College Blonde Getting Dick During A Dorm Room Party With Friends

College Blonde Getting Dick During A Dorm Room Party With Friends
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Neighbors-3 Exploration Clarice moved in to Richard's spare room after a dinner at the Finny's that culminated in his offering the room to Clarice. Her parents, Pierce and Jacky welcomed the move to keep their daughter close to home and give her the chance to have her own responsibilities.

Little did they know that she was in a sexual relationship with Richard. She got to experience his tongue in the vagina before she sucked his cock a week ago. At the dinner last night Jacky revealed her desire to suck cock by swallowing Richard's man meat while asking him to rent the room to Clarice. Things have been moving quickly for Richard and at his age he was just enjoying the crazy experience.

He even dreamed about Clarice and broadening her experiences when he was woken up. Richard was feeling the wonderful sensations of exploring a young woman's sexual potency when something brushed his side. He wondered what it could be. Clarice's leg wouldn't have done that. The more he thought about it the more things became unclear.

His body was tingling but he had stopped thrusting. A voice sounded, "Richard?" His mind was starting to focus on his surroundings, the feeling of Clarice's body on him started to fade.

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How could she talk with his cock down her throat. He really felt the brush against his side this time. He heard the voice again, "Richard? Are you OK?" Richard realized he was laying in the dark, on the bed alone.

He mumbled, "Hmm?" It must have been a dream. But, how much of it was a dream? Clarice's voice was close, "Richard. I need you." That's how his dream had started, Clarice needed him.

Richard's eyes snapped open. It wasn't quite dark yet, but it was late in the day and the room was dim. Clarice was kneeling down on the edge of the bed looking down at him. Her smile and twinkling eyes dimmed by the darkness setting in. His cock was hard and throbbed from the amazing dream he was awoken from. And he had to pee something fierce. "What is it sweetie?" he said stretching and hiding the rise in his pants. Clarice hopped off the bed and stood there. She was still dressed in her work dress.

It was a bit small and tight around the waist and breasts. The hem high towards her knees. Richard rolled off the bed and sat on the edge regaining his balance and senses. Clarice continued, "I didn't want to disturb you, but I'm just so excited about moving out and being with you. It's just. I'm hot and wet, and I don't know what to think of it." Richard knew what to think of it and he wanted to see if his dream would come true.

But, first he had to pee. As hard as he was and as much as he didn't want to interrupt Clarice's needs, nature has a way of interrupting. He stood up and gave her a strong hug, kissed her on the top of her head and excused himself, "Sorry honey, I'll be right back.

Promise." A moment later he was back, Clarice hadn't moved. "Now why are you feeling so concerned?" he asked. He turned her around and headed her to her own room. They sat on the bed. Richard put his arm around her in a comforting gesture. "I was at my home, I mean my parent's house when mom said I was going to be on my own, alone. All I could think of was being with you.

When I thought about it I trembled and felt sweaty. Especially in my private place. But it's different. I felt scared and excited at the same time." Richard hugged her tighter. He knew so many things would change. His mind was still down that dusty, dirt road and he was afraid he would have to wait for a tow truck to haul him back to reality. The thought of her hot mouth caressing his cock, the taste of her pussy and that cute little ass of hers. He was having a tough time focusing at all on her feelings of separation, leaving the nest and her parents.

Richard just held her. It's all he could do. Clarice was starting to cry and she reached her arms around him to hug him back. He put a hand on her head and pulled her against his chest, "I can't tell you how you're feeling or what it means. I just know you're safe here and your parents are right around the corner. Do you want to spend the night there tonight?" Clarice wept aloud for a moment. She felt so good in his arms.

Her body was hot, like a fever. When she thought about what he had said she was confused. Does he not want her? Is he unhappy? This made her cry even more. Then he let go of her and she felt hollow for a moment. She looked up at him in the gathering darkness and thought she saw a tear in his eyes. Her focus suddenly changed and she grabbed his face and kissed his lips. Richard's mind faded back in time to when he was married, his wife Diane would have moments like this; scared, lonely, confused.

