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Alex Chance Chubby Girl Banged
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This is based on a true story. But to make it internet worthy, I had to embellish parts. Also cut out the long boring scenes.

There is back story, and if this one is rated high enough I will publish that too, but here is all the info you need to know: My name is Ryan, I am 15 years old. I live in Portland Oregon. Not a too exiting state, so for a family vacation we took a trip out to the East Coast to visit family and get out of the rain. During my sophomore summer is when this takes place.

We went out to the Outer Banks (abbreviated OBX) North Carolina. A long chain of islands off the coast. We rented an ocean side house to stay in with our family on my mum's side. (I do have a British accent on the word mum. Don't ask.) We arrived and went down to the beach. Now being from Oregon I was determined to not be Off White when I ended this fabulous week.


So I tanned all week. By day 2 I was already nice and brownish. Unlike my cousins, I didn't get sunburned on the first day, or at all for that matter. Now, being the beach, everyone is in a bikini or shorts, and those few dudes are in Speedos, but not me.

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Blue Ocean Pacific shorts. Next to us on the beach was another family. This is where the story comes together.

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To cut out most of the boring parts about me getting up the courage to talk to these extremely hot girls, make a long story short, I eventually met them. I pick up this event on about day 3. My older cousin-in-law, he's 25, his name is Josh. Like I said, everyone else was sunburned. So it was only Josh and I on the beach. Josh is shorter than me at 5 foot 8.

I stand six foot at least; I haven't measured in a while. Josh is muscular. End of story.


I on the other hand, have a six pack, but you can also see my ribs. You could describe me as lanky, but under the weak appearance is a lot of muscle. I am top of my team at the 100 and 200 sprints. 'Under the hood,' to use that metaphor, I got a sleek 7 inches, not thick, but it certainly gets the job done. Back to my time on the beach. The people I had met, their last name was Wolinski. Their Dad's name is Paul, Mum's name is Arleen. They have three girls and a boy.

In age order: Juliette, 17, Amy and Beth, twins, 14, and Bradley, 12. The past day I had noticed that the girls had been checking me out. I would return the favor when they weren't looking. The twins had D cups with firm asses.

They were slender. Beth had her natural brown hair, blue eyes and a slender face. Amy had blond hair also with blue eyes. She and her sister looked completely different, but if their hair was the same, you couldn't tell them apart. Jewls had rounder in all areas, not fat, but she had a bit of a gut whereas her sisters didn't.

Jewls had a larger ass, and larger tits. But she didn't out shine her sisters. The whole family was 100% Polish. I being 25% Polish, we think. On the third day, which was a Monday, I had gotten more comfortable talking to them. In fact, it was their Dad who first spoke to me, as if God wanted me to meet them. As I look back on it now, it seems like Paul was the driving force behind our relationship really. It rained for the first few hours of Monday morning.

I had just met Beth the night before. I was really bummed that I wouldn't get to see my hottie. I was attracted to all three of the girls, but Beth had something special about her. At about eleven it stopped raining and slowly cleared up. All of us were supposed to be inside from 11 to 1 because Mum worried I would get sunburned.


I convinced her it was my own fault if I did. I was lounging around waiting for the Wolinski's to get out here. Nothing but my trunks and my aviators, I was styling. I was determined to talk to her today. Paul and Amy lugged their beach stuff down the sandy trail. Josh and I went up to help, I may want Beth but you always want brownie points with the parents.

"Hey guys." I greeted them. "Hey Ryan. Thanks." "No problem. Where is the rest of the family?" I casually asked. "Well, "Paul had a New York accent, "Beth wanted to stay inside today, and the boys and Arleen are out shopping." Ok well today was a bust. On to Tuesday. But Amy and I got acquainted; she's real nice, even nicer in a bikini. She was pale, didn't like the sun much, but she could pull off the Off White look and be cool with it.

I on the other hand, just looked unhealthy. Tuesday was better. By the time I got out there, Beth was already waiting for me. I walked up with Josh and complimented the weather. Paul asked for some help getting some Kayaks out of his car.

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Turns out they live across the street from us. Or well, staying across the street. Josh and I help, and in turn are offered the ability to use them whenever.

Who said being nice didn't have its rewards. Paul and Julia took them out, Josh and I helping them over the first few waves. The water was a nice 81. Beth and I stayed in all day, talking and growing close the whole time. The next few days were mostly the same, some days rainy or the Wolinski's were out doing stuff, or we got to hang on the beach together. Let me fast forward again, to Saturday. We were scheduled to leave the next day.

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Sadness. Our families got together for a last night bash sort of. During the party, Beth and I were right beside each other the whole time. Neither us I wanted to leave this wonderful week behind. Apparently our parents saw that we were hanging out so much, and the Wolinski's invited me to drive back up to Baltimore Maryland with them. I couldn't believe it. I asked if they were serious about six times.

That night I packed up my one suitcase and stayed the night at their house. Of course, in the morning I helped the family pack and get on their way to the airport. When the car left, I swore they were going to come back and be like 'psych!' But no. At 1 pm, they called me telling me they were boarding the plane and that I'd get another call in 4 hours when they changed over.

I still couldn't believe my luck. We left the next day to Maryland. I was in the car with 3 very attractive women, and on my way to their house, all the way across the country. We arrived at their house at 4 pm. It wasn't large, but enough for 6 people. It had white paneling on the outside, and a beautifully manicured lawn.

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Going in the house was even better. Everything beautiful. All matching furniture, hardwood floors, the works. Without being asked I helped carry stuff in, Beth helping me put stuff where it belonged. By about 4:45 only my bag remained my the door. "So, where am I going to be staying?" I asked openly.

"Well, we only have one open bed. It's in Beth's room from when her and Arm used to share a room." Arleen suggested. "Uh&hellip. Well id be intruding." I was already a guest; I didn't want to push it. "What? You're going to sleep on the couch?" Beth&hellip. Wanted me to stay in her room? "Uh&hellip. Well it'd be the appropriate thing to do." Still trying not to push it. "Oh don't be so valiant, as our guest you can stay with me." I said alright and headed downstairs to the basement.

Beth slept down there apparently. The walls were off white, as if new. Her room on the other hand a was a nice shade of blue. bright, but not overwhelming. There were in fact 2 beds.

One looked like it hadn't been slept in a long while. Beth had followed me down. She had her own bathroom and everything down here. The room was certainly big enough for two. The extra space was taken up by a flat screen T.V. and sitting area. Dinner was ready around 7. We eat, got to know each other more, all that jazz. After I helped clean up and Beth invited me down to watch some T.V.

We both decided to watch the new episode of Bones. We shared a love of T.V. She had her own personal DVR, I was so jealous.

Time ticked by, and soon it was time for bed.

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It was a little awkward at first, but Beth shrugged and said: "Well, you've seen me in a bikini so this won't be any different." She stripped down and flopped down on the bed. It took me a second to get my thoughts under control and follow suit.

Both of us in our underwear. I smiled at her and she back. It was one of those silences that neither wanted to break, but it was nice. She spoke, "Well, here we are, no one can hear a thing we do, just sitting here. Now I must say, it does get a little cold down here, mind if I come over there?" I swallowed, she was coming on heavy, but I wasn't about to object.

I nodded and sifted so my hard on wouldn't be as apparent. Through the thin fabric of my boxers it was hard to hide, and she'd probably already seen it. Crawling under the down comforter, she nudged me.

"Oh. Well excuse me." She was referring to my raging flag pole. I just smiled and nodded. It was rather awkward to talk about your own dick. "Now that I think about it, our little guest might be a problem." "How so?" I asked, my voice cracked a bit, I had this really deep voice, so it was really apparent. "Well, personally, I may not get any sleep." Totally ignoring my embarrassment.

I stiffened, causing my solid member to run up against her ass. "Don't be so shy, I'm not gona bite." Beth thought for a second, "Well, I might." She had a look in her eye. At this point she had rolled to face me, and was rubbing me through my thin clothing. As time went buy I loosened up.

"So, not planning to sleep?" I echoed her previous comment. "Me? Not much. You have no idea how much I have been looking forward to this ever since I saw you. Something about you. Just makes me……" "Wet?" I finished. Now I had reached down and cupped her left breast. They were so huge! Bigger than I had previous thought.

I couldn't fully cup them in my hand. I know now why people rave about these wondrous globes so much. I could've fondled them for hours.

But Beth had other plans. "Alright, let's get this stuff off, it's keeping us&hellip. restrained." Haha, pun. We both flipped flat for a few seconds to struggle with our underwear. When we flipped back I gasped. "You like?" She was shaven, and I would've had a heart attack from her sheer beauty if there hadn't been more to do. Her body was perfect. Slim and proportioned just right. "I like very much." The curves of her gorgeous body made me even harder, at this point it felt like my dick was going to explode.

I wasn't shaven, but trimmed, I like order, call me OCD. "Let's see, I think you know what to do with that." She nodded down. "Perhaps you could help&hellip.?" I bantered back. "I'd love to." Throwing the blankets off, she rolled to her back and spread her legs. Between them was a small slit. You couldn't see her inner lips, just a small slit.

"You a virgin?" I asked. I know about hymens, and that this could hurt. "Yeah, but my hymen is broken, long story, tell you later." A sexy look spread across her face and she wiggled her hips. I slowly lowered myself down. Her hand guided my long rod into her. The head refused to enter her tiny love canal, then all of a sudden.

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It slipped in. "Ohhh&hellip." She moaned. It felt so good. As if inside of her was heaven. Very slowly I rocked back and forth, until her vagina stretched to accommodate the intruder. "Faster." Beth whispered. Her wish was my command at this point.

As I sped up it got rough. But that was the way it was meant to be. Hard and fast. I pounded into her. "Oh. My. God." She put it simply. I just pounded her little body as hard as I could. I pulled out just enough to make it seem I was going all the way out, then rammed it back in. For one so small, she seemed to like it rough. Her pussy was clenching me. Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, she started to come.

I was a little ways off, but this brought me a lot closer. I rammed into her as hard as I could. It was warm and wet, and oh so wonderful. Her muscle's contracted. Her pussy was like a vice. All the pressure made that boiling feeling arise from my balls. "I'm gona cum." "Cum inside of me." "You sure?" My mind rushed to pregnancy. "I'm on the pill. Oh…… IM! CCCUUUUMMMMIIIINNNNGGG!" We came at the same time. I trusted forward, and she too. I drove into her. For a second there, I thought I felt the end of her vagina.

Her pussy spasmed, I released my load. "Oh, I can feel it inside me." Her pussy kept on squeezing. As if her life depended on it. We both collapsed in a sweaty heap.

Breathing heavily, we laid there. I picked myself up off her after a few minutes. Still a little bit inside her.

Looking into her eyes I smiled. "That was great." "You have no idea." Beth smiled back. I leaned down and kissed her passionately. "No really.

Wait until tomorrow." "What's tomorrow?" I asked. "Well. It is Monday." "I know that." "You're just going to have to wait and see." She had the sexy smile on again.

I couldn't resist kissing her again. I was out of the game for another 15 minutes at least. "We are going to need some sleep for tomorrow. As much as I hate too." With that whole conversation leaving me wondering she reached up, turned off the light, and we both drifted into unconsciousness.