodies snug against each other.

"I want to see you fuck your bitch now, white boy. Let's see a good, hard fucking. I want you to make it rough and nasty, got it?

Or I might just have the Boss do something REALLY sick and nasty to your girl while we make you watch. What do you say?" "OH my god, please stop. Okay, okay! I'll do whatever you want," Everett stammered. He guided Trisha over to the decrepit-looking mattress. It had so many stains on it, of various hues and colors.

Trisha didn't even want to think about what else had been done on that mattress. She cringed as Everett guided her gently to the bed. "I'm sorry, Trish. We have to do this…" "I know, Ev. I know…" She tried not to whimper as she felt her boyfriend press her to the mattress, his body on top of hers. She reached down, clasping her hand around the base of his rigid shaft. She guided him in, groaning as she felt his penis slide between her cunt lips.

She was still too dry, and Everett tried to show her some care. He reached down, fondling her clit each time he pulled out of her snatch. Meanwhile, he leaned down, gently kissing and sucking on her breasts.

Soon, thankfully, Trisha began to feel a gathering slickness between her thighs. It wasn't long before Everett had established a good rhythm, his cock pumping in and out of her snug, soft folds. Her pussy began to welcome the penetrations.

She let out a little moan as his cock fitted into her almost too perfectly. Everett's lips found hers, stifling her moan with a passionate kiss. "Now that's what I call a good beginning," Diego grunted with grudging approval. "But Boss, I think we can spice things up." Diego turned to Herminio.

"Hold the bitch's wrists. This is going to hurt, and I don't want her flailing too much. Vasquez, make sure the boyfriend behaves." "What are you doing?!" Everett cried as Vasquez put a gun to his head and told him not to move.

At the same time Herminio grabbed Trisha's wrists and held them above the gorgeous blonde's head. Trisha looked terrified, her eyes wild. Her naked figure quivered. The girl's chest heaved as panic surged through her veins. "Stop. Please don't," she begged. And suddenly Diego was right there, leaning down over her bare chest with a long, thin needle.

There was this awful moment as Diego's and Trisha's eyes met. Everett had meanwhile frozen up as they'd commanded, his cock nestled inside his girlfriend's quim as he lay half on top of her, forced to witness what was about to happen.

With a practiced thrust Diego pierced Trisha's left nipple and then her right nipple.


She squealed twice as Everett gasped in disbelief. Trisha's loud cries petered out into quiet sobs as Diego inserted gold nipple rings into both of Trisha's breasts. They glinted obscenely in the subdued lighting. "Oh god," Trisha groaned. "UHHH!" "Why?" Everett said, outraged. "Why did you do that to her? You're…you're a MONSTER." But Diego just looked at Trisha's chest with nothing except satisfaction.

"I just upgraded your sexy girlfriend for you, white boy. You should be THANKING me," Diego growled. "Now keep fucking, and fuck her hard, like a beast, or I'll pierce her itty-bitty clit and make her really scream.

So go on, FUCK her like a real man. We know you got it in you, white boy.

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Make your bitch really FEEL you deep inside her. All white sluts like that shit." Trying to ignore the tears sliding down Trisha's face as she tried to overcome the pain of having her nipples pierced, Everett steadied his hands on both sides and began to plunge his cock all the way inside her, thrusting forward with savage, pulverizing movements until he was fucking her like an animal.

His balls jostled on the bed as his shaft lanced deep inside her, slamming into her hard enough to make the mattress move. Her slender, delicate figure just lay there underneath him, helpless as she grunted and accepted the pounding he gave her. She looked up at him, trying to show in her eyes that she forgave him, even as his penis slammed toward her cervix again and again.

He pummeled her with his shaft so hard that her breasts shook, the little gold rings on her nipples gleaming with each potent thrust. "Uhh!!! UHH!!!" she groaned. Her hands gripped his shoulders as he fucked her with this fervent need. "It's all right, Ev. Fuck me. I…I love your cock inside me," she admitted. She might as well admit the truth. Whatever these sick bastards did to them, she had to give him what comfort she could.

That's what she'd decided in that split second as she tried to overcome the pain in her aching breasts. A dull throbbing had settled onto the tips of each breast. The pain was gradually fading, but to her mind it couldn't fade fast enough. "Uuuuh! Trish, I'm so sorry," Everett huffed. "UH!" He was nearly there. Trisha could feel his manhood straining inside her, desperate to spill its seed. He pulled his glistening penis almost all the way out of her sex, only to ram it back in with a primal groan.

"It's okay, Ev. Just let go. Come inside me." Finally, Trisha moaned with satisfaction and relief as Everett stiffened inside her. His balls churned with cum, and all that seed shot like a powerful geyser into Trisha's womb, filling her up. Everett huffed and groaned plaintively as his shaft twitched deep inside her slick folds. She clenched her pussy around his shaft, squeezing her muscles around him until the last drop of cum had emptied itself inside her sex. There was a smattering of mocking applause.

"Well done, white boy. You showed your bitch who the man in this relationship is, didn't ya?


Now, I'll say this, you did GOOD, but I think we can teach you how to do even better," Diego said. "I'll take it from here," a deep, rumbling voice suddenly announced. Vasquez and Herminio yanked Everett off of his girlfriend, throwing him on his knees beside the mattress. Meanwhile, Malik had stripped, and now the musclebound, dark-skinned hulk stood with his 11-inch cock tall, stiff, and ready for action.

The gorgeous blonde's blue eyes went impossibly wide. 'There's no way that whole thing is going to fit inside me,' she thought. "No, please don't rape me," she whimpered. "Shut up, bitch. I'm doing your boyfriend a favor. I'm showing him how to FUCK a bitch PROPERLY." So saying, Malik's 6'8 figure slid atop the helpless girl.