He knew the best he could do was to simply be there and comfort her. Now Clarice needed his comforting. He kissed her back patiently, softly caressing her. Letting her work through her emotions. After a moment she softened. Her kiss became wet, passionate. Richard noticed her breathing change. He pulled away, "Clarice honey, I know this is all new and exciting. I want to be there for you.

But, there's so much you have yet to experience. You must understand that some things you have to go through will be yours and yours alone. Do you want a glass of water? Let me get you something." Richard was thinking of himself, he needed a drink. He got up cautiously making sure she was OK. "Whiskey." she said wiping her eyes and sniffing. Richard was thrown back. Did she just ask for whiskey? "Are you sure?" he asked wanting to make sure of his hearing. Clarice got up, "Let me pour you a whiskey." she said quickly brushing past him and down the hallway.

Richard had to take a deep breath, her young emotions and quick resilience were hard to keep up with. He headed down to the living room and looked for Clarice. In a flash, she was standing behind him with two glasses of whiskey. She did say whiskey, he thought to himself. Richard took a sip after a quick toast and he watched with surprise as Clarice gulped hers down.

He took her glass and offered her his chair. Setting the glasses down he knelt next to her, "Feeling better?" Her eyes were searching, searching the room, searching Richard's face, searching inside her mind. He held her hand and smiled, "Take your time, honey." After a moment Richard could feel the whiskey start to take effect.

Clarice's face started to soften as well. She turned to look at Richard's face which was clearly concerned. "I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to worry you. I was being childish." Richard smiled, "Shush now. Don't you ever be sorry for me. I'm so happy to have you in my life. Always have." He squeezed her hand and leaned in to kiss her on the lips.

She returned the gesture and offered her tongue to his lips. Richard could taste the whiskey on her tongue. He sucked it into his mouth then eased.

Not so quickly. He toyed with her tongue feeling out her emotions, her readiness. She was hot and he could smell her fragrance from the light sweat on her skin. It smelled so good it was hard for him to be patient. His dream had left a lasting impression and a youthful vigor. After kissing for a little while she had loosened up and was almost giggly.

Playing with their tongues and touching with their hands, they were both getting hot. Richard stood up and took the last of his drink in one gulp. He then picked Clarice up out of the chair and carried her back to her room. "This is your room, if you still want it." he said holding her like a bride being carried over the threshold for the first time.

She closed her eyes and rested her head against his chest, "Yes. More than every, yes." He walked over and slowly set her down on the bed, "Well, then maybe you should get ready for bed." She laid there looking so beautiful, so virginal and pure.

Her eyes stared at his unblinking. Richard leaned down and kissed her. Clarice's hands shot down to her pussy and her body quivered. Richard knew now that this adventure was just getting started and there was going to be a lot of exploration on the horizon. He pulled away and smiled, "Unless you'd rather stay awake a little longer?" Clarice smiled and her eyes twinkled with a mischievous glint.

She sat up and quickly pushed him out of the room, "Let's stay up for a little while. But, first I want to get ready." Richard felt giddy and snickered as he left her alone in her room closing the door behind him. Richard got ready as well, changing into his pajamas and brushing his teeth. A few minutes later he was sitting in the living room, curtains closed and the lights low. He sat in his favorite chair with a cup of tea. Clarice's door opened and he heard her footsteps walking down the hall.

When he turned to look at her his eyes popped open and his dick twitched. She was wearing an all white outfit; corset, tutu, lace gloves and a choker around her neck. Richard's heart jumped and stumbled at the sight.

She was gorgeously erotic. He wondered where she had learned to dress like that or if it was just something she desired. As she got closer he could make out bracelets around her wrists and ankles. Her cotton white underpants had been replaced by a sheer thong just visible under the frill of her tutu. She stepped in front of him and started an Irish step dance in her bare feet. Her breasts bounced in the push-up corset, the frill from the tutu bouncing to expose her thong and the treasures within.

Richard had to adjust his legs to make room for his swelling admiration. Clarice paid no attention to him while she danced. But, the more she danced the more he could see a dampness forming at the base of her thong panties. Richard was beside himself with excitement and he couldn't help himself. He put both hands over his hardened dick and squeezed his knees together. She suddenly stopped and put her hands between her legs as well.

He didn't know what she was thinking but he knew what he was thinking, "Come here and turn around." She did as he instructed and closed her eyes with a sigh. "Now, bend over sweetie." Richard leaned forward as she did what he said. He wanted a close up look at the way the string of the thong rose up between her small cheeks.

With his head close enough to smell her scent, he blew on her crack and watched as the goosebumps rose on her skin. She moaned and shook making her ass brush against Richard's face. He kissed the skin of her cheeks then reaching up slid the thong off her waist revealing her treasures, a puckered ass and tight red pussy lips glistening with fresh juices. Clarice stretched forward anticipating the exciting new feelings. Richard's mind was bumping down that dirty road.

Placing his hands on her hips he used his tongue to paint a stripe from her crease to her crack. Clarice's knees buckled and shook, her hands reaching between her legs to hold onto his knee for balance. Richard licked a little harder this time, pushing in at her lips and again at her puckered hole.

He could feel her body responding to his attentions. "Oh God!" she cried. She pushed back against his face, planting her ass in his mouth. He poked with his tongue and licked at her juices. Her asshole was grasping at his tongue. Richard was getting so excited. Clarice was close to an orgasm. He quickly moved one hand to her mound and inserted his thumb all the way in between her tight lips. Rubbing it around as he pushed his tongue into her ass.

Clarice shot to an orgasm and shook, her juices dripping onto Richard's hand. Richard was ready for a return favor. He pulled her thong back in place, "Would you like my offering now?" Clarice was still quaking but quickly knelt down in front of Richard.

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Reaching into his PJs she found his stiff member was hot and oozing pre-cum. She swallowed the head and was frantically scrubbing it with her tongue. A moan escaped her nose as she pushed her head down into his lap getting as much of him into her mouth as she could.

Richard spread his legs and using a hand pushed Clarice a little further down. She moaned again as the head reached the back of her throat. Richard held her head against his invading cock as he slid himself forward in his chair. He sat right on the edge and spreading his legs guided Clarice's hungry mouth further down his shaft. That dusty, dirt road was calling and Richard was blinded. He grasped the hair on her head and placing a hand under her throat pulled her against him, thrusting his glorious appendage deep into her throat.

Clarice's body twitched and shook her hands reaching down between her legs. Her servicing and sucking caused him to cum to both of their delight. He wanted to ask her about the outfit, about what or where she learned about such things. When they had calmed down and Clarice had finished sucking him dry, Richard asked, "When did you get such sexy clothes?" Clarice seemed very open.

It was probably the whiskey, "Some of the girls at college had magazines. One day we went on a shopping spree. This outfit makes me feel free." Richard knew there was more of a story but knew it could wait. "Get up and move around for me," he instructed. "What would you like to see?" she asked.

"Show me something you saw in the magazines. Something you liked." Clarice said she liked it all. It was all hidden from her when she was young growing up at home. Her mom had always protected the girls. But, when she saw those magazines it just seemed so liberating. Liberating, he thought. She was moving around and posing.

Her petite body barely covered by her outfit. Often during her posing she would point her ass at him and she would look over her shoulders or through her legs to see his expression. He didn't want to rush her experiences. But, it did appear she was interested in some very sexy play. "How do you feel about that choker?

And those bracelets?" he asked wondering how she had imagined them. Suddenly she blushed.


After all this, she blushed. "What is it? You can tell me honey." he said sagely with a thick layer of dust on his mind. "I get excited and tingly when I see women tied up and used." Richard's cock jumped to attention. Holly cow! He cautioned himself to go easy. "What kind of used?" Clarice walked over to the couch without a word and got into a compromising position. She was on her knees, her ass sticking out and her hands were crossed behind her back.

Then she got up, spread her legs and bending over put one hand at each ankle, treasures exposed. Then she lay on the floor with her arms and legs spread eagle. Richard couldn't believe it. Not only does this young virginal Catholic girl want him, want to suck his cock, but she's also into some level of erotic role play.

"Well, do you want me to help you try one or two?" he said. Clarice didn't say anything. She was blushing again and he could see her body tremble. She slowly came close to him. Her body tacky. She leaned down to whisper in his ear, "I think it should be your choice.

I would do anything for you. I'm yours to command." Richard grabbed her head and kissed her hard, forcing his tongue into her mouth. He put one hand between her legs and rubbed her mound. Clarice's body trembled and her legs weakened as she felt Richard's firm grip and aggressive desires.

He squeezed her little pussy and pushed his fingers against the material covering her asshole which made her squeal into his mouth. He pulled away, "Come with me." He got up and led her down the hall to her bedroom, "Wait here." he instructed. Her eyes turned curious and slightly fearful. Clarice didn't know what Richard had in mind or if she had bitten off more than she could chew.

When Richard closed her in her room she suddenly felt in trouble. "Maybe. we should. talk about. about what you like.


want, I mean." she began to stutter. Then the door swung open and there stood Richard. He was wearing a black leather vest and black boxers. He had found some old dress Ties and he carried one in his hand. Clarice's eyes went wide and she grinned an evil grin for the first time.

She was still a little fearful but her curiosity kept her strong. He walked over to her and slowly began tying one end of the Tie to the choker around her neck.

Then he turned around and leading her like a pet on a leash, took her back to the living room. He paraded her around letting her get used to be on a lead. That's when he got an idea. He guided her over to the coffee table and told her to kneel down and lay across the table top.

She knelt down and leaned forward, "Mmm. maybe you could tell me more about what you're going to do or why I'm here?" Walking behind her he took the end of another Tie and made a slipknot which he lassoed her ankles with.

"Let's say you dressed up as a sexy Ballerina for Halloween. You knocked on my door and I invited you in. Now you will do as I say. Do you understand?" Clarice gasped and whined. Next he told her to put her hands behind her back. He pulled her ankles up such that her heels were pressed against her bottom.

Richard slid his leg against them to hold them tight and tied the other end of the silk Tie to her wrists. Now her hands were tied to her ankles pulled up behind her ass. Sliding his hand between her ankles he touched her sheer thong panties and rubbed it.

Her juices were warm and her thong was wet from them. Clarice sighed and twitched from his touch. "What a nice tight little hole you have. Are you still a virgin? I always wanted to use a virgin." Clarice gasped, "Yes." Richard slid her panties to the side and rubbed his fingertips through her juices to lube her crack.

He gently pushed a finger into her pussy. Clarice's legs strained against her ties and she squealed, "OH!" Richard pushed his finger in searching for her hymen but found none. He put another finger into her pussy and lined up another towards her puckered hole. With a quick jerk he pushed everything in. Clarice's body went stiff and shook, "Oh God!" Richard slid his fingers in and out a few times until Clarice was riding his finger movements.


Very nice and tight. We're going to have a lot of fun using you." he said sliding his fingers out. He walked back in front of her and knelt down. He exposed his stiff member and pointed it towards her face saying, "Lord, hear our prayers." Clarice responded breathlessly, "Amen." Richard lifter her head by her hair and stuffed his cock into her mouth.

She wiggled her head to get his glorious appendage all the way in. His constant push slid the offering into place.

Richard's pubic hair brushed against her nose and she jumped and shook. Clarice was already very excited from her outfit, being tied like she had seen in pictures and having Richard's dick deep in her throat.

He pumped against her face just a couple times before she stiffened and jerked, gurgling around his meat. Her body spasms led Richard to believe she was having an orgasm already. He just slid the length of his member in and out. He slowed his rhythm to giving her plenty of time to breathe between strokes. He let her finish her orgasm before pulling out.

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Clarice's head hung down, her breath strong and deep. Richard moved behind her, slid off her tutu, panties and quickly changed her ties. Now her arms were each going under the tabletop and tied around the table leg to her leg. She felt stretched across the table, her breasts squished in her corset and her legs were pulled open exposing her treasures. She couldn't use her hands or arms and pulling on them only served to spread her legs further.

Richard gloated, "Now, let's see. Which hole should I start with?" Her eyes rolled back as she wondered what she was in for and which one he would chose. He rubbed the head of his cock against her hot pussy lips. She rubbed back, twisting her hips and wiggling her ass against his meat.

Richard rubbed a finger against her puckered ass. It loosened as his finger pushed at it slipping in slightly. He took his time rubbing the head of his stiffening rod between her cheeks and alternately pushing a finger into her opening ass. Clarice was shaking and grunting with little orgasms, gasping occasionally to something Richard was doing to her.

She was giving in to him and wanting him to pleasure himself with her body. He was taking his time. He knew there would be plenty of time to use everything this beautiful young woman had to offer and he relished the opportunity. She was wetter with each touch and her ass clinched around his finger when he pushed into her.

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Now his dick was hard enough to enter either of her tight, virgin holes. He began by pushing the head into her wet pussy lips, parting them, stretching them around his girth. "Do you like that? It's going in." he grunted. Clarice groaned and whined, "Ohhh. It's so big." Richard pushed in so that the head popped past the tight lips. Clarice could feel it push into her, entering her for the first time.

Her body jumped again and she pulled away by hunching her back. Richard pulled out. Her body trembled, "Don't stop!" she gasped. Putting his head against her lips again he pushed in till the head popped through a little easier this time. Again she trembled and hunched her back. Richard pushed on and his shaft slowly inched forward into her. Her muscles were twitching around his shaft and he was making him very excited.

He pulled back and pushed in a couple times and he could hear Clarice's breath change from a squeak into a grunting desire. He pushed further and watched her little butt as it jumped and humped at his offering. With more than half of his length up her love canal he pumped a little harder, really riding her pussy. Her breath was getting ragged as she neared another orgasm.

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Richard was having a difficult time controlling himself. He was pushing deeper and harder with plenty of length left. A little further and he could feel the opening to her womb against his tip. One more stroke and the head of his hard shaft pushed through. Clarice shouted, "Oh my God! It's so deep! It feels so full!" Her body orgasm was tremendous. She shook the coffee table and rattled the floor. It was all Richard could do to keep from cumming inside her hungry depths as it clamped and massaged his shaft.

He held her hips with his member deep in her slippery hole as she rode out the waves of sensations that drenched her young and no longer virginal body. Her body was damp with sweat as her spasms turned to twitches. Richard smiled and pulled out with a pop. He was weak from the adventure. He thought to himself, 'This dirty old man is surely old!' He got up and looked over her body stretched across the table, tied, exposed and vulnerable.

Her outfit still white and beautiful. Clarice's head hung down and her breath was choppy and rough. He lifter her head and looked into her eyes. She was weak and inattentive, her eyes rolled back in her head. "That's enough for tonight little one." he said sagely. He could hear her breathless mumbling protests, "Wait. I'm alright. really. don't. so good." Richard untied her and carried her back to her bedroom, laying her on her bed. Her body still twitching as her head lolled side to side on her pillow.

Probably still protesting in her dreamy state.

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He went to the kitchen for a cup of juice and a wet rag. When he came back to her she was blindly fumbling with her corset. He wiped the mess from between her legs and urged her to sit up, "Here, drink some of this." He handed her the juice and she weakly took it and sipped. He wiped her cheek which was crusty from his earlier offering, she will sleep good tonight.

She finished the juice and her eyes perked up. Clarice undid her corset, gloves and wrist/ankle bracelets, looked around for her tutu and thong which Richard was holding. He waved the panties in front of her face, "Ill keep these for now. A trophy of sorts." Clarice smiled, found her nightgown and slipped it on. No longer protesting she kissed Richard, "Thank you Richard. That was amazing." Richard smiled and tucked her in, "Goodnight my special young woman. Sleep well." He looked at her and noticed that she hadn't removed the choker around her neck.