She pressed her hands against his chest and tried to push him away. It was like trying to push away a wall of solid steel. It had absolutely no effect whatsoever. The petite teenager looked down with trepidation as Malik stuck two fingers into her tainted snatch. He drew out the two fingers, now glistening with the remnants of Everett's cum, and wiped them along her forehead. "Now just lie there and spread those legs, bitch. You're about to feel a REAL man's cock." "Oh please.oh please be gentle," Trisha sputtered.

She looked down, biting her lip as just the massive head of that massive penis began to nudge between her petal-like labia. She clenched up, preparing herself for the incredible fullness of that cock as it began to inexorably penetrate her young pussy.

Sure enough, he suddenly swept his hips forward. Malik's cock plunged into her well-lubricated, cum-soaked cunt without warning. The feeling of fullness tore a sudden moan from her throat.

Then he was fucking her, a constant cadence of hard, nasty slams as his shaft swept forward like a tidal wave, overwhelming the helpless girl as he conquered her femininity with the finality of rape.

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"Oooohhhh…" Trisha moaned, and that was when the worst, most humiliating thing of all tore right through her soul at the same time. Her body was actually…responding to Malik's huge, hard cock.

Whether she wanted to admit it or not, her pussy loved the feel of his hard, hungry shaft spearing deep into her snatch. The ricochets of sensations he sent through her body with each brutal fuck was just too much to bear. Trisha's hands were suddenly gripping Malik's shoulders as their bodies joined together completely, his shaft encased in the sheath of her sex.

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"Uuhhh!!! That's right, white bitch. You LOVE having a real man's cock pounding that wet pussy, don't you? SAY IT, bitch. SAY IT." And the sad, pathetic, demoralizing thing was, part of what he said was true.

Trisha was all too aware of two of the gangbangers holding Everett in a kneeling position beside the mattress, forcing him to watch everything unfold. He was watching his girlfriend not only getting fucked hard, but also seeing and hearing the evidence of her enjoyment from it. Trisha reached up, fondling her supple cones, ignoring the ache of the piercings, as Malik continued to impale her on his rigid manhood. His body slammed into hers so hard her teeth almost rattled.

"Say it, bitch. Say it now or I'll put a bullet in your boyfriend's face." "OK! I love a real man's cock slamming hard into my pussy!" Trisha wailed. Her hands now stroked Malik's muscular back as she said the words he wanted.

She moaned. "Please fuck me with your huge, black dick. I want it inside me. This pussy belongs to you. Fuck this pussy so hard and FILL ME.

I want…I want your seed deep in my slut's pussy. Uhhhh!!!" she crooned, desperate to please her captor.

Everett's eyes looked like shards of broken glass as they watched Malik's bull-cock pull out and vanish inside his girlfriend's pussy with one swift penetration after the next. Soon the squelchy-wet sounds of their bodies joining filled the room, and it was clear that Trisha's cunt was creaming up on the very cock which was now raping her at breakneck speed.

The entire mattress shook with the force of Malik's fucks, and it was a wonder Trisha's slender body didn't break apart under the assault.

She just spread her legs as wide as she could, cooing as he pounded into her. Part of her psyche justified it this way: 'If I cooperate and make them think I'm a totally willing participant, maybe they'll let me and Everett go.' So she opened her mouth to moan, and she thrust her crotch forward to meet Malik's brutal fucks. "Yes, fuck me," she cooed. "Fuck this pussy." "Oh, I'll fuck you bitch.

I'll fuck you in your pussy, your ass, I'll fill every one of your holes before the night is out," he growled. She quailed at the thought of being fucked in the ass, but she tried not to think about it. Trisha couldn't even contemplate something so awful because she was too busy glancing over at her tormented boyfriend's face. He looked like despair had him gripped by the neck. He looked completely helpless as Malik's shaft swept into her pussy, his heavy testicles slapping against her thighs as he roared his release.

"AAAAHHH!! I'm coming, bitch. Feel me fill your little white pussy!" he shouted. Trisha's hands clenched up on her captor's shoulders as she felt the most intense spewing of cum ever. Her pussy felt the sticky onslaught of what seemed like gallons of cum.

The warmth filled her up, and then the excess flowed from her cunt lips and pooled on the mattress as Malik pulled his still-twitching shaft out of her sex. Then he aimed his still-spasming cock at her torso, peppering her face and breasts with so much cum that her entire face and tits were glistening with a heavy layer of creamy muck.

"Oh god," Trisha sighed. She sank back onto the mattress, sagging like a lifeless doll. She'd never felt so filthy ever before. She felt completely degraded, dominated. Owned. Like her body wasn't even hers and never would be again. "Aaaahhh. That was a great fuck," Malik sighed. "Now Diego, Vasquez, Herminio, it's your turn to fuck this bitch. Once you're all done with her, I want a go at her ass and then we can have the boyfriend lick up all the cum on her before we decide how to get rid of them." "NO!" Trisha squealed as Diego turned her over and yanked her up into a doggy-style position.

"Please let us go!" she cried. "Quiet, bitch. Enjoy these hard fucks. It'll be the last thing you do," Diego growled as his fingers caressed her ass cheeks and fingered her worn-out opening. Then he yanked her long raiment of golden hair back as his fresh cock speared deep into her pussy from behind.

Soon she was groaning and feeling a growing ache in her over-sensitive cunt as the Mexican's thick cock slammed through her silken folds with the efficiency of a machine.

And all the terrified girl could think was, 'Oh god, this nightmare is only just beginning.' ************* THE END…Or Is It? ************* Remember, always indulge your fantasies, the darker and kinkier the better. Disclaimer: I do not in any way support any of the fictitious events depicted in this story. This is just a fantasy, nothing more and nothing less